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Commissione reale dell' esposizione italiana nel 1861. Esposizione italiana tenuta in Firenze nel 1861. [Relazioni]. 3 v. 8°. Firenze, G. Barbèra, 1864–67.

Isreels (Joseph). Ezekiel's temple; being an Italy-continued.
attempt to delineate the structure of the holy
edifice, its courts, chambers, gates, &c.
as described in the last nine chapters of the
book of Ezekiel. 3 p. 1. v, 60 pp. 1 1. 3 pl.
4°. London, author, 1826.
Italia (L') agricola. Giornale dedicato al
miglioramento morale ed economico delle
popolazione rurali. Instituito e diretto dal
cav. G. Chizzolini. Anni 1-2.
2 v. sm.
fol. Milano, stabilimento redaelli dei fratelli
Rechiedei, 1869–70.


Direzione della statistica generale. Statistica del regno d'Italia. Amministrazione publica. Bilanci comunali, anni 1867-69. Bilanci provinciali, anno 1869. 2 v. sm. fol. Firenze, tipografia Tofani, 1870.


1869. xv, 40 pp.
Tofani, 1870.

Italian (The) girl. See McLain (Mary Webster).

Italian (The) sketch book. See Tuckerman (Henry Theodore).

Italy. Ministero di agricoltura, industria e commercio. Annali. I comizi agrari del regno d'Italia. 3v. 8°. Torino, stamperia dell' unione tipografico-editrice, 1870.



Parte prima. Operato e proposte negli anni 1867, 1868, 1869.

Parte seconda. I quesiti sullo stato dell' agricoltura
negli anni 1866, 1867 e 1868. Relazione del prof.
Gaetano Cantoni.

Parte terza. Allegati. Relazione del prof. Gaetano

Atti ufficiali della prima sessione del congresso delle camere di commercio e proposta di programma presentata al signor ministro d'agricultura, industria e commercio dal dottor Pietro Maestri. 122 pp. 8°. Firenze, Tofani, 1867.


[Statistica del regno d'Italia]. Acque minerali. Anno 1868. xix, 176 pp. sm. fol. Firenze, tipografia Tofani, 1869. s. Industria manifattrice. Trattura della seta. Anni 1867-68. 2 v. 8°. Firenze, tipografia Tofani, 1869–70. S.

Statistica forestale. Parte prima. fol. Firenze, tipografia cenniniana, 1870. s. Camera dei deputati. Relazione del deputato [Quintano] Sella alla commissione d'inchiesta composta dei deputati Depretis, Ferracciù, Macchi, Mantegazza, Sella, Tenani, sulle condizioni dell' industria mineraria nell'isola di Sardegna. 125 pp. 4°. [Firenze, tip. credi Botta], 1871.


Relazione della commissione parlamentare d'inchiesta sul corso forzoso dei biglietti di banca deliberata nella tornata del 10 marzo 1868, composta dei deputati Seismit-Doda, Cordova, Rossi Alessandro, Sella, Messedaglia, Lampertico, Lualdi. (Sessione 1867-68. 3 v. 40. Firenze, per gli eredi

Botta, 1868-69.


Gli asili infantili nel 4°. Firenze, tipografia


[blocks in formation]


Itinéraire complet de l'empire français, 1811. | Jackson (Rev. John)-continued.

See Langlois (Hyacinthe). Ives (Levi Silliman, d. d.) "The apostles' doctrine and fellowship. Five sermons preached in the principal churches of his diocese, during his spring visitation, 1844. 190 pp. 160. New York, D. Appleton & co. 1844.

"The obedience of faith." Seven sermons delivered on his visitations to the churches in his diocese, during 1848-9. 2 p. 1. 161 pp. 16°. New York, Stanford & Swords, 1849.


A defense of human liberty, in answer to the principal arguments which have been alledged against it; and particularly to Cato's letters on that subject. In which defense the opinion of the antients, concerning fate, is also distinctly and largely considered. 2d ed. To which is added, A vindication of human liberty: in answer to a dissertation on liberty and necessity. Written by A[nthony] Collins]. 2 v. in 1. 4 p. 1. 207 pp; viii, 63 pp. 8°. London, J. Noon, 1730.

(editor). See New manual of private Jackson (Samuel, m. d.) The principles of devotions.

J. (F.M.) Allan Leslie: or, the young mis-
sionaries. [anon.] 223 pp. 1 1. 1 pl. 180.
New York, General prot. episcopal sunday
school union & church book society, 1860.
J. (L. B.) Heavenly watchwords; or promises
and countersigns. By L. B. J. [anon.] 125
pp. 16°. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board
of publication, [1861].

Jaccard (Auguste). Supplément à la descrip

tion géologique du Jura vaudois et neuchâtelois. Avec une carte (feuille vi de l'atlas fédéral) et quatre planches de profils géologiques. 2 p.1.79 pp. 4 pl. 4°. Berne, J. Dalp, 1870.

[SWITZERLAND. Matériaux pour la carte géologique de la Suisse, v. 7].

Jackson (Charles D. d. d.) Suffering here— glory hereafter. Sermons. 190 pp. 1 portrait. 12°. New York, E. P. Dutton & co. 1872. Jackson (Edward P.) A mathematical geography, with a supplement containing an outline of astronomy, and a manual for the stellar tellurian. 110, 28 pp. 3 1. sm. 4°. Hartford (Conn.) The stellar tellurian manufacturing co. 1872.

Jackson (James, m. d.) Letters to a young

physician just entering upon practice. iv, 344 pp. 120. Boston, Phillips, Sampson & co. 1855. Jackson (James C. m. d.) Consumption: how to prevent it, and how to cure it. vii, 400 pp. 1 portrait. 8°. Boston, B. L. Emerson, 1862.

The sexual organism, and its healthful management. 279 pp. 1 portrait. 8°. Boston, B. L. Emerson, 1861.

[With TRALL (Russell T. m. d.) Pathology of the reproductive organs].

Jackson (Rev. John). Chronological antiqui. ties: or, the antiquities and chronology of the most ancient kingdoms. 3 v. 4°. London, author, 1752.

medicine, founded on the structure and functions of the animal organism. xx, 9-631 pp. 80. Philadelphia, Carey & Lee, 1832. Eulogium on Jackson (Major William). the character of general Washington; pronounced before the Pennsylvania society of the Cincinnati, 22 Feb. 1800. 44 pp. Philadelphia, J. Ormrod, 1800. [HAZARD pamphlets, v. 65].

The same.

[WOLCOTT pamphlets, v. 60].

Jackson (Rev. William).


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The christian's

legacy; with an appendix, containing a compendium of the holy bible. 420 pp. 129. Providence, author, 1841.

Man of sorrows; or, the providence of God displayed: as experienced by the author. 339 pp. 12°. Baltimore, W. Wooddy, 1834. The same. 2d ed. 360 pp. 120. Boston, C. D. Strong, 1838.

The same. 3d ed. enlarged. 420 pp. 1 portrait. 120. Boston, author, 1842. Jackson (Rev. William M.) Baptismal obligations; or the duties and responsibilities of god-parents and baptized persons. 176 pp. 12o. Philadelphia, