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Ancourt (- abbé d')-continued.

of Cambridge. [anon.] 4 p. 1. 69 pp. 8°. London, J. Watts, 1743.

Anderde discovrs, by forma van messieve. Daer in kortelijck ende grondich verthoondt wort, de nootwendicheyt der Oost ende West Indische navigatie, oock met goede fondamentale redenen bewesen, dat door geen ander middel eenen vasten versekerden vrede en is te verwachten of te verhopen. [anon.] 12 1. sm. 40. [Amsterdam]? 1622. Andersen (Hans Christian). The ice-maiden: and other tales. Translated from the german, by Fanny Fuller. 189 pp. 180. Philadelphia, F. Leypoldt, 1863.

Pictures of travel in Sweden, among the Hartz mountains, and in Switzerland, with a visit at Charles Dickens's house. Au thor's edition. vii, 293 pp. 120. New York, Hurd & Houghton, 1871.

Stories and tales. Author's ed. xix, 532 pp.19 pl. 120. New York, Hurd & Houghton, 1871.

The story of my life. Now first translated into english, containing chapters additional to those published in the danish edition, bringing the narrative down to the Odense festival of 1867. Author's ed. 569

pp. 1 portrait. 120. New York, Hurd & Houghton, 1871.

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Andersen-Feldborg (J. Andreas). Poems from the danish. Selected and illustrated with historical notes. Translated into english verse, by William Sidney Walker. xvi, 9-174 pp. 16o. London, Carpenter & son, 1815. Anderson (John J.) The historical reader, embracing selections from standard writers of ancient and modern history, interspersed with illustrative passages from british and american poets; with explanatory observations, notes, etc to which are added a vocabulary of difficult words, and biographical and geographical indexes. 544 pp. 120. New York, Clark & Maynard, 1871.

A pictorial school history of the United States; to which are added the declaration of independence and the constitution of the United States, with questions and explanations. 313, 38 pp. 1 pl. 12°. New York, Clark & Maynard, 1864.

The same. 363, 38 pp. York, Clark & Maynard, 1867.

120. New

The same. 1 p. 1. 364, 40 pp. 6 maps. 120. New York, Clark & Maynard, 1871.

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Anderson (John J.)-continued.


The same. 2 p.1. 380, 2 p. 1. 380, 40 pp. 6 maps. 120. New York, Clark & Maynard, 1872.

The United States reader, with explanatory observations, notes, etc. The whole arranged so as to form a complete classmanual of United States history. 1 p. 1. 414 pp. 4 maps. maps. 120. 12°. New York, Clark & Maynard, 1872.

Anderson (J.) and Howard (S. B.) The social harp containing a rich variety of scriptural songs, for the use of christians in their house of pilgrimage, adapted to all occasions & seasons. Compiled from various sources. 383 pp. 32°. Louisville, Hull & brother, 1854.

Andilly. See Arnauld d'Andilly.
Andover (Mass.) theological seminary. Tri-
ennial catalogue. 1870. 8°. Andover, W.
F. Draper, 1870.

Society of inquiry. Memoirs of american missionaries, formerly connected with the society of inquiry respecting missions, in the Andover theological seminary: embracing a history of the society, etc. With an introductory essay by Leonard Woods, d. d. Published under the direction of the society. 367 pp. 1 pl. 120. Boston, Peirce & Parker, 1833.


Andreas ratisbonensis (Joannes). de principibvs terræ Bavarorvm. fol. [Argentorati, J. R. Dulssecker, 1702].

[In KULPIS (Johann Georg von). Scriptores rervm germanicarvm. Argentorati, 1702. [Part 2]. pp. 1-98].

Andrelini (Publio Fausto). Epistolæ prouerbiales et morales longe lepidissime, nec minus sententiosæ nuper a vicijs purgatæ. Quibus superaddite sunt recenter septem aliæ, ex farragine noua epistolarum Des. Erasmi excerptæ. [Ed. nova.] 19 1. 12°. Parisiis, ex officina Prigentij Caluarini, 1538. Andres (Juan, abáte). Dell' origine, de' progressi e dello stato attuale d'ogni letteratura. Ed. prima venéta. 22 v. 8°. Venezia, G. Vitto, 1783-1800.

