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Alcott (William Alexander, m.d.)-continued. | Alderete or Aldrete (Bernardo José). Del 16°. Boston, Massachusetts sabbath-school origen y principio de la lengva castellana ò society, 1835. romance que oy se vsa en España. 4 p. 1. 89 1. numb. 1 1. fol. Madrid, M. Sanchez, 1674.

A historical description of the first public school in Hartford, Conn. now under the superintendence of J. Olney, with a particular account of its methods of instruction and discipline. Accompanied by general remarks on common schools. 1 p. 1. 102 pp. 120. Hartford, D. F. Robinson & co. 1832. The life of Peter the apostle. 188 3 pp. 1 pl. 189. Boston, Massachusetts sabbathschool society, 1836.

The mother in her family: or sayings and doings at Rose hill cottage. [anon.] 16, 391 pp. 120. Boston, Weeks, Jordan &

co. 1838.

The mother's medical guide in children's diseases. 314 pp. 1 portrait. 16°. Boston, T. R. Marvin, 1842.

Paul's shipwreck. 126 pp. 18°. Boston, Massachusetts sabbath-school society, 1842. The sabbath-school as it should be. 299 pp. 120. New York, J. Leavitt, 1841.

The second foreign mission; or journey of Paul, Silas, Luke, and Timothy to Europe. 173 pp. 1 pl. 16°. Boston, Massachusetts

sabbath-school society, 1835.

The story of Ananias and Sapphira. 72 pp. 180. New York, G. Lane & C. B. Tippett, 1844.

Travels of our saviour, with some of the leading incidents of his life. 311 pp. 18°. Boston, Mass. sabbath-school society, 1840.

The young man's guide. 6th ed. Eng. title. 354 pp. 1 pl. 180. Boston, S. Colman, 1835.

The same. 7th ed. Boston, S. Colman, 1835.

354 pp.


The same. 8th ed. Eng. title. 354 pp. 1 pl. 180. Boston, Perkins & Marvin, 1836. The same. 16th ed. Eng. title. 392 pp. 1 pl. 16°. Boston, T. R. Marvin, 1844.

The young missionary; exemplified in the life of Timothy. 175 pp. 18°. Boston, Mass. sabbath-school society, 1837.

The young mother, or management of children in regard to health. 2d ed. 332 pp. 120. Boston, Light & Stearns, 1836. Alcyonius (Petrus). See Alcionio (Pietro). Alden (John B.) Bright side stories: gems of beauty in prose, poetry, and picture. 286 pp. incl. 15 pl. sm. 40. Chicago, J. S. Goodman & co. 1871.

Aldine (The). A typographical art journal. [Monthly]. Sept. 1868, to Dec. 1871. v. 1-4. fol. New York, J. Sutton & co. 1868-72. Aldine (The) press. See Aldine (The). Aldrovandi (Ulisse). Cycni encomium. 18°. [Lugd. Batavorum, 1644].

[In DISSERTATIONVM lvdicrarvm et amoenitatvm scriptores varij, pp. 655-666].

Alessio piemontese. Les secrets dv seignevr Alexis piemontois. Reueu, corrigé, & augmenté d'vne infinité de rares secrets. Dernière éd. 912 pp. 40 1. 36°. Roven, T. Reinsart, 1600,

[Note. -Dr. Paget, of Bartholomew's hospital, in the article Alessio, in the biographical dictionary published by the society for useful knowledge, says there is no reason to identify this writer with Girolamo Ruscelli, as many have chosen to do].

Alexander (Alexander, lieut. columbian service). The life of Alexander Alexander: written by himself, and edited by John Howell. 2 v. 1 p. 1. vii, iii, 339 pp. 1 portrait; 2 p. 1. iii, 327 pp. 120. Edinburgh, W. Blackwood, 1830.

Alexander (Archibald, d. d.) A brief outline of the evidences of the christian religion. 2d ed. 251 pp. 120. Princeton, D. A. Borrenstein, 1825.

History of the Israelites, from the death of Joseph to the death of Moses. 212 pp. 18°. Philadelphia, H. Perkins, 1834.

