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year he will be entitled the “Virgin Mary:" if| There is "nothing new under the son ; " but 80, Lord George Gordon himself would have red, then a favourite, has now bubsided into a nothing to object to such liberal bastards of our favourite's colour. Lady of Babylon.

The Court, the Regent, like herself were neto. While unburnt Moscow yet had news to send.

[p. 774. An Anachronism-Waltz, and the battle of

[p. 773. The patriotic arson of our amiable allies can, ball together : the bard means (if he means any

Austerlitz, are before said to have opened the not be sufficiently commended-nor subscribed for. Amongst other details omitted in the va-thing), Waltz was not so much in vogue till rious despatches of our eloquent Ambassador, he Waltz, the Comet, Whiskers, and the new Go

the Regent attained the acme of his popularity. did not state (being too much occupied with the vernment, illuminated heaven and earth, in all exploits of Colonel C, in swimming rivers their glory, much about the same time: of these frozen, and gallopping over roads impassable), the Comet 'only has disappeared; the other three that one entire province perished by famine in continue to astonish us still. PRINTER'S Devil. the most_inelancholy manner, as follows:-In General Rostopchin's consuminate conflagration,

New coins (most new) to follow those that fled. the consumption of tallow and train-oil was so

(p. 774. great, that the market was inadequate to the demand : and thus one hundred and thirty-three coin now forthcoming, worth a pound, in paper,

Amongst others a new ninepence-a creditable thousand persons were starved to death, hy being

at the fairest calculation. reduced to wholesome diet! The lamplighters of London have since subscribed a pint (of oil, a

Each new, quite new-(ercept some ancient piece, and the tallow-chandlers have unanim

tricks); ously voted a quantity of best mould (four to the pound), to the relief of the surviving Who does not remember the "delicate investi

"Oh that right should thus overcome mighi !" Scythians—the scarcity will soon, by such exer

gation in the “Merry Wives of Windsor ?" tions, and a proper attention to the quality rather

Ford. Pray you come near: if I suspect than the quantity of provision, be totally allevi. ated. It is said, in return, that the untouched without cause, why then make sport at me; then Ukraine has subscribed 60,000 beeves for a day's whither bear you this?"

let me be your jest; I deserve it. How now? meal to our suffering mauufacturers.

“Mrs. Ford. What have you to do whither

they bear it ?- you were best meddle with buck Can Egypt's Almas-tentalizing group.

washing." Dancing girls—who do for hire what Waltz So saith the Muse-my-, what say you? doth gratis.

'The gentle, or ferocius reader, may fill up Goats in their visage, women in their shape. the blank as he pleases--there are several dis

(p: 774. syllabic names at his service (being already in It cannot be complained now, as in the Lady the Regent's): it would not be fair to back any Baussiere's time, of the “Sieur de la Croix, peculiar initial against the alphabet, as every that there be "no whiskers; " but how far these inonth will add to the list now entered for the are indications of valour in the field, or else-sweepstakes-a distinguished Consonant is said where, may still be questionable. Much may to be the favourite, much against the wishes of be and hath been avouched on both sides. In the the knowing ones. olden time philosophers had whiskers, and soldiers none-Scipio himself was shaven-Hanni- That spot where hearts were once supposed to be bal thought his one eye handsome enough without a beard, but Adrian, the Emperor, wore a beard “We have changed all that," says the Mock (having warts on his chin,' which neither the Doctor, “ 'tis all gone-Asmodeus kuows where. Empress Sabina, nor even the courtiers could After all, it is of no great importance how woabide)– Turenne had whiskers, Marlborough none men's hearts are disposed of; they have Nature's -Buonaparte is unwhiskered,' the Regent whisk- privilege to distribute them as absurdly 23 ered; "argal" greatness of inind and whiskers possible. But there are also some men with may or may not go together; but certainly the hearts so thoroughly bad, as to remind us of different occurrences, since the growth of the those phenomena often mentioned in natural last-mentioned, go further in behalf of whiskers history; viz. a mass of solid stone-only to be than the anathema of Anselm did against long opened by force and when divided, you discover hair in the reign of Henry I.

a toad in the centre, Jively, and with the repuFormerly red was a favourite colour. See tation of being venomous." Lodowick Barrey's Comedy of Ram Alley, 1611. Act I, Scene I.

If "nothing follows all this palming work.. Taffeta. Now, for a wager-What coloured beard comes next by the window ?

- In Turkey a pertinent- here an impertinent Adriana. A black man's, I think.

and superfluous question-literally put, as in Taffeta. I think not so: I think a red, for the text, by a Persian to Morier, on seeing & that is most in fashion.

Walz in Pera.-Vide MORIER's Travele.

(p. 774.

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