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brought ferward to public notice. introduced, and expressed in an An advertisement, prefixed to this agreeable manner:

We should have volume, info; ms 118,

" that the been glad to have seen those pecuEditor cousented to the publication, liarities of the gospel of Christ inonly upon conditioa oi his name terminy led, which alone can render being suppressed;" and, it is added, the grave a pleasing subject. The “ he is aware ihat'ii cannot be con- author, probably young writer, cealed from such readers as have seems to us to deserve encourage. any acquaintance with him or his ment. writings.” The reason of this we

Poetical Gleanings, on Instructive do not perceive : however, there

and Interesting Subjecis. Selecied can be no doubt of the authenticity of the Letters, &c. as the MS. may be

and Compiled by a Lady: 12mo,

price 38. 6d. seen in the hands of the publishers, The Editor offers an apology for sub.

Though this publication is not joining to this Correspondence the altogeiher religious, it is so unexSubstance of a Charge given at the ceptionable, and at the same time ordiuation of a Dissenting Minister.

so uniformly serious, and consistent He avows that its connection with a with evangelical piety, that we most name of so much celebrity, gives it cordially recommend it to young a chance of being more exiensively persons, especially of the female sex, circulated, and of becoming more

and to Schools, where such a cola useful. This Charge had been sulle

lection was a desideratum. The fair initted, many years ago, lo Mr.

editor tas, wė sce, made pretty free Newton, who gave bis opinion of it,

with the poetical department of our and whose advice was followed in Magazine, and particularly with the its improvement.

compositions of Aliquis; and we are The volume contains 17 letters, happy in contributing to so respect, 14 from Mr. N. to the Editor, and

able apd useful a collection.' from the Editor to him. These, though some of them were written LITERARY NOTICES. in haste, and on business, are in Mr. Newton's usual style of excellence , abled by infirmities, has entrusted

Rev. R. Cecil, being himself dig. and, though not intended for the

the pubiicalion of bis Works to his public eye, display the piety, in. friend, Mr. Pratt. They will form tegrity, benevolence, and amiable 3 volumes, each independent of the candour of his character, which they others. 1. Memoirs of Messrs. will tend to elevate in the opinion of Cadogan, Bacon, and Newton, with all good men who read their. The their Portraits: this volume will skelch of his character, extracted from a sermon occasioned by bis and Tracis already printed, with a

in the autumn. 2, Sermons

appear death, is just and proper. The story few originals. 3. Select Sermons, of Dame Cross is particularly ioter

accuraicly taken in short-hand, by esting.

a friend.

Vol. 2 may be expected The Church-Yard, and other Poems. about Christmas, and the Sermous By Geo. Woodley. 12ino, price 63. in the spring of 1810.

THESE poems are not without We understand that Answers to merit, especially the first and priu. Mr. Hale's Second Pamphlet are cipal poem, entitled the Church. iniended, both by Mr. Blair and Yard :: many suitable topics are Mr. Hodson.

SELECT LIST OF RELIGIOUS PUBLICATIONS. Watts's Works, 4to, Part I. 73. Zeal without Bigotry, in Answer royal, 12s.

to • Zeal without Indovation.' 23. 60. Bishop Hopkins's Doctrine of the Essays on the Gospel DispenCovenais, edited by Mr. Pratt, 8vo, sation, considered in connection with Bs. bds.

God's Moral Government. By W. Six Sermong on Baptism, Con- Bennett, 58. bds. firmation, and the Lord's Supper. Jude's Question Discussed: a Ser. By J. Scoli, A. M. 28. 6.

mon, by W. Kingsbury, M. A. 19.




