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Mr. Christo- Hickok (Laurens P. d. d )-continued.
A tale. Ed-


2 v.
xxiv, 318
London, Saunders,

Heywood (Mark, pseudon?)
pher Katydid (of Casconia).
ited by Mark Heywood.
pp; viii, 323 pp.
Otley & co. 1864.
Heywood (Rev. Oliver).

The whole works of the rev. Oliver Heywood, now first collected, including some tracts extremely scarce, and others from unpublished manuscripts: with memoirs of his life. 5 v. 8°. Idle, J. Vint, for editor, 1825-27.


v. 1. Life of mr. O. Heywood, [by rev. Richard
Slate]. Extracts from his diary, soliloquies,
letters, etc, Life of mr. N. Heywood. Life
of mr. Angier. Lives of mr. O. H.'s relatives.
v. 2. Heart treasure. Sure mercies of David.
v. 3. Closet prayer. Intercession of Christ. Life in
God's favour. Israel's lamentation after the
Lord. Job's appeal.

v. 4. Baptismal bonds. A family altar. entail. Heavenly converse.

The best

v. 5. A new creature. The two worlds. for heaven. The general assembly. sermons. Youth's monitor.


Heywood (Thomas). The king in the coun-
A dramatic piece, in two acts.
[Adapted from Heywood's King Edward the
fourth, by F. G. Waldron].
London, for the editor, 1789.

28 pp.

[IN WALDRON (F. G.) Literary museum. London, 1792].

Hibbard (Rev. Freeborn G.) Christian baptism its mode, obligation, import, and relative order. 218 pp. 120. New-York, G. Lane & P. P. Sandford, 1841.

A treatise on infant baptism. 1 p. 1.
328 pp. 120. New York, G. Lane & P. P.
Sandford, 1843.
Hibbard (John B. m. d.) American practi-
cal physician. A condensed treatment with
new principles for acute, chronic, and surgi-
cal diseases, by clinical experience of more
than twenty-five years, without poisons.
204 pp. 3 pl. 1 portrait. 12°. New York,
P. B. Bergen & Tripp, 1860.

Hickman (Edwin C.) Scraps of poetry and
prose. 200 pp.
18°. Lexington (Ky.) A.
W. Elder, 1854.
Hickman (William A.) Brigham's destroy-
ing angel being the life, confession, and
startling disclosures of the notorious Bill
Hickman, the danite chief of Utah. Writ-
ten by himself, with explanatory notes by J.
H. Beadle. 219 pp. 1 portrait. 160. New
York, G. A. Crofutt, 1872.

Hickok (Laurens P. d. d.) Creator and cre

Rational psychology; or, the subjective idea and objective law of all intelligence. A

new and revised edition.

343 PP.


New York, Ivison, Phinney & co. 1861. Hicks (Elias and Edward). Sermons delivered in friends' meetings, New York, in 5th month, 1825. Taken in short-hand, by L. H. Clarke, and M. T. C. Gould. 138 pp. 8°. New-York, J. V. Seaman, 1825. Hicks (Rev. George). Spinoza reviv'd: or, a treatise, proving the book, entitled, The rights of the christian church, etc. (in the most notorious parts of it) to be the same with Spinoza's Rights of the christian clergy, etc. And that both of them are grounded upon downright atheism. [Also], a preliminary discourse relating to the same books. 36 p. 1. 179 pp. 8°. London, J. Morphew, 1709. Commentarius in Hierocles alexandrinus. aurea Pythagoreorum carmina. Joan. Curterio interprete. [Græce et latine]. 16 p. 1. 433 pp. 1 1. 180. London, J. R. for J. Williams, 1673.

Hierocles de providentia & fato: una cum fragmentis ejusdem; et Lilii Gyraldi interpretatione symbolorum Pythagoræ; notisque Merici Casauboni ad commentarium Hieroclis in aurea carmina. [Græce et latine]. 32 p. 1. 271 pp. 180. London, J. R. for J. Williams, 1673.

