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Dumersan (T. M.)-continued.

dailles et antiques de la bibliothèque du roi ; suivie d'une description des objets les plus curieux que renferme cet établissement, de notes historiques sur sa fondation, ses accroissemens, etc. Et d'un catalogue, d'empreintes de pierres gravées. 76 pp. 12 pl. 8°. Paris, Journé, 1819.

Dummer (Edward). Hand book for beginners in mechanical drawing. 1 p. 1. 42 pp. 18°. Newburyport (Mass.) 1871. Dummer (Rev. Jeremiah). A letter to a noble lord, concerning the late expedition to Canada. [anon.] 26 pp. 12°. London, A. Baldwin, 1712.

Dumolard (Henri François Élisabeth Étienne Orcel). Notice historique sur la vie de Charles Simon Favart. 8°. Paris, L. Collin, 1808.

[In FAVART (Charles Simon). Mémoires et correspondance, v. 1, pp. i-lxxxvi].

Dumont (Étienne). Souvenirs sur Mirabeau et sur les deux premières assemblées législatives. Ouvrage posthume publié par m. J. L. Duval. xxxii, 479 pp. 12 1. facs. 80. Paris, C. Gosselin, 1832.

Dumont (George Marie Butel-). See ButelDumont.

Dumont (Mrs. Julia L.) Life sketches from common paths: a series of american tales. 286 pp. 120. New York, D. Appleton & co. 1856. Dumoulin (Alain). Grammatica latino-celtica, doctis ac scientiarum appetentibus viris composita. 6 p. 1. 194 pp. 2 tables. 8°. Praga Bohemorum, 1800. Du Moulin (Pierre). A vindication of the sincerity of the protestant religion in the point of obedience to sovereignes. Opposed to the doctrine of rebellion, authorised and practised by the pope and the jesuites. In answer to a jesuitical libel, entituled Philanax anglicvs. 12 p. l. 142 pp. 1 1. sm. 4°. London, I. Redmayne, 1664.

Du Moulin (Pierre, fils). A treatise on peace of soul, and content of mind. First corrected, improved, and re-published with notes, by M. Sartoris. And now translated into english, with additional notes, by John Scrope, d. d. 6 p. 1. xxxii, 295 pp; 2 p. 1. 444 pp. 80. Salisbury, Millar, 1765. Dun (R. G.) and co. The mercantile agency reference book, (and key,) containing ratings of the merchants, manufacturers, and traders generally, throughout the United States and

2 v.


Dun (R. G.) and co.-continued.

Canada. July, 1871; January, 1872. 2 v. 40. Philadelphia, R. G. Dun & co. 1871–72. Duncan (Archibald, r. n.) The british trident; or, register of naval actions; including authentic accounts of all the most remarkable engagements at sea, in which the british flag has been eminently distinguished; from the period of the memorable defeat of the Chrospanish armada, to the present time. 5 v. 12°. London, nologically arranged. 5 v. J. Cundee, 1805-09. Duncan (Henry, d. d.) Sacred philosophy of the seasons; illustrating the perfections of God in the phenomena of the year. With important additions and some modifications to adapt it to american readers. By F. W. P. Greenwood. 4 v. 12°. Boston, Marsh, Capen & Lyon, 1839.

Duncan (Rev. John M.) An essay on the origin, character, and tendency of creeds and confessions of faith, as instruments of ecclesiastical power.

262 pp. 120. Baltimore,

Cushing & sons, 1834. Duncan (John Shute). Botano-theology, an arranged compendium, chiefly from [James Edward] Smith, [rev. Patrick] Keith, and [Anthony Todd] Thomson. [With three appendices. anon.] iv, 112 pp. 8°. Oxford, J. Parker, 1825. Duncan (William). In four books. E. Duyckinck, 1818. Duncan (William C. d. d.) sus of Nazareth. 172 pp. Sheldon & co. 1860. Dunglison (Robley, m. d.) cine from the earliest ages to the commencement of the nineteenth century. Arranged and edited by Richard J. Dunglison, m. d. xii, 17-287 pp. 80. Philadelphia, Lindsay & Blakiston, 1872.

