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12 p. 1. 514 London, A.

Howe (Rev. John)-continued.
mortal life: in two treatises.
pp; 6 p. 1. 96 pp. 1 1. 120.
Maxwell for S. Gellibrand, 1673.
Howe (Joseph W. m. d.) Emergencies, and
how to treat them. The etiology, pathology,
and treatment of the accidents, diseases, and
cases of poisoning, which demand prompt |
action. 265 pp. 8°. New York, D. Apple-
ton & co. 1871.

Howe (Samuel L.) The high-school philo-
taxian grammar, being a concise and lucid
guide to a knowledge of the english language.
154 pp.
120. Chicago, Bassett brothers,

Howell (James). Instructions for forreine
travell. 1642. Collated with the 2d ed. of
1650. Carefully, edited by Edward Arber.
88 pp. 160. London, 1869.

[ARBER'S english reprints, v. 8, no. 16]. Howell (Rev. Robert Boyte C.) Terms of sacramental communion. 296 pp. 120, Philadelphia, American baptist publication and sunday school society, 1841. Howells (William D.) Their wedding journey. With illustrations by Augustus Hoppin. 2 p. 1. 287 pp. 120. Boston, J. R. Osgood & co. 1872.


Howells' and Durham's annual register of
lawyers, bankers, and real estate agents,
throughout the United States and Canadas,
designed to facilitate general intercourse and
correspondence on matters pertaining to law,
land, and money. 1871. 116 pp. 80.
York, Howells & Durham, [1871].
Howison (James, m. d.) A dictionary of the
malay tongue, as spoken in the peninsula of
Malacca, &c. In two parts, english and
malay, and malay and english. To which
is prefixed the grammar of that language. xi,
224 pp; 1 p. 1. 188
p. 1. 188 pp. 1 map. 4°.
map. 40. London,

Arabic and persian press, 1801.
Howitt (Mary). A memoir of Elihu Burritt.
See Burritt (Elihu). Thoughts and things
at home and abroad.

The seven temptations. xi, 373 pp.
12°. London, R. Bentley, 1834.
Howitt (William). A boy's adventures in
the wilds of Australia; or, Herbert's note-
book. 359 pp. 5 pl. 16°. Boston, Ticknor
& Fields, 1855.

Howitt (William)-continued.

The life and adventures of Jack of the mill. A fireside story. 2d ed. 2 v. in 1. xvi, 263 pp; 1 p. 1. 276 pp. 16°. London, Longman, 1845.

Madam Dorrington of the Dene: the story of a life. 5 v. 120. London, H. Colburn, 1851.

Howland (Henry J.) Business directory of the city of Worcester for 1871-2. See Worcester (Mass.)


Howland (Mrs.). The infant school manual, or teacher's assistant. Containing a view of the system of infant schools. Also a variety of useful lessons; for the use of teachers. 3d ed. 274 pp. 1 pl. 120. Boston, Richardson, Lord & Holbrook, 1831. Hows (John W. S.) The ladies' book of readings and recitations: a collection of approved extracts from standard authors. 449 pp. 120. Philadelphia, E. H. Butler & co. 1864. Howship (John, m. d.) Practical observations on the symptoms, discrimination, and treatment of some of the most important diseases of the lower intestines and anus, [etc.] To which are added, some suggestions upon a new and successful mode of correcting habitual confinement in the bowels, [etc.] 3d ed. with numerous additions. xvi, 282 pp. London, Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, Brown & Green, 1824. Howson (H. and C.) A brief inquiry into the principles, effect, and present state of the american patent system. Together with the laws of the United States relating to patents, trade-marks and copyrights. 1 p. 1. 112 pp. 80. Philadelphia, Sherman & co. 1872. Howson (John S. d. d.) The metaphors of st. Paul, and companions of st. Paul. With an introduction by H. B. Hackett, d. d. 2 v. in 1. vii, 91 pp; 211 pp. 4 pl. 16°. Boston, American tract society, 1872. Hoyle (William). Our national resources ; and how they are wasted. An omitted chapter in political economy. 4th ed. xiii, 160 pp. 8°. Manchester, [Eng.] J. Heywood, [1871]. Hoyt (Rev. James). "The mountain society:" a history of the First presbyterian church, Orange, N. J. 281 pp. 3 pl. 12o. New York, C. M. Saxton, Barker & co. 1860. Hoyt (Rev. Ralph). A chaunt of life, and other poems, with sketches and essays. six parts. Part 1. 1 p. 1. 32 pp. 1 pl. New-York, Piercy & Reed, 1844. Hub (The). A journal for the carriage and car shop. [Edited by Geo. W. W. Houghton. Monthly]. April, 1870, to Feb. 15, 1871. V. 2. fol. Boston and New York, Valentine & co. [1871].