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Andres de Uztarroz (Juan Francisco). Vida | Andrews (William S.)-continued.

de san Orencio, obispo de Avx. 18 p. 1. 233

pp. 4 1. 4°.

marca, 1648.

Zaragoça, P. Lanaja i La

Andrews (Eben A.) Ruth, the Moabitess. A sacred cantata, designed for musical conventions and festivals. 96 pp. obl. 8°. St. Louis, author, 1871. Andrews (Rer. Emerson). Revival songs: a new collection of hymns and spiritual songs for closet and family worship, prayer, conference, revival, and protracted meetings. 172 pp. 160. Boston, J. H. Earle, 1870.

Travels in bible lands: Italy, Egypt, Greece, Asia Minor, Syria, and Palestine. 192 pp. 2 pl. 1 portrait. 16°. Boston, J. H. Earle, 1872.

Youth's picture sermons for sunday schools and families. 124 pp. 1 portrait. 160. Boston, J. H. Earle, 1871.

Andrews (E. B.) Report of labors in the second geological district [of Ohio], during the year 1870. 8°. [Columbus, 1871]. [OHIO (State of). Geological survey, 1870. Part 2, pp. 55-242].

Andrews (J. R.) Life of Oliver Cromwell to the death of Charles the first. xv, 426 pp. 80. London, Longmans, Green & co. 1870. Andrews (Stephen Pearl). The basic outline of universology. An introduction to the newly discovered science of the universe; its elementary principles; and the first stages of their development in the special sciences. Together with preliminary notices of alwato (ahl-wah-to), the newly discovered scientific universal language, resulting from the principles of universology. cxix, 764 pp. 8°. New York, D. Thomas, 1872.

Love, marriage, and divorce, and the sovereignty of the individual. A discussion by Henry James, Horace Greeley, and Stephen Pearl Andrews: including the final replies of mr. Andrews, rejected by the Tribune. Edited by Stephen Pearl Andrews.

103 pp. send, 1853.

12°. New York, Stringer & Town

The primary synopsis of universology and alwato, the new scientific universal language. xviii, 224 pp. 120. New York, D. Thomas, 1871.

Andrews (William S.) A treatise upon theological subjects, containing an exposition and defence of the great doctrines of natural and revealed religion; together with several prayers, written in conformity with the spirit

of this work. viii, 202 pp. 120. Cambridge, (Mass.) Hilliard & Brown, 1829. Anecdotes of the american Indians. By the author of "Evenings in Boston," [etc. anon.] 252 pp. 160. New York, A. V. Blake, 1844. Anecdotes dramatiques. See Laporte (Clément et l'abbé Joseph de). Anicetus (pseudon.) Adolphus).

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See Clark (William

Anichini (P.) A few remarks on the present laws of marriage, adultery, and seduction, in England. 2d ed. with considerable additions. xxix, 64 pp. 80. London, author, 1836. Annales de chimie et de physique, par mm. Chevreul, Dumas, Boussingault, Regnault et Wurtz, avec la collaboration de M. Bertin. [Mensuele]. Janv. 1865 jusqu'à déc. 1870. 4e série, v. 4-21. 8°. Paris, V. Masson et fils, 1865-70.

Annales de gestis Caroli Magni poetæ anonymi. fol. [Argentorati, J. R. Dulssecker, 1702].

[In KULPIS (Johann Georg von). Scriptores rervm germanicarvm. Argentorati, 1702. pp. 1-44]. Annales des voyages, de la géographie, de l'histoire et de l'archéologie, dirigées par M. V. A. Malte-Brun. [Mensuele]. Janv. 1869 jusqu'à sept. 1870. 7 v. 8°. Paris, 1869-70. Annals of virgin saints. By a priest of the

church of England. [anon.] xliii, 416 pp. 1 tab. 16°. London, J. Masters, 1846. Annan (William). The difficulties of arminian methodism; embracing strictures on the writings of Wesley, drs. Clarke, Fisk, Bangs, and others, in a series of letters addressed to 2d ed. revised and enlarged. 196 pp. 180. Pittsburgh, D. M. Hogan & co. 1836.