The elements of logic. 239 pp. 12°. New York,

The tears of Je 12°. New York

History of medi

History of the moxa. See Larrey (Dominique Jean). On the use of the moxa. The medical student, or aids to the study of medicine. Including a glossary of the terms of the science, and of the mode of prescribing,-bibliographical notices of medical works; the regulation of different medical colleges of the union, etc. xii, 323 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, Carey, Lea & Blanchard, 1737.

New remedies: the method of preparing and administering them; their effects on


Dunglison (Robley, m. d.)—continued.
the healthy and diseased economy, etc. 429
pp. 80. Philadelphia, A. Waldie, 1839.

The same. 3d ed. xii, 9-541 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, Lea & Blanchard, 1841. Dunham (Samuel Ashley). Lives of the most eminent literary and scientific men of Great Britain. Early writers. [anon.] 2 p. 1. 392 pp. 160. London, Longman, [etc.] 1840.


St. Columba, and the introduction of christianity and of civilization into North Britain.

Alfred the great, english civilization in the ninth century.

Chaucer, 1328-1400.

[Note.-Same as The cabinet cyclopædia, v. 36]. Dunlap (William). Thirty years ago; or the memoirs of a water-drinker. [anon.] 2 v. vii, 5-208 pp; 220 pp. 120. New York, Bancroft & Holley, 1836.

Dunn (Rev. L. R.) The mission of the spirit;
or, the office and work of the comforter in
human redemption.
16°. New

303 pp.
York, Carlton & Lanahan, 1871.
Dunn (Nathan). A descriptive catalogue of
the chinese collection, in Philadelphia. With
miscellaneous remarks upon the manners,
customs, trade, and government of the ce-
lestial empire. 1 p. 1. 120 pp. 89. Phila-
delphia, proprietor, [1839].

Dunning (Mrs. A. K.) Bessie Haven, or the little girl who wanted to shine. By Nellie Grahame. [pseudon.] 72 pp. 2 pl. 180. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, [1864].

Bet and Bounce. By Nellie Grahame. [pseudon.] 72 pp. 2 pl. 18°. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, [1871].

Carrie Trueman, or the girl who disobeyed her parents. By Nellie Grahame. [pseudon.] 107 pp. 3 pl. 180. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, [1864].

Charlie Evans, or the boy who could not keep his temper. By Nellie Grahame. [pseudon.] 107 pp. 2 pl. 189. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, [1864].

Diamonds reset. By Nellie Grahame. [pseudon.] Eng. title, 192 pp. 120. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, 1863.

Fred. Wilson's sled. By Nellie Grahame. [pseudon.] 59 pp. 2 pl. 180. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, 1869.

Grace and Polly. By Nellie Grahame. [pseudon.] 72 pp. 2 pl. 180. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, [1871].


Dunning (Mrs. A. K.)-continued.

Harry Edwards, or the boy who told lies. By Nellie Grahame. [pseudon.] 72 pp. 2 pl. 18°. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, [1864].

Hattie Winthrop, or the little girl who could not guard her tongne. By Nellie Grahame. [pseudon.] 106 pp. 1 pl. 180. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, [1864].

Jack Myers, or the boy who stole a penny. By Nellie Grahame. [pseudon. ] 72 pp. 2 pl. 180, Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, [1864].

Little Annie's first bible lessons. By Nellie Grahame. [pseudon.] 175 pp. 3 pl. 18°. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, [1863].

Mary's new friends. By Nellie Grahame. [pseudon.] 72 pp. 2 pl. 180. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, [1871].

Mrs. Latimer's meetings. By Nellie Grahame. [pseudon.] 72 72 pp. 2 pl. 18°. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, [1869].

