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Helmers (Jan Frederik)-continued.

2 p. 1. viii,
8°. Haar-

De hollandsche natie, in zes zangen. 6o druk. 2 p. 1. 147 pp. 16°. Gravenhage, weduwe J. Allart & comp. 1822. Nagelaten gedichten. 2 v. 202 pp. 1 portrait; xxiv, 168 pp. lem, F. Bohn, 1814-15. Helmont (Johann Baptist van). Deliramenta catarrhi: or, the incongruities, impossibilities, and absurdities couched under the vulgar opinion of defluxions. The translator and paraphrast dr. Charleton. 6 p. 1. 75 pp. London, E. G. for W. Lee, 1650. [With his Ternary of paradoxes. London, 1650. Imperfect: pp. 73-74 mutilated].


Oriatrike or, physick refined. The common errors therein refuted, and the whole art reformed and rectified: [etc.] Rendered into english; by J. C. sometime of Oxon. 22 p. 1. 1161 pp. 11 1. fol. London, L. Loyd, 1662.

A ternary of paradoxes. The magnetick cure of wounds, nativity of tartar in wine, image of God in man. Translated, illustrated, and ampliated by Walter Charleton. [2d ed.] Eng. title, 25 p. 1. 147 pp. 40. London, J. Flesher for W. Lee, 1650. Helper (Hinton Rowan). Noonday exigencies in America. (With an appendix, to be read in advance of the text, in the perusal of these pages, by all such inattentive persons as may have been, some years ago, in the habit of reading with eyes askant). 211 pp. 120. New York, Bible brothers, 1871. Helps (Arthur). Conversations on war and general culture. By the author of "Friends in council." [anon.] 2 p. 1. 306 Pp. 120. pp. London, Smith, Elder & co. 1871. Thoughts upon government. viii, 245 pp. 80. Boston, Roberts brothers, 1872. Helsham (Richard, m. d.) A course of lectures in natural philosophy. Published by Bryan Robinson, m. d. 3d ed. x, 404 pp. 11 pl. 8°. London, J. Nourse, 1755. Hemans (Felicia Dorothea). The poetical

With a

works of mrs. Felicia Hemans. critical preface. xx, 49-361 pp. 1 portrait. 8°. Philadelphia, T. T. Ash, 1836. Hemmenway (Moses, d. d.) A discourse at Wells, 22 Feb. 1800, [on] the death of George Washington. 16 pp. 8°. Portsmouth (N. H.) C. Peirce, 1800.

HAZARD pamphlets, v. 64]. Hemming (Nicolaus). Libellvs de coniugio, repudio, & diuortio. In gratiam fratrvm, qvi iudices cavsarvm matrimonialium in reg


1 p.1.

Hemming (Nicolaus)-continued.
nis Dania & Noruegia constituti sunt.
231 pp. 151. 16°. Lipsia, J. Steiman, 1581.
Henck (E. C.) Spirit voices: odes, dictated
by spirits of the second sphere, for the use of
harmonial circles. 2d ed.
144 pp.
Philadelphia, G. D. Henck, 1854.
Henderson (J.) The horsemen's guide and

farrier, the external and internal structure of
the horse, and the diseases and lameness to
which he is liable in the domesticated condi-
tion, [etc.] 166 pp. sq.16°. Albion (N. Y.)
A. Bruner, 1868.

Hengstenberg (Ernst Wilhelm). Egypt and the books of Moses, or the books of Moses illustrated by the monuments of Egypt; with an appendix. From the german by R. D. C. Robbins. xii, 300 pp. 120. Andover, Allen, Morrill & Wardwell, 1843. Hénin de Cuvillers (Étienne Félix, baron d'). Le magnétisme éclairé, ou introduction aux archives du magnétisme animal. 2 p. 1. 252 pp. 8°. Paris, Barrois l'aîné, 1820. Henkel (Rev. Paul). Church hymn book; consisting of hymns and psalms, original and selected. 2d ed. xiv, 527 pp. 180. Newmarket (Va.) Solomon Henkel, 1838. Henkel (Professor -). Waaren-lexicon für droguisten, apotheker und kaufleute, enthaltend eine specielle characteristik der gangbaren droguen, colonialwaaren, chemikalien und farbwaaren. vi, 478 pp. 8°. gart, G. Weise, 1869. Henkle (Rev. M. M.) The life of Henry Bidleman Bascom, d. d. ll. d. late bishop of the methodist episcopal church south. 408 pp. 1 portrait. 120. Louisville, Morton & Griswold, 1854.


Hennepin (Louis). Relacion de un pais que

nuevamente se ha descubierto en la America Septentrional de mas estendido que es la Europa. Saca à luz en Castellano, d. Sebastian Fernandez de Medrano. [anon.] 4 p. 1. 86 pp. 160. Brusselas, L. Marchant, 1699. Hennequin (Joseph François Gabriel). Dictionnaire de maximes, ou choix de maximes, pensées, sentences, réflexions et définitions, extraites des moralistes et des écrivains tant anciens que modernes. 3 p. 1. 520 pp. 8°. Paris, A. J. Kilian, 1828. Hennessy (W. J. artist). Edwin Booth in twelve dramatic characters. See Winter (William).



Hennet (Albert Joseph Ulpien). Théorie du | Henshaw (J. P. K. d. d.)—continued. 4°. Paris,

crédit public. viii, 587 pp. Testu & ce. 1816. Henniker (Sir Frederick). Notes, during a visit to Egypt, Nubia, the Oasis Boris, Mount Sinai, and Jerusalem. 2d ed. vii, 352 pp. 3 pl. 8o. London, J. Murray, 1824. Henry (Caleb S. d. d.) Considerations on some of the elements and conditions of social welfare and human progress. Being academic and occasional discourses and other

pieces. x, 415 pp. 120. New York, D.

Appleton & co. 1861.

Henry (James P.) Resources of the state of Arkansas, with description of counties, railroads, mines, and the city of Little Rock. 134 pp. 1 1. 8°. Little Rock (Ark.) Price & McClure, 1872.

Henry (John Joseph). Campaign against Quebec; being an accurate and interesting account of the hardships and sufferings of that band of heroes who traversed the wilderness, by the route of the Kennebec, and Chaudiere river, to Quebec, in the year 1775. Revised ed. 212 pp. 160. Watertown (N. Y.) Knowlton & Rice, 1844. Henry (Rev. Matthew). The communicant's companion; or, instructions and helps for the right receiving of the Lord's supper. 303 pp. 16°. Carlisle (Pa.) J. McCarrell, 1826.

The life of the rev. Philip Henry. Abridged. 258 pp. 180. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, 1840. Henry (Sarepta Irish). Victoria: with other poems. 186 pp. 120. Cincinnati, Poc & Hitchcock, 1865. Henry (Thomas Charlton, d. d.) Letters to an anxious inquirer, designed to relieve the difficulties of a friend under serious impressions. With a biographical sketch of the author. 4th ed. 309 pp. 1 pl. 18°. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, [1840]. Henry and Frances. A series of genuine letters between Henry and Frances. Griffith (Richard and Elizabeth). Henry Morris; or, living for an object. [anon.] 193 pp. 4 pl. 160. Philadelphia, American sunday-school union, [1856].


Henshaw (John Prentiss Kewley, d. d.) An inquiry into the meaning of the prophecies relating to the second advent of our lord Jesus Christ; in a course of lectures, delivered in St. Peter's church, Baltimore. 228 pp. 120. Baltimore, D. Brunner, 1842.

Memoir of the life of the rt. rev. Richard Channing Moore, d. d. bishop of the protestant episcopal church in the diocese of Virginia. Accompanied by a selection of the sermons of the late bishop. 1 p. 1. x, 9-503 pp. 1 portrait. 8°. Philadelphia, W. Stavely & co. 1843.

Theology for the people: in a series of discourses on the catechism of the protestant episcopal church. 576 pp. 1 portrait. 8°. Baltimore, D. Brunner, 1840.

Hentz (Mrs. Caroline Lee). Aunt Patty's scrap-bag. With illustrations by Darley. 2 p.l. 23-322 pp. 6 pl. 120. Philadelphia, T. B. Peterson & bros. [1872].

