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Honorius augustodunensis--continued. 16°. [At end] Basileae, apvd haered. A. Cratandri, 1544.


1. De imagine mundi.

2. De temporibus mathesis.

3. De philosophia mundi, lib. 4.

4. De affectionibus solis.

5. De ætatibus mundi chronicon.

6. De luminaribus siue scriptoribus ecclesiasticis. 7. De hæresibus.

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Whims and waifs. Now first collected.

479 pp. 120. New York, Derby & Jackson,


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The soules implantation. A treatise containing, The broken heart, on Esay 57, 15, The preparation of the heart, on Luk. 1,17, The soules ingraffing into Christ, on Mal. 3, 1, Spiritual love and joy, on Gal. 5, 22. [anon.] 1 p. 1. 266 pp. sm. 4°. London, Fulke Clifton, 1637. Hooker (Worthington, m. d.) First book in chemistry. For the use of schools and families. 231 pp. 1 pl. sq. 160. New York, Harper & brothers, 1862.

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[In SCOTT (John). Critical essays on the poems of several english poets, pp. i-lxxxix].


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Hopper (Edward). The fire on the hearth in Sleepy Hollow. A christmas poem of the olden time. 105 pp. 16°. New York, Hurd & Houghton, 1865. Hoppin (Augustus). Ups and downs on land and water. [A book of illustrations]. 48 1. numb. obl. fol. Boston, J. R. Osgood & co. 1871.

Hopton (Arthur). Speculum topographicum: or the topographicall glasse. Containing the vse of the topographicall glasse, theodeliters, plaine table, and circumferentor. With many rules of geometry, [etc.] 7 p. 1. 204 pp. 3 1. 4°. London, S. Waterson, 1611. Hora poetica. Part 1. The spiritual application of the classics. Part 2. A paraphrase of the Proserpine of Claudian. Part 3. Lyrics on various subjects. To which is appended, A popular epistle on the utility of the classics. [anon. By a retired physician]. xvii, 225 pp. 8°. London, privately printed, 1841.

Horæ solitaria. See Serle or Searle (Ambrose).

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The same. Horatius restitutus [in illum librorum ordinem quo sunt olim ab ipso in vulgus edita secundum Bentleii sententiam]: or the books of Horace arranged in chronological order according to the scheme of dr. Bentley, from the text of Gesner, corrected and improved. With a preliminary dissertation, very much enlarged, on the chronology of the works, on the localities, and on the life and character of that poet. By James Tate. 2d ed. [Also], an original treatise on the metres of Horace. xx, 205, 250 pp. 8°. London, Baldwin & Cradock, 1837.


Horatius Flaccus (Quintus)--continued.

The same. The works of Horace, with english notes, critical and explanatory, by Charles Anthon. A new edition, with corrections and improvements. xxxiii, 681 pp. 1 pl. 120. New York, Harper & brothers, 1839. The same. Q. Horatii Flacci opera, illustrated from antique gems by C. W. King. The text revised, with an introduction, by H. A. J. Munro. xxxiv, 456 pp. 8°. London, Bell & Daldy, 1869.

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The same. Les poésies d'Horace, traduites en françois. Nouv. éd. 2 v. xl, 314 pp; iv, 406 pp. 24°. Paris, Saillant, 1777.

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[In SAUNDERS (Francis). The temple of death, a poem; etc. 1695. pp. 5-32].

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Horler (Joseph). An apology for the ministers of Jesus Christ, and preachers of his gospel together with a vindication of that gospel itself, from the misrepresentations of mr. Tho. Chubb; in a book, lately published in his name, falsely called, The true gospel of Jesus Christ asserted. xxiv, 176 pp. 8°. London, author, [1739].

Horn (Georg). Kerkelyke en wereldlyke historie, van de scheppinge des werelts, tot t'jaer 1666. In het Nederduyts vertaalt. Waer aen is by gevoegt de historic sedert 1666 tot 1684, door Balthasar Bekker. Den laetsten druk nevens een derde verfolg tot, 1696 door Melchior Leydekker. 7 p. 1. 392 pp. 15 1. 78, 62 pp. 11. 146 pp. 51. 16°, Amsterdam, J. Rotterdam, 1746.

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Horn (W. O. van, pseudon.) See Oertel (P. | Hortigosa (Tomas Lopez de). Solemnas exe

F. Wilhelm). Hornanus (Adrianus Junius). See Junius or Jonghe. Hornblower (Mrs.) Nellie of Truro. By the author of "Vara." [etc. anon.] 432 pp. 1 pl. 120. New York, R. Carter & brothers, 1856.

quias del señor dr. d. José Gregorio Alonzo de Hortigosa. See Manero (José Mariano de) and Hortigosa. Hortulanus. See Garlandia (Joannes de). Hosford (Rev. B. S.) Paul, and the chief

Horne (George, d. d.) [Thoughts on a variety of subjects]. 8°. London, G. G. & J. Robin

son, 1795.