The same. Letters addressed to bishop Simpson, of Pittsburgh. 5th ed. 336 pp. 120. Philadelphia, W. S. & A. Martien, 1861.

Letters on psalmody: a review of the leading arguments for the exclusive use of the book of psalms. 216 pp. 160. Philadelphia, W. S. & A. Martien, 1859. Annesley (Miss M.) Light in the valley; or, the life and letters of mrs. Hannah Bocking. 176 pp. 1 portrait. 180. New York, Carlton & Porter, [1860]. Annuaire de l'économie politique et de statistique, par mm. Guillaumin, Joseph Garnier, Mce. Block, etc. 27e année. 1870. 180. Paris, Guillaumin & cie. 1870.



Annual (The) illustrated catalogue and oars- | Antimachus colophonius-continued.
man's manual, for 1871. 2 p. 1. iii, 494 pp.
12 pl. 40. Troy (N. Y.) Waters, Balch & co

Anspach (Elizabeth Fitzhardinge, margravine
of). A journey through the Crimea to Con-
stantinople. In a series of letters from Eliz.
abeth lady Craven, to the margrave of Bran-
debourg, Anspach, and Bareith. Written
in the year 1786. 4 p. 1. 328 pp. 7 pl. 4°.
London, G. G. J. and J. Robinson, 1789.
Anstice (Joseph). Selections from the choric
poetry of the greek dramatic writers. Trans-
lated into english verse. 1 p. 1. 246 pp. 8°.
London, B. Fellowes, 1832.

Anstie (Francis E. m. d.) On the uses of
wines in health and disease. 84 pp. 120.
New York, J. S. Redfield, 1870.
Answer (An) of the elders of the severall
churches in New-England. See Davenport
(Rev. John).

Answer (An) to the queries on the proprie-
tary government of Maryland, inserted in the
Public ledger. Also, an answer to remarks
upon a message sent by the upper to the
lower house of assembly of Maryland.
[anon.] 1 p. 1. 160 pp. 8°. [n.p.] 1764.
[MISCELLANEOUS pamphlets, v. 212].
Ante-nicene christian library. Translations of
the writings of the fathers down to a. d. 325.
Edited by the rev. Alexander Roberts, d. d
and James Donaldson, 11. d. v. 17-20.
Edinburgh, T. & T. Clark, 1870–71.



ARCHELAUS carcharensis. Acts of disputation with
Manes, v. 20.

ARNOBIUS afer. The seven books of Arnobius ad-
versus gentes, v. 19.

CLEMENS romanus. The Clementine homilies, v. 17, part 1.

The apostolical constitutions, v. 17, part 2. COMMODIANUS. Instructions in favour of christian

discipline, v. 18.

DIONYSIUS alexandrinus. Works, v. 20.
GREGORIUS thaumaturgus. Writings, v. 20.
PRATTEN (Rev. B. P.) Syriac documents attributed
to the first three centuries, v. 20.
TERTULLIANUS (Q. S. F.) Writings, vol. iii.
v. 18.
VICTORINUS petavionensis. A fragment on the cre-
ation of the world, v. 18.

v. 18.

A commentary on the apocalypse of st. John,

Antes (John). Observations on the manners
and customs of the Egyptians, the overflow-
ing of the Nile and its effects; with remarks
on the plague, and other subjects. 139 pp.
1 map. 40. London, J. Stockdale, 1800.
Anthologia persica. 1778. See Stürmer
(Ignaz von).
Antimachus colophonius. Reliquiæ. Primum

a Schellenbergio, iterum ab I. A. Giles, auc

tius editæ. vii, 136 pp. 1 1. 8°. Londini,
J. Bohn, 1838.

Antonini (Annibale). Nuovo dizzionario ita-
liano-tedesco e tedesco-italiano. Ora con
singolar essatezza migliorato e tradotto in
tedesco. Ed. 2a. 2 v. in 1. 7 p. 1. 1536 col.
(on 384 1.) 1 pl; 1 p. 1. 704 col. (on 176 1.)
80. Lipsia, C. Fritsch, 1777.
Antwoordt, op sekeren brief Evlaly, verva-

tende de redenen waerom datmen met den
vyandt in geen conferentie behoort te treden.
Door wien, ende met wat ordre de selve voor
den dagh gebracht ende versocht is. Ende
eyntlijck dat den treves in alle manieren
schadelijk voor 't landt is, etc. [anon.] 81.
sm. 40.
[Graven-Hage]? 1629.

