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Huxley (Thomas Henry). On the physical | Hymns written for the use of hebrew conbasis of life. 12°. New Haven (Conn.) C. gregations. [anon.] 2d ed. xvi, 212 pp. 16°. C. Chatfield & co. 1871. Charleston (S. C.) congregation Beth Elohim, 1856. Hyperides. 'Yπεpidov λoyos έπiтapios. The funeral oration of Hyperides over Leosthenes and his comrades in the lamian war. The

[HALF hours with modern scientists, pp. 3-35].

text edited with notes and an introduction by Churchill Babington. 2d ed. corrected. 1 p. 1. 58 pp. 1 1. 8°. Cambridge (Eng.) Deighton, Bell & co. 1859.


Huydecoper (Balthazar). Proeve van taal-
en dichtkunde; in vrymoedige aanmerkingen
op Vondels vertaalde herscheppingen van
Door F. van Lely-
Ovidius. 2e uitgave.
weld. Met byyoegsels en vermeerderingen
van den schryver, en eenige aanteckeningen
van den uitgever. 4 v. 8°. Leyden, A. §
J. Honkoop, 1782-91.

Huyghens, or Hugenius (Christiaan). De la pluralité des mondes; ouvrage dans le goût de celui de mr. de Fontenelle, sur le même sujet. Traduit du latin. xxxvi, 276 pp. 12 1. 4 pl. 16°. La Haye, J. Neaulme, 1724. Hyacinth (The); or, affection's gift.


christmas, new year, and birthday present. For 1845, 1846, and 1854. 3 v. 18°. Philadelphia, H. F. Auners, [1844-53]. Hyde (Anna M.) A ladder to learning for little climbers. Showing how play and 137 pp. 180. study may be combined. Philadelphia, J. Challen & son, 1860. Hyde (Edward, 1st earl of Clarendon). A brief view and survey of the dangerous and pernicious errors to church and state, in mr. Hobbes's book, entitled Leviathan. 4 p. 1. 322 pp. 4°. [Oxon], theater, 1676.

The same. 2d impression. 4 p. 1. 322 pp. 1 pl. 4°. Oxon: theater, 1676. Hyginus (Caius Julius). De mundi et sphere ac utriusqz partium declaratione cu planetis 47 1. 4°. Veneet varijs signis historiatis. 47 1. tijs, M. Sessa, 1512. Hymn, tune, and service book for sunday schools. [anon.] 131 pp. 80. Boston, American unitarian association, 1869. Hymns and chants; with offices of devotion. Arranged according to the church year. For use in [schools. anon. ] 348 pp. 24°. Lebanon (Pa.) sunday-school of St. John's church, [1861]. Hymns for sunday schools. Selected from various authors. 208 pp. 240. New York, G. Lane & P. P. Sandford, 1842. Hymns for the vestry and the fireside. [anon.] xvi, 200 pp. 180. Boston, Gould, Kendall & Lincoln, 1841.

Hymns of the ages. See Whitmarsh (Caro-
line Snowden) and Guild (A. E.)

Hymns to the supreme Being: in imitation of
the eastern songs.
1795. See King (Ed-

Hyrtl (Carl Joseph). Das vergleichend-anato-
mische museum an der wiener medicinischen
facultät im jubiläumsjahre 1865. Nebst
einem anhang: Catalog der, in der privat-
sammlung des herausgebers befindlichen ske-
lete, gehörorgane, und mikroskopischen in-
jections-präparate. xiii, 213, 41 pp. 80.
Wien, W. Braumüller, 1865.
I*** (Le C. D') Bibliographie des ouvrages
relatifs à l'amour, aux femmes, au mariage
et des livres facétieux, pantagruéliques, sca-
tologiques, satyriques, etc. 3e éd. considé-
rablement augmentée. v. 1-3. A-Hamil-
ton. 160. Turin, J. Gay & fils, 1871.
Ibbetson (Julius). A cabinet of quadrupeds.
1805. See Church (John).
Ibbetson (Nathaniel N.) Revival hymns,
chiefly selected from various authors.
126 pp.
18°. Philadelphia, S. Pro-
basco, 1823.
Ibbot (Benjamin, d. d.) A course of sermons
preach'd in 1713, and 1714. Wherein the true
notion of the exercise of private judgment,
or free-thinking, in matters of religion, is
stated. fol. [London, 1739].