In JONES (William). Memoirs of the life, studies, etc. of the right rev. G. Horne. Appendix, or pp. 189-413].

cities of his labors. xviii, 257 pp. 12°. Boston, Massachusetts sabbath school society, 1857. Hosken (Rev. C. H.) Infant baptism weighed in the balances and found wanting; being an examination and refutation of the rev. dr. Brownlee, on the mode and subjects of baptism. 196 pp. 1 1. 16o. Troy (N. Y.) Bardwell & Kneeland's press, 1843. Hosmer (Mrs. Margaret). Blanche Gilroy. A girl's story. 330 pp. 120. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & co. 1871. Hospital life; being incidents from the prayer meeting and hospital. [anon.] 180 pp. 3 pl. 18°. New York, board of publication of the Reformed protestant dutch church, 1863. Hospital transports. A memoir of the em

barkation of the sick and wounded from the peninsula of Virginia, in the summer of 1862. Compiled and published at the request of the sanitary commission. [anon.] 167 pp. 16°. Boston, Ticknor & Fields, 1863. Höst (Georg). Efterretninger om Marókos og Fes, samlede der i landene fra ao. 1760 til 1768. 10 p. 1. 292 pp. 12 1. 34 pl. 1 portrait. 4°. Kiobenhavn, N. Möller, 1779. Hotel guests' (The) guide for the city of New York. 1871-2. [anon.] 4 p. 1. 187 pp. 8°. New York, W. P. Cleary & co. 1871. Hotman or Hotomann (François). De fvroribvs gallicis, horrenda et indigna amirallij Castillionei, nobilivm atq; illustrium virorum cæde, scelerata ac inaudita piorum strage passim edita per complures Galliæ ciuitates, sine vllo discrimine generis, sexus, ætatis et conditionis hominum: vera et simplex narratio. Ernesto Varamvndo frisio avctore.

Hornstein (Carl). Magnetische und meteo-
rologische beobachtungen, 1870. See Prague.
(k. k. sternwarte).

Horozco y Covarrubias (Juan de). Em-
blemas morales, [etc.] 88, 4, 217 1.
sm. 4°.
Çaragoça, A. Rodriguez, a costa de Juan de
Bonilla, 1603-04.

Horrebov (Peder). The natural history of
Iceland. To which is added, a meteorologi-
cal table. Translated from the danish ori-
ginal. xx, 207 pp. 1 map. fol.
fol. London, A.
Linde, etc. 1758.

Horsford (Mary Gardiner). Indian legends and other poems. 167 pp. 120. New York, J. C. Derby, 1855.

Horst (C.) Das hebungs- und steuerwesen für die herzogthümer Holstein und Schleswig. 95 pp. 40. Kiel, C. Schröder & comp. 1857.

Hortensius (Lambert). Lamberti Hortensij Montfortij secessionum ciuiliu vltraiectinarum, & bellorum, ab ann. xxiiij. supra m.ccccc usque ad translationem episcopatus ad Burgundos, libri septem. 3p. 1. 256 pp. 6 1. fol. Basilea, ex officina I. Oporini, 1546.

Verhaal van de oproeren der wederdoopers, voorgevallen te Amsterdam, Munster en in Groeninger-land. In't duyts vertaald. Eng. title, 5 p. 1. 162 pp. (incl. 17 pl.) 160. Amsterdam, P. Wittebol, 1699. Hortensius (pseudon.) Deinology; or, the union of reason and elegance: being instructions to a young barrister. With a postscript, suggesting some considerations on the viva voce examination of witnesses at the english bar. By Hortensius. 2d ed. 2p. l. vii, 234 pp. 8°. London, W. Clarke & sons, 1801. Horticulturist (The) and journal of rural art and rural taste. Edited by Henry T. Williams. [Monthly]. Jan. to Dec. 1871. v. 26. 8°. New York, H. T. Williams, 1871.


[pseudon.] ccxii pp. 16°. Londini, ex

officina Henrici Bynneman, 1573.
[Note. This work has been falsely attributed to
Theodore de Beza and to Hubert Languet].

Franco-Gallia: or, an account of the ancient free state of France, and most other parts of Europe, before the loss of their liberties. Written originally in latin by Francis Hotoman, in 1574. And translated into english by the author of the Account of Denmark [Robert Molesworth]. 2 p. 1. xii, 10, vi, 144 pp. 8°. London, T. Goodwin, 1711.

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Hotten (John Camden). Literary copyright.
Seven letters addressed by permission to the
right hon. the earl Stanhope. 155 pp. 120.
London, J. C. Hotten, 1871.