A selection of hymns, adapted to the devotions of the closet, the family, and the social circle; and containing subjects appropriate to the monthly concerts of prayer for the success of missions and sunday schools; and other special occasions. xiv, 624 pp. 24°. New-York, J. Leavitt, 1831. Alexander (A. J.) The short-horn record : containing the pedigrees of improved short horned cattle. v. 2. xvi, 184 pp. 5 pl. 8°. Frankfort, Kentucky yeoman office, 1871. Alexander (Caleb, d. d.) A sermon occa sioned by the death of George Washington. 23 pp. 8°. Boston, S. Hall, 1800. [HAZARD pamphlets, v. 65]. Alexander (James Waddell, d. d.) Thoughts on preaching, being contributions to homiletics. xii, 514 pp. 120. New York, C. Scribner, 1861. Alexander (John Henry). Introïts: or antecommunion psalms for the sundays and holy


Alexander (John Henry)-continued. days throughout the year. [anon.] 1 p. 1. 187 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, Lindsay &

Blakiston, 1844. · Alexander (Joseph Addison, d. d.) The gospel according to Matthew. See Bible. (English). Matthew.

Notes on new testament literature and ecclesiastical history. xvi, 319 pp. 129.

New York, C. Scribner, 1861. Sermons. 2 v. 414 pp; 425 pp. 1 portrait. 120. New York, C. Scribner, 1860. Alexander (Rev. Samuel D.) History of the presbyterian church in Ireland. Condensed from the standard work of Reid and Killen. See Reid (James Seaton, d. d.) and Killen. Alexander (William Lindsay, d.d.) Elisha's cry after Elijah. 16°. [London, A. Fullerton & co. 1854].

[In DISCOURSES and services on occasion of the death of the late rev. Ralph Wardlaw, d. d. 1854, pp. 4587].

[blocks in formation]

Washington City. Directory. Alexandria advertiser. v. 1. nos. 96-112, 114-281, 283-313. fol. Alexandria, 1797-98. Alexandria (The) gazette and Virginia advertiser. [Tri-weekly]. May 13, 1840, to May 23, 1861. 21 v. fol. Alexandria, (Va.) 1840-61.

Alexandria (The) herald. [Tri-weekly]. March 15, 1816, to Aug. 20, 1817; Jan. 5 to Dec. 30, 1818; April 2, 1821, to Dec. 29, 1823. 5 v. fol. Alexandria, (Va.) Corse & Rounsavell, and Rounsavell & Pittman, 1816–

- 23.

Alfio Balzani; or, extracts from the diary of a proscribed Sicilian. [anon.] 551 pp. 12°. New York, Rudd & Carleton, 1861. Alfred (George). The american universal spelling book; containing a new and complete system of orthography, founded on the true principles of the english language. 192 pp. 16°. Staunton, (Va.) I. Collett, 1811. Alger (Horatio, jr.) Paul the peddler; or, the adventures of a young street merchant. 281 pp. 3 pl. 16°. Boston, Loring, [1871]. [TATTERED Tom series, no. 2].

Sink or swim; or, Harry Raymond's resolve. 388 pp. 6 pl. 16. Boston, Loring, [1871].

[LUCK and pluck series, no. 2].

Strong and steady; or, paddle your own canoe. 362 pp. 6 pl. 16°. Boston,

Loring, [1871].

[LUCK and pluck series, no. 3].

Alger (Horatio, jr.)—continued.


Tattered Tom; or, the story of a street Arab. 282 pp. 3 pl. 160. Boston, Loring, 1871.

[TATTERED Tom series, no. 1]. Ali bey. See Bobowski (Albert). Allacci (Leone). De mensvra temporvm antiqvorvm, & præcipue Græcorvm, exercitatio. 4 p. 1. 239 pp. 8°. Coloniæ Agrippinæ, apud I. Kalcovivm & socios, 1645. [With his De templis Græcorvm recentioribvs. 1645].

De templis Græcorvm recentioribvs, ad Ioannem Morinum; de narthece ecclesiæ veteris, ad Gasparem de Simeonibus; nec non de Græcorvm hodie qvorvndam opinationibvs, ad Paullum Zacchiam. 8p. l. 184 pp. 3 pl. 8°. Coloniæ Agrippinæ, apud I. Kalcovivm & socios, 1645.

