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Priefts refer their Hearers to the Scriptures, as the Rule of Life and Manners, when their Pride, Avarice and Ambition, are fuch a Contradiction to the Scriptures? From this Difagreement, arifes all that Contempt which they complain of. Thefe Things are justly obferved, and fully difcuffed in this Collection of Tracts: To which another Volume will Shortly be added, and in the Preface to that, I fhall give my Thoughts upon fome other Things. In the mean Time, I conclude with this Obfervation, viz. that the Priests have cumbered the Ground, and curfed the Earth for Ages paft; but we hope that the Time of our Redemption draweth nigh.



[blocks in formation]

II. A Letter to the Author of the Inde-

pendent Whig. The Author supposed

to be Mr. Gordon.

P. 37.

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