[With his Commentarius in aurea carmina. London, 1673]. Hieronymus (S. Eusebius). Epistole de san hieronymo vulgare. 2 cclxix 1. 1 1. unp. frontispieces. fol. Ferrara, Lorenzo di Rossi, 1497.

[Note.-Appended to the Epistole is the work De lordine del uiuere neli monasteriii de monache et temporale et spirituale. At its termination we read, Questa sopra scripta regula di scō hieronymo fu finita di scriuere et di uulgarigiar da mi fratte Matheo da Ferrara pouero iesuato. Many wood-cuts after designs of Mantegna. 2 columns on a page, 48 lines in a column]. Hieronymus pragensis. Historia et monumenta. 1558. See Huss (Johannes) and Hieronymus pragensis.

Hiestand (Rev. Henry). Travels in Germany, Prussia and Switzerland. Including some account of his early life, conversion, and ministerial labours in the United States. Edited by a minister of the gospel in NewYork. 294 pp. 120. New York, J. S. Taylor, 1837.

tion: or, the knowledge in the reason of Higgins (W. Mullinger). The book of geol

God and his work.

360 pp. 89. Boston,

Lee & Shepard, 1872.

ogy: an elementary treatise on that science. [Also], an account of the geology of the


Higgins (W. Mullinger)-continued.
english watering-places. viii, 365 pp. 1 chart,
5 col. pl. 16°. London, R. Tyas, 1842.
Higginson (Thomas Wentworth). Atlantic
essays. 2 p. 1. 341 pp. 120. Boston, J. R.
Osgood & co. 1871.

High school hymn book.


See Lewis


Hill (Rev. Brian). Observations and remarks
in a journey through Sicily and Calabria, in
the year 1791: with a postscript, containing
some account of the ceremonies of the last
holy week at Rome, and of a short excur-
sion to Tivoli. 306 pp. 1 map. 8°. London,
J. Stockdale, 1792.

Hill (B. L. m. d.) An epitome of the homoeo-
pathic healing art. 160 pp. 21. 180. Cleve
land (0.) J. Hall, [1859].
Hill (Daniel H.)

(Mr. of Waterbury, Conn.) Highmore (Nathaniel, m. d.) Corporis hvmani disqvisitio anatomica; in qva sangvinis circvlationem in quavis corporis particula plurimis typis novis, ac ænygmatum medicorum succinctâ dilucidatione ornatam prosequutus est. Eng. title, 6 p.1. 262 pp. 4 1. | Hill (Isabel). Holiday dreams; or, light readfol. Haga-Comitis, ex officina S. Broun, 1651.

The history of generation. Examining the several opinions of divers authors, especially that of sir Kenelm Digby, in his discourse of bodies. [Also] a discourse of the cure of wounds by sympathy. 7 p. 1. 141 pp. 2 pl. 16°. London, R. N. for J. Martin, 1651. Hildebrand (Dr. Bruno). Statistik Thüringens. See Thüringia.

Hildebrand (-). Die familie Kegge. 16°.
Braunschweig, F. Vieweg & sohn, 1866.
[GLASER (Adolf). Niederländische novellen, pp. 1-

Die familie Stastock. 16°. Braun-
schweig, F. Vieweg & sohn, 1866.
[GLASER (Adolf). Niederländische novellen, pp. 143-

Hildeburn (Mrs. Mary J.) Gaffney's tavern, and the entertainment it afforded. 284 pp. 4 pl. 16°. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board

of publication, [1872]. Hildreth (Betsey P.) Jerusalem's pilgrim, or, a journey from the kingdom of darkness, to the New Jerusalem: set forth under the similitude of a dream. 173 pp. 160. Lowell (Ms.) N. L. Dayton, 1842. Hildreth (Rev. Hosea). A book for Massa

chusetts children, in familiar letters from a father, for the use of families and schools. [anon.] iv, 132 pp. 1 map. 12°. Boston, Hilliard, Gray, Little & Wilkins, 1829.