[BOYLE lectures, v. 2, 2 p. I. pp. 731-868]. Ideen (Marie A.) Changing the crosses and winning the crown. 123 pp. 1 pl. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & co. 1872. Ignatius (Saint). [The epistles of st. Ignatius]. 120. Oxford, T. Tegg, 1840.

[In WAKE (William). The genuine epistles of the apostolical fathers, pp. 125-167].

136 pp.

Ignis (The) fatuus: or, a voice from the
clouds. Comprising the climax of iniquity,
an opera; the quinciad, and other poems.
[anon. By James Care Price]?
120. Richmond, [Va.] author, 1827.
Ihne (Wilhelm). The history of Rome. En-
glish edition. 2 v. xxxv, 575 pp; xix, 490
London, Longmans, Green & co.


Ihre (Johann von). Glossarium suiogothicum, in quo tam hodierno usu frequentata vocabu


Ihre (Johann von)-continued.

la, quam in legum patriarum tabulis aliisque ævi medii scriptis obvia explicantur. 2 v. 1 p. 1. xlviii pp. 2981; 1 p. 1. 286 1. fol. Upsaliæ, typis edmannianis, 1769. Illiger (Johann Carl Wilhelm). Prodromus systematis mammalium et avium. xviii, 302 pp. 8°. Berolini, C. Salfeld, 1811.


[ZOOLOGICAL pamphlets, v. 36]. Illinois (State of). Constitution. Adopted August 26, 1818. 24 pp. 8°. Kaskaskia, [Ill.] Blackwell & Berry, 1818. [WOLCOTT pamphlets, v. 86].

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Eighth biennial report of the superintendent of public instruction of the state of Illinois. [By Newton Bateman]. 1869-70. viii, 392 pp. 80. [Springfield, 1870]. Industrial university. Third annual report of the board of trustees of the Illinois industrial university, for the academic year 1869–70. With a report of the agricultural lectures and discussions, at Champaign, Centralia and Rockford, etc. xiv, 407, iii pp. 1 table. 80. Springfield, State journal printing office, 1870. Illustrated (The) annual register of rural affairs and cultivator almanac, for 1872. 18. 12°. Albany, L. Tucker & son, 1872. Illustrated (The) catholic family almanac for the United States, for 1872. 112 pp. 120. New York, Catholic publication society, [1871]. Illustrated (The) christian weekly. April 15 to Dec. 30, 1871. v. 1. fol. New York, American tract society, [1871]. Illustrated library of travel, exploration, and adventure. 120. New York, Scribner, Armstrong & co. 1872.



TAYLOR (Bayard). Travels in Arabia. Illustrated library of wonders.

New York, C. Scribner & co. 1872.

2 v.




MARION (F.) The wonders of vegetation.
the french. Edited by Schele de Vere.
TISSANDIER (G.) The wonders of water. From the

Illustrated (The) London news. [Weekly].
July, 1870, to December, 1871. v. 57-59.
fol. London, G. C. Leighton, 1870-71.
Illustrations of scripture for the children of
the new church. Published by the general
convention of the new church in the United |
States. [anon.] 2 p. 1. 258 pp. 12°. New
York, New-church book depository, 1857.
Illustrirter kalender für 1852, 1856-1868, 1871.
Jahrbuch der ereignisse, bestrebungen und
fortschritte im völkerleben und im gebiete


Illustrirter kalendar-continued.

der wissenschaften, künste und gewerbe. v.7, 11-23, and 26. 80. Leipzig, J. J. Weber, 1852-70. Imaginaires (Les), et les visionnaires. Nicole (Pierre).


Imbert (Auguste). Mon rêve ou le gouverne-
ment des animaux. 8°.
8°. [Paris, 1823].
Les loisirs d'un banni, v. 2, pp.