The same. [Another ed.] 81. sm. 4°. [Graven-Hage]? 1629.

Antwoort vanden ghetrouwen Hollander. Op
den aenspraeck van den heetgebaeckerden
Hollander. [anon.] b.l. 81. sm. 4°. [n.
p.] 1645.
Antwoort-brief, van een onpartijdigh coop-
man uyt Zeelant, aen sijn vrient in Engelant
geschreven, op 't gene den selven onlanckx
wiert toegesenden, rakende de pretensien der
engelsche, van de nederlantsche ingesetenen,
ende besonderlick d' engelsche seer onrecht-
matige bekent-makinge vol injurien, ende
illatien, korts door den engelschen Mercurius
Publicus [etc. anon.] 24 pp. sm. 40. Vlis-
singe, Simoen Simoensz, 1662.
Apcher de Saint-Flour (-). Le Jéhovah
de Moïse, ou la divinité méconnue; ouvrage
philosophique. 408 pp. 8°. Bordeaux, La-
vigne jeune, 1830.

Apianus (Petrus). See Bienewitz (Peter).
Apicius (Caelius, pseudon.) Caelii Apitii de
cvlinariæ rei disciplina libri decem. [Appen-
dicvla de conditvris variis, ex Ioanne Damas-
ceno]. 16°.
16°. Lvgvdvni, 1541.

[In THORER (Albanus). [Selecta]. pp. 10–105]. Apollinaris. See Sidonius Apollinaris. Apollonius rhodius. The loves of Medea and Jason. A poem, in three books: translated from the greek of Apollonius Rhodius's Argonautics, by the rev. J. Ekins. 111 pp. London, J. & H. Hughs, 1771.


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Apologie der illuminaten. See Weishaupt | Appleton (Nathaniel, d. d.)—continued. (Adam).

Apologie (An) of the chvrches in New-Eng-
land for chvrch-covenant. See Mather
(Rev. Richard).

Apology (An) for the writings of Walter
Moyle, esq. See Hammond (Anthony).
Appeal to the men of Great Britain in behalf
of women. [anon.] 6 p.1. vi, 300 pp. 8°.
[London], J. Johnson & J. Bell, 1798.
[Imperfect wanting, pp. 291--298].
Appeal (An) to the parliament; or, Sion's
plea against the prelacie. See Leighton
(Rev. Alexander).

Appleton (Daniel) and co. Appleton's
european guide book illustrated. Contain-
ing a map of Europe, and nine other maps,
with plans of 20 of the principal cities, and
120 engravings. [By Montgomery Gibbs].
732 pp. 12 (blank) 1. 3 maps (in cover), and
27 other maps. 120. New York, D. Apple-
ton & co. 1870.

Appleton's general atlas of the world, containing maps of various countries, and particularly of the United States, its divisions, and the separate states; with full geographical sketches. 99 pp. 26 maps. 4°. New York, D. Appleton & co. 1872

-Appleton's journal of literature, science, and art. [Weekly]. Jan. 7 to Dec. 31, 1871. v. 5-6. 8°. New York, D. Appleton & co.


Illustrated trade list of domestic and foreign stationery. 64 pp. 4°. New York, D. Appleton & co. 1869.

The same. Complete illustrated trade list of domestic and foreign stationery. 62 pp. 40. New York, D. Appleton & co. 1871. Appleton (Nathaniel, d. d) Faithful minis

ters of Christ, the salt of the earth, and the
light of the world. Illustrated in a sermon
preach'd before the ministers of the province
of the Massachusetts-Bay, at their annual
convention in Boston, May 26, 1743. 56 pp.
80. Boston, S. Eliot, 1743.
[MISCELLANEOUS pamphlets, v. 366].

A faithful and wise servant, had in honour throughout the churches. A discourse occasioned by the death of the rev. Edward Wigglesworth, d. d. 40 pp. 80. Boston, R. & S. Draper, 1765.

