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cretaries (viz. The Rev Mr. Owen, of Fulham; Mr. Hughes, of Battersea ; and Mr. Steinkopft, of the Savoy) addressed the Meeting: as did several Gentlemen froin Ireland, Wales, and Reading. The Archbishop of Cashel and the Bishop of Salisbury expressed, through the President, their regret at being prevented by urgent business from giving their usual attendance.. No language can convey an adequate idea of the union, cordiality, and devout gratification which distinguished this interesting Anniversary.

When it is considered that this Society has appropriated already 3000!. to translations of the Scripture in Bengal;-íhat it has given birth to institutions similar to its own in Germany, Prussia, Sweden, Pennsylvania, and Nova Scotia, abroad; to five in different parts of Ireland, and to several in England ;-that it lias printed, or aided the printing or translating of the Scriptures, either in wliole or in pari, in no less than 27 langnages;-hat if *has been the instrument (as thc Report very-impressively stated) of communicating the words of Eternal Life to Cottages and Prisons, io Kindred and Aliens, to the Poor and Aflicted, in our own and foroign countries ;" and that in its administration and support, Christians of all denominations, who make the Scriptures the standard of their faith, mosi zealously and harmoniously co-operate, --- it will scarcely be thought extravagant to affim, that ño Jostitution of a religious nature ever accomplished so much within the same period of time; or promised, under the divine blessing, lo produce so rapid, peaccable, and effeclual a diffusion of the Christian faitb over the habitable world.

Subscriptions are received by the Collector, Mr. Smith, 19, Lille Monro fields; Mr. Sceley, Bookseller to the Sociely, 169, Fleet-sireet, the Triasurer, at Down, 'Thoralon, and Co.'s; and by the Secretaries.

RELIGIOUS TRACT SOCIETY. On Thursday morning, May 11th, the Religious Traci Society held their Tenth Anniversary in the great room of the City of Londou Tavern. The attendance was numerous beyond all farmacr example, it being supposed that 600 persons were present.

After the Secretary (Rev. J. Hughes, of Baltersea) had read the Re. port, several Gentlemen addressed the company, in a maumer calculated to affect every mind, with the excellence and importance of the Institution. Various instances of benefit derived from the perusal of Tracts were specificd ; and the whole impression was of the most encouraging nature.

The large gratuitous distributions of the Society havin; exhausted its funds, many additions were made to the List of Subscribers, much assistance is still wanted; but its (riends have had loo many proofs of the Divine Favour to doubt, for a moment, respecting the means of ensuring adequate support.

HIBERNIAN SOCIETY. The General Meeting of the Hibernian Society, for the diffusion of reli. gious knowledge in Ireland, was held at the New London Taver, on Friday, May 12, at seven o'clock in the morning. The meeting was much more numerously attended than on any former occasion; and we were bappy to see many gentlemen from Ireland present.

The report which was read from the chair contained pleasing intimations of ihe increasing usefulness of that infant Society. The Conimittee have lately particularly directed their attention to the establishment of schools upon the plan recommended by Dr. Bell and Mr. Lancaster. These promise to be of peculiar advantage to the lower orders of Society in lieland.

They have also some laborious preachers of the gospel in that eountry, who not only preach wherever Providence favours them with an opporlato mity, but also go from house to house instructing the people.

Having sent over a person well acquainted with the Gaelic; to ascertain the affinity between that language and the Irish, they find that the two Janguages are not only originally the same, but continue to this day to a considerable extent alike ; so that a preacher from the Highlands of Scot. land, by residing in those districts where the Irish is spoken, would soon be able to preach intelligibly to the people.

The Committee reported, 'That they had also directed their attention to the supplying of the poor in that country with copies of the Scriptures ; among whom it may be truly said, " There is a famine of the word of life. That in consequence of the liberal Donations of the Scriptures, forwarded to the Committee from various parts of England, they have been enabled to transmit to Ireland 1964 Bibles, and 3326 New Testamen's.

The Rev. Mr. Shaw, with his usual animation, gave a detail of the pro. gress of religion in Ireland; which excited considerable interest in all present.

LONDON FEMALE PENITENTIARY. Tre Second Annaal Meeting of the Subscribers to this excellent Instiiu. tion, was held on Monday, May 16th, at the New London Tavera, Cheapside, Samuel Mills, Esq. in ihe Chair.