In 8°.


Hub (The)--continued. The same. The hub and New York coachmakers' magazine. [Edited by Geo. W. W. Houghton. Monthly]. March 15, 1871, to March 15, 1872. v. 13 [of the New York coachmakers' magazine]. New series, v.i. fol. New York, [Valentine & co.] 1872. Hudson (Rev. Charles). Questions on select portions of scripture. 170 pp. 1 map. 160. Boston, press of the Independent messenger, 1832.

Hudson (Rev. Henry N.) Plays of Shakespeare, selected and prepared for use in schools. See Shakespeare (William).

Shakespeare his life, art, and characters. With an historical sketch of the origin and growth of the drama in England. 2 v. 474 pp; 495 pp. 129. Boston, Ginn brothers, 1872. Hudson (Peter). Guide pour ceux qui commencent à apprendre la langue françoise. Ou moyen aisé et facile pour traduire le françois en anglois. [Or], The french scholar's guide: or, an easy help for translating french into english. 8th ed. xxviii, 347 pp. 12°. Dublin, T. Webb & P. Byrne, 1783. Huet (Pierre Daniel, bishop of Avranches). A philosophical treatise concerning human understanding. 2d ed. 5 p. 1. xxvi, 224 pp. 1 portrait. . London, J. Stone, 1729. Hugbald or Hucbald. Hugbaldi monachi ecloga de laudibus calvitii. Ad Carolum calvum imperatorem. [1853]. 16°. New York, Hurd & Houghton, [reprint], 1872. [In MORGAN (James Appleton). Macaronic poetry, pp. 134-142]. Hughan (William James). Masonic sketches and reprints. 1. History of freemasonry in York. 2. Unpublished records of the craft. With valuable appendices, containing mss. from the British museum, etc. Never before published. 224 pp. 1 fac-simile. 8°. New York, Masonic publishing co. 1871. Hughes (Henry). Treatise on sociology, theoretical and practical. 292 pp. 120. Philadelphia, Lippincott, Grambo & co. 1854. Hughes (John, archbishop of New York) and Breckinridge (John, d. d.) A discussion of the question, Is the roman catholic religion, in any or in all its principles or doctrines, inimical to civil or religious liberty? and of the question, Is the presbyterian religion, in any or in all its principles or doctrines, inimical to civil or religious liberty? [Before the union literary and debating institute, of Philadelphia]. 22, 31-546 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, Carey, Lea & Blanchard, 1836.

[blocks in formation]

pp. 160. Philadelphia, Key & Mielke, 1831. Hugo de S. Caro, cardinalis S. Sabinæ. See Hugues de Saint Cher.

Hugo (Hermann). Pia desideria. Lib. iii. Ad Urbanum viii. Editio 6 emendata. Eng. title, 14 p. 1. (including 2 pl.) 442 pp. (including 44 pl.) 2 1. 1 pl. 16°. Antverpiae, H. Aertssens, 1632.