The banished son; and other stories of the heart. 2 p. 1. 17-277 pp. 120. Phila· delphia, T. B. Peterson & brothers, [1870]. Hentz (Nicholas Marcellus). A manual of french phrases and french conversations: adapted to Wanostrocht's grammar. 154 pp. 120. Boston, Richardson & Lord, 1822. Hephaestion alexandrinus. Εγχειριδιον περι μετρων και ποιήματος. Εις το αυτο σχολια. Enchiridion de metris et poemate. Cum

scholiis antiquis et animadversionibus Joannis Cornelii de Pauw. [Greek text with latin scholia]. 2p. 1.188 pp. 41. 4°. Trajecti ad Rhenum, apud M. L. Charlois, 1726. Heraclides ponticus. 'Hpakλeidov TOV TOVTIKOV Ηρακλειδου του ποντικού àλλnyopiaι óμnpikal. Heraclidis pontici allegoria Homeri. [Græce et latine]. 8°. [Amstelaedami, apud H. Wetstenium, 1688]. [In GALE (Thomas). Opuscula mythologica, pp. 405-498.

Note. This work was probably, some say certainly, not written by Heraclides, although commonly attributed to him].

Heraclitus. Ἡρακλείτου περι ἀπιστων. Heracliti de incredibilibus. [Græce et latine Leone Allatio interprete]. 8°. [Amstelædami, apud H. Wetstenium, 1688].

[In GALE (Thomas). Opuscula mythologica, pp. 67-82].

Herald (The) of health and journal of physical culture, advocates higher type of manhood-physically, intellectually, and morally. [1870]. Old series, v. 49-50. New series, v. 15-16. M. L. Holbrook, m. d. editor. 8°. New York, Wood & Holbrook, 1870. Herberay (Nicolas de, seigneur des Essarts). The most excellent history of the valiant, and renowned knight, Donflores of Greece, knight of the swans, second sonne to Esplandran, emperour of Constantinople. Be


Herberay (Nicolas de)-continued.
ing, a supplement to Amadis de Gaule.
Translated into english by W. P. 2 p. 1. 62
pp. 40. London, [ for R. I. 1664].
[Title-page slightly imperfect].
Herbert (Charles). Italy and italian litera-
ture. xx, 376 pp. 1 pl. 120. London, Sher-
wood, Gilbert & Piper, 1835.
Herbert (Henry, 10th earl of Pembroke). Mili-

tary equitation: or, a method of breaking
horses, and teaching soldiers to ride. 4th ed.
4 p. 1. 140 pp. 17 pl. sm. 4°. London, G. &
T. Wilkie, 1793.

Herbert (Henry William). Frank Forrester's horse and horsemanship of the United States and british provinces of North America. Revised, corrected, enlarged, and continued to 1871, by S. D. and B. G. Bruce. 2 v. 657 pp. 5 1. 12 pl; 601 pp. 16 pl. 8°. New York, G. E. Woodward, 1871.

Wager of battle; a tale of saxon slavery in Sherwood forest. 336 pp. 12°. New York, Mason brothers, 1855. Herbert (Thomas). A relation of some yeares travaile, begynne anno 1626. Into Afrique and the greater Asia. Of their religion, language, habit, discent, ceremonies, and other matters concerning them. Together with the proceedings and death of the three late ambassadours: as also the two great monarchs, the king of Persia, and the Great Mogol. Eng. title, 4 p. 1. 225 pp. 7 1. fol. London, W. Stansby, 1634. Herder (Ferdinand von). Bemerkungen über die wichtigsten bäume, sträucher und stauden des k. botanischen gartens in St. Petersburg, und der St. Petersburger flora, mit rücksicht auf ihre periodische entwicklung. 1 p. 1. 134 pp. 8°. Moskau, buchdruckerci der k. universität, 1865. [With his Mittheilungen].


Mittheilungen über die periodische entwicklung der pflanzen im freien lande des k. botanischen gartens zu St. Petersburg, nebst notizen aus der Petersburger flora. 2 parts in 1 v. 1 p. 1. 351 pp; 1 p.1.8 pp. 13 tab. 8°. Moskau, buchdruckerei der k, universität, 1864-66.


Herder (Johann Gottlieb). Idées sur la philosophie de l'histoire de l'humanité. Traduit de l'allemand et précédé d'une introduction par Edgar Quinet. 3 v. 8°. Paris, F. G. Levrault, 1827-28.

Herdman (John). An essay on the causes and phenomena of animal life. xii, 236 pp. 8°. Edinburgh, W. Creech, [etc.] 1795.


Hereby (Nicholas de, m. de Essule). History of Donflores. See Herberay (Nicolas de, seigneur des Essarts).

sm. 40.

Heresbach (Conrad). The whole art and
trade of husbandry, contained in foure
bookes. [anon.] Enlarged by Barnaby
Googe. b.l. 11 p. 1. 182 1. numb.
London, T. S. for R. Moore, 1614.
[Imperfect wanting all after 1. 182].
Hering (Constantine, m. d.) C. Hering's
domestic physician. Third american edi-
tion, comprising the former editions of the
homœopathist, or domestic physician, re
vised, with additions from the author's man-
uscript of the fifth german edition, together
with the additions of drs. Goullon, Gross &
Stapf, to which is added a chapter on the dis-
eases of women. xvi pp. 4 1. 412 pp. 2 tab. 1
portrait. 160. Philadelphia, 1845.

Hermas. The shepherd of st. Hermas. 120.
[Oxford, 1840].

[In WAKE (William). The genuine epistles of the apostolical fathers, pp. 263-364].

Hermes trismegistus. Asclepius dialogus & philosophia magna. 180. [Hamburgi, 1593]. [IN PATRIZZI (Francesco). Magia philosophica, 1593. pp. 45-253].

Hermetis trismegisti gülden tractätlein, von der composition des steins der weisen. 24 pp. 169. Hamburg, J. Naumann & G. Wolff, 1674. [In ALCHYMISTISCH sieben-gestirn. 1675. pp. 1-24]. Hermes Mercurius trismegistus; his divine pymander. Also, the asiatic mystery, the smaragdine table and the song of Brahm. Edited by Paschal Beverly Randolph. 148 pp. 89. Boston, Rosicrucian publishing company, 1871.

La table d'esmeravde. Περι χημειας. [Avec un petit commentaire de l'Hortvlain]. 180. [Lyon, M. Bonhomme, 1557]. [In BACON (Roger). Le miroir d'alqvimie. 1557, pp. 34-56].

The same.

La table d'émeraude, avec le commentaire de l'Hortulain. Les sept chapitres attribuéz à Hermes. 12o. [Paris, A. Cailleau, 1741].

[In SALMON (William).

Bibliothèque des philosophes chimiques. 1741. v. 1. pp. 1-76]. Hermitage (The), or views of life and manners. A poem, with notes. [anon.] 3 p. 1. 102 pp. 16°. London, Longman, 1809. Herodes Atticus (Tiberius Claudius). Herodis Attici qvæ svpersvnt adnotationibvs illvstravit Raphael Fiorillo. Præfixa est epistola Chr. G. Heynii ad avctorem. 1 p. 1. xxvi, 216 pp. 80. Lipsia, svmtibvs C. Fritsch, 1801.



Herodianus. Herodiani historia de imperio | Herrich-Schäffer (G. A.)—continued.

post Marcvm, vel de svis temporibvs, e
græce translatæ, Angelo Politiano interprete.
[1493]. 182 pp. 120. Parisiis, ex officina
Rob. Stephani, 1544.
[Note.-Italian type].

Herodotus. Heroditi historici incipit. Lau-
renti Vall'. conuersio de Greco in Latinum.
2451. fol. Rome, in domo Petri de Maximis,

[Note. This is the second impression of Valla's version of Herodotus. Dibdin says: "It is supposed to have been executed by Pannartz alone, and is among the latest productions in domo Petri Maximis.'"

2 v. 16°. S.

europäischen insecten; zur erleichterung des tauschverkehrs mit preisen versehen. in 1. iv, 116 pp; viii, 244 pp. 8 pl. Regensburg, F. Pustet, 1835-40. Herrmann (Carl). Bibliotheca erfurtina. Erfurt in seinen geschichts- und bild-werken. xii, 500 pp. 8°. Erfurt, selbstverlag des verfassers, 1863.

Herron (James P.) American grammar: adapted to the national language of the United States; with an accompanying pan312 pp. 120. Columbus (0.) Os

good & Pearce, 1859.

orama. 38 lines to a page. The letter i rarely has a dot. No pagination, signature, or catchwords]. The same. Clio. 1. Terpsichore, 5.

[blocks in formation]

Por don 2 v. 1 p. 1. Madrid, la

Ramon Fernandez. [Libro 1-2]. £9, 231 pp; 1 p. 1. 253 pp. 16°. imprenta real, 1786.

[Note.-v. 4-5 of Herrera's collected works].

Herrey (Robert F.) Two right profitable and fruitfull concordances, or large and ample tables alphabeticall. The first conteyning the interpretation of the hebrue, caldean, greeke, and latine wordes and names throughout the whole bible: and the second comprehending all such other principall wordes and matters, as concerne the sense and meaning of the scriptures. b.l. 82 1. 4°. London, deputies of Christopher Barker, [about 1580]?

[With BIBLE. (English). Genevan version. London, C. Barker, [about 1580].

[Imperfect: panorama wanting].

Hersee (William). Poems. 3d ed. Το which are added a tribute of gratitude to the memory of the late William Hayley, esq. and several other pieces. xvii, 332 pp. 8°. London, T. Cadell, 1822.

[Note.-pp. 237-238 and 247-248 wanting]. Hertslet (Edward). A complete collection of the treaties and conventions, and reciprocal regulations at present subsisting between Great Britain and foreign powers; and of the laws, decrees, orders in council, &c. concerning the same; so far as they relate to commerce and navigation, the slave-trade, post-office communications, copyright, &c. and to the privileges and interests of the high contracting parties. Compiled from authentic documents. v. 11-12. With an index of subjects to the entire series. 8°. London, Butterworths, 1864–71. Hertz (Wilhelm). Der practische landschaftsgärtner. Eine einleitung zur anlegung oder verschönerung von gärten verschiedener grösse. 1 p. 1. 146 pp. 24 (21 col.) pl. 8°. Stuttgart, Hoffmann, 1840. Hervey (Rev. Henry). Discourses to different


ages and classes. 112 pp. sq. 16°. Springfield (0.) office of the " Presbyterian of the west," 1845.

A series of lectures on old testament miracles. 301 pp. 1 1. 160. Springfield (0.) Presbyterian of the west, 1844.

The same. 921. 4°. b.l. London, Hervey (Rev. James). Letters to the right

Christopher Barker, [1584].

[With BIBLE. (English). Genevan version. London, C. Barker, 1584].

The same. 821. 4°. London, R. Barker, 1613.

[With BIBLE. (English). Genevan version. don, R. Barker, 1614].

honourable lady Frances Shirley. 4 p. 1. 320
16. London, J. Rivington, jun. for J.
F. & C. Rivington, 1782.


[blocks in formation]

No-Hervey (Thomas K.) The amaranth; a mis Verzeichniss der cellany of original prose and verse.

Herrich-Schäffer (Gottlieb August). menclator entomologicus.



Hervey (Thomas K.)--continued.

tributed by distinguished writers, and edited by T. K. Hervey. Eng. title, xv, 96 pp. 12 pl. fol. London, A. H. Baily & co. 1839. Herzog (J. J. editor). The protestant theological and ecclesiastical encyclopedia: being a condensed translation of Herzog's real encyclopedia. By rev. J. H. A. Bomberger, assisted by distinguished theologians. Parts 1-6 (752 pp.) 8°. Philadelphia, Lindsay & Blakiston, 1856-58.


[Parts 7 et seq. wanting]. Hesekiel (John George Louis). The life of Bismarck, private and political; with descriptive notices of his ancestry. Translated and edited, with introduction, notes, and appendices, by Kenneth R. II. Mackenzie. 491 pp. 11 pl. 4 portraits. 80. New York, Harper & brothers, 1870. Hesiodus. La théogonie, Les travaux et les jours, et Le bouclier d'Hercule. Traduction de m. Bignan. 120. [Paris, 1841].