Ned Turner, or the boy who said, 'Wait a minute." By Nellie Grahame.

[pseudon.] 140 pp. 18°. Philadelphia,

Presbyterian board of publication, [1863]?

Rebella, or the shining way. By Nellie Grahame. [pseudon.] 144 pp. 3 pl. 18°. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, [1863].

Ruth Cummings, or the girl who could not deny herself. By Nellie Grahame. [pseudon.] 108 pp. 3 pl. 180. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, [1864].

The step-mother's recompense, or mrs. Ellerton's trials and reward. By Nellie Grahame. [pseudon.] 283 pp. 16o. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, [1864].

Stories for the little ones. By Nellie Grahame. [pseudon.] 8 v. 16. Phila delphia, Presbyterian board of publication, [1868].


Alice Townsend's garden. 60 pp. 1 pl.
Carrie's hard lesson. 60 pp. 1 pl.
The casket of gems. 60 pp. 1 pl.
Contrasts. 60 pp. 1 pl.

The golden rule. 60 pp. 1 pl.

Little home missionaries. 60 pp. 1 pl.
Shining lights. 60 pp. 1 pl.
Stray lambs. 60 pp. 1 pl.

The three homes, or three ways of spending the sabbath. By Nellie Grahame.


Dunning (Mrs. A. K.)—continued. [pseudon.] 216 pp. 3 pl. 18°. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, [1863].

Tim Harrison, or the boy that couldn't say no. By Nellie Grahame. [pseudon.] 108 pp. 3 pl. 18°. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, [1864]. Dunton (John). Heavenly pastime, or, pleasant observations on all the most remarkable passages throughout the holy bible, of the old and new testament. Newly allegoriz'd in several delightful dialogues, poems, similitudes, and divine fancies. 2d ed. 136 pp.

18°. London, J. Dunton, 1685. Dupaty (Charles Marguerite Jean Baptiste Mercier). Lettres sur l'Italie. 2 v. viii, 252 pp; 1 p. 1. 263 pp. 12°. Rome, 1789. The same. Travels through Italy, in a series of letters; written in 1785. Translated from the french by an english gentleman. xii, 403 pp. 8°. London, G. G. J. & J. Robinson, 1788.

Dupin (François Pierre Charles).

litaire de la Grande-Bretagne.

Force mi

2 v. in 1.

xvi, 280 pp; ix, 274 pp. 4°. Paris, Bachelier, 1820.

Force navale de la Grande-Bretagne. 2 v. in 1. xvi, 280 pp; vii, 284 pp. 4°. Paris, Bachelier, 1821.

Duplais (Mm. aîné et jeune). A treatise on the manufacture and distillation of alcoholic liquors. Translated and edited from the french.

By M. McKennie, m. d. To which are added the United States internal revenue regulations for the assessment and collection of taxes on distilled spirits. xxviii, 17-743 pp. 15 pl. 15 pl. 8°. 80. Philadelphia, H. C. Baird, 1871. Duponcet (J. N.)


Histoire de Gonsalve de Cordoue, surnommé le grand capitaine. 2 17 p. 1. 367 pp; 1 p. 1. 342 pp. 5 1. 16°. Paris, J. Mariette, 1714. Dupouy (F. C.) Raccolta di massime e pensieri tirati dai migliori autori antichi e moderni. Tradotte in lingua italiana. vii, 130 pp. 120. London, E. R. Bentley, 1820. Dupré (August). A treatise on the origin, nature, and varieties of wine. See Thudichum (J. L. W.) and Dupré. Dupré de Saint-Maure (Emile). Anthologie russe, suivie de poésies originales. 3 p. 1. xlv, 360 pp. 8°. Paris, G. J. Trouvé, 1823. Dupuy (Miss Eliza A.) The cancelled will. 1

p. l. pp. 19-403. 12°. Philadelphia, T. B.

Peterson & brothers, [1872].