De prima scribendi origine et universa rei literariæ antiquitate, cui notas, opusculum de scribis, apologiam pro Wachtlero, præfationem et indices adjecit C. H. Trotz. 20 p. 1. 40, 612 pp. 33 1.6 pl. 8°. Trajecti ad Rhenum, apud H. Besseling, 1738.

Hugo (Minor, pseudon ?) Hints and reflec

tions for railway travellers and others; or, a journey to the phalanx. 3 v. 120. London, G. Earle, 1843.


Hugo (Victor Marie). Les travailleurs de la 3 v. 80. Bruxelles, A. Lacroix, Verboekhoven & cie. 1866. Huguenots (The) of France; or, the times of Henry iv. By the author of Ilverton rectory. [anon.] 198 pp. 2 pl. 18°. New York, American tract society, [1864]. Hugues de Saint Cher. Commentariis seu postilla in Pentateuchum. See Bible. (Latin). Huidekoper (Frederic). The belief of the first three centuries concerning Christ's mission to the underworld. 187 pp. 120. Boston, Crosby, Nichols & co. 1854. Huidekoper. See Huydecoper. Huigens. See Huygens. Huish (Anthony). Priscianus ephebus or a more full and copious explanation of the rules of syntax: heretofore briefly delivered and printed under the name of Priscianus nascens. Clearing and smoothing the way to the syntax, both english and latin, of Lilies grammar. 171 1. 16°. London, I. Redmayne for W. Garret, 1663. Hulbert (Charles).

Cheshire antiquities, roman, baronial, and monastic: being a republication of genuine original copper plates, engraved by J. Strutt. With historical and illustrative descriptions: also, a re-print of


Hulbert (Charles)-continued.
"The county palatine of Chester," by John
Speed; an original memoir of that eminent his-
torian, &c. &c. 68 pp. 18 pl. 40. Shrews-
bury & Providence grove, C. Hulbert, 1838.
Hull (Robert, m. d.) Essays on determination
of blood to the head. xlvii, 154 pp. 80.
London, Churchill, 1842.

Hullah (John). A course of lectures on the
third or transition period of musical history,
delivered at the Royal institution of Great
Britain. xvi, 302 pp. 8°. London, Long-
man, 1865.

Hulls (Jonathan). A description and draught of a new-invented machine for carrying vessels or ships out of, or into any harbour, port or river, against wind and tide, or in a calm. 48 pp. 1 pl. 16°. London, printed for the author, 1737. [Reprinted, London, for I. Sheepshanks, 1855].

[Note.-Only 39 copies reprinted].

Hulse (Georgie A.) Sunbeams and shadows,
and buds and blossoms; or, leaves from aunt
Minnie's portfolio.
12°. New

262 pp.
York, D. Appleton & co. 1851.
Hulsius (Levinus). Chronologia, hoc est,
brevis descriptio rervm memorabilivm, in
provinciis hac adivncta tabvla topographica
comprehensis gestarum, [id est Europae ori-
entalis et australis] usq. ad hunc mdiiic
annum præsentem.
3 P.
1.89 pp. 8
sm. 40. Noriberga, typis C. Lochneri, 1597.
Human (The) heart. [A collection of tales.
anon.] xiii, 370 pp. 120. London, Taylor
& Hessey, 1824.
Humble (William). The monitor; or, useful
extracts on moral and religious subjects. viii,
80. London, C. & J. Rivington,

335 pp.

Humboldt (Friedrich Heinrich Alexander,
baron von). Selections from [his] works,
relating to the climate, inhabitants, produc-
tions, and mines of Mexico. With notes by
John Taylor. 2 p. 1. xxviii, 3 1. 310 pp. 1 pl.
8°. London, Longman, 1824.
Humboldt (Gay). Poems and letters to Don
Brown by Gay Humboldt, alias Burr Ling-
ton, d. ll. xi, 252 pp. 12°. Albany, E. H.
Bender, 1857.

Hume (David). An enquiry concerning the
principles of morals. 4 p. 1. 253 pp. 16°.
London, A. Millar, 1751.
Hume (Rev. John). The seed and the har-
vest. [Temperance anecdotes]. xiv, 166
pp. 180. Edinburgh, Gall & Inglis, [1850].


Humphrey (Heman, d. d.) The life and labors of the rev. T. H. Gallaudet. 440 pp. 1 portrait. 120. New York, R. Carter & brothers, 1857.

Revival sketches and manual. In two
parts. 476 pp. 120.
120. New York, American
tract society, [1859].
Humphreys (F. m. d.) Manual of veterinary
specific homœopathy, comprising diseases of
horses, cattle, sheep, hogs, and dogs, and
their specific homoeopathic treatment. 240
pp. 160. New York, J. A. Gray, 1860.
Humphry (Rev. William Gilson). The doc-
trine of a future state: in nine sermons,
preached before the university of Cambridge
in the year 1849. At the lecture founded by
the rev. John Hulse. 1 p. l. xi, 285 pp. 8°.
London, J. W. Parker, 1850.
Hundredfold (An). See Warner (Susan).
Stories of Vinegar hill.
v. 5.
Hunnewell (James F.) The lands of Scott.
508 pp. 1 portrait, 3 maps. 12. Boston, J.
R. Osgood & co. 1871.
Hunt (Helen Maria Fiske). Bits of travel.
By H. H. [anon.] 2 p. 1. 304 pp. sq. 16°.
Boston, J. R. Osgood & co. 1872.

Hunt (Henry). [Memoirs]. To the radical
reformers, male and female, of England, Ire-
land, and Scotland. [Letters, petitions, ad-
dresses, debates, editorials, correspondence,
etc. relative to his trial, and imprisonment at
Ilchester]. 34 nos. April 1, 1821, to July
15, 1823. 8°. London, T. Dolby, 1821-23.
[Imperfect: 16 nos. wanting, between the dates above

Note.-The letters were issued on the 1st and 15th of
each month].

Hunt (Leigh, or James Henry Leigh). The feast of the poets, with other pieces in verse. 2d ed. xii, 177 pp. 12°. London, Gale & Fenner, 1815.

Juvenilia; or, a collection of poems: written between the ages of twelve and sixteen. 3 p.1.216 pp. 18°. Philadelphia, author, 1804.

A legend of Florence. A play. In five acts. 2d ed. xix, 82 pp. 8°. London, E. Moxon, 1840.

The months, descriptive of the successive beauties of the year. 136 pp. 16o. London, C. & J. Ollier, 1821. (editor). The reflector. See Reflector


[blocks in formation]




Hunt (Rev. Thomas P.) The book of wealth: | Huntington (Rev. Frederick Dan). Helps to in which it is proved from the bible, that it a holy lent. By the bishop of central New is the duty of every man, to become rich. York. [F. D. H. anon.] 208 pp. 119 pp. 18°. New York, E. Collier, 1836. New York, E. P. Dutton & co. 1872. The pillow, a selection of daily texts on Huntington (Rev. Gurdon). The shadowy a new plan. 110 pp. sq. 16°. New York, land, and other poems, (including The guests E. Collier, 1836. of Brazil). 506 pp. 1 1. 8°. New York, J. Miller, 1861.

Hunt's Merchants' magazine year book. 1871. 452 pp. 1 portrait. 80. New York, W. B. Dana, 1871. Hunter (Alexander, m. d.) Men and manners: or, concentrated wisdom. 4th ed. 263 pp. 12°. York, T. Wilson & son, 1809. Hunter (Rev. Joseph). A disquisition on the scene, origin, date, etc. of Shakespeare's Tempest. In a letter to Benjamin Heywood Bright, esq. 2 p. 1. 151 pp. 8°. London, C. Whittingham, 1839.

