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Eastman (J. R.) Report on observations of Eatto (Timothy). Collection of hymns. See

the eclipse, &c. made at Syracuse, Sicily. 40. [Washington, 1871].

[In UNITED STATES. Navy department. (Naval observatory). Report on observations of the total solar eclipse of Dec. 22, 1870, pp. 121-132].

Eastman & co.'s guide book for the eastern
coast of New England. See Waite (Otis
F. R.)

Easton (Peter Z.) The scripture doctrine in
reference to the seat of sin in the regenerate
man. 125 pp.
160. New York, A. D. F.
Randolph & co. [1872].
Eastwood (Frances). Marcella: the fearless
christian maiden. A tale of the early church.
329 pp. 2 pl. 16°. New York, Dodd &
Mead, [1870].

Easy (An) introduction to the knowledge of
nature. Adapted to the capacities of chil-
dren. [anon.] 167 pp. 1 pl. 18°. Philadel-
phia, American sunday school union, [1846].
Eaton (Amos). Manual of botany for North
America: containing generic and specific de-
scriptions of the indigenous plants and com-
mon cultivated exotics, growing north of the
gulf of Mexico. 6th ed. With the addition
of the most approved natural arrangement of
genera: also their etymologies and accentua-
tion. 2 v. in 1. 401 pp; 138 pp. 12°.
Albany, O. Steele, 1833.

Prodromus of a practical treatise on the mathematical arts: containing directions for surveying and engineering. 4 p. 1. 192 pp. 120. Troy (N. Y.) E. Gates, 1838. Eaton (David). Scripture the only guide to religious truth. A narrative of the proceedings of the society of baptists in York, in relinquishing the popular systems of religion, from the study of the scriptures. [Also], a brief account of their present views. [1st ed.] viii, 134 pp. 80. York, author, 1800. Eaton (James H.) A key of solutions to examples in Eaton's Common school arithmetic. 143 pp. 12o. Boston, Thompson,

Bigelow & Brown, [1871]. Eaton (Joseph H.) The army paymaster's manual. See United States. War depart


Richardson (Jacob D.) and Eatto. Eberhard (Johann August). Charakteristik des freiherrn von Leibnitz. 1 p. 1. 194 pp.

[blocks in formation]

4 pl. 89. Leipzig, in der Jacobäerschen buchhandlung, [1817].

Neue apologie des Sokrates, oder untersuchung der lehre von der seligkeit der heiden. Neue [3te] und verbesserte aufl. 2 v. xvi, 512 pp; xvi, 528 pp. 16°. Berlin & Stettin, F. Nicolai, 1776-78.

The same. Examen de la doctrine touchant le salut des payens, ou nouvelle apologie pour Socrate. Traduit de l'allemand [par Charles Guillaume Frédéric Dumas]. 4 p. 1. 414 pp. 1 1. 8°. Amsterdam, E. van Harrevelt, 1773.

Eberle (John, m. d.) A treatise of the materia medica and therapeutics. 2d ed. with corrections. 2 v. xi, 327 pp; 401 pp. Baltimore, S. & W. Meeteer, 1825.


The same.
3d ed. enlarged and cor-
rected. 2 v. xvi, 416 pp; 445 pp. 8°. Phil-
adelphia, J. Grigg, 1830.

Ebers (George) The daughter of an egyptian
king. Translated from the german by Henry
368 pp.
Philadelphia, J. B.
Lippincott & co. 1871.

Ebert (Prof.) Review of E. G. Sandras' Étude
sur Chaucer considéré comme imitateur des
trouvères (Paris, Durand, 1859), from the
"Jahrbuch für romanische und englische
literatur", Oct. - Dec. 1861, pages 85-106,
translated by John W. Van Rees Hoets, and
revised by the author.
2 p. 1. 28 pp.
London, N. Trübner & co. 1868.
[CHAUCER Society publications. 2d series, no. 2. Es
says on Chaucer, part 1.
Ebony (The) idol. See Flanders (Mrs. G. M.)
Ecce homo. 1827. See Holbach (Paul Henri
Thiry, baron d').

Ecce orienti. See Redding (M. Wolcott).
Eccentric (The) magazine; or, lives and por-

traits of remarkable persons. 2 v. in 1.
viii, 280 pp. 39 pl; viii, 304 pp. 37 pl. 4°.
London, G. Smeeton, 1814.
Ecclesiastical (The) history society. Publi-
cations. 7 v. 8°. Cambridge, university
press, 1847-52.


FIELD (Richard, d. d.) Of the church. Five books.
4 v. (no.1).
HEYLIN (Peter, d. d.) Ecclesia restaurata; or, the
history of the reformation of the church of Eng-
land. With life of the author by John Barnard,
Edited by J. C. Robertson. 2 v.
(no. 4).
WOOD (Anthony à). Athenæ oxonienses. v. 1. Life
of A. à Wood, written by himself. New ed. by P.
Bliss. (no. 3).

[Note. This society has been dissolved].


Echard (Laurence).


Gazetteer. See Lad- Edgar (A. H.) John Bull and the papists; the life of an anglican rector. 120. London, T. Richardson

vocat (Jean Baptiste). Dictionnaire géographique.

Eck (Johann von). Der drit thail christenlicher
predigen an den hohen festen vnd hochzeyt-
lichen tagen, der hayligen, durch das ganntz
jar, nach gebrauch christenlicher kirchen, zů
gut vnd nutz den frommen alten christen.
8 p. 1. cccv 1. fol. [Ingolstat, Jörg Krapffen
& Jacob Vogkers, 1531].

Eckard (Rev. James Read). A personal nar-
rative of residence as a missionary in Ceylon
and southern Hindoostan, with statements
respecting those countries and the operations
of missionaries there. 254 pp. 180. Phil-
adelphia, Perkins & Purves, 1844.
Eclectic (The) magazine of foreign literature,
science, and art. W. H. Bidwell, editor.
[Monthly]. Jan. to Dec. 1871. New series,
v. 13-14. [Complete series, v.76-77]. 8°.
New York, E. R. Pelton, 1871.
Eclectic (The) medical journal, edited by
John M. Scudder, m. d. [Monthly]. Jan.
to Dec. 1871. v. 31.
8°. Cincinnati, J.
M. Scudder, 1871.
Economist (The), weekly commercial times,
bankers' gazette, and railway monitor: a
political, literary, and general newspaper.
Jan. 7 to Dec. 30, 1871. v. 29. fol. Lon-
don, T. H. Meredith, 1871.

Eddy (A.D.) The christian citizen.


164 pp.

obligations of the christian citizen, with a review of high church principles in relation to civil and religious institutions. 120. New York, J. S. Taylor, 1843. Eddy (Daniel Clarke, d. d.) The Percy family. 5 v. 160. Boston, A. F. Graves, 185961.


v. 1. A visit to Ireland. 255 pp.

v. 2. Through Scotland and England. 256 pp.
v. 3. Paris to Amsterdam. 256 pp. 9 pl.
v. 4. The Baltic to Vesuvius. 256 pp.
v. 5. The Alps and the Rhine. 248 pp. 2 pl.

146 pp.

Roger Williams and the baptists. An historical discourse delivered before the Young men's christian union, in Hollis street church, Dec. 2, 1860. 16°. Boston, A. F. Graves, 1861. Walter's tour in the east. New York, Sheldon & co. 1863.


Walter in Athens. 226 pp. 4 pl.

Walter in Jerusalem. 220 pp. 4 pl.

Walter in Egypt. 229 pp. 3 pl.

3 v.

or, passages in

1 p. 1. 472 pp. & son, 1846. Edimerus.

See Eadmer.

[blocks in formation]


Edinburgh (The) review, or critical journal.
[Quarterly]. Jan. 1871, to Oct. 1871.
133-134. 8°. London, Longmans, 1871-71.
Edinburgh (Royal college of physicians of).
Supplement to catalogue of the library of the
royal college of physicians of Edinburgh,
1863-70. viii, 279 pp. 1 pl. 80. Edin-
burgh, Crawford & M’Cabe, 1870.
Edinburgh. (Royal infirmary).
poeia pauperum, in usum nosocomii regii
edinburgensis. [Interleaved, with notes in
ms.] 76 pp. 16°. Edinburgi, apud Hamil-
ton, Balfour & Neill, sumptibus nosocomii,


Edith; or, the quaker's daughter. A tale of

puritan times. By one of her descendants.
[anon.] 407 pp. 120. New York, Mason
brothers, 1856.

Edkins (Rev. Joseph). The religious condi-
tion of the Chinese: with observations on
the prospects of christian conversion amongst
that people. viii, 288 pp.
16°. London,
Routledge, Warnes & Routledge, 1859.
Edkins (Joshua). A collection of poems,

2 v. Dublin,

mostly original, by several hands. 8°. xxxix, 328 pp; xii, 364 pp. editor, 1789–90. Edmar. See Eadmerus. Edmund (Mrs. A. M.) Memoir of mrs. Sarah D. Comstock, missionary to Arracan. 228 pp. 1 portrait. 120. Philadelphia, American baptist publication society, [1854]. Edmunds (A. C.) Pen sketches of Nebraskans, with photographs. 510 pp. 20 photographs. 8°. Lincoln (Nebraska), R. & J. Wilbur, 1871.

Edmundus. See Eadmer.

160. Edna Harrington; or, the daughter's influence in the home circle. [anon.] 311 pp.

[Note. Three vols. wanting to complete the series].

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Memoir of Charlotte Hamilton, illustrating the reality and power of godliness in childhood. 3d ed. 162 pp. 18°. Boston, Massachusetts sabath-school society, [1853]. Educational (The) year-book, 1872. A handbook of reference, comprising a digest of american public school laws, systems of in struction, and interesting matters pertaining to schools and colleges, ranging from professional anecdotes to educational statistics. Published annually. [By William B. Smith], New York, A. S. Barnes & co.


222 pp. 1872. Edward and Miriam. A tale of Iceland. [anon.] 201 pp. 16°. Philadelphia, American sunday-school union, [1836]. Edward Clifford; or, memories of childhood. [anon.] 342 pp. 6 pl. 16°. New York, R. Carter & brothers, 1856. Edward Wortley Montagu. raphy. [anon.] 3 v. 8°. Newby, 1869.

An autobiogLondon, F. C.

12°. Philadel

The same. 540 pp. phia, Turner & co. 1870. Edwards (Rev. Bela Bates). Memoir of the rev. Elias Cornelius. 360 pp. I portrait. 120. Boston, Perkins & Marvin, 1833.

Missionary gazetteer. 8°. [Brattleboro', (Vt.) 1858].

[In BROWN (Rev. J. Newton). Encyclopedia of religious knowledge, pp. 1187-1275]. Edwards (Mrs. C. M.) Benjie and his friends; or, coming up and going down. 196 pp. 18°. New York, Carlton & Porter, [1860].

Helpful Susan: the story of a girl who made herself useful. 283 pp. 180. New York, Carlton & Porter, [1862]. The little brown jug; or, the power of prayer. 216 pp. 180. New York, Carlton & Porter, [1863].

Minnie Ray a story of faith and good works. 198 pp. 180. New York, Carlton

& Porter, 1857.

My sister Margaret. A temperance


Edwards (Mrs. C. M.)-continued.

Sylvia Austin; or, the girl who stole a cent: and Benny Blubber, the crying boy. 130 pp. 2 pl. 180. New York, Carlton & Porter, [1859].

A winter at history of herself.

Quakerville; or, Lizzie's Being incidents at the close of the late war. 125 pp. 180. Boston, Mass, sabbath-school soc. [1853]. Edwards (Henri Milne). Leçons sur la physiologie et anatomie comparée de l'homme et des animaux faites à la faculté des sciences de Paris. v. 1-7. 8°. Paris, V. Masson, 1857-62.

CONTENTS. v. 1. Introduction. Du sang. v. 2. De la respiration. [Suite]. v. 3. De la circulation du sang.

v. 4.

v. 5. v. 6.