Imbonati (Carlo Giuseppe). Chronicon
tragicum sive de eventibus tragicis princi-
pum, tyrannorum, virorumque fama vel no-
bilitate illustrium. A primo in orbe terrarum
monarcha vsque ad xvii. seculum Christi.
Two parts in 1 v. 7 p. 1. xlviii, 140 pp. 4 1.
1 pl; 364 pp. (incl. 1 pl.) 81. 4°. Romæ, typis
hæredum Corbelletti, 1696.
Imitatione (De) Christi. Imitation de Jésus-
Christ. Par frère Jean Gersen. [Traduc-
tion de Nicolas Beauzée]. 8°. [Paris,
Panthéon littéraire, 1843].

[In BUCHON (J. A. C.) Choix d'ouvrages mystiques,
pp. 393-488].

Imlah (John). May flowers. Poems and
songs: some in the scottish dialect. xxiv,
232 pp.
16°. London, Baldwin, Cradock
& Joy, 1827.
Immortals (The): or, the heroes of the eight-
eenth century. [anon.] 2 p. 1. 73,7 pp.
4°. Jamaica (W. I.) W. Smart, [1760]?
Imogen, and other poems. [anon.] 81
120. Boston, B. B. Russell, 1871.
Impartial (An) account of lt. col. Bradstreet's
expedition to fort Frontenac. By a volun-
teer on the expedition. [anon.]


60 pp.

8°. London, T. Wilcox [and others], 1759.
[HAZARD pamphlets, v. 37].

Impartial (An) enquiry into the right of the
french king to the territory west of the great
river Mississippi, in North America, not
ceded by the preliminaries, including a sum-
mary account of that river, and the country
adjacent. [anon.] 1 p. 1.58 pp. 120.
London, W. Nicoll, [1762].
Impartial (An) enquiry into the state and
utility of the province of Georgia. [anon.]
1 p. 1. 104 pp. 120. London, W. Meadows,

[MISCELLANEOUS pamphlets, v. 220]. Imperfect hints towards a new edition of Shakespeare. See Felton (Samuel). Improved question-book, and studies on the parables and other instructions of the Saviour. With the text. 120 pp. 24°. Philadelphia, American sunday school union, [1871].


Improved question-book on the life of Christ. | Indiana (State of)-continued.

[anon.] 134 pp. 24°. Philadelphia, American sunday-school union, [1868].

Incidents in the life of president Dwight, illustrative of his moral and religious character. [anon.] 156 pp. 16°. New-Haven, A. H. Maltby, 1831. Incledon (Charles V.) The Taunus, or doings and undoings, being a tour in search of the picturesque, romantic, fabulous and true; the roman antiquities of the Taunus, and the Donnersberg, [etc.] with reflections on the character, manners and habits of the people. xvi, 636 pp. 1 1. 1 pl. 80. Mentz, Kirchheim, Schott & Thielmann, 1837. Inconnu (pseudon.) Cathara Clyde: a novel. By Inconnu. 377 pp. 120. New York, C. Scribner, 1860.

Inconvéniens (Les) du célibat des prêtres. 1781. See Gaudin (Jacques). Independent (The). [A religious weekly newspaper. Henry C. Bowen, editor. Jan.

5 to Dec. 28, 1871. v. 23. fol. New York, H. C. Bowen, 1871]. Independent (The) reflector. nos. 1-52. 212 pp. fol.


Nov. 1752-Nov. 1753. York, J. Parker, 1752-53. [HAZARD pamphlets, v. 31]. India (British). Trigonometrical survey. Account of the operations of the great trigonometrical survey of India. v. 1. The standards of measure and the base-lines.

Also an introductory account of the early operations of the survey, during the period 1800-1830. By colonel J. T. Walker, superintendent of the survey. 1 p. 1. xxxv, 1, 104, [333], 60 pp. 33 pl. 1 map. 4°. Dehra Doon, office of the great trigonometrical survey, 1870.

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Tables of heights in Sind, the Punjab, n. w. provinces, and central India, determined by the great trigonometrical survey of India, trigonometrically and by spirit leveling operations, to May, 1862. 196 pp. 1 table, 1 map. 8°. Calcutta, Public works, department press, 1863. India (French) company. See France. Recueil des édits, etc. concernant la compagnie des Indes.