Hunter (Thomas). Elements of plane geometry. Part 1. With an appendix on mensuration. 132 pp. 120. New York, Harper & brothers, 1871.

Hunter (Rev. Thomas). An historical account of earthquakes extracted from the most authentic historians. And a sermon preached at Weaverham, in Cheshire, on Friday the 6th of February last [1756]. 2 p. 1. 159 pp. 8°. Liverpool, R. Williamson, 1756. Hunter's (The) guide, and trapper's companion. A complete guide in all the various methods by which to capture all kinds of game, fur animals, &c. Also, full directions how to cure and tan all kinds of skins, &c. together with numerous arts, secrets, and much other valuable and interesting reading matter not to be obtained elsewhere. By an experienced woodsman. [anon.] 74 pp. 180. Hinsdale (N. H.) Hunter & co.


Hunting, trapping and fishing made easy. A concise and practical guide for amateurs and professionals, including gunning and rifle. shooting, the manufacture and use of traps, snares, nets, baits, etc. with full instructions for preserving, tanning and dyeing skins and furs, and much other valuable information. [anon. [anon. By John David Hardin]? 70 pp. 160. New York, J. Haney & co. [1871]. Huntingford (Rev. Thomas). Testimonies in proof of the separate existence of the soul in a state of self-consciousness between death and the resurrection. Accedit Johannis Calvini ψυχοπαννυχια. 3 p. 1. 500 pp. 12°. London, C. J. G. & F. Rivington, 1829.

Huntington (Jedediah Vincent). Alban. A tale. By the author of " Lady Alice." [anon.] 3 v. 12°. London, Colburn & co. 1851. Huntington (Joshua). Gropings after truth : a life journey from New England congregationalism to the one catholic and apostolic church. 1 p. 1. 167 pp. 16°. New York, Catholic publication society, 1868.

Huntington (J. H.) See Mount Washington in winter. 1871. Huntington (Rev. William Reed). Questions on the fourth gospel. By the rev. William Reed Huntington. [With text]. 109 pp. 18°.

New York, E. P. Dutton & co. 1872. Huntington (William S.) The roadmaster's assistant and section-master's guide; a manual of reference for all having to do with the permanent way of american railroads. viii, 95 pp. 18°. Chicago, A. N. Kellogg, 1871.

[RAILROAD gazette series].

Hurdis (James, d. d).

Adriano; or, the first of June. A poem. By the author of The village curate. [anon.] 2d ed. 1 p. l. 105 pp. 8°. London, J. Johnson, 1792. [HURDIS' Poems, v. 2].

Lectures shewing the several sources of that pleasure which the human mind receives from poetry. [1st ed.] 1 p. 1.330 pp. 4°. Bishopstone (Sussex), author's own press, 1797.

Poems by the author of The village curate, and Adriano. [anon.] vii, 254 pp. 1 table. 8°. London, J. Johnson, 1790. [HURDIS' Poems, v. 1].

Sir Thomas More: a tragedy. By the author of The village curate, and other poems. [anon.] 2d ed. 132 pp. 8°. London, J. Johnson, 1793. [HURDIS' Poems, v. 1].

Tears of affection, a poem, occasioned by the death of a sister tenderly beloved. 59 pp. 8°. London, J. Johnson, 1794. [HURDIS' Poems, v. 2].

The village curate, a poem. A new and improved ed. (being the 4th). [anon.]

[blocks in formation]

The knowledge of Christ and him crucified, in
eight sermons.

v. 2. The knowledge of Christ glorified, in twelve



v. 3. The scripture doctrine of the real personality

and the internal and extraordinary work of
the Holy Spirit, stated and defended, in
sixteen sermons.