Indies, restraining them from giving In our last Number we stated, their assent to any law or laws con That the persecuting act of the Ja-cerving religion being passed, until

the saine shall have been first trans. maica 'Legislalure had been disallowed by his Majesty, and a method mitted to your Majesty, throagh one edopted to prevent the execution, in

of your Majesty's Principal Secretafuture, of apy restrictive law

ries of State, for your Majesty's specting religion, without the

King's royal consideration, unless a clause

or clauses be inserted in such law or ; , suaded, will never be afforded. We laws, suspending and deferring the bave now the pleasure of laying be

cxecution thereof until your Mafore our readers the official Report jesty's pleasure shall be kaown

thereon. on this subject, and the order made

• And the Lords of the Commitin consequence of it: • Al the Council-Chamber, Whibekall, such additional instruction, bumbly

tee baving prepared a draught of the 23d of May, 1809. take leave berewith to lay the same * By the Right Honourable tbe before your Majesty, for your royal Lords of the Committee of Coun

approbation. cil, appointed for the Consideration of all Matters relating to

Instruction issued in pursuance of Trade and Foreign Plantations.

the above Report: * To the King's most Excellent Ma- Additional Instruction to the Game jesty io Council.

vernors of his Majesty's Islands • May it please your Majesty,

in the West Indies. • Your Majesty having been • It is our will and pleasure, and pleased, by your Order in Council of the 26th ult. to approve of a Re- that you do not, on apy pretence

we do hereby require and command port of this Commitee, submitting whatever, give your assent to any that an act passed by the Legislature law or laws to be passed concerning of the island of Jamaica in the year religion, until you shall bave first 1807, entilled, * An Act for the Pro- transmitted unto us, through one of tection, Subsisting, Clothing, and

our principal Secretaries of State, for the better Order and Govern• the draugnt of such bill or bilk, and ment of Slaves, and for other Pur- shall have received our royal pleaposes,' shwuld be disallowed, as con

sure thereupon ; anless you take Taiping, a clarse contrary to the care, in the passing such bill or bills, principles of toleration prevailing in that a clause or clauses be (inserted this kingdom, and as being the more therein, suspendiug and deferring objectionable, as an act to the same

the execution thereof until our will effect had been disallowed by your and pleasure shall be known there Majesty at a formner period, and no

upor.' provision had been made by the Legislature of the island for alerg

We puderstand that the Deputies

ergyinen of the Established Church.

The of the Dissenting Congregations in Lords of the Committee, adverting and pear London, for the Protection to the circumstance of this act be

of the Civil Rights of Dissenters, ing a second attenipt by the Legis- have presented an Address of Thanks lature of the island of Jamaica to

to the Lords of the Council, for pass a law of this nature, and fore

their wise and liberal conduct in seeing the inconvenience that

this affair.

may arise from a recurrence of this practice, are humbly of opinion, That

OTAHEITE. . an additioaal instruction should be Tee following pleasing event was given to the several goveraors of mentioned at the last Annual Meet your Majesty's islands in the Westing of the Missionary Seciety:

scaman, ou board a trading Protestant Missionaries, in 1706. vessel, called at Olaheite, and, The happy occasion had been long through the blessing of God on the anticipated, and was marked with preacbing of the Missionaries there, demonstrations of joy and gladness was called to the knowledge of the The people, as we are informed, truth. Afterwards he was removed walked in procession to the churches, to a man of war, and became the carrying palms in their hands, and happy instrument, by his conversa. singing the 98th Psalm; and, after tion and example, of bringing thir- offering up praises and thanksgivinge teen or fourteen of his cuinpanions to the Most High, they heard a serto a sense of their lost state, and mon suitable to the day:- “Blessed their need of salvation by Jesus is the people that know the joyful Christ. Their conduct for a con

sound. siderable tine past has been such as to afford much hope, that they METHODISTS NOT COWARDS. also have been called by the grace Extract of a Letter from a Sailor of God.

on board his Majesty's Ship Sea. A spelling book and calechism,

Horse, to his Moilor, daied Malo in the Otaheitan tongue, are now

ta, July 31, 1808.
printing by the society, in order to
facilitate the instruction of the na-

66 I shall now relate a circumtives by the Missionaries..

stance which it concerns you to

know. We are refitting in this NEW SOUTH WALES. place, after an engagement with a

Turkish frigate, of 52 guns and PROPOSALS have been circulated 540 men, and a corveite, of 24 Bor instituting a Lending Librarr, gups and 2 mortars. The corvette, for the general benefit of the in

we believe, was sunk, as she disaphabitants of New South Wales. . In peared after

the first broadside we that colony, books of


gave her. The frigate we took, are extremely scaree; it is there after an engagement of nearly five fore highly desirable that a public hours; having shot away her mizen library should be formed, contain. mast, and fore and main top masts; ing books suited to the poor settlers her killed were 163, the wounded employed in agrieullure, the sol

