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Eliot (C. W.) and Storer (F. H.)-continued. with the co-operation of the authors. By Wm. Ripley Nichols. xii, 287, lxiii pp. 12°. New York, Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor & co. 1872.

Eliot (Rev. Jared). A continuation of the essay upon field-husbandry, as it is, or may be ordered in New-England. 5th part. 44 pp. 160. New York, J. Parker & W. Weyman, 1754.

[HAZARD pamphlets, v. 104].

The same. The sixth essay on fieldhusbandry in New-England. 34 pp. 8°. New Haven, J. Parker & co. 1759. [HAZARD pamphlets, v. 50].

The two witnesses; or, religion supported by reason and divine revelation. Being the substance of a lecture-sermon, preach'd at the North-society in Lyme, October 29, 1735, before the Association of the county of New-London; and published at their desire. 1 p. 1. 79 pp. 160. N. London, T. Green, 1736.

Eliot (Samuel). Passages from the history of liberty. viii, 278 pp. 12°. Boston, W. D. Ticknor & co. 1847.

Eliot (W. G. d. d.) A manual of prayer, for public and private worship; with a collection of hymns. [anon. Preface subscribed W. G. E.] 2d ed. 314 pp. 120. Boston, J. Munroe & co. 1845. Eliot. See Elyot.

Eliza Woodson. [A novel]. See Farnham (Eliza W.)

Elkswatawa; or, the prophet of the west. See French (James S.)

Ellery (Robert L. J.) Astronomical observations at the Melbourne observatory. See Victoria. (Australia). Melbourne observa



Ellicott (Charles John, bishop of Gloucester and Bristol). A commentary, critical and grammatical, on st. Paul's epistle to the Galatians. See Bible. (Greek).

Historical lectures on the life of our Lord Jesus Christ, being the Hulsean lectures for the year 1859. With notes, critical, historical, and explanatory. 382 pp. 120. Boston, Gould & Lincoln, 1862. Elliot (Nathan, editor). The columbian preacher; or, a collection of original sermons, from preachers of eminence in the United States. Embracing the distinguishing doctrines of grace. v. 1. 304 pp. 8°. Cattskill, (N. Y.) N. Elliot, 1808. Elliotson (John, m. d.)

The principles and practice of medicine. Edited by Nathaniel Rogers, m. d. and Alexander Cooper Lee. 1st amer., from the 2d London ed. With notes and additions by Thomas Stewardson, m. d. 1046 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, Carey & Hart, 1844. Elliott (Rev. David). Letters on the general structure, government, laws and discipline of the church; embracing some remarks on creeds and confessions of faith. 200 pp. 120. Chambersburg, author, 1826.

The life of the rev. Elisha Macurdy. With an appendix, containing brief notices of various deceased ministers of the presbyterian church in western Pennsylvania. 323 pp. 1 portrait. 120. Allegheny, Kennedy & brother, 1848.

Elliott (E. N. ll. d.) Cotton is king, and proslavery arguments: comprising the writings of Hammond, Harper, Christy, Stringfellow, Hodge, Bledsoe, and Cartwright, on this important subject. With an essay on slavery in the light of international law, by the editor. 908 pp. 5 portraits. 8°. Augusta (Ga.) Pritchard, Abbott & Loomis, 1860.

Ellesmere (Harriet C. G. Egerton, viscountess Ellis (Alexander J.) On early english pro

of). See Egerton.

[blocks in formation]

nunciation, with especial reference to Shakspere and Chaucer, containing an investiga tion of the correspondence of writing with speech, in England, from the anglosaxon period to the present day, preceded by a systematic notation of all spoken sounds by means of the ordinary printing types. Including a re-arrangement of Prof. F. J. Child's memoirs on the language of Chaucer and Gower, and reprints of the rare tracts by Salesbury on english, 1547, and welch, 1567, and by Barcley on french, 1521. Parts 1-3. 8°. London, Trübner & co. 1869–70.