[blocks in formation]

Durand (David, d. d.) Poème sur la chute de l'homme, et les ravages de l'or et de l'argent. fol. Londres, 1729.

[In PLINIUS secundus (Caïus). Histoire naturelle de l'or et de l'argent, 2 p. 1. pp. i-lxxii].

La vie de Jean Frédéric Ostervald, pasteur de Neufchâtel en Suisse. 2 p. 1. xv, 307 pp. 8°. Londres, T. Payne & fils, 1778. Durand (l'abbé) Melton (Louis) and Preti (Jean). Stratégie raisonnée des ouvertures du jeu d'échecs, illustrée de nombreux diagrammes. xxiv, 444 pp. 8°. Paris, J. Preti, 1862. Dürer (Albrecht).

Albert Durer's designs of

the prayer book. (1515. Reprint). 1 p. 1. 8 pp. 44 pl. sm. fol. London, R. Ackermann's lithographic press, 1817.

The same.

Oratio dominica delineatio

nibus Alberti Düreri cincta. 4°. Monachii, J. B. Dreselly, [1839].

[IN STOEGER (F. X.) Oratio dominica polyglotta]. Durham (Rev. James). Commentary upon revelation. See Bible. (English). Durivage (Francis Alexander). A popular cyclopedia of history, ancient and modern, forming a copious historical dictionary of celebrated institutions, persons, places and things; with notices of the present state of the principal cities, countries and kingdoms. of the known world: [also] a chronological view of memorable events. 1 p. 1. 708 pp. 31 pl. 8°. Boston, E. R. Broaders, 1835. Durkee (Silas, m. d.) A treatise on gonorrhoea and syphilis. xi, 442 pp. 8 col. pl. 8°. Boston, J. P. Jewett & co. 1859. Du Rondel (Jacques). La vie d'Epicure. 5 p. 1. 83 pp. 18°. Paris, A. Cellier, 1679. Dussauce (H.) A general treatise on the manufacture of vinegar: theoretical and practical; as well as the fabrication of pyroligneous acid, wood vinegar, etc. etc. and a treatise on acetometry. With illustrations. 392 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, H. C. Baird, 1871.

A practical treatise on the fabrication of matches, gun cotton, colored fires and fulminating powders. 336 pp. 120. Philadelphia, H. C. Baird, 1864. Dutens (Louis). Des pierres précieuses et des pierres fines, avec les moyens de les con

noître et de les évaluer. Nouv. éd. revue et


Dutens (Louis)-continued.
augmentée par l'auteur. 152 pp. 1 1. 120.
Florence, J. Molini, [1780]?
Tables généalogiques des héros des ro-
mans; avec un catalogue des principaux
ouvrages en ce genre. [anon. 2e éd.] 1
Londres, M. Ed-


.1.21 tables. sm. 4o. wards, [1796].

Journal of travels made through the principal cities of Europe. Translated from the french, by John Highmore. [Also], an appendix: containing the roads of Italy; with some useful tables and hints to strangers who travel in France. 2 p. 1. xxxi, 177, 26 pp. 8°. London, J. Wallis, 1782.

Memoirs of a traveller now in retirement. Written by himself. Interspersed with historical, literary and political anecdotes, relative to many of the principal personages of the present age. Translated from the french [of Duchillon, pseudon.] under the superintendence of the author. London, R. Phillips, 1806.

5 v.


[Note.-Vol. v entitled "Dutensiana; intended as a sequel to the Memoirs of a traveller," etc.] Dutot (-). Réflexions politiques sur le commerce et les finances. 80. [Paris, 1843].


[In DAIRE (Eugène). Économistes-financiers du 18e siècle. Paris. 1843. pp. 837-1008]. Duval (Amaury Pineux). Paris et ses monuSee Baltard (Louis Pierre). Du Verdier (Antoine). Prosopographie, ov description des hommes illvstres, et avtres renomméz. Auec vne ample chronique de ce qui s'est passé en toutes les parties du monde, depuis la création d'iceluy iusques à présent. Enrichie de figvres. 3 v. fol. Lyon, P. Frelon, 1603.