195; while there were no more diers, and the convicts. Those who than five of our people killed, and have a disposition to improve their

eight wounded. minds, have, at present, scarcely Ps. In such an affair as this, you any opportunity on acconnt of the want of books. Treatises on divi- feelings:- then, really I longed for

may wish to kaow what were mayo nity and morals, history, voyages the action. We were at quarters and travels, agriculture in all its nearly two hours before the action branches, mineralogy, and practical comnienced, during which time I: mechanics, would be peculiariy acceptable. Donations for this pur. killed or wounded I felt confi

had many thoughts: --Shall I be pose in money, books, or tracts, will dence in God, that he would deal be thankfully received by the Rev.

kindly with me. Samuel Marsden, chaplain to the might not see any fall near ine, or

1. prayed that I colony, at Mr. William Wilson's, if they did, that it might not affeet No. 150, Fenchurch Street, London.

My prayer was answered.

66 I chose the most dangerous sta! INDIAN JUBILEE.

tion. The question was put, The year 1806 being the hun- "Who shall load the guns?! All dredth year (or the second fiftieth) were silent till I spoke. A consultasince the gospel first visited the tion was held, and I took the office peninsula of ladia, a jubliee was apparently unwelcome to others. Celebrated by the Hindoo churches, My reason was, -I am called a on the 9th of July, in commemo- Methodist,-- they think us cowards ; ration of the arrival of the first two and I wished to convince them that


we are not; and I believe that now Sophocles. Second class : Hebrew thost people on board are satisfied Gen. xv.; Latin, Witsius on the on that head."

True Divine.' Third class : Hebrew, T. C. N. Isaiah xl. Fourth clas: Greek,

Demosthenes and Homer. Fifth Augsburg, June 22. class : Latin, Virgil. - The whole There has just appeared a royal of the exe.cise reflecting high ho. edict of considerable length, rela- nour upon the ability of the tutors tive to the religion and religious and the diligence of the students, corporations of Bavaria. It de- afforded a piedge to the churches of clares inat an absolute liberty of a rising ministry, furnisbed with conscience is guaranteed to all the promising talents and respectable inhabitants of Bavaria. Every per- literary attainments. son may chuse and exercise what- AL. WAUGH, A. M. Chairman, ever religion he pleases, as soon as Jonn HUMPHRYS. he shall have obtained the age of W. B. COLLYER, D. D. twenty years, without any prejudice --Mr. Gleed and Mr. Durant en to his civil rights. This regulation gaged in prayer. The next morn applies to both sexes. The making ing there was an association of the of proselytes, either by force or art, minisiers educated in this Institu: is probibited. If in the contracts iion: many very interesting ac. of marriage, the parties, being of counts were given of the success of different religions, have stipulated their labours in the formation of that in which their children shall be Sunday Schools; Benevolent Socieeducated, that stipulation shail be, ties for relieving the sick poor, legally followed; but if there be no vestry libraries, and the distribution such agreement, the male children of tracts. The churches in general, shall be brought up in the religion were reported to be in a flourishing of the father, and the female in that slate; and considerable effects were of the mother; foundlings shall be said to have been produced by broughi up in the religion of hin village preaching. It was recomor her who shail be charged with mendesi to the ministers, that wher their education. — From the Times, they discovered any candidates for July lith.

the ministry, they should, if possible, attend to the improveinent of

their minds, and the exercise of LONDON.

their talenis, previous to their being recommerded to the Academy,

In the evening, the Rev. Mr. Gore JUNE 21. A numerous meeting preached from t Thess. ii. 3; 4; of the supporters of this institution On the Trust committed to Midisa was held in the adjoining Chapel, ters: Mr. Derinant, of Halesworth, when three of the students delivered and Mr. Harris, of Cambridge, enorations on the following sulajects : gaged in prayer. Collections were

Mr. Ilarrison. The Advantages made both days for the benefit of of Christianity to a Nation; Mr. J.