[In MARTIN (Louis Aimé). Petits poëmes grecs. 1841. pp. 17-96].

A voyage up the
overland from
x, 252 pp. 4 pl.

Heude (Lieut. William).
persian gulf, and a journey
India to England, in 1817.
8°. London, Longman, 1819.
Heustis (Jabez Wiggins, m. d.)


facts and inquiries, respecting the causes, na-
ture, prevention, and cure of fever: more
expressly in relation to the endemic fevers of
summer and autumn in the southern states.
With a history of the bilious remitting fever
of Alabama, as it appeared in 1821-2. 1 p.1.
442 pp. 80. Cahawba, [Ala.] W. B. Allen,

Hey (Richard, ll. d.) Three dissertations; on
the pernicious effects of gaming, on duelling,
and on suicide. First published in 1783,
1784, 1785. Prize essays. Revised and cor-
rected, in 1811, by the author. xxi, 269 pp.
80. Cambridge, J. Smith, 1812.
Heydon (Sir Christopher). An astrological

discourse with mathematical demonstrations,
proving the powerful and harmonical influ-
ence of the planets and fixed stars upon ele-
mentary bodies, in justification of the valid-
ity of astrology. With an astrological judg-
ment upon the great conjunction of Saturn
& Jupiter, 1603. Published by N. Fiske. 8
p.1. 111 pp. 18°. London, J. Macock for
N. Brooks, 1650.
Heyl (Lewis). United States duties on im-
ports, 1871.
See United States. Treas-
ury department.


Heylin (Peter). Bibliotheca regia, or, the royal library, containing a collection of such of the papers of his late maiesty king Charls, the second monarch of Great Britain, as have escaped the wrack and ruines of these times. Not extant in the Reliquiæ carolinæ, or the Exact collection of Edward Husbands. 2 books in 1 v. The first relating to the concernments of the church, the second unto those of the civil state. 7 p. 1. 600 pp. 1 1. 1 pl. 120. London, H. Seile, 1659.

Cosmographie in foure bookes. Contayning the chorographie and historie of the whole world, and all the principall kingdomes, provinces, seas, and isles, thereof. 3d [6th] ed. corrected and inlarged by the author. Eng. title, 7 p. 1. 1110 (paged 1095) pp. 61. 4 maps. fol. London, P. Chetwind, 1670.

[blocks in formation]


Heywood or Haywood (Mrs. Eliza).
spy on the conjurer. Or, a collection of sur-
prising and diverting stories, with merry and
ingenious letters. By way of memoirs of the
famous mr. Duncan Campbell. 7 p. 1. 259
pp. 80. London, W. Ellis, [etc.] 1725.
Heywood (Elizabeth). The grocer's boy;
or, the young american who did not want to
be extraordinary. 192 pp. 4 pl. 16°. New
York, Carlton & Lanahan, [1871].
Heywood (James). The recommendations
of the Oxford university commissioners, with
selections from their report; and a history
of the university subscription tests, includ-
ing notices of the university and collegiate
visitations. xxxvi, 559 pp. 1 tab. 80. Lon-
don, Longman, Brown, Green & Longmans,

Heywood (John). A mery playe betwene
the pardoner and the frere the curate and
neybour Pratte. Imprynted by Wyllyam
Rastell, 1533. b. l. 81. unp. sm. fol. [Lon-
don], reprinted by G. Smeeton, [1819]?

Of gentylnes and nobylyte. A [poeti-
cal] dyaloge betwen the marchaut, the
knyght, and the plowman, dysputyng who
is a verey gentylman, and who is a noble
man, and how men shuld come to auctory te.
[At end]: Iohes Rastell me fieri fecit [1535].
Reprint. 51 pp. 4°. [n. p. about 1820].
[Note.-Only 23 copies printed].
Heywood (J. C.) How will it end?
A ro-
mance. 301 pp.
120. Philadelphia, J. B.
Lippincott & co. 1872.

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