De la respiration.


De la circulation du sang. [Suite]. De la transsudation. Du système lymphatique. De l'absorption. De la digestion. De la digestion. [Suite]. Des organes complémentaires du canal intestinal des vertébrés.. Appareil hépatique. Appareil pancréatique. v. 7. Des phénomènes chimiques de la digestion. De l'absorption des produits du travail digestif. Des sécrétions. Des excrétions. De la nutrition.

Recherches zoologiques pour servir à l'histoire de la faune de l'Amérique centrale et du Mexique. See France. Ministère de l'instruction publique.

Outlines of anatomy and physiology, translated from the French. By J. F. W. Lane, m. d. 312 pp. 8°. Boston, C. C. Little & J. Brown, 1841. Edwards (John, d. d.) The preacher. A discourse, shewing, what are the particular offices and employments of those of that character in the church. With a free censure of the most common failings and miscarriages of persons in that sacred employment. 1 p. 1. xxxviii pp. 13 l. 358 pp. 5 1. I portrait. 80. London, J. Robinson, [etc.] 1705.

[blocks in formation]

story. 328 pp. 4 pl. 16°. New York, Carlton | Edwards (Jonathan, d. d. president of the coll. & Porter, 1859.

Sammy Seymour, the drunkard's boy. A story for boys. 219 pp. 180. New York, Carlton & Porter, [1861].

Soft words; or, gentle Susan. A tale of every day life. 144 pp. 180. Boston, Mass. sabbath-school soc. [1853].

of N. J.) The life and character of the late rev. Jonathan Edwards. [By Samuel Hopkins]. Together with a number of his sermons on various important subjects. 5 p. 1. 97 pp. 41. 279 pp. 129. Boston, S. Kneeland, 1765.

Two dissertations, i. Concerning the end for which God created the world. ii,


Edwards (Jonathan)-continued.

The nature of true virtue. 1 p. 1. v, 191 pp. 12°. Boston, S. Kneeland, 1765.

[With his Life and character, 1765].


Egerton (H. C. G.)-continued.

lithographic views, from original drawings, by lord Francis Egerton. 4 p. 1. 141 pp. 1 1. 11. 4 pl. 8°. London, Harrison & co. 1841.

Edwards (Jonathan, d. d. president of Union | Egerton (John). Egerton's theatrical remem

2 v.

college). Works with a memoir of his life and character. By Tryon Edwards. x1, 518 pp. 1 portrait; 556 pp. 80. Andover, Allen, Morrill & Wardwell, 1842.

An humble attempt to promote explicit agreement and visible union of God's people in extraordinary prayer, for the revival of religion and the advancement of Christ's kingdom on earth, pursuant to scripture-promises and prophecies concerning the last time. With a preface by several ministers. [Reprint]. 8°. Elizabethtown, (N. J ) S. Kollock, 1794.

The millenium.

[In AUSTIN (Rev. David, editor). Elizabethtown, 1794. pp. 51-321]. Edwards (Richard). Chicago census report, 1871. See Chicago. Directories. Orleans, St. Louis. Edwards (Tryon, d. d.) Memoir of Jonathan Edwards, d. d. 8°. [Andover, 1842]. [In EDWARDS (Jonathan, pres. Union coll.) Works. v. 1. pp. 9-40].

See Memphis, New

Pearls; or, the world's laconics. Being choice thoughts of the best authors, in prose and poetry. With an introduction by William B. Sprague, d. d. 432 pp. 1 pl. 12°. Boston, B. B. Russell, 1872. Edwards (William). The book-keeper's atlas: or, a perfect system of book keeping, by double entry; founded on principles of real business.

205 pp. 4°. New York,

Harper & brothers, 1834. Effigies poeticae: or the portraits of the british poets illustrated by notes biographical, critical, and poetical. [anon.] 2 p. l. ii, 112 pp. 120. London, J. Carpenter & son, 1834. Effinger (Conrad Maria). Geistlicher wegweiser für jünglinge. Ein lehr- und gebetbuch für christliche jünglinge. 512 pp. 24°. Einsiedeln, New York & Cincinnati, C. & N. Benziger, 1871.