Ellis (Alexander J.)-continued.


Part 1. On the pronunciation of the xivth, xvith,
xviith, and xviiith centuries.

Part 2. On the pronunciation of the xiiith and previ-
ous centuries, of anglosaxon, icelandic, old norse
and gothic, with chronological tables of the value
of letters and expression of sounds in english writ-
Part 3. Illustrations of the pronunciation of the
xivth and xvith centuries. Chaucer, Gower, Wy-
cliffe, Spencer, Shakspere, Salesbury, Barcley,
Hart, Bullokar, Gill. Pronouncing vocabulary.
[CHAUCER Society publications. 2d series, nos. 1,
4, and 5].

The same.
Trübner & co. 1871.
[EARLY english text society publications, extra
series, no. 14].

Part 3. 8°. London,

Ellis (Rev. George Edward). A collection of psalms and hymns for the sanctuary. xxvii, 90 pp. 238 1. unp. 160. Boston, J. Munroe & co. 1845.

The same. A collection of hymns for
the sanctuary. Revised ed. with a supple-
ment. xxxii, 90 pp. 275 1. unp.
ton & Cambridge, J. Munroe & co. 1860.
Ellis (George James Welbore Agar-, baron
Dover). Lives of the most eminent sovereigns
of modern Europe. From the second London
edition. Eng. title, pp. 13-260. 16°. New
York, A. V. Blake, 1844.

Ellis (Hercules). Romances and ballads of
Ireland. xxxi, 432 pp. 180. Dublin, J.
Duffy, 1850.

Ellmaker (Elias E.) The revelation of rights.
202 pp. 8°. Columbus, (0.) publisher, 1841.

The same. 2d ed. 152 pp. 120. Pittsburgh, A. A. Anderson, 1847. Elmira (N. Y.) Boyd's directory: (etc.) A business directory of Elmira, Horseheads, Wellsburg, and other towns. 1871-72. 8°. A. & H. W. Boyd, [1870]. Elmwood; or, the inalienable inheritance. [anon.] 284 pp. 2 pl. 16°. Boston, Congregational publishing society, [1870]. Elogj di Dante Alighieri [etc.] See Fabroni (Angelo).

Elphinston (James). Forty years' correspondence between geniusses ov boath sexes and James Elphinston: in six pocket-vollumes: foar ov original letters, two' ov poetry. 6 v. in 3. 120. London, W. Richardson, 1791.

The same. v. 7-8. Richardson, 1794.

120. London, W.

Elsing (Henry). Notes of the debates in the house of lords, a. d. 1621. See Great Britain. (Parliament).

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[Note.-"Bildet den 4. band seiner beiträge zur cul-
tur-geschichte Mährens und Schlesiens "].
Elwes (Alfred). Ralph Seabrooke: or, the
adventures of a young artist in Piedmont
and Tuscany. xv, 366 pp. 1 1. 6 pl.
London, Griffith & Farran, 1861.
Ely (Mrs. Caroline T. Holmes). Memoir of
Harriet Ann Holmes, by her sister. 108 pp.
160. Philadelphia, Perkins & Purves, 1844.
Elyot or Eliot (Sir Thomas). The castel of
helth corrected and in some places aug-
mented by the fyrste authour therof. [3d
8 p. 1. 94 1. sm. 4o.
Londini, T.
Berthelet, 1541.

Elysium: a prelude. As acted on her ma-
jesty's birth-day, by his majesty's royal
company of comedians at Hanover.
[Translated from the german.
anon.] 16°.
[London, D. Brewman for J. Searle, 1789].
[In SENTIMENTAL love illustrated in Charmides and
Theone [etc.] London, 1789. pp. 163-204].
Elze (Carl). Lord Byron, a biography. With
a critical essay on his place in literature.
Translated with the author's sanction, and
edited with notes. xxii, 516 pp. 1 fac-simile,
1 portrait. 80. London, J. Murray, 1872.
Emblemata amatoria iam demum emenda-
ta. [anon.] Eng. title, 30 1. incl. 24 pl.
obl. 80. Amstelredam, D. Pietersz, 1612.
Embury (Mrs. Emma Catharine Manley).
Constance Latimer; or, the blind girl.
With other tales. 169 pp. 180. New-York,
Harper & brothers, 1838.