Confvtatio fabvlæ de Ioanna papissa, ex monumentis græcis. Bartoldvs Nihvsivs recensuit, prologo atque epilogo auxit, nec non Telescopium adjunxit. 112 pp. 8°. Coloniæ Agrippinæ, typis I. Kalcovii & sociorum, 1645.

[With his De templis Græcorvm recentioribvs. 1645]. Drammaturgia, accresciuta e continuata fino all' anno mdeclv. 4 p. 1. 1016 col. [on 254 1.] 4°. Venezia, G. Pasquali, 1755. Allais (Denis Vairasse d'). See Vairasse d'Allais.

Allan (George). Life of sir Walter Scott, with critical notices of his writings. 411 pp. 1 pl. 8°. Philadelphia, Crissy, Waldie & co. 1835.


The same. 4°. Philadelphia, Waldie,

[WALDIE (A.) Select circulating library, v. 6, pp. 92-176].

Allatius. See Allacci. Alleaume (—, avocat). Suite des caractères de Theophraste, et des mœurs de ce siècle. [anon.] 8, 437-662, 230 pp. 16°. Paris, E. Michallet, 1700.

[Note.-Appended is DISCOURS prononcé dans l'académie françoise, 1693. xliv pp.] Allebach (J. C.) A complete organ and me lodeon preceptor, on an easy and progressive method. Containing illustrations, in a clear and full explanation of the primary principles of musical science: with a variety of exercises, songs, etc. arranged for the most rapid advancement of learners. 56 pp. obl. 8°. Philadelphia, S. C. Collins, 1870. Alleine (Rev. Joseph). Christian letters, full of spiritual instructions, tending to the promoting of the power of godliness, both in


Alleine (Rev. Joseph)-continued. persons and families. 120. [New York, R. Carter, 1840].

In BAXTER (R.) and ALLEINE (Mrs. T.) Life and death of the rev. Joseph Alleine. 1840. pp. 137-275].

The solemn warnings of the dead: or, an admonition to unconverted sinners. And, A call to the unconverted. By mr. Richard Baxter. 288 pp. 180. New York, J. Soule & T. Mason, for the methodist episcopal church in the United States, 1818.

Alleine (Mrs. Theodosia). An account of the life and death of the late rev. Joseph Alleine. 18°. Edinburgh, Waugh & Innes, 1822.


Allen (Ira). A vindication of the conduct of the general assembly of the state of Vermont, held at Windsor in October, 1778, against allegations and remarks of the protesting members; with observations on their proceedings at a convention held at Cornish, on the 9th day of December, 1778. 48 pp. 18°. Dresden, Alden Spooner, [1779]? Allen (James, secretary of the West India merchants). Considerations on the present state of the intercourse between his majesty's sugar colonies and the dominions of the United States of America. 54 pp. 8°. London, 1784.

[IN MATHER (Increase). Lives of Cotton Mather | Allen (Rev. John, of Boston). An oration and Joseph Alleine, 1822, pp. 121-242].

The same. See Baxter (Rev. Richard) and Alleine (Mrs. T.)

Allen (Mrs. Brasseya). Pastorals, elegies, odes, epistles, and other poems. 1 p. 1. 163 pp. 160. Abingdon, (Md.) D. P. Ruff, 1806. Allen (Chester G.) Voice culture, 1871. See Webb (George James) and Allen. Allen (Ethan). A brief narrative of the proceedings of the government of New York relative to their obtaining the jurisdiction of that large district of land, to the westward from Connecticut river, which, antecedent thereto, had been patented by his majesty's governor and council of the government of New Hampshire. Together with arguments demonstrating that the property of those lands was conveyed from the crown to the New Hampshire grantees by virtue of their respective charters. With remarks upon a pamphlet entitled "A state of the right of the colony of New York, etc." Bennington, 1774. 211 pp. 120. Hartford, Eben Watson, near the great bridge, [1774]? [HAZARD pamphlets, v. 47].