The Report of the Committee contains very interesting and encouraging matter ; and, considering that the Penitentiary bas not been opened muck Jonger than 17 months, we think the Institution appears already to have been highly beneficial. There have been within the


125 applications, 31 of which only, for want of room, have been received in addition to the former number.-Of these, 7 have been placed out to service, and 5 liave been reconciled to their friends, aod sent home; one only of the latter excepted, who, from illness, canuot undertake the jouruey. There are now in the house 48 females.

The Report presents a very favourable expectation, as to those who have quilled the house, as they have exhibited striking indications of genuine repentance towards God ;-and, of those who remain in the house, it speaks in terms of approbation.

A very interesting and affecting correspondence, forming a part of the Report, was read, which had passed between the parents of one of the ob. jects and herself, previously to her return home. Superadded also, is au account of one who had died within the year, and who, as well as the one mentioned in the First Report, left behind her an encouraging hope, “That it is well with her for ever!' She had been observed by a Gentleman, on a cold rainy night, in January last, thinly clad, who expostulated with her as to her wretched way of life. She, with tears, lamealed her hard lot, that, destitute of food and fuel, in debt for her lovging, and without a friend in the world, she was necessitated to adopt 80 miserable an alternative. She ob. tained admission into the Penitentiary; but, her having frequently, for days together, existed only on water and a scanty supply of bread, she had laid the foundation of a consumption, which terminated her existence. She expressed herself much comforted in her last days, from the prayers of three of the other females, who watched over her dying bed. She was full of gratitude to those worthy Gentlemen for being the means of bringing her within those • blessed walls,' breathing out in her last words, • Glory, honour, praise, and power be unto the Lamb for ever.'

The Report contains higo encomiums on the sedulous attention of Mrs. Stibbs, who is the gratuitous Matron, assisted by Mr. Stibbs; also on the Committee of Ladies, for their excellent management of the internal economy of the Institution ; and on the Physician and Surgeon, whose gratuitous services could not be exceeded, even under the circumstances of the niost ample remuneration.

The Rev. Mr. Willcox stated to the Meeting, that his unind had been, some time since, prejudiced agaiost the Institution, by evil reports, which had determined him to enquire for hims:f; and the result was, bis iniud had been most completely satisfied that they were without the least foun.

In respect to the very excellent manner in which the Asylumn, as to ils domestic economy, is mapaged, Mr. Blair, the Surgeon, who was present, and who has for years past seen much of similar Institutions, 'bore his un. equivocal testimony,- and that no Institution with which he was acquainted, was better conducted than this.

From the want of sufficient funds, and other causes, the Committee have not yet proceeded to enlarge their building.--They have a building fund, amounting to above 11001. in hand; but from the Report of the cash cons cerns, it appears, that except with the reservation of such building fund, the Society stands indebted to its Secretary in above 350 1. We are, however, firmly persuaded, that the Public will only need to be informed of this, in order to prompt them to renewed exertions. The Report will be printed in a few days, and will be very interesting to those who were necessarily absent from the Meeting.

Subscriptions received by William Alers, Esq. the Treasurer, No. 8, Fenchurch-street ; T. Pellatt, Esq. the Seeretary, Ironmongers' Hall; and the following Bunkers : Messrs. Hankey and Co. Fenchurch-street; Downs Thornton and Co. Bartholomew dane; Fuller, Chatteris and Co. Lombard street; Hoares, Fleet-street; and Davison and Co. Pall Mall.

GENERAL CONGREGATIONAL UNION. On May the 17th instant; the Annual Meeting of this Society was held at Mr. Wall's Meeting-house, Moorfields. A sermon, appropriate to the occasion, was preached by the Rev. Mr. Bogue, of Gosport, on Jude 3. The Report of the Committee was read, and appointed to be printed for gratuitous circulation; and other general business transacted. The audience was very respectable and attentives and great concern for the juler: ests of this important Institution was manifest.

At , 7 o'clock of the same morning, the members and friends of the Union, which formed a numerous and respectable Meeting, assembled at the New London Tavern, Cheapside, when several members were admitted; and much interesting conversation was had on the nature, objects, and advantages of the Union.