Emerald (The): an illustrated journal. [Week-
ly]. Feb. 8, 1868, to Aug. 6, 1870. v. 1-6.
fol. New York, D. O'Sullivan & co. and
Emerald publishing co. 1868-70.

[Note.-No more published: succeeded by The American celt. v. 3, 4, and 5 incomplete].

Eméric-David (Toussaint Bernard). Histoire de la peinture au moyen âge, suivie de l'histoire de la gravure, du discours sur l'influence des arts du dessin, et du musée olympique. Avec une notice sur l'auteur par P. L. Jacob, bibliophile [Paul Lacroix]. 2 p. 1. xxx, 318 pp. 1 1. 16°. Paris, Charpentier, 1852.



Emerson (George B.) and Flint (Charles | Empie (Adam, d. d.) Sermons on various

Louis). Manual of agriculture, for the school, the farm, and the fireside. vi, 306 pp. 120. Boston, Swan, Brewer & Tileston, 1862.

Emerson (L. O.) The national chorus book. A choice collection of oratorio and opera choruses, glees, etc. 203 pp. 8°. Boston, 0. Ditson & co. [1871].

and Mathews (W. S. B.) The Emerson method for reed organs; containing easy and progressive lessons, scales and studies; voluntaries, interludes, songs and quartettes, [etc.] 160 pp. obl. 40. Boston, O. Ditson & co. 1872.

and Tilden (W. S.) The hour of singing, a book for high schools; seminaries, and the social choir. 240 pp. obl. 8°. Boston, O. Ditson & co. [1871].

subjects, written and preached at different places and times during his public ministry of forty-four years. 511 pp. 120. New York, Dana & co. 1856.

Énault (Louis). The pupil of the legion of honor. Translated from the french, by mrs. Rebecca L. Tuft. 1 p. 1. 185 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, Porter & Coates, [1871]. Enchanted (The) plants. See Montolieu (Mrs.) Encyclopädisches wörterbuch der medicinischen wissenschaften. Herausgegeben von den professoren der medicinischen facultät zu Berlin. 36 v. Berlin, J. W. Boike et


al. 1828-47. Enfield (William). Young artist's assistant, or elements of the fine arts. 6th ed. 2 p. 1. 319 pp. 6 pl. 120. London, T. Tegg, [about 1812].

Emerson (Ralph, d. d. prof. at Andover). Life of rev. Joseph Emerson, pastor of the third congregational church, in Beverly, Ms. and Engagement (The): a novel. [anon.] 3 v. subsequently principal of a female seminary. 454 pp. 120. Boston, Crocker & Brewster,


Emmerich (Anna Catherine). Vie de n. s. Jésus Christ d'après les visions de la sœur Anne-Catherine Emmerich, recueillies par Clémente Brentano. [Traduite et] précédée d'une introduction [par l'abbé Edmond de Cazalis]. 6 v. 16°. Paris, H. Casterman, 1860.

Emmons (Samuel B). The vegetable family physician containing a description of the roots and herbs common to this country, with their medicinal properties and uses: also di

rections for the treatment of diseases incident to human nature, by vegetables alone; embracing many valuable indian recipes. 5 p. 1. 7-176 pp. 160. Boston, G. P. Oakes,


Emory (John, d. d. bishop m. e. church). The episcopal controversy reviewed. Edited by his son, from an unfinished manuscript. 183 pp. 1 portrait. 8°. New York, T. Mason & G. Lane, 1838.

Emory (Rev. Robert). History of the discipline of the methodist episcopal church. 350 pp. 12°. New York, G. Lane & P. P. Sandford, 1844.