A narrative of colonel Ethan Allen's captivity, from 1775 to 1778, containing his voyages and travels. Written by himself. 64 pp. 16°. Philadelphia, William Mentz, 1779.

The same. 40 pp. 120. Boston, reprinted, Draper & Folsom, 1799.

and Fay (Jonas). A concise refutation of the claims of New-Hampshire and Massachusetts-Bay, to the territory of Vermont; with occasional remarks on the claim of New York to the same. 29 pp. 8°. Hartford, Hudson & Goodwin, [1780] ?

The same. [HAZARD pamphlets, v. 45].

upon the beauties of liberty, or, the essential rights of the Americans. Delivered at the 2d baptist church in Boston, upon the last annual thanksgiving. Dedicated to the earl of Dartmouth. [By a british Bostonian. anon.] 3d ed. 23 pp. 80. New-London, printed by T. Green, for J. Knight, 1773. [HAZARD pamphlets, v. 45].

Allen (Rev. Joseph Henry). Hebrew men and times, from the patriarchs to the messiah. x, 435 pp. 120. Boston, Walker, Wise & co. 1861.

Allen (Thomas Prentiss, and William Francis). A hand-book of classical geography, chronology, mythology, and antiquities. xii, 5-123 pp. 12°. Boston, Swan, Brewer & Tileston, 1861.

Allen (Cardinal William) and others. New testament, 1582. See Bible. (English). Allen (William, d. d.) Poems of Nazareth and the cross. 60 pp. 120. Northampton, Bridgman & Childs, 1866.

Psalms and hymns for public worship, containing all the psalms and hymns of dr. Watts, which are deemed valuable, together with a new version of all the psalms, and many original hymns, besides a large collection from other writers. Eng. title, xlvii, 690 pp. 180. Boston, W. Peirce, 1835. Alletz (Pons Augustin). Connoissance des poëtes les plus célèbres, ou moyen facile de prendre une teinture des humanités, contenant la vie de chaque poëte, le sentiment des sçavans sur le mérite de chaque auteur; les morceaux les plus estimés, avec la traduction, & des remarques historiques. 2 v. 7 p. 1. 514 pp; 2 p. 1, 536 pp. 1 1. 16°. Paris, Didot, 1752. Allgemeine bibliographie. Monatliches verzeichniss der wichtigern neuen erscheinun


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[1 Jan. to 8 Sept. 1798, v. 1-3, known as weltkunde." Wanting, 1799]. Allibone (Samuel Austin). An alphabetical index to the new testament. Common version. Suitable to any edition, and useful to all ministers, teachers, and bible readers. [anon. By S. A. A.] 75 pp. 16. Phila delphia, American sunday-school union, 1868.

The union bible companion: containing the evidences of the divine origin, preservation, credibility, and inspiration of the holy scriptures; an account of various manuscripts and english translations, all the books, and the chief doctrines of the bible; and plans of christian work: with a copious analytical index. 315 pp. 12°. Philadel phia, American sunday school union, [1871]. Allin (Thomas). Discourses on the immateriality and immortality of the soul; the character and folly of modern atheism; and the necessity of a divine revelation. x, 269 pp. 8°. London, Hurst, Chance & co. 1828. Allman (George James, m. d.) A monograph of the gymnoblastic or tubularian hydroids. In two parts. 1. The hydroida. in general. 2. The genera and species of the gymnoblasta. [Part 1]. xxiii, 154 pp. 12 1. 12 pl. fol. London, 1871.

[RAY society publications]. Allom (Thomas). Constantinople and the scenery of the seven churches of Asia Minor, illustrated, with an historical account by R. Walsh. 2 v. in 1. 2 p. 1. xxxvi, 84 pp. 84 pl. 1 map; 100 pp. 93 pl. 1 map. 40. London, Fisher, son, & co. [1850].


Allston (Robert F. W.) Essay on seacoast crops; read before the agricultural association of the planting states, on occasion of the annual meeting at Columbia, S. C. December 3d, 1853. 461 pp. 80. Charleston, (S. C.) A. E. Miller, 1854.