We are assured that his Majesty, is, however, no sinall consolation to in Council, has been graciously them and the religious public, that pleased to disAllow that cruel regu- he is to be succeeded, at Midsummer lation made at Kingston, in Jamaica, next, by the Rev. D. Wilson, M. A. against the religious instruction of Vice Principal of St. Edmund's Hall, the Negroes, by Dissenting and Me. Oxford, who was originally ordain. thodist Ministers.

ed to Mr. Cecil's living in Surry.

Mr. Cecil has taken an affectionate We understand, that the Anniversaryofthe opening Lewisham Chapel, leave of his congregation by a (cirthe property of the London Itiner- cular) letter, recommending Mr.W. ant Society, will be held on Monday,

HOXTON ANNIVERSARY. StuJune 5 ; when two serions will be dents exereises on Wednesday aftera preached that in the morning by noon, June 21, at Half past Three, the Rev. Matthew Wilks; and that Mr. Slatterie, of ehatham, to preach in the afternoon by the Rev. John on Thursday evening, June 22, On Townsend. Service at 11 and 3. the Trust committed to Gospel Mi

nisters. St.John's Chapel, Bedford Row.The Rev. Mr. Cecil, after nearly

Provincial Intelligence. 30 years faithful and useful labour's

At Reading, on the 28th of March, at this place, has been obliged, by a respectable Meetin of the inhalong-continued illness, to desist from bitants was held ; when a Society his public work: a providence sin- was formed in aid of the British cerely regretted by a very numerous and Foreign Bible Society. The 4d respectable congregatiou. It colleaions since made at the several

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churches and other places of wor- the prospect of usefulness is very
ship, together with the Subscrip- encouraging.
tions, amounted to more than €580. On the last Wednesday in April,

The Sixth Half-yearly Meeting of the Bedfordshire Union of Christians
the Cheshire Union was held at hold their Annual Assembly. Dr.
Sandbach, April 5 and 6. On Tues. Winter, of London, preacked in the
day evening Mr. Forster, from 'forenoon, at Mr. Hillyard's Meet-
Cheshunt College, preacheil from ing-house, from Phil. i. 27, “Striv-
Rom, iii. 30, 31; Mr. Ashton, of ing together for the faith of the
Stockport, preached on Wednesday gospel.' Afterwards the Secretary
moroinj; at five o'clock, from Luke and Treasurer read their Reports,
xxiv. 32. The Committee met at and the business of the Society was
eight to conduct the busincss of the transacted. Mr. Henpell, of Wool-
Itineracy, At twelve, Mr. White, laston, preached in the evening, at
of Chester, preached from Dan. xii. 'Mr: Anthony's Meeting-house, fron
4; and in the evening, Mr. Wilson, Heb, xiii. 17, On ministers watch-
of Northwich, from Matt. xvi. 26; ing for souls.' Messrs. Arrow, of
and at six next morning, Mr. Evans, Godmanchester, T. P. Bull, of New-
of Stockport, from Isa. 1. 10. The port, and T. Morell, of St. Neot's,
following ministers engaged in pray- engaged in prayer.
er at the several services: Mi, Tur.

The Hall-yearly Association of ner, of Knutsford ; Mr. Bennet, of the Independent Ministers of Essex, Dunkenfield; Mr. Smith, of Nant- will be held at Mr. Nuston's, in Epa wich; Mr. Evans, &c. – The object ping, on the afterooon of Monday. of this Union of Ministers and Con- June 5, and on Tuesday, the 6th. gregations is, the Spread of the

Mr. Chaplin to preach on Monday Gospel in the Dark Parts of the evening, and Mr. Thornton on TuesCounty, by. Means of Itinerant day morning. There will also be an Preaching.

We doubt not but it afternoon service, Mr. John Hyatt, will yield real pleasure to the friends of London, to preach ; when a colof Zion to bear that a very exten- lection will be made for the large sive and promising prospect of fu: Sunday School established in that ture success appears before us, At

Sandbach there is a sinall but in-
creasing church; and in several

other places there are societies form-
ed for prayer, reading the Scrip- Dr. Beilby Porteus, the Bishop of

On Saturday evening, May 13, tures, and experimental conference. Those who have known, in times London, departed this life, aged 75. past, the several parts of the coun

On Sunday this event was announced ty, where the gospel is now intro

to the public by the tolling of St.