A view of the United States; for the use of schools and families. 162 pp. 1 map. 16°. Boston, Carter & Hendee, 1830. Hildreth (Samuel P. m. d.) Contributions to the early history of the northwest, including the moravian missions in Ohio. 240 pp. 160. Cincinnati, Poe and Hitchcock, 1864. Hill (A. F.) Our boys. The personal experiences of a soldier in the army of the Potomac. 120. Philadelphia, J. E. Potter,

412 pp. 1864.

345 pp. 120.
tien, 1859.

The crucifixion of Christ. Philadelphia, W. S. & A. Mar


ing, in poetry and prose. vii, 184 pp. Hill (Sir John). Eden: or, a compleat body of London, T. Cadell, 1829. gardening. Containing plain and familiar directions for raising the several useful products of a garden. Compiled and digested from the papers of the late celebrated Mr. Hale, by the authors of the compleat body of husbandry. 1 p. 1. iv, ii, 714 pp. 60 pl. fol. London, T. Osborne, 1757.

Hill (Joseph). The interest of these United
provinces. Being a defence of the Zeelanders
choice. With severall remarkes, upon the
present; and conjectures, on the future state
of affaires, in Europe: especially as relating
to this republick. By a wellwisher to the
reformed religion, and the welfare of these
countries. [anon.] 120 pp. 40. Middle-
burg, T. Berry, 1673.

Hill (Samuel, rector of Killmington). A vindi-
cation of the primitive fathers against the
imputations of Gilbert [Burnett], lord bishop
of Sarum. 7 p. 1. 175 pp.
pp. 120. [London],
J. Whitlock, 1695.

[With MALEBRANCHE (Nicolas de). Christian con-
ferences. 1695].

Hill (S. S.) A short account of Prince Edward island, designed chiefly for the information of agriculturist and other emigrants of small capital. By the author of the Emigrant's introduction to an acquaintance with the british american colonies, &c. [anon.] 2

p. l. vi, 89 pp. 11. 1 map. 8°. London, Madden & co. 1839.

[MISCELLANEOUS pamphlets, v. 289]. Hill (Rev. Thomas). Jesus, the interpreter of nature; and other sermons. 241 pp. 120. Boston, Walker, Wise & co. 1860. Hill or Hylle (Thomas, of London). moste pleasaunte arte of the interpretacion of dreames, whereunto is annexed sundry pro



Hill or Hylle (Thomas)-continued. blemes with apte aunsweares neare agreeing to the matter, and very rare examples, not the like extant in the english tongue. Gathered by the formor auctour Thomas Hill Londoner: and now newly imprinted. b. l. 106 1. 16°. London, T. Marsh, 1576. Hillard (George Stillman). The Franklin fifth reader for the use of public and private schools with an introductory treatise on elocution by prof. Mark Bailey. x, 374 pp. 1 pl. 12°. Boston, Brewer and Tileston, [1871].

Life and campaigns of George B. McClellan, major-general U. S. army. 396 pp.1 portrait. 120. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & co. 1864.

Hiller (Rev. O. Prescott). Pocahontas; or the founding of Virginia. A poem. In three cantos. 107 pp. 16°. London, Hatchard

& co. 1865. Hillhouse (Rev. James). A sermon concerning the life, death, and future state of saints on the occasion of the death of Rachel Hillhouse, of Londonderry, Ireland, Jan. 7th, 1716. [With a preface by Increase and Cotton Mather]. 4 p. 1. 135 pp. 189. Boston, B. Green, 1721.

Himes (Joshua V.) Memoir of William Miller. 180. [Boston, 1841].

[In MILLER (William). View of the prophecies and prophetic chronology, pp. 7-14]. Himmel (Enoch, the elder). De antichristis, præter primarivm, in ecclesia visibili plvrimis, adversvs criminationes cvivsdam Antonii Probi, [etc.] pro veritate et clarissimo Hermanno Rennechero, [etc.] Theologica et scholastica disputatio, cui accessit appendix eiusdem argumenti, ostendens ubiqvitatis patronos antichristos, et compendium omnium hæreticorum esse. 94, 501. 160. [Wittenberg]? 1591.