Almanac for the use of navigators for 1870–74. (Navy department).

See United States.

Nautical almanac office. Almanac for the year 1864, being bissextile, or leap year, and the fourth year of the independence of the Confederate States of America. Calculations made at university of Alabama.

20 pp. 120. Mobile, S. H.

Goetzel, 1864. Almanach de Gotha. See Gothaischer hofkalender.

Almanach de la paix, pour l'année 1872. (1o année). Texte par F. Passy, M. Chevalier, E. Laboulaye, [et les autres]. Dessins de Bertall, Ratel et Nino. 64 pp. 16o. Paris, Pichon & cie. [1872]. Almon (John). The fugitive miscellany. Being a collection of such fugitive pieces, in prose and in verse, as are not in any other collection, etc. anon.] 190 pp. 16°. London, J. Almon, 1774. Aloe (Stanislao). Naples, ses monumens et ses curiosités, avec un catalogue détaillé du musée royal bourbon, suivi d'une description d'Herculanum, Pompéi, Stabies, Pestum, Pouzzoles, Cumes, Baia, Capone, etc. 2e éd. augmentée. vii, 626 pp. 2 maps. Naples, imprimerie du Virgile, 1853. Alsted (Johann Heinrich). Thesaurus chronologiæ. Ed. 4a. 692 pp. 23 1.1 tab. 80. Herborne Nassoviorum, 1650.


Alston (Rev. Philip William Whitmel). Sermons. With a biographical notice and funeral sermon, by the rt. rev. Jos. H. Otey, d. d. 456 pp. 1 portrait. 80. Philadel phia, H. Hooker, 1854.

Alta (The) California, Pacific coast, and trans-continental railroad guide. 294 pp. 31. 1 map. sq. 16°. San Francisco, F. McCrellish & co. [1871]. Altar (The) at home. Second series. Selections and prayers for domestic worship. [anon.] xii, 336 pp. 12°. Boston, Walker, Wise & co. 1862.

Alting (Jacob). Opera omnia theologica;

analytica, exegetica, practica, problematica: & philologica. 5 v. fol. Amstelædami, excudit G. Borstius, 1585-87.

[v. 1 and 5, 1587; v. 2-4, 1585-86].


Alting (Jacob)-continued.


v. 1. Jacobi Altingii vita. 4 p. 1.

Analysis exegetica Geneseos, Exodi, Levitici,

Commentarius theorico-practicus in Deutero-

In xxiv priores Psalmos analysis exegetica.
In Jeremiam prophetam commentarius.
v. 2. Commentarius theorico-practicus in loca quæ-
dam selecta Pentateuchi; ex libris historicis
veteris testamenti; in loca quædam selecta
Psalmorum; et ex prophetis.
Parallelisinus testimoniorum veteris testamenti
quæ in euangelio suo citat s. Matthæus.
v. 3. Commentarius theorico-practicus in epistolam
Pauli ad Romanos. [Capita 1–10].

v. 4. Commentarius theorico-practicus in caput unde-
cimum epistolæ ad Romanos, ante hac editus
sub titulo Spes Israelis.

Sermo academicus de Judæorum restitutione.
Commentarius in epistolam Pauli ad Romanos.
[Capita 12-16].

Analysis exegetica in epistolam Pauli ad Colos


In epistolam ad Hebræos commentarius.
Commentarius in loca quædam selecta novi tes-

v. 5. Sabbathum mere euangelicum, ecclesiæ utri-
usque testamenti proprium, ex verbo Dei
propositum & assertum.


Alunno (Francesco)-continued.

regole, asservationi, & aggiontoui le cadenze o uero definenze di tutte le uoci del detto Boccaccio, e del Petrarcha. [Ed. 4a.] 396 pp. 40. Vinegia, P. Gherardo, 1557. Alzate y Ramirez (José Antonio de). See Gacetas de literatura de Mexico.

Amalteo (Giovanni Battista). Lycidas, [an eclogue]. Acon, [an eclogue]. Written in latin. [Translated into english by John Rooke]. 8°. [London, 1725].

[ROOKE (John). Select translations, part 2, pp
16-31. 1726].