Paul's bell. His Lordship's piety. duced, are greatly affected with the pleasing change that has taken and zeal to promote religion at place, not only in individual charac home and abroad, entitle him to a

the esteem of manters, but, in soine degree, even in high place

kind. the surrounding neighbourhoods. We have abundant reason to say, We are deeply concerned to state, The Lord hath done great things that the Report, circulated some

whereof we are glad !' time ago, respecting the death of PARKGATE CHAPEL. April 14.

Dr. Kerr, of Madras, was too well At the much-frequented watering

founded. That valuable minister of place of Parkgate, Cheshire, a neat

the gospel, and friend of the Missionchapel was opened, with the Church ary Cause, expired on the 15th of Service. Those who feel an interest April, 1808, after an illness (a bilis in the spread of the gospel, will re

ous fever) of 14 days. joice in its being brought to a place Died lately (after a few days ill. where the service of God was never ness) the Rev. Dr. Henry Hunter, publicly introduced, in any forın of Edinburgh, one of the Ministers whatever. The neighbourhood is of that city, aod Professor of Divipery extensive and populous, and vity in the University.

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for us,

MISSIONARY COLLECTIONS AND DONATIONS, which have been adcised of previously to the 23d of May.

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For the Collections made in London at the Missionary Meeting, see p. 259.

L. d. Auxiliary Society, at Rev. Dr. Collyer's Chapel, Peckham 65 13

Ditto, at Walthamstow, by the Rev. Mr. Collison 14 15 0
Ditto, Felter Lane

32 7 9 Rev. Gr. Williams and Congregation, Gate Street

27 6 w. Bishop and Congregation, Gloucester Mr. Lambert and Congregation, Hồll

37 7 Mr. Kidd and Friends, Cottingham

4 4 Collection at the Chapel, Reading, by the Rev. G. Burder 52 17 Reading Auxiliary Society, by thë Rev. A. Douglas

7 7 0 Rev. Mr. Harris and Congregat:0!, Fordham

710 0 First Annual Sermon at Sheffield, by the Rev. John Dawson and Congregation

20 18 C A few Friends at the Rev. J. Boden's, Sheffield

1 6 Some Young Persons in the Independent Congregation at 'Colchester, by Mr. Disg

2 0 Rev. Mr. Waiker and Congregation, Peppard

5 0 0 Messrs. Sloper and Elliott and Friends, Devizes

23 Geo. Towi.send and Congregation, Ramsgate

17 14 6 Mr. Bennett and Congregation, Romsey

42 2 Mr. Kingsbury and Congregation, Southampton

63 13 10 Mr. Griffin and Congregation, Portsea

7| 16 Benjamin Pyne and Frionds, Duxford

15 0 0 Mr. Jefferson and Friends, Basingstoke


0 0 Mr. Scamp and Friends, Havant

22 2 6 Mr. Hackett and Friends, Shepherd's Market (additional Dovation)

3 18 % Mr. Start and Friends, Folkstone J. Davison and Friends, Rochford

0 @ Mr. Veaver and Friends, Shrewsbury

32 12 0 J. Slatteric and Friends, Chatham by Mr. Forbes

3 50 A Friend and a Widaw's Mite, by Rev. J. Townsend

2 2 0 Priends, by the Rev. C. Buck

4 10 6 A Friend to the Society

50 0 0 Omicron

50 0 0 A German Gentleman in Paramaribo, near Surinam, by the Rev.

Mr. Steinkopff
A Friend in the Country, hy Mr. Ellis

50 A Brighthalmstone Friend

2 Angryinous, by the Rev. G. Border

i 10 6 A few Young Ladies at a Boardiog-School at Hertford, by the Rev. Mr. Maslin

1 8 0 A Friend, by ditlo Prieods, by the Rev. Mr. Jeary

3 1 A Thank-offering, by Mr. Moxley

1 1 0 By the Hands of the Rev. Mr. Allen, of Exeter

I 100 Rev. Mr. Marsh and Friends, Reading

5 5 Rev. J. K. Martyn, jun. and Friends, Pertenhall

5 0 Rev. Mr. Smelle and Friends, Great Grimsby


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Pripted by G. AYLD, Greville Street, London

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