Indiana (State of). General assembly. Brevier legislative reports: embracing shorthand sketches of the journals and debates of the general assembly, session of 1871. v. 12. 80. Indianapolis, W. H. Drapier, 1871.


[Documentary journals]. 18531871. 18 v. 8°. Indianapolis, state printer, 1853-71.

[Note.-Entitled as follows:

Documentary journal of the general assembly of the state of Indiana. Part 1, for 1867-68. Part 2, for 1869. v. 1, for 1870-71. 3 v. 1869-71. Documents of the general assembly of Indiana, at sessions 1850 [-'51], '57, part 2, '61, '63 (42d session, part 2, v. 1, and 43d session), '65, '67, part 1. 9 v. 1851-67.

Documents and annual reports of the officers and public institutions of the state of Indiana, for the year 1864. 1865]. Reports of the officers of the state of Indiana, for the years 1853, '55, '59 and '63, '63, '69. 5 v. 1854-69. Journal of the house of representatives. 1826-27, 1829–30, 1832–36, 1838– 42, 1843-44, 1847-49, 1855, 1857, 1861-71. 80. 23 v. Indianapolis, state printer, 1827-71.

Journal of the senate. 1825–44, 1847-48, 1861-71. 27 v. 8°. Indianapolis, state printer, 1826-71. Geological survey. Second report of the geological survey of Indiana, made during the year 1870, by E. T. Cox, state geologist, assisted by prof. John Collett, and dr. G. M. Levette. 304 pp. 8 pl. 3 maps. 8°. Indianapolis, R. J. Bright, 1871.

State board of agriculture. Twelfth annual report. 8°. Indianapolis, state printer,


State library. Catalogue of the rules and regulations of the Indiana state library, arranged by James De Sanno, state librarian. 100 pp. 8°. Indianapolis, state printer, 1872. Inett (John, d. d.) Origines anglicanæ: or,

a history of the english church. Beginning where bishop Stilling fleet has ended his history of the british church. And containing an account of the affairs thereof, from the first planting of the christian religion amongst the English Saxons, [till the death of king John]. 2 v. 2 p. 1. xxiv, 390 pp. 5 1; 2 p. 1. xxiv, 503 pp. 3 1. fol. London, T. H. for M. Watton, & Oxford, theater, 1704-10. Conversations on Ingersoll (Charles M.) etymology and syntax; to which exercises in false syntax are annexed. viii, 172 pp. 18°. Philadelphia, Bennett & Walton, 1822. Inglis (James). One with Christ in glory. Thoughts on John xvii, with a revised version from a critical greek text, and the authorized version illuminated. 127 pp. 1 pl. sq. 120. New York, J. Inglis & co. [1871]. Ingraham (Rev. Joseph Holt). The prince of the house of David, or, three years in the



Ingraham (Rev. Joseph Holt)-continued. holy city. Carefully revised. 472 pp. 1 pl. 120. Philadelphia, G. G. Evans, 1860. The throne of David; from the consecration of the shepherd of Bethlehem, to the rebellion of prince Absalom. In a series of letters addressed by an assyrian ambassador, resident at the court of Saul and David, to his lord and king on the throne of Nineveh. 603 pp. 4 pl. 120. Philadelphia, G. G. Evans, 1860. Inman (John). History of the United States. 89. [New York, 1845]. [In MAUNDER (Samuel). The Treasury of history, v.2].

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Inquiry (An) into the nature, cause and cure of the present epidemick fever. Together with observations concerning the difference betwixt nervous and inflammatory fevers, and the method of treating each. In a letter to a physician. [anon.] 128 pp. 8°. London, T. Astley, 1742.

[MEDICAL pamphlets, v. 5]. Inquiry (An) into the present state of the british navy, with reflections on the late war with America, [etc.] By an Englishman. [anon.] xv, 166 pp. 8°. London, C. Chapple, 1815.