[MISCELLANEOUS pamphlets, v. 513]. Hincks (William B.) Historical notes respecting the parish of Stratfield and Newfield, now Bridgeport, Conn. 8°. [Bridgeport, Standard association, 1871].

[In BRIDGEPORT (Conn.) Bridgeport city directory, 1871-72, pp. 25–77].

Hind (John Russell). The solar system: a descriptive treatise upon the sun, moon, and planets, including an account of all the recent discoveries. 198 pp. 1 pl. 120. New York, G. P. Putnam, 1852. Hinds (Rev. Samuel). An enquiry into the proofs, nature, and extent of inspiration, and into the authority of scripture. vii, 191 pp. 8°. Oxford, W. Baxter for J. Parker, 1831.


Hine (Edward). The english and american nation identified with the lost house of Israel, by twenty-seven identifications. viii, 44 pp. 80. New York, T. Weekes, 1871. Hingston (Edward P.) The genial showman. Being reminiscences of the life of Artemus Ward, and pictures of a showman's career in the western world. New ill'd ed. x, 519 pp. 19 pl. 120. London, J. C. Hotten, [1870]. Hinrichs (Gustavus). The elements of physical science, demonstrated by the student's own experiments and observations. v. 1-2. 3 p. 1. 170 pp. 64 blank 1. 1 pl; 3 p. 1. 170 pp. 40 blank 1. 8°. Davenport (Iowa) Griggs, Watson & Day, 1870–71.


v. 1. The elements of physics.

2. The elements of chemistry and mineralogy.

Hinrichs (Johann Conrad). Verzeichnisz der bücher, landkarten, &c. welche vom Januar bis zum December 1871 neu erschienen oder neu aufgelegt worden sind. 2 v. 120. Leipzig, J. C. Hinrichs, 1871.

Hinton (Isaac Taylor). A history of baptism, both from the inspired and uninspired writings. 372 pp. 120. Philadelphia, American baptist publication and s. s. society, 1840. Hinton (Rev. John Howard).

The active christian: a series of lectures. 1st am. ed: with an introduction by the rev. Ezra Stiles Ely, d. d. viii, 235 pp. 180. Philadelphia, French & Perkins, 1833.

The means of a religious revival. With an introductory essay. 103 pp. 160. Boston, Lincoln & Edmands, 1831.

Hints for the young. [anon.] See Woodward (Samuel, m. d.) Hints to a fashionable lady. [anon.] 242 pp. 180. Francis, 1831.

By a physician. New York, C. S.

[blocks in formation]



John Moffat. xx, 292 pp. 8°. London, C.
Elliot, T. Kay & co. 1788.

[Imperfect: wanting pp. 1-16].
Hirjeebhoy Merwanjee. Journal of a resi-
dence of two years and a half in Great Brit-
ain. See Nowrojee (Jehangeer) and Mer-
wanjee (Hirjeebhoy).
Hirsch (Meier). A collection of arithmetical
and algebraic problems and formulæ trans-
lated from the original German. By Francis
J. Grund. xii, 342 pp. 120. Boston, Car-
ter, Hendee & Babcock, 1831.

Hirst (Henry B.) The coming of the mammoth, the funeral of time, and other poems. 188 pp. 120. Boston, Phillips & Sampson,


[blocks in formation]


Histoire des Wahabis. See Corancez (Louis
A. O. de).
Histoire générale et particulière du visa fait
en France pour l'extinction de tous les pa-
piers royaux et des actions de la compagnie
des Indes. See Du Hautchamp (—).
Historia crítica de Jesu Cristo. 1822. See
Holbach (Paul Henri Thiry, baron d').
Historia græca, ex insignioribus fere histo-
ricis et oratoribus, qui græce scripserunt.
[anon.] Ed. alt. v, 484 pp. 8°. Oxonii, S.
Collingwood, 1835.