The man of his time. [Napoleon iii]. Part 2. See Haswell (James M.) Hottinger (Johann Heinrich). Historia orientalis: quae ex variis orientalium monumentis collecta, agit. 1. De muhammedismo. 2. De saracenismo, seu religione veterum arabum. 3. De chaldaismo. 4. De statu christianorum & iudæorum tempore orti & nati muhammedismi. 5. De variis inter ipsos muhammedanos. 6. Accessit, ex occasione genealogiæ Muhammedis, plenior illustratio Taarich Bene Adam. 8 p. 1. 374 pp. 11 1. sm. 40. Tiguri, typis J. J. Bodmeri, 1651.

Smegma orientale: sordibus barbarismi, contemtui præsertim linguarum orientalium oppositum. 6 p. 1. 550 pp. 40. Heidelberga, A. Wyngaerden, 1658. Hotze (C. L.) First lessons in physics. 172 pp.

12°. St. Louis, Hendricks & Chittenden, 1871. Hough (G. W.) Meteorological observations made at the Dudley observatory, from 1862 to 1871. See Albany. Dudley observatory. Annals, v. 2.

Hours of devotion: translated from the 13th
german edition. By a member of the Amer-
ican institute of letters. [anon.] 251 pp.
120. New York, Bliss & Wadsworth, 1834.
[Note. The original compiler of this valued manual
was Georg Victor Keller. It is mainly known from
the part taken in it by Zschokke].

House (Erwin). The homilist: a series of
sermons for preachers and laymen. Original
and selected.
496 pp.
12°. New York,
Carlton & Porter, 1860.

The missionary in many lands: a series
of interesting sketches of missionary life. 393
pp. 120. New York, Carlton & Porter, 1860.
House (E. G.) The botanic family friend:
being a complete guide to the new system of
thomsonian medical practice. In three parts.
300 pp. 120. Boston, author, 1844.
House (The) in town. See Warner (Susan).
Household (The) book of irish eloquence;
containing the select speeches of Daniel
O'Connell, Richard Lalor Sheil, John Phil-
pot Curran, Henry Grattan, Edmund Burke,
Richard Brinsley Sheridan, Charles Phillips,
Robert Emmet, Whiteside, Meagher, McGee.
With biographical notes by a member of the
New York bar. 704 pp. 3 pl. 7 portraits. 8°.
New York, J. A. McGee, 1871.


Household (The) treasure, or, the young housewife's companion. [etc.] 158 pp. 6 pl. 120. Philadelphia, J. T. Hucy & co. 1871. Housekeeper's (The) book; with a complete collection of receipts for economical domestic cookery. By a lady. [anon.] xvi, 13-217 pp. 120. Philadelphia, W. Marshall & co. 1837.

Housekeeper's (The) magazine, and family
economist. 1 p. 1. 528 pp. 9 pl. 8°. Lon-
don, Knight & Lacey, 1826.
Housman (Mrs. C.) Letter to Charles Emp-
son, esq. [concerning the "winged globe,"
and other symbols of the ancient Hebrews].
1 p.
1. 108 pp. 14 pl. 8°. London, Hughes &
Robinson, 1848.
Houstoun (James). Some new and accurate
observations and accounts of the coast of
Guinea. 62 pp. 80. London, J. Peele, 1725.
Houtman van Alckmaer (Cornelis). Eerste
schip-vaert der Hollanders naer Oost-Indien,
met vier schepen onder t'beleydt van Cornelis
Houtman van Alckmaer, uyt Texel t'zeyl-
gegaen 1595.
1 p. 1. 102 pp. (7 pl. in text).
sm. 40. Amsterdam, I. Hartgers, 1650.
The same. 1
p. 1. 102 pp. 6 pl. on 1
sheet. sm, 40.
Amsterdam, I. Hartgers,

[IN HARTGERS (J.) Oost-Indische voyagien, v. 1, 2e stuck].

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Houzé (A.) Atlas universel historique et

géographique, composé de cent une cartes
donnant les différentes divisions et modifica-
tions territoriales des diverses nations aux
principales époques de leur histoire. 3 p. I.
101 maps.
4°. Paris, librairie universelle,
Hovell-Thurlow (Hon. T. J.) See Thurlow
(Hon. T. J. Hovell).

Hoven (Erniest). Neither Rome nor Judah.
251 pp. 4 pl. 16°. Philadelphia, Presbyterian
board of publication, [1872].
Hovenden (Robert). A tract of future times,
or the reflections of posterity on the excite-
ment, hypocrisy, and idolatry of the nine-
teenth century. viii, 190 pp. 160. London,
C. Gilpin, 1851.

Hovey (Alvan, d. d.) God with us; or, the
person and work of Christ, with an examina-
tion of "The vicarious sacrifice" of dr.
Bushnell. 275 pp. 120. Boston, Gould &
Lincoln, 1872.