Inquiry (An) into the scripture meaning of the word satan, and its synonimous terms, the devil, or the adversary, and the wickedWherein also, the notions concerning devils, or demons, are brought down to the standard of scripture. The whole interspersed with remarks on various terms, passages, and phrases in the old and new testaments. [anon.] 2 p. 1. iii, 40, 77 pp. 8°. London, J. Wheble, 1772. Insaurralde (Joseph). Ara poru aguĭyey haba [ò Buen uso del tiempo]: conico, quatia poromboe ha marângâtu. Ang ramò mbia reta mêmêngatu Parana hae Uruguai igua upe yquabeê mbi [etc.] 2 v. 12 p. 1. 464 pp; 7 p. 1. 368 pp. 180. Madrid, J. Ibarra, 1759-60.

Inside Paris during the siege. By an Oxford graduate. [anon.] viii, 342 pp. 120. London, Macmillan and co. 1871. Inspector (The), or select literary intelligence. See Hales (William, d. d.) Institut de France. Annuaire, 1870-1871. 2 V. 16°. Paris, imprimerie impériale et imprimerie nationale, 1870–71. Insurance (The) monitor. Devoted to the interests of insurance; fire, marine, life, casualty and otherwise. C. C. Hine, editor.


Insurance (The) monitor-continued. [Monthly]. Jan. to Dec. 1871. New York, [C. C. Hine, 1871]. Insurance reporter. C. Albert Palmer, editor. [Weekly]. Jan. 5 to Dec. 28, 1871. v. 13. fol. Philadelphia, C. A. Palmer, [1871]. Insurance (The) times. A journal solely devoted to life, fire and marine insurance. Stephen English, editor. [Monthly]. Jan. to Dec. 1871. v. 4. 4°. New York, S. English, [1871].

v. 19. 4°.

Insurgents (The): an historical novel. [anon.] 2 v. vii, 13-284 pp; 1 p. 1.5-276 pp. 120. Philadelphia, Carey, Lea & Blanchard, 1835. Intelligencer (The). [anon. Reprint]. 3 p. 1. 217 pp. 8°. London, A. Moor, 1729. Interest (The) of these United provinces. Being a defence of the Zeelanders choice. See Hill (Joseph). Interior (The). [A weekly religious newspaper]. Arthur Swazey, editor. March 17, 1870, to Dec. 28, 1871. v. 1-2. fol. Chicago, Western presbyterian publishing co. [1870-71].

Internal (The) revenue record and customs journal. A weekly register of official information on internal revenue and customs. Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 1871. v. 13-14. 40 Interpretation (The) of the bible. [anon.] New York, W. C. & F. P. Church, [1871]. 124 pp. 18°. Boston, Mass. sabbath school society, 1844.

Introits. See Alexander (John Henry). Investigator (The); or, quarterly magazine. Edited by the rev. William Bengo Collyer, d. d., the rev. Thomas Raffles, ll. d., and James Baldwin Brown, 11. d. v. 1-3, 5-8. 1820-24. 8°. London, T. & G. Underwood, 1820-24.

[v. 4 wanting]. Investor's (The) monthly manual, a newspaper for investors in british, colonial and foreign stocks, [etc.] Jan. 28 to Dec. 30, 1871. New series, v. 1; [complete series, v. 7]. fol. London, [T. H. Meredith, 1871]. Iournael, ofte kort discours, nopende de rebellye ende verradelijcke desseynen der Portugesen, alhier in Brasil voorgenomen, 't welck in Junio 1645 is ontdeckt. Ende wat vorder daer nae ghepasseert is, tot den 28 April 1647. Beschreven door een lief-hebber, die selfs int begin der rebellye daer te lande is gheweest [etc. anon.] 40 1. sm. 40. Arnhem, J. Jacobsz. 1647.

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Iovrnal de ce qui s'est passé en la navigation | Ireland (Samuel)-continued.

de la flote du parlement d'Angleterre vers
l'isle des Barbades, et en la réduction de
ladite isle et le iûne général ordonné dans
les Provinces-vnies des Païs-Bas. pp. 541–
552. sm. 4°. Paris, 1652.
[GAZETTE de France. Supplément. No. 68, 7 juin,

Iowa (State of). Auditor of state's office.
First annual report of the insurance depart-
ment. Fire insurance: 1868-1869. 8°.
Des Moines, state printer, 1870.