Du Verdier (Gilbert Saulnier). The love and armes of the greeke princes. Or, the romant of romants. Written in french by M. Verdere, and translated for Philip, earle of Pem

1o et 2e

broke and Montgomery. 3 v. in 1. fol. London, T. Harper for T. Walkley, 1640. Duvillers (François). Les parcs et jardins créés et exécutés par F. Duvillers. partie. 14 livraisons in portfolio. 56 pp. 28 pl. fol. Paris, auteur, [1867-70]. Duy (Rev. Albert William). Sermons. With a biographical sketch of the author, containing extracts from his papers. By Samuel A. Clark. 4 p. 1. 17-355 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, R. S. H. George, 1846. Dwyer (Edward). A compendium of the

principal laws and regulations relating to the militia of Great Britain and Ireland; and of

Dwyer (Edward)-continued.


the duties of lords-lieutenants, [etc.] in connexion therewith. Preceded by a short history of the force from the period of its earli est organization to the present time. viii, 146 pp. 1 1. 1 1. 12°. London, Butterworths, [1871]. Dyason (William). Philosophical and literary essays. A new ed. with considerable additions. 1 p. 1. 175 pp. 16°. London, T. Tegg, 1808.

Poetry in letters, relative to books, men, and manners. v. 2. 2 p. 1. 201 pp. 12°. London, author, [1804].

[With his Philosophical essays; imperfect, v. 1 wanting].

Dyche (Rev. Thomas). A new general english dictionary; peculiarly calculated for the use and improvement of such as are unacquainted with the learned languages. [AIso], a compendious english grammar. Together with a supplement of the proper names of the most noted kingdoms, provinces, cities, towns, rivers, &c. throughout the known world. As also of the most celebrated emperors, kings, queens, &c. Finished by the late William Pardon. 16th ed. with the addition of the several market towns in England and Wales, [etc.] 456 1. 8°. London, C. Bathurst, 1777. Dyckman (Jacob, m.d.) A dissertation on the pathology of the human fluids. 248 pp. 80. New York, author, 1814. Dyke (Rev. Daniel). The mystery of selfedeceiuing: or, a discovrse and discouery of the deceitfulnesse of mans heart. Published since his death, by his brother I. D. And now by him augmented and inlarged. 7 p. 1. 438 pp. 61. 4°. London, W. Stansby, 1630. Dyke (Rev. Jeremy). A worthy communicant: or a treatise, shewing the due order of receiving the sacrament of the Lord's supper. 527 pp. 16°. London, J. Macock for L. Favvn, 1657. Dymond (Jonathan). Essays on the principles of morality, and on the private and po litical rights and obligations of mankind. With a preface, by the rev. George Bush. x, 19-432 pp. 8°. New-York, Harper & brothers, 1834.

The same. The principles of morality, and the private and political rights and obligations of mankind. Abridged, and provided with questions, by Caroline M. Kirkland.

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Historiæ novorum libri sex cum notis Johannis Seldeni.

De excellentia virginis Mariæ.

De quatuor virtutibus beatæ virginis Mariæ.
De beatitudine cœlestis patriæ.

De S. Anselmi similitudinibus.

[In ANSELMUS cantuariensis (S.) Opera. Ed. Lutetiae Parisiorum, 1721].

Eagle crag. By the author of the "Goldenladder" series. [anon.] 203 pp. 3 pl. 16°. New York, R. Carter & brothers, 1871. [Drayton-hall series, no. 5].

Eames (Jane Anthony). The budget closed. xiv, 368 pp. 120. Boston, Ticknor & Fields, 1860. Earle (Rev. A. B.) The rest of faith, 96 pp. 24°. Boston, J. H. Earle, 1871. Earle (John, bishop of Salisbury). Micro-cosmographie, [or, a peace of the world discovered in essays and characters]. 1628. With additional characters from the 5th ed. of 1629; and the 6th ed. of 1633. Carefully edited by Edward Arber. 104 pp. London, A. Murray & son, 1868. [ARBER'S english reprints, v. 5, no. 12]. Earle (John, rector of Swanswick). The philology of the english tongue. viii, 599 pp. 160. Oxford, Clarendon press, 1871. Earle (Pliny, m. d) Marathon, and other poems. 120 pp. 129. Philadelphia, H. Perkins, 1841. Early english text society.

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11 v. 80. 1870-71.


Publications. London, N. Trübner & co.


BERNARD de Clairvaux (Saint). De cura rei familiaris, with some early scottish prophecies. Edited by J. R. Lumbey. (no. 42).

C. (R. gent.) The times' whistle or a newe daunce of seven satires, and other poems. Now first edited by J. M. Cowper. (no. 48).



Early english text society-continued. ELLIS (A. J.) An early english pronunciation. Part iii. Illustrations of the pronunciation of the 14th and 16th centuries. (Extra series, xiv). FURNIVALL (F. J.) and Cowper (J. M.) editors. supplicacy on for the beggers. Written about the year 1529 by Simon Fish. Now re-edited by F. J. Furnivall. With A supplycacion to our moste soueraigne lorde kynge Henry the eyght (1544), A supplication of the poore commons (1546), The decaye of England by the great multitude of shepe, 1550-3, edited by J. M. Cowper. (Extra series, xiii).

GREGORY I. the great (Saint). King Alfred's westsaxon version of Gregory's Pastorál care. With an english translation, the latin text, notes and an introduction. Edited by H. Sweet. Parti. (no. 45). LAUDER (W.) Extant minor poetical works. Edited by F. J. Furnivall. (no. 41).

LUMBY (J. R. editor). Ratis raving, and other moral and religious pieces in prose and verse. (no. 43). LYNDESAY (Sir D.) Minor poems. Edited by J. A. H. Murray. (no. 47).

MORRIS (R. editor). Legends of the holy rood; symbols of the passion and cross-poems. In old english of the 11th, 14th, and 15th centuries. (no. 46). SMITH (T. editor). English gilds. The original ordinances of more than one hundred english gilds : [etc.] With a preliminary essay on the history and development of gilds, by Lujo Brentano. (no. 40). STARKEY (T.) England in the reign of king Henry the eighth. A dialogue between cardinal Pole and Thomas Lusset. Edited by J. M. Cowper. Part ii. (Extra series, xii).

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Early (The) life, campaigns, and public services of Robert E. Lee; with a record of the campaigns and heroic deeds of his companions in arms. By a distinguished southern journalist. [anon.] 26, 33-851 pp. 7 pl. 8°. New York, E. B. Treat & co. 1870. Early (The) Saxons; or, the character and influence of the saxon race, illustrated in a history of the introduction of christianity into England. [anon.] 144 pp. 5 pl. 18°. Philadelphia, American sunday school union, [1842].

Eastburn (Robert). A faithful narrative of dangers and sufferings during his late captivity among the Indians. 45 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, W. Dunlap, 1758. [HAZARD pamphlets, v. 9]. Eastlake (Charles Locke, architect). A history of the gothic revival. An attempt to show how the taste for mediæval architecture which lingered in England during the two last centuries has since been encouraged and developed. xvi, 427 pp. 36 pl. London, Longmans, Green & co. 1872. Eastman (F. S.) A history of Vermont, from its first settlement to the present time. With a geographical account of the country, and a view of its original inhabitants. 110 pp. 16°. Brattleboro, Holbrook & Fessenden, 1828. Eastman (Julia A.) The Romneys of Ridgemont. A story of the hills. 346 pp. 3 pi. pp.3 16°. Boston, D. Lothrop & co. 1871.


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