Hurtley (Thomas). A concise account of
some natural curiosities, in the environs of
Malham, in Craven, Yorkshire. 68, 199 pp.
3 pl. 8°. London, at the logographic press
by J. Walter, 1786.
Huss (Johannes) and Hieronymus pragensis
or Jerome of Prague. Ioannis Hus, et
Hieronymi pragensis historia et monvmenta,
partim annis svperioribvs pvblicata, partim
nvnc demum in lucem prolata & edita, cum
scriptis & testimonijs multorum nobilitate,
eruditione, atque pietate præstantium. [Ad-
ditæ svnt narrationes de eorum condemna-
tione inivsta, et indigno svpplicio ab incertis
avctoribus et a Poggio florentino]. 2 v. 8
p. 1. ccccxxi 1; 2 p. 1. ccclxvil. I unp. 1. fol.
Noriberga, in officina I. Montani & V. Neu-
beri, 1558.

Hutchins (Rev. Charles L.) The sunday

school hymnal. [With music]. 2 p. 1. 204 pp. 80. Buffalo, Breed, Lent & co. 1871. Hutchinson (Benjamin). Biographia medica; or, historical and critical memoirs of the lives and writings of the most eminent medical characters that have existed from the earliest account of time to the present period; with a catalogue of their literary productions. 2 v. xvi, 510 pp; 1 p. l. 546 p.1.546 pp. 8°. London, J. Johnson, 1799. Hutchinson (C. C.) Resources of Kansas. Fifteen years experience. 288 pp. 1 map. 120. Topeka (Kansas), author, 1871. Hutchinson (Enoch). Music of the bible; or, explanatory notes upon those passages in the sacred scriptures which relate to music, including a brief view of hebrew poetry. 513 pp. 80. Boston, Gould & Lincoln, 1864. Hutchinson (Francis, bishop of Down and Connor). A defence of the antient historians: with a particular application of it to

Hutchinson (Francis)-continued.


the history of Ireland and Great Britain, and other northern nations. In a dialogue between a protestant and a papist, an Englishman and an Irishman. [Also], two sermons, the first preached on occasion of the union, [1707], and the other at a publick commencement at Cambridge. xv, 270 pp. 80. Dublin, S. Powell for J. Smith & W. Bruce, 1734.


Hutchinson (James H. m. d. editor). Medical (The) times. Hutchinson (Samuel, of Boston, N. E.) A declaration of a future glorious estate of a church to be here upon earth, at Christs personal appearance for the restitution of all things, a thousand years before the ultimate day of the general judgement. Set forth by S. H. of Boston in New-England. 36 pp. sm. 40. London, 1667. Hutchinson (Gov. Thomas). The witchcraft delusion of 1692. From an unpublished manuscript (an early draft of his history of Massachusetts) in the Massachusetts archives. With notes by William Frederick Poole. 43 pp. 40. Boston, privately printed, 4°. 1870.

[Note.-Reprinted from "The New-England histori-
cal and genealogical register"].
Hutchinson (William). An excursion to the
lakes in Westmoreland and Cumberland;
with a tour through part of the northern
counties, in the years 1773 and 1774. 1 p. 1.
382 pp. 2 1. 18 pl. 80. London, J. Wilkie,

Hutter (Elias). Derek hakkodesh; sive biblia
sacra. See Bible. (Hebrew).
Hutton (Charles). The diarian miscellany:
both mathematical and poetical, extracted
from the Ladies' diary, from the beginning
of that work in the year 1704, down to the
end of the year 1773. With many additional
solutions and improvements. In five vol-
umes. vols. 4 & 5. Being the poetry.

[Enigmas, etc.] 2 v. 12°. London, G.

Robinson & R. Baldwin, 1775.

Hutton (Richard Holt). The incarnation and
principles of evidence: a theological essay.
With an introduction by Samuel Osgood, d.
d. ix, 85 pp. 160. New York, Pott & Amery,
Hutton (William). A trip to Coatham, a
watering place in the north extremity of
Yorkshire. vii, 318 pp. 2 pl. 1 map, I portrait.
80. London, J. Nichols & son, 1810.

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