Outlines of christian theology; for the use of students in the Newton theological institution. 206 pp. 80. Boston, author,


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collection of thoughts on religious and philosophical subjects. 1st american ed. 189 pp. 18°. New-York, S. Wood, 1807.

How (Charles). Devout meditations; or, a | Howard (Leonard, d. d.)-continued. 2 v. 347 pp; 1 p. 1. 120, 99 pp. London, 1765. Howard (Philip). The scriptural history of the earth and of mankind, compared with the cosmogonies, chronologies, and original traditions of ancient nations; with an attempt to explain philosophically, the mosaical account of the creation and the deluge, and to deduce from this last event the causes of the actual structure of the earth. 3 p. 1. 602 pp. 1 1. 40. London, R. Faulder, 1797.

Howard (George, esq. pseudon.) See Laird Howard (Sir Robert). The duel of the stags. (Francis Charles).

16°. [London, 1695].

How (William Walsham). Pastor in parochiâ. 5th ed. xv, 288 pp. 160. New York, Pott, Young & co. [1871].

How the kingdom came to little Joy. [anon.] 196 pp. 3 pl. 16o. Philadelphia, American s. s. union, [1871].

How to get a farm, and where to find one.
Morris (Edmund).


Howard (Gorges Edmond). Miscellaneous
works in verse and prose. 3 v. 8°. Dub-
lin, R. Marchbank, 1782.

Howard (Henry, earl of Surrey). Songes and
sonettes, 1557. [Reprinted]. 16°. [Lon-
don, 1870].
[ARBER'S english reprints, v. 11, no. 24, pp. 1-32,
Howard (Horton, m. d.) Howard's domestic
medicine: being a revised edition of Horton
Howard's anatomy and physiology, and mid-
wifery, diseases of women and children.
Practice of medicine and materia medica.
New enlarged ed. 3 v. in 1. 989 pp. 8°.
Cincinnati, H. M. Rulison, 1859.

An improved system of botanic medicine, founded upon correct physiological principles a concise view of anatomy and physiology; with an illustration of the new theory of medicine. 2 v. 139, 24 pp; 444 pp. 12 pl. 80. Columbus, author, 1832.


The same. To which is added, a treatise on female complaints, midwifery, and the diseases of children. 2d ed. 3v. 8°. Columbus (Ohio), author, 1833.

Howard (John, m. d.) Practical observations
on the natural history and cure of the venereal
disease. 2d ed. 2 v. xxxviii, 396 pp. 2 pl;
2 p. 1. 334 pp. 8°. London, C. & R. Bald-
win, 1806.
Howard (Joseph Theophilus, m. d.) Gyne-
cology; or, treatise on midwifery and physi-
cal ailments of women and children. 276
pp. 120.
Washington, W. H. & O. H. Mor-
rison, 1871.
Howard (Leonard, d. d.) Miscellaneous
To which are ad-
pieces in prose and verse.
ded, the letters, &c. of that well-known face-
tious gentleman Henry Hatsell, esq. de-
ceased; and several tracts, poems, &c. of
some eminent personages of wit and humour.

sm. 4°.

[In SAUNDERS (Francis). The temple of death, a poem; etc. 1695. pp. 65-82].

Five new plays, viz. The surprisal, Committee, comedies. And The Indianqueen, Vestal-virgin, Duke of Lerma, tragedies. 2d ed. corrected. 5 p.1.252 pp. 1 1. fol. London, H. Herringman, 1700. Howard (W. W.) Aids to french composition; or, progressive and instructive exercises for the practical application of grammatical rules to writing french. 309 pp. 120. New York, Ivison & Phinney, 1854. Howe (Elisha P.) The young citizen's catechism, explaining the duties of district, town, city, county, state, and United States officers. Together with rules for parliamentary and commercial business. 189 pp. New York, A. S. Barnes & Burr, 1861. Howe (E. D.) Mormonism unvailed: or, a faithful account of that singular imposition and delusion, from its rise to the present time. With sketches of the characters of its propagators, and a full detail of the manner in which the famous golden bible was brought before the world. [Also], inquiries into the probability that the historical part of the said bible was written by one Solomon Spalding, more than twenty years ago, and by him intended to have been published as a romance. 290 pp. 160. Painesville, author, 1834. [Imperfect wanting 1 pl.] Howe (George, d. d.) A discourse on theological education: delivered on the bicentenary of the Westminster Assembly of divines, July, 1843. To which is added, advice to a student preparing for the ministry. 243 pp. 18°. New York, Leavitt, Trow & co. 1844. Howe (Rev. John). The blessedness of the righteous opened, and further recommended from the consideration of the vanity of this


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