God, and not ministers, to have the glory of all success given to the preached gospel. Two discourses on the preaching of

rev. mr. Whitefield. 44 pp. 8°. Boston, Rogers & Fowle, for S. Eliot, 1741.

Gospel ministers must be fit for the master's use, illustrated in a sermon at Deerfield, August 31, 1735, at the ordination of mr. John Sargent. 1 p. 1. xiv, 32 pp. 120. Edinburgh (Scotland), Davidson & Trail, 1736.

The great apostle Paul exhibited, and recommended as a pattern of gospel preaching in a sermon preach'd at Roxbury, Nov. 7, 1750, at the ordination of rev, Oliver Peabody, jun'r. 36 pp. sm. 40. Boston, J. Draper, 1751.

How God wills the salvation of all men ; and their coming to the knowledge of the truth, from 1 Tim. ii, 4, as the means thereof. Illustrated in a sermon preached in Boston, March 27, 1753, at the ordination of rev. mr. Stephen Badger. Appended, the charge by dr. [Joseph] Sewall, and the right hand of fellowship by rev. mr. [Hull] Abbot. 2 p. 1. 34 pp. 80. Boston, S. Kneeland, 1753.

A sermon preached Oct. 9, being a day of public thanksgiving, occasioned by the surrender of Montreal, and all Canada, Sept. 8th, 1760, to the british troops under general Amherst. 36 pp. 8°. Boston, J. Draper, 1760.

A thanksgiving sermon on the total re
peal of the stamp act. Preached in Cam-
bridge, May 20th, [1766]. 32 pp. 8°. Bos-
ton, Edes & Gill, 1766.
Apurva Krishna (Maha Raja, bahadur). The
history of the conquerors of Hind, from the
most early period to the present time: con-
taining an account of the religion, govern-
ment, usages, and character of the inhabit-
ants of that kingdom. [Chap. 2d.] 1 p. l.
pp. 40-72; pp. 75-144 in Hindostanee. 8°.
Calcutta, Bengal catholic orphan press, 1847.
Aquila (Serafino dell'). See Serafino dell,

Arabian days' entertainments. Translated
from the german, by Herbert Pelham Curtis.
[anon.] 434 pp. 16 pl. 120. Boston, Phil-
lips, Sampson & co. 1858.
Arana (Diego Barros). See Barros Arana.
Aratus. The phenomena and diosemeia,
translated into english verse, with notes, by
John Lamb, d.d. 2 p. l. 128 pp. 8°. Lon.
don, J. W. Parker, 1848.
Araucano (El). [Tri-semanal].
1861 hasta 28 de dic. 1867.

3 de oct. Año 31-37.

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GOSSON (S.) The schoole of abuse. 1579. no. 3, v. 1.
A short apologie of the schoole of abuse. 1579.
no. 3, v. 1.
HABINGTON (W.) Castara. 1640. no. 22, v. 10.
HOWELL (J.) Instructions for forreine travell. 1642.
no. 16, v. 8.

JAMES I. of Eng. The essayes of a prentise, in the
divine art of poesie. 1585. no. 19, v. 8.

A counterblaste to tobacco. 1604. no. 19,
v. 8.
LATIMER (H.) Seven sermons before Edward vi.
1549. no. 13, v 6.

Sermon on the ploughers. 1549. no. 2, v. 1.
LEVER (T.) Sermons. 1550. no. 25, v. 12.
LYLY (J.) Euphues. The anatomy of wit. 1579.
no. 9, v. 4.

Euphues and his England. 1580. no. 9, v. 4.
MILTON (J.) Areopagitica. 1644. no. 1, v. 1.
MORE (T.) Utopia. 1516. no. 14, v. 6.
NAUNTON (Sir R.) Fragmenta regalia. 1653. no. 20,

v. 9.

PUTTENHAM (G.) The arte of English poesie. 1589. no. 15, v. 7.

REVELATION to the monk of Evesham.

no. 18, v. 8.


SELDEN (J.) Table-talk. 1689. no. 6, v. 2.
SIDNEY (Sir P.) An apologie for poetrie. 1595, no.
4, v. 2.