DEMOSTHENES. Orationes, [8].

HERODOTUS. Clio, 1. Terpsichore, 5.

LYSIAS. Oratio funebris. Oratio in Eratosthenem.
POLYBIUS. Historiæ ex lib. 1, 3.

THUCYDIDES. Historiæ lib. 1, 2.
XENOPHON. Historiæ lib. 3.

Historia s. Petri, persice conscripta. Latine
reddita a Ludovico de Dieu. See Xavier

Historical and critical reflections upon mahometanism and socinianism. [From the french. anon.] 8°. London, 1712.

[In FOUR treatises concerning the doctrine [etc.] of the mahometans. London, 1712. pp. 151-254]. Historical and descriptive lessons, embracing sketches of the history, character and customs of all nations, [etc. anon.] 336 pp. 18°. Brattleboro' [Vt.] Holbrook & Fessenden, 1828.

Hirzel (Dr. Christoph Heinrich). See Jahr- Historical anecdotes of heraldry and chiv

buch der erfindungen.

Hislop (Rev. Alexander). The two Babylons; or, the papal worship proved to be the worship of Nimrod and his wife. 2d ed. XV,

478 pp. 16°. Edinburgh, W. Whyte & co.


Histoire (L') d'Aurélio & Isabelle fille du roy d'Escoce. See Flores (Juan de).

Histoire des chevaliers de l'ordre de s. Jean de Hierusalem. See Bosio (Giacomo). Histoire des comtes de Flandre, depuis l'établissement de ses souverains, jusques à la paix générale de Ryswick, en 1697. [anon.] Eng. title, 21 p. 1. 454 pp. 91. 16°. La Haye, M. Uytwerf & L. & H. van Dole, 1698. Histoire (L') des impératrices [romaines. anon.] Eng. title, 8 p. 1. 340 pp. (incl. 54 pl.)

4°. Paris, N. de Sercy, 1646.

Histoire des pyramides de Quito, élevées par

les académiciens envoyés sous l'équateur par ordre du roi, 1751. See La Condamine (Charles Marie de).

alry. See Dobson (Mrs. Susannah). History (The) and description of Guildford, the county-town of Surrey. [anon.] 2d ed. corrected & enlarged. 1 p. 1. 40 pp. 8°. Guildford, J. & S. Russell, [about 1801]. History (The) of America, in two books. Containing, 1. A general history of America, 2. A concise history of the late revolution. [anon.] New ed. 455 pp. 1 map. 120. Philadelphia, J. Webster, 1819. [Note.-Original edition published 1798, and reprinted from the "Encyclopaedia; or a dictionary of arts and sciences, and miscellaneous literature. Published by Thomas Dobson," in 21 v. 17981803].

History (The) of Isuf [Vascovich] bassa,
captain general of the ottoman army at the
invasion of Candia. [anon.] 4 p. 1. 196 pp.
4 1. 16°. London, R. Kettlewel, 1684.

History (The) of Johnny Quæ Genus.
See Combe (William).

History (The) of Joseph and his brethren.
Genesis, chap's xxxvii, xxxviii. [With il-
luminated illustrations]. xl pp. 26 col. pl. 4°.
London, Day & son, [1870].

Histoire des troubles et des démêlés littéraires. History of king William the third. See

See Aublet de Maubuy.

Boyer (Abel).


History of Madagascar; embracing the progress of the christian mission and an account of the persecution of the native christians. [anon.] 342 pp. 1 pl. 180. Philadelphia, American sunday school union, [1839]. History (The) of miss Pamela Howard. By the author of Indiana Danby. [anon.] 2 v. 1 p. 1. 215 pp; 1 p. 1. 228 pp. 160. London, T. Lowndes, 1773.