Amaranth (The): or, religious poems. See
Harte (Walter).

Amateurs' (The) annual, for 1872. Edited
and compiled by Edwin Ballard and Frank
Atwood. 64 pp. 7 photo. pl. 16°. Boston,
Annual publishing co. 1872.

Schilo: seu de vaticinio patriarchae Jacobi, Amaury-Duval (Pineux). See Baltard (L.

quod Genes. xlix, vers. 10 exstat.
Analysis exegetica catecheseos palatinæ.
Method us theologiæ didacticæ.
Academicarum dissertationum tam philologi-
carum quam theologicarum heptades septem.
Accesserunt orationum heptades duæ.
Sciagraphia biblica seu specimen oeconomiæ pa-
triarcharum. Doctrina de sabbatho cateche-
seos palatinæ, et synodi nationalis Dordra-
cenæ. Accedunt orationes duæ, prior rec-
turæ academicæ auspicatæ; posterior termi-

Epistolæ, et ex epistolis excerpta.
Mantissa miscellanea.

Fundamenta punctationis lingvæ sanctæ.
Synopsis institutionum Chaldæarum et Ara-


Altmann (Johann Georg). État et délices de
la Suisse, ou description historique et géo-
graphique des treize cantons suisses et leurs
alliés. Nouv. éd. Corrigée & considérable-
ment augmentée par plusieurs auteurs cé-
lèbres. [anon.] 2 v. 2 p. 1. 455 pp. 32 pl.
37 pl. 3 maps.
7 maps; 2 p. 1. 392 pp. 37 pl.
maps. 40.
Neuchâtel, S Fauche, 1778.

Altmeyer (Jean Jacques). Une succursale

du tribunal de sang. [La prise de Mons,
1572]. 182 pp. 120. Bruxelles, C. Vanderau-
wera, 1853.

Altolaguirre (Francisco Ignacio de). Rela-
cion del milagro, que obró Dios por interces-
sion de san Luiz Gonzaga a primero de marzo
de 1765 en sor Maria Josepha Ramona de
san Fermin Perez de Eulate, religiosa del
Santa Clara a de la villa de Tolosa en Gui-
puzcoa. 4 1.
4 1. 4°. Madrid, M. Fernandez,
Alunno (Francesco). Le ricchezze della
lingva volgare sopra il Boccaccio. Di nuouo
ristampate et ampliate. Con le dechiarationi,

P.) Paris et ses monumens.

Ambrosius mediolanensis (St.) De officiis clericorum libros tres ad manuscriptorum et optimorum librorum fidem emendavit et selectam lectionum varietatem adiecit R. O. Gilbert. Praemissa est vita s. Ambrosii a Paulino scripta. vi, 188 pp. 120. Lipsiae, Tauchnitz, 1839.

[GERSDORF (E. G.) Bibliotheca patrum ecclesiasticorum latinorum selecta, v. 8].

The same. Les devoirs de l'honnêtehomme et du chrétien' ou les offices de s. Ambroise. Traduits par m. l'abbé de Bellegarde. 18 p. 1. 446 pp. 11 1. 16°, Paris, A. Seneuse, 1689.

Hexameri libros sex, emendavit et lectionum varietatem adjecit R. O. Gilbert. viii, 184 pp. 120. Lipsiae, Tauchnitz, 1840. [GERSDORF (E. G.) Bibliotheca patrum ecclesiasticorum latinorum selecta, v. 9].

Inni sinceri e carmi di sant' Ambrogio vescovo di Milano. Cavati specialmente da monumenti della chiesa milanese, e illustrati dal prete Luigi Biraghi. 158 pp. 8°. Milano, E. Besozzi, 1862. Ambrosius (pseudo-Ambrosius). Sancti Ambrosii tractatus: in quo loca, doctrinam, ac mores Brachmanorum describit. 4°. [Londini, 1668].


[In BYSSHE (Ed.) Palladius de gentibus Indiæ, pp. 57-84].

Ambulator; or, a pocket companion in a tour round London, within the circuit of twenty-five miles; including new catalogues of pictures, and illustrated by historical and biographical observations; to which is pre

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