TOTTEL'S (R.) miscellany. Songes and sonettes by
H. Howard earl of Surrey, Sir T. Wyatt, the elder,
N. Grinald, and uncertain authors. 1557. no. 24,
v. 11.

UDALL (N.) Roister Doister. 1553–66 ? no. 17, v. 8.
VILLIERS (G.) The rehearsal. 1672. no. 10, v. 5.
WATSON (T.) The ‘Εκατομπαθια or passionate
centurie of love. 1582. no. 21 v,. 9.

Melibœus, sive ecloga inobitum, &c.
An eg-
logue upon the death of sir Francis Walsingham.
no. 21, v. 9.

The tears of fancie. Or loue disdained. 1593. no. 21, v. 9.

WEBBE (E.) His trauailes. 1590. no. 5, v. 2.


Archer (George W.) More than she could
bear a story of the Gachupin war in Texas,
1812-13. By Hesper Bendbow. [pseudon].
339 pp.
12°. Philadelphia, Claxton, Rem-
sen & Haffelfinger, 1872.
Archer (Rev. James.) Sermons on various
moral and religious subjects, for all the sun-
days, and some of the principal festivals of
the year. v. 1. viii, 407 pp. 16°. London,
author, 1785.

Archimedes. The arenarius, translated from
the greek, with notes and illustrations. To
which is added the dissertation of Chris-
topher Clavius on the same subject from the
latin. xvi, 63 pp. 1 pl. 8. London, J.
Johnson, 1784.

Des unvergleichlichen Archimedis kunstbücher oder heutigs tags befindliche schrifften, aus dem griechischen in das hoch-teutsche übersetzt, und mit nohtwendigen anmerkungen durch und durch erläutert von Johanne Christophoro Sturmio. Eng. title. 11 p. 1. 428 pp. 4 1. 32 pp. fol. Nürnberg, in verlegung T. Fürstens, 1670. [Note.-The commentary of Eutocius is presented as anmerkungen].


Von der kugel und rund-säule, zwey bücher, p. 1. Von der kreiss- und scheiben- messung, ein buch, p. 161.

Von derer flächen gleichwichtigkeit, zwey bücher,
p. 193.

Von der parabel-vierung, ein buch, p. 281.
Von denen regel- und kugel- ähnlichen figuren, ein
buch, p. 313.

Von dennen schnekken-lineen und flächen, ein buch,
p. 381.

Von einer zahl, welche grösser ist als die zahl alles sandes, wormit die höhe des ganzen firmamentes könnte ausgefüllet werden. 1667. 1667. 4 p. 1. 32 pp. Archives de flore. Journal botanique, rédigé par F. Schultz. 1re partie. Déc. 1854déc. 1855. 80. Wissembourg, chez le rédacteur, [1854-55].


WEBBE (W.) A discourse of English poetrie. 1586. Arena (Antoine d'). Antonivs Arena ad suos no. 26, v. 12.

Arbuthnot (John, m. d.) An essay concerning the nature of aliments, and the choice of them, according to the different constitutions of human bodies. In which the different effects, advantages, and disadvantages of animal and vegetable diet, are explain'd. 2d. ed. To which are added, practical rules of diet, in the various constitutions and diseases of human bodies. 12 p.1. 430 pp. 8°. London, J. Tonson, 1732.

Archelaus cascharensis. The acts of the dis

putation of Archelaus, bishop of Caschar in Mesopotamia, with the heresiarch Manes. 80. Edinburgh, 1871.

[In ANTE-NICENE christian library, v. 20].

compagnones studiantes qui sunt de persona friantes, bassas dansas in gallanti stilo bisognatas: & de novo per ipsum correctas, & joliter augmentatas, cum guerra romana totum ad longum signe require: & cum guerra neapolitana: & cum revolta genuensi: & guerra avenionensi: & epistola ad falotissimam garsam pro passado lo tempus alagramentum mandat. 180. [Lugd. Batav. ex typographia rediviva, 1648].

[In OBSOPŒUS (Vincenz). De arte bibendi. 1648. pp. 193-260].

Arend (J. P.) Algemeene geschiedenis des vaterlands, van de vroegste tijden tot op heden. 2 v. in 5. 4°. Amsterdam, J. F. Schleijer, 1840-51.

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