History of nations spoken of in the old testa

ment. By the author of "Jewish history." [anon.] 144 pp. 16o. Boston, Peirce & Parker, 1832.

History of Pennsylvania Hall, which was destroyed by a mob, on the 17th of May, 1838. [anon. By Samuel Webb]? 200 pp. 3 pl. 80. Philadelphia, Merrihew & Gunn, 1838. History (A) of popery, including its origin, progress, doctrines, practice, institutions, and fruits, to the commencement of the 19th century. By a watchman. [anon.] With an introductory essay, by Samuel Miller, d. d. 1 p. 1. 416 pp. 1 pl. 120. New York, J. P. Haven, 1834. History of roman catholicism: from the reign of Constantine the great, a. d. 325, down to the present time, exhibiting a full and impartial detail of the superstitions, corruptions, and tyranny of the papal church. Including also a correct account of the rise and progress of jesuitism, monachism, and the inquisition. Together with a full disclosure of the secret designs and operations of popery in the United States. Compiled and abridged from the most authentic sources. [anon.] 600 pp. 8°. New-York, S. L. Holbrook & co. 1836. History of Susan Ellmaker; or, an answer to the question, "If a man die, shall he live again?" [anon.] 155 pp. I pl. sq. 160. Philadelphia, American sunday-school union, [1836]. History (The) of the American education society. [anon.] 105 pp. 16o. Boston,

Massachusetts subbath school society, 1835. History of the church in the fifth century. [anon.] 106 pp. 18°. Philadelphia, American sunday school union, 1832. History of the Delaware and Iroquois Indians formerly inhabiting the middle states. With various anecdotes illustrating their manners and customs. [anon.] 153 pp. 1 pl. 1 map. 8°. Philadelphia, American sunday school union, 1832.


History (A) of the holy catholic inquisition. Compiled from various authors. With an introduction by the rev. Cyrus Mason. [anon.] xi, 5-192 pp. 120. Philadelphia, H. Perkins, 1835.

History (The) of the life of the duke of Espernon. See Girard (Guillaume). History (The) of the pilgrims; or a grandfather's story of the first settlers of New England. [anon.] 142 pp. 1 pl. 160. Boston, Massachusetts sabbath-school union, 1831. History (The) of the remarkable siege of Toulon. Attacked by the English and Dutch by sea, and prince Eugene and the duke of Savoy by land, in the year 1707. With the political reasons that moved the confederates to undertake it. Collected from the original papers and personal knowledge of some gentlemen concerned in the expedition. [anon.] 1 p. 1. 198 pp. 12°. London, editor, 1746. History of the Sandwich Islands: with an

account of the american mission established there in 1820. Phil197 pp. 1 map. 16°. adelphia, American sunday school union, 1831. History of the Sioux or Dakota Indian mission. 94 pp. 1 pl. 180. Boston, Massachusetts sabbath school society, 1841. History of the United States, from their first settlement as colonies, to the close of the war with Great Britain, in 1815. [anon.] 12o. 2 p. 1. 337 pp. New-York, C. Wiley, 1825.

History of two celebrated Thebans, Pelopidas and Epaminondas. [anon.] 84 pp. 160. [Fairhaven, J. Lyon, 1798]?

[With PRIDEAUX (Humphrey, d. d.) The true nature of imposture fully displayed in the life of Mahomet. ed. 1798].

History of Verulam and St. Alban's: containing an historical account of the decline of Verulam and the origin of St. Alban's, and of the present state of the town, the abbey, and other churches, public buildings, [etc. anon.] xiv, 239 pp. 13 1. 1 plan, 3 pl. 16°. St. Alban's, S. G. Shaw, 1815. Hitchcock (Charles H.) See New Hampshire (State of). Geological survey.


See, also, Mount Washington in win1871.

Hitchcock (David).

The shade of Plato: or, a defence of religion, morality & government. A poem, in four parts. To which is prefixed, a sketch of the author's life. 107 pp. 180. Hudson (N. Y.) printed at the Balance-press, 1805.

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