Census board. The census of Iowa, as returned in the year 1869: showing, in detail, the population, agricultural statistics, domestic and general manufactures, and other items of interest. Published under direction of the census board. 8°. Des Moines, state printer, 1869. S.

Department of public instruction. Fifteenth biennial report of the superintendent of public instruction, [A. S. Kissell, 1869– 71]. 8°. Des Moines, state printer, 1872.

General assembly. Journal of the house of representatives [and] senate of the thirteenth general assembly. 2 v. 8°. Des Moines, state printer, 1870.

Legislative documents, submitted, to the thirteenth general assembly. 1870. 2 v. 8°. Des Moines, state printer, 1870. Geological survey. Report on the geological survey of the state of Iowa, to the thirteenth general assembly, Jan. 1870, containing results of examinations and observations made within the years 1866, 1867, 1868, and 1869. By Charles A. White, m. d. geological corps; Charles A. White, state geologist; Orestes H. St. John, assistant; Rush Emery, chemist. 2 v. viii, 391 pp. 12 pl; viii, 443 pp. 5 pl. 2 maps. 4°. Des Moines, Mills & co. 1870. Iowa railroads. Guide, etc. 1871. Wolfe (J. M.) Ireland (John B.) Wall-street to Cashmere. A journal of five years in Asia, Africa, and Europe; comprising visits, during 1851, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, to the Danemora iron mines, the


seven churches," plains of Troy, Palmyra, Jerusalem, Petra, Sering apatam, Surat. 531 pp. 73 pl. 1 map. 8°. New York, S. A. Rollo & co. 1859.



pl; vi, 209 pp. 16 pl. 8°. London, T. & J. Egerton, 1790.

Picturesque views on the river Thames, from its source in Glocestershire to the Nore; with observations on the public buildings and other works of art in the vicinity. [1st ed.] 2 v. xvi, 210 pp. 28 pl. 1 map; viii, 259 pp. 26 pl. 1 map. 8°. London, T. & J. Egerton, 1792.

Picturesque views on the river Wye, from its source at Plinlimmon hill, to its junction with the Severn below Chepstow : with observations on the public buildings, and other works of art in the vicinity. [1st ed.] xii, 159 pp. 31 pl. 1 map. 8°. London, R. Faulder, 1797.

Ireland (William Henry). Neglected genius.

A poem. Illustrating the untimely and unfortunate fate of many british poets; from the period of Henry the eighth to the æra of the unfortunate Chatterton. Containing imitations of their different styles, &c. xxiv, 152 pp. 8°. London, G. Cowie & co. 1812. Iris (The); a journal of literature, science,

and the fine arts. v.2. [no. 28-54, July 9, 1825, to January 7, 1826]. sm. 4°. London, J. Gifford, 1826.

Irish (Rev. William Norman). Hebrew
charts; containing the elements of the lan-
79 pp.
40. Albany (N. Y.)
Weed, Parsons & co. 1872.

Irish Amy. See Guernsey (Lucy Ellen). Irish (The) people. A weekly journal of news, politics and literature. Peter McCorry, editor. Jan. 14, 1871, to Jan. 6, 1872. v. 6. fol. New York, M. J. O'Leary & co. 1871-72. Irving (David, ll. d.) The elements of english composition. 12th ed. viii, 357 pp. 12o. Edinburgh, W. Whyte & co. 1852.

Isabel, (pseudon.) See Simms (William Gilmore). Pelayo.

Isham (Warren). The mud cabin; or, the
character and tendency of british institu-
tions, as illustrated in their effect upon human
character and destiny. 312 pp. 4 pl. 120.
New York, D. Appleton & co. 1853.
Isidorus hispalensis. [Soliloquia seu syno-
nyma de homine et ratione. Begins] Incipit
prologus Isidori episcopi in soliloquia eius-
dem. [Ends] Sancti Isidori Ispalensis
archiepi sinonima expliciüt. b. l. 18 1.
unp. 4°. [Norimbergæ, Joh. Sensenschmidt,

Ireland (Samuel). A picturesque tour through Holland, Brabant, and part of France; made in the autumn of 1789. Illustrated. [1st ed.] 2 v. xvi, 213 pp. 28 Israelitisches gebetbuch. See Jewish church.


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