The life of the rev. John Einory, d. d. By his eldest son. With an appendix. 380 pp. 1 portrait. 80. New York, G. Lane, 1841.

12°. London, H. Colburn, 1841.

Engel (Johann Jakob). Essays and tales, moral, literary, and philosophical. From the original german, by Thomas Horne. ix, 336 pp. 1 pl. 16°. London, J. Coxhead, 1808. Engelbrecht (Hans or Johann). Eine warhafftige geschicht und gesicht vom himmel und der hellen. Diss ist nun die historie und gesicht, das erste gesichte, da Gott der heilige geist mir Hans Engelbrecht hat wieder vom todte erwecket. Diese wunder aber sindt geschehen im jahre 1622. 221. sm. 4°. [n.p.] 1625. Engelmayr (F. Angelus). Series impedimentorum matrimonii dirimentium juxta principia theologiæ moralis, et juris pontificii ordinata, & divulgata anno, quo glacialis hyems: nix avxerat vudas. Ed 2a aucta appendice de dispensatione super impedimentis. 7 p. 1. 224 pp. 12°. August. Vind. & Græcii, P. J. Veith & Wolff, 1745.

Series impedimentorum matrimonii impedientium juxta principia theologiæ moralis, et juris pontificii ordinata, & divulgata anno, quo czechis Avgvstæ vertex redimitvr ab axe. Ed. 1a aucta appendice de dispensatione super impedimentis. 4 p. 1. 288 pp. 120. August. Vind. & Graecii, P. J. Veith & Wolff, 1744.

[With the above]. England. See Great Britain. England (Church of). See Church of England.



England (Royal agricultural society of). | Entertaining (The), etc.-continued.

Journal. Second series, v. 7. 8°. London,

J. Murray, 1871.

England and France in the 15th century. See Débat des héraulx darmes de frace et dengleterre.

Engles (William M. d. d.) Rills from the fountain of wisdom, or the book of Proverbs illustrated. See Bible. (English). English (The) catalogue of books for 1870 and 1871, containing a complete list of all the books published in Great Britain and Ireland [etc.] also, of the principal books published

in the United States, with an index of subjects. 2 v. 8°. London, S. Low, Marston, [etc.] 1871-72.

Englishman (The). See Steele (Richard). Englmayr. See Engelmayr.

Ennemoser (Joseph). Der magnetismus im verhältnisse zur natur und religion. xvi, 272 pp. 8°. Stuttgart and Tübingen, J. G. Cotta, 1842.

Ennius (Quintus). Quinti Ennii poetæ inter Romanos vetustissimi reliquiæ quæ extant omnes, ex editionibus variis conquisitæ a J. A. Giles. 2 p. 1. 84 pp. 80. Oxoniæ, D. A. Talboys, 1834.

Enoch (Pseudo-). The history of the angels, and their gallantry with the daughters of men. Written by Enoch the patriarch. Publish'd in greek by dr. Grabe. Made english. 16. London, 1715.

[In ARISTEUS. The history of the seventy-two in terpreters. 1715. pp. 175-196].

Ensign (J. L.) The culprit fay: a cantata, for female voices. Words from the poem by Joseph Rodman Drake. Music composed by J. L. Ensign. 8°. Boston, O.

78 pp.

Ditson & co. [1872]. Enter into thy closet. See Wetenhall (Edward).

"Entered at stationers' hall." A sketch of the history and privileges of the company of stationers. With notes on Francis Moore, John Partridge, and other distinguished personages. [anon.] 2 p. 1. 32 pp. 120. London, M. Thomas, 1871.

Entertainer (The), containing remarks upon men, and manners, religion, and policy. [anon.] [Nos. i-xliii, Nov. 6, 1717, to Aug. 27, 1718. Bi-weekly]. 3d ed. 16 p. 1. 297 pp. 18°. London, J. Osborn, 1734. [No more published].