the Institution, which amouoted Percy, the Chief Hindrances of the nearly to 1001. Propagation of the Gospel; Mr. Slate, the Subservicacy of Divine Providence to the Progress of Di- On Thursday, the 29th of June, vine Truth Mr. Durani, of Poole, was held at the College the Severtheu read the following report: teenth Anniversary of this lustila• The undersigned having had the lion. It was very numerously atsatisfaction of being present at the tended by friends from Lobdon ami Examination of the Students in the the adjacent villages, and the preHuxion Academy, on Friday, June priety, as well as ability, with which 19, 1809, beg to express their satis- the service was conducted, afforded faction on that occasioa. The order great satisfaction. The chapel, of reading was as follows: —- First which is a very neat building, aud class : Chalice, Dan. iv. ; Greek, will contain about 500 persoas, was



called upon


crowded ; and those who could not on the friends of the gospel. It is
gain, admittance, were accommo. a prominent feature in the plan of
dated with seats on the outside. this Seminary, that no young man
For convenience of hearing, the shall be admitted until he has given
services were performed, as usual satisfactory evidence, both of per-
on these occasions, near one of the sonal religion, and of talents for
windows, in an erection fitted up the ministerial profession.
for that purpose. Divine worship

On Tuesday, July 4, Mr. James commenced with a selection from Bridgoman and Mr. Thos. Griffiths, the Common Prayer, with appro- late students at Cheshunt College, priate psalms and lessons.


were publicly set apart to the work Draper, the president, then delivered of the ministry, at the late Countess a short introductory address, and of Huntingdon's Chapel, Spa-fields. three of the senior stu

The Rev. L. Kirkman began the serdents to deliver themes, which they vice with prayer; Dr. Draper, Predid, upon the following subjects :

sident of Cheshunt College, delivered Mr. Keyworth, on' The Duty of Pro

a short Introductory. Address, in pagating the Gospel of Christ ;' Mr. Wardle, on the best probable Ordination, as practised in the Pri

which he explained the Nature of ineans of accomplishing such an

mitive Church ; he then called upon important end;' and Mr. Howes, the candidates to relate the partion • The probable consequences of culars of their conversion by divine using proper means for promul.


and of their call to the gating the Gospel.'. The Rev. T. ministry; also, to declare their Bennett, of Birmingham, then

assent to the doctrinal Articles of prayed, after which, the Rev. R. the Church of England, which had Stodhart, formerly a student at this been previously read. This part of College, and now minister of Pell, the service made a great impression, Street Chapel, preached a suitable and appeared to give peculiar satissermon, from i Cor. ii. 2. The faction to all present. The Rev. president tben reported the result Thomas Bennett, of Birmingham, of the last public examination of then offered the ordination prayer ; the students, as it respected their Dr. Draper delivered a short but literary attainments, which

impressive charge, founded on Acts highly satisfactory. Draper

xx. 28; and the Rev. J. Griffiths proceeded to deliver a most af

copcluded the service with prayer. fectionate and inipressive charge to Mr. Keyworth, who had been called to the knowledge of the truth under his ministry, and had just closed his academical studies; the On Tuesday, June 27, the Annual Rev. Jobo Finley closed the services Orations were delivered by the three of the day with prayer, It will be students to whom that service in gratifying to the friends of this In- rotation belonged, at the Rev. B.. stitution, which is supported by Gaffce’s Meeting-house, New Broad subscriptions and voluntary contri. Street, before a large and most rebutions, to learn that the List of spectable auditory. The subjects of Annual Subscribers received upon the orations were the following: this occasion several additions. 1. The lmportance of an accurate Also, that several persons, from a Study of the Philosophy of the conviction of the utility of such a Human Mind, in Promoting the seminary, made an increase to their Knowledge of Revealed Religion. former subscriptions : but, though By Mr. Fox. the Trustees have to acknowledge 2. The Description and the Blesswith gratitude the increasing pros. ings of a Devotional Spirit. By perity of the Institution, yet the Mr. Brackstone. heavy expenses attending such an 3. The Portraiture of a Christian undertaking, and which have in- Minister. By Mr. Noicult. creased with the pressure of the On the succeeding day the usual times, call for unremitted exertions" Examination was conducted in the





3 C

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