Die sternenkrone der allezeit unbefleckten gottesmutter Maria. Betrachtungen über ihr heiligstes leben als vorbild jeder tugend. Mit einer Maiandacht, [etc.] 430 pp. 2 pl. 180. Einsiedeln, New York & Cincinnati, C. & N. Benziger, 1870. Egerton (Harriet Catherine Greville, viscountess of Ellesmere). Journal of a tour in the holy land, in May and June, 1840. With

brancer, containing a complete list of all the dramatic performances in the english language; their several editions, dates and sizes, and the theatres where they were originally performed: together with an account of those which have been acted and are unpublished, and a catalogue of such latin plays as have been written by english authors, from the earliest production of the english drama to the end of the year 1787. [Also] notitia dramatica, being a chronological account of events relative to the english stage. vii, 354 pp. 120. London, T. & J. Egerton, 1787. Eggleston (Edward, d. d.) The hoosier school

[ocr errors]

master. A novel. 226 pp. 12 pl. 12°. New York, O. Judd & co. 1871.

Egleston (T.) Tables of weights, measures, coins, &c. of the United States and England, with their equivalents in the french decimal system. ix, 60 pp. 160. New York, J. Wiley & son, 1871. Egliseau (S. S.) Gleanings from real life. 180 pp. 1 pl. 180. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, [1856].

Lizzie Ferguson, or the sabbath-school scholar. 180 pp. 4 pl. sq. 180. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, [1856].

Lucy Dunlevy, a sketch from life. 156 pp. 2 pl. sq. 189. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, [1856]. Egyptisches traumbuch. See Mönches (Des) Aegydius Lebrecht egyptisches traumbuch.

Ehinger (Elias). Thesavrvs antiqvitatvm eruditione ecclesiastica refertissimus, h. e. opus historicum omnibus omnino, cujuscunque sint religionis, utilissimum, [etc.] 6 p. 1. 849 pp. 4o. Francofurti, sumpt. T. M. Götzii, 1662. Eibergen (Rutgeras). Swymel-klacht des spaenschen konincks Philippi qvarti, over het eerste verlies van sijn silver-vlote, [8 Sept. 1623]: waer mede dese landen, door Gods hulpe, verrijckt heeft den zee-ridder generael Pieter Pietersen Heyn. 16 pp. sm. 40. Amstelredam, W. I. Stam, 1629. Eigendliche beschreibung des lands Guiana, welches gelegen an der vesten meergrentzenden landschafft America. [anon.] 63 pp. 1 map. sm. 40. Bärn, S. Kneubüler, 1677.



Einault (Louis). Christine. From the french. | Eldon (Abraham). The continental travel

171 pp. 160. New York, J. S. Redfield, 1871. Einstein (Morris). Origin and development of religious ideas and beliefs, as manifested in history and seen by reason. 2 p. 1. 270 pp. 120. Titusville (Pa.) Daily Courier steam print, 1871.

Eirenæus philoponos philalethes (pseudon.) A true light of alchymy. Containing i. A correct edition of the Marrow of alchymy. ii. The errors of a late tract called, A short discourse of the quintessence of philosophers. iii. The method and materials pointed at, composing the sophick mercury, and transmuting elixir. 3 p. 1. 98 pp. 16°. London, I. Dawks for the author, 1709.

[ With URBIGERUS (Baro). Aphorismi urbigerani.
1690. Imperfect: pp. 93-96 wanting.
Note.-Sir George Ripley wrote a Medulla alchemiae
translated into english by William Salmon, in 1692.
The pseudonym Eirenæus philoponus philalethes
has been explained as indicating George Starkey].
Eisenlohr (G. W.) Leitfaden zum religions-
unterricht in den evangelisch-protestant.
kirchen Amerika's. 48 pp. 120. Cincin.
nati, 1869.

Ekman (Fredric Joachim). Beskrifning om
Runö i Liffland. 4 p. 1. 326, x pp. 8°.
Tavastehus, G. Nordenswan, 1847.
[Imperfect: 1 plate wanting].

Elci (Count d'). The present state of the
court of Rome: containing the life and char-
acter of the late pope Clement xi. and a short
account of his elevation to the papacy, and
of the most remarkable occurrences in his
pontificate; with the lives and characters of
all the cardinals who assisted at the last con-
clave, [etc.] Translated from an italian
manuscript never yet publish'd. With a
preface on the rise and nature of the college
of cardinals. xlvii, 400 pp.
xlvii, 400 pp. 120. London,
G. Strahan, 1721.
Eldad had-dani. Relation d'Eldad le danite
voyageur du ixe siècle; traduite en français
suivie du texte hébreu et d'une lettre chal-
déenne. Par E. Carmoly. 2 p. 1. 59 pp. 20 1.
8c. Paris, la librairie orientale de mad. ve.
Dondey-Dupré, 1838.
Elder (Walter). The cottage garden of
America; containing practical directions for
the culture of flowers, fruits, and vegetables.
233 pp. 120. Philadelphia, Moss & brother,


Elderhorst (William, m. d.) A manual of blowpipe-analysis, and determinative mineralogy. 2d ed. xviii, 11-176 pp. 120. Phitadelphia, T. E. Zell, 1861.

ler's oracle; or, maxims for foreign locomotion. Edited by his nephew. 2 v. viii, 277 pp; 1 p. 1. 285 pp. 16°. London, H. Colburn, 1828.

Eldridge (Abby, pseudon) Kate Stanley, or the power of perseverance. 200 pp. 2 pl. 180. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, [1863].

Walter and Alice, or the mother's prayer answered. 179 pp. 3 pl. 18°. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, [1863].

Eldridge (C. S. m. d.) Self-enervation its consequences and [homoeopathic] treatinent. With an introduction by prof. Joseph Hooper, m. d. 64 pp. 120. Chicago, C. S. Halsey, 1869.

Elegantiores præstantium virorum satyræ. 2 v. [v. 1 in two parts]. Eng. title, 5 p. 1. 170, [12 1.], 230 pp. 61; 1 p. 1. 281-940 pp. 18°. Lugduni Batavorum, ex officina I. Maire, 1655.


BENCI (F.) Oratio, ante serias autumnales.
BODECHER (Jan). Satyricon in corruptæ juventutis
mores corruptos.

DUCHATEL (P.) Ludus, sive convivium saturnale.
FABRICUS (V) Satyra, pransus paratvs.
FERRARI (0.) Satyrica quædam. Momus, sive sa-
tyra varroniania.

JULIANUS imp. (F. C.) Cæsares, sive satyra in roma-
nos imperatores. [P. Martin et C. Comteclair,
interpretibus]. Misopogon.

KUN (P. van der). Sardi venales, in hujus saeculi homines plerosque inepte eruditos.

LIPSIUS (Justus). Satyra menippæa. Somnium. NANNINCK (P.) Somnium, sive paralipomena Virgili.

PUTTEN (H. van der). Comus, sive phagesiposia

RIGAULT (N.) Funus parasiticum.
SANGENESIUS (J.) De Parnasso.

SENECA (L. A.) Clavdii Cæsaris apocolocyntosis.
Elements (The) of logic. See Bushby (Rev.

[ocr errors]

Elements of mythology; or, classical fables of the Greeks and Romans; to which are added some notices of syrian, hindu, and scandinavian superstitions, together with those of the american nations; the whole comparing polytheism with true religion. By the author of "American popular lessons." [anon.] xii, 348 pp. 180. Philadelphia, Towar J. & D. M. Hogan, 1830.


Élie de Beaumont (Jean Baptiste Armand
Louis Léonce). Leçons de géologie pra-
tique. v. 1. xi, 557 pp. 9 pl and maps. 8°.
Paris, P. Bertrand, 1845.
[v. 2-3 wanting].
Eliot (Charles W.) and Storer (Francis H.)
An elementary manual of
manual of chemistry.
Abridged from Eliot and Storer's manual,

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