Entertaining (The), moral, and religious repository; containing, upwards of three

score separate performances, written for the amusement and instruction of the youth of both sexes. Published by a society in Great Britain for the suppression of vice and immorality. [v. 2]. 1 p. 1. 324 pp. 120. Elizabeth-town (N. J.) S. Kollock for C. Davis, 1799.

Entomologische zeitung. Herausgegeben. von dem entomologischen vereine zu Stettin. 1er-32er jahrgang. 1840-71. 32 v. 80. Stettin, 1840-71.


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Entretiens (Les) d'Ariste et d'Eugène. See Bouhours (Dominique). Entwerffung von eroberung der stadt Olinda, so in der hauptmannschafft Pharnambuco gelegen, vnd durch Heinrich Cornelis Lonck, general und colonell Wartenburg, eingenommen: welche eygentlich abgebildet, vnd mit dem jagd schiff der Braeck genannt, überschicket worden. [anon.] Sheet, folded in sm. 4°. [Amsterdam? 1630]. Eolopoesis-American rejected addresses. See Bigelow (Jacob, m. d.) Éon de Beaumont (Charles Geneviève Louis August André Timothée d'). Les loisirs du chevalier d'Éon de Beaumont, sur divers sujets importans d'administration, &c. pendant son séjour en Angleterre. 13 v. 8°. Amsterdam, 1774.

[blocks in formation]

Sur le célibat.

Examen de la banque de Law, ou l'avantage du crédit public.

v. 5. Recherches sur les lois russes. Mémoire sur le commerce de Russie.

v. 6. Histoire d'Eudoxie Foederowna première femme de Pierre le grand.

Revenus & les dépenses de la république de

De l'excellence d'un état libre. [Par M. Need-
ham]. Traduit de l'anglois.

v. 7. Observations sur le royaume d'Angleterre. v. 8. Détails sur l'Écosse.

Tableau des possessions de l'Angleterre dans l'Amérique.

Actes du parlement pour l'Amérique. Établissements des Anglois aux Indes Orientales.

v. 9. Dissertation sur les bleds.

Sur les mendians et les enfants trouvés. Éclaircissemens historiques sur le domaine du roi de France.

Considérations sur la gabelle, les aides et le tabac en France.

v. 10. Origine, droits et prérogatives des principaux emplois qui relèvent de la couronne de France.


Éon de Beaumont-continued.

Impôts sur le clergé de France.

v. 11. Origine et progrès de la taille en France. v. 12. Détail général des finances de France. Mémoire sur le domaine d'occident. Détail de l'hôtel-royal des invalides. État des troupes de France.

Des maréchaussées de France.

Recherches historiques sur les trois évêchés,
Metz, Toul, et Verdun.

Situation de la France dans l'Inde avant la

v. 13. Table des matières.

Epicurus. Epicurvs' morals, collected partly out of his own greek text, in Diogenes Laertius, and partly out of the rhapsodies of Marcvs Antonivs, Plvtarch, Cicero, & Seneca, and faithfully englished [by Walter Charleton]. 18 p.1.201 pp. 160. London, H. H. 1670.

Epigrammatum delectus ex omnibus tum veteribus, tum recentioribus poetis, accurate decerptus cum dissertatione de verâ pulchritudine & adumbratâ. Adjectæ sunt elegantes sententiæ ex antiquis poëtis parcè, sed severiore judicio, selectæ. Cum brevioribus sententiis ac proverbiis ex autoribus græcis & latinis. [anon.] Ed. 12a. 23 p. 1. 311, 24 pp. 129. Londini, G. Innys, 1752. Episcopal (The) manual: or an attempt to explain and vindicate the doctrine, discipline and worship of the protestant episcopal church, as taught in her public formularies, and the writings of her approved divines. [Also], observations on family and public devotion. By a clergyman of the protestant episcopal church. [anon.] 322 pp. 11. 180. Philadelphia, E. Earle & W. W. Woodward, 1815.

Epulum parasiticum, quod eruditi conditores, instructoresq Car. Feramusius, Egid. Menagius, Jo. Franc. Saracenus, Nic. Rigaltius, et Jo. Lud. Balsacius, hilarem epulantibus in modum, Macrino parasitogrammatico, Gargilio Mamurræ parasitopædagogo, Gargilio Macroni parasitosophistæ, G. Orbilio Muscæ, L. Biberio Curculioni, atq; Barboni, jucundé appararunt & comiter. 28 p. 1. 315 pp. 6 pl. 180. Norimberga, 1665.

Erasmus or Gerhardt (Desiderius). Witt against wisdom, or a panegyrick upon folly. Penn'd in latin [and now] render'd into english. 23 p. 1. 157 pp. 12°. Oxford, L. Lichfield for A. Stephens, 1683. Eratosthenes cyrendus. Ερατοσθένους κυρη

ναίου καταστερισμοί. Eratosthenis cyreni catasterismi. [Græce et latine]. 8°. Amstelædami, apud H. Wetstenium, 1638].

[In GALE (Thomas). Opuscula mythologica, pp. 97– 136].


Erber (Bernardin). Notitia illustris regni Bohemiæ scriptorum, geographica et chorographica. 4 p. 1. 146 pp. 1 1. 1 pl. fol. Vindobonæ, apud A. Bernardum, 1760.

Erckenbald. Erckenbaldi de antecessoribvs svis in episcopatv carmen. Ex codice augustanæ bibliothecæ. fol. [Argentorati, J. R. Dulssecker, 1702].

[In KULPIS (Johann Georg von). Scriptores rervm germanicarvm. Argentorati, 1702. pp. 120-122]. Erckmann (Émile) and Chatrian (Alexandre). The blockade of Phalsburg: an episode of the end of the empire. Translated from the french of Erckmann-Chatrian. p.1.308 pp. 16°. New York, C. Scribner & co. 1871.


Brdan (Alexandre). La France mystique, tableau des excentricités religieuses de ce temps. 3o 6d. revue par l'auteur, et augmentée d'une nouvelle préface par Charles Potvin. 2 v. 2 p. 1. xxiii, 291 pp. 1 pl; 2 p. 1. 347 pp. 3 pl. 1 table. 120. 12o. Amsterdam, R. C. Meijer, 1860. Erdmann (Carl Gottlieb Heinrich). Lehrbuch der chemie und pharmacologie für ærzte, thierärzte und pharmaceuten. v. 2. Organische chemie und pharmakologie. viii, 1042 pp. 1 pl. 8°. Berlin, Veit & co. 1854. s. [v. 1, 1841, wanting]. Erdmann (Johann Eduard). Grundriss der psychologie. viii, 96 pp. 12°. Leipzig, F. C. W. Vogel, 1840.

Psychologische briefe. 2e vermehrte aufl. xix, 334 pp. 129. Leipzig, C. Geibel,


[With his Grundriss der psychologie, 1840].

Versuch einer wissenschaftlichen darstellung der geschichte der neuern philosophio. 1 v. in 2 parts. xi, cxii, 335 xi, cxii, 335 pp. 1 1; 257 pp. 8°. Leipzig, Riga & Dorpat, E. Frantzen, 1834-36.


v. 1. Darstellung und kritik der philosophie des Cartesius nebst einer einleitung in die geschichte der neuern philosophie.

v. 2. Malebranche, Spinoza, und die skeptiker und mystiker des siebzehnten jahrhunderts. Darstellung und kritik ihrer systeme. Erdmann (Otto Linné). Erdmann-König, grundriss der allgemeinen waarenkunde. 7te, völlig umgearbeitete und stark ver mehrte auflage von dr. Christian Rudolph König. xii, 472 pp. 1 pl. 8°. Leipzig, J. A. Barth, 1871.

Erhard (Dr. -). Fauna der cycladen.

S. 1er

theil. Die wirbelthiere der cycladen. Nebst einem anhange über deren pflanzendecke. Mit einer karte über die verbreitung der

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