William Shakespeare, Pedagogue & Poacher: A Drama

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J. Lane, 1904 - English drama - 111 pages
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Page 75 - My mind is troubled, like a fountain stirred : And I myself see not the bottom of it. [Exeunt ACHILLES and PATROCLUS. Ther. 'Would the fountain of your mind were clear again, that I might water an ass at it ! I had rather be a tick in a sheep, than such a valiant ignorance.
Page 5 - Lucy, who had him OFT whipt, and SOMETIMES imprisoned, and at last made him fly his native country, to his great advancement.
Page 4 - Though, as Ben Jonson says of him, that he had but little Latin and less Greek, he understood Latin pretty well, for he had been in his younger years a schoolmaster in the country."!
Page 103 - Light, where eclipse were fitter. Yet, methinks, It hath not this time lit upon a dunghill, But on the goodliest man in thy court, whom Authentic signatures of Jove and Venus Do so commend, he greatly overlooks Thy little brief authority. No wonder He claimed the freedom of thy park. [To Shakespeare.] This argues A generous strain in thee, and lordly instincts. Deer-killing came in with the Conqueror. Hast any record of thy lineage? SHAKESPEARE. An ancestor of mine, so please your Lordship, In our...
Page 97 - Thou, Sir Thomas, Thinking to shame me in thy lady's sight, Sham'st but thyself in mine. Thou may'st not touch My spirit that can suffer and be strong. LADY LUCY. SIR THOMAS LUCY. Relieve our presence of the knave's pollution. THE CONSTABLE. Sir Thomas, I "m afeard to touch the man. Thou heardest ? he hath a familiar spirit, Perchance an impish sootikin, but haply Tail-switching Lucifer, Hell's emperor. SHAKESPEARE. Aye, man, I hold in fee ten thousand spirits, And more can summon from the vasty...
Page 31 - SCHOLAR. I cook a hedgehog. FIRST SCHOLAR. But most do we applaud 'the vast reform Made in our classical curriculum. Your worship liketh Master Ovid well, Yet have not thrust his Latin down our throats, But given us the pith of him in English. SECOND SCHOLAR. And how the hours have flown in listening tales Of dwarfs and giants, magic swords and rings, Paladins, princely captives, mermaids, ghosts Freighted with airs from heaven or blasts from hell, Saracens, dragons, necromancers, fairies That on...
Page 96 - Banishment, flagellation, durance vile, And not, like him, corrupted with a bribe, Or violently in my proper person Enamoured of their most divine embraces, I do award the apple unto all. That is to say, Shakespeare shall first be whipped, Imprisoned then till healed, then for three years Exiled to distant shires, there to propound, With carriage apt and speech mellifluous, Strange doctrines unto country gentlemen. ANN SHAKESPEARE. Shall I have license to attend my lord, And piteously beweep his...
Page 86 - ll hear what the defendant has to say, And if his speech do aggravate his guilt, Will mark the advantage. Come, thou serpent, if Thou hast justification, hiss it forth ! SHAKESPEARE. Sir Thomas, I plead guilty. SIR THOMAS LUCY. Hast thou aught Meet to be urged in mitigation ? SHAKESPEARE. Much, would the magistrate so deem it, but 'T were faggot to the furnace of his wrath.
Page 106 - T is nobly spoken, And know the Earl of Leicester for thy friend Not less than her great Majesty, and able To ope yet wider worlds to thee. The quarrel Twixt Spain and England draweth to a head, And soon the world shall ring with it, and then The Hollander and we in union vanquish, Or separate perish. This we know, and soon The verdant level and the slow canal Shall bristle with our pikes, throb with our drums, Stream with our banners, and reverberate The thunder of our cannon. I shall fill The regent's...
Page 71 - Sic volo, sic jubeo, stat pro ratione voluntas. Majestic proclamation ! Held this not, The pillared firmament were rottenness, And earth's base built on stubble. But it holdeth. My foe is at my feet, there shall he lie, Though all the angels swore his alibi. \_A knocking at the door. Tap! tap! tap! tap! What 1 summoned forth already To the judicial seat! In! menial! Enter LADY LUCY. LADY LUCY. Sir Thomas, have you thought about the sentence ? I know you wont to carry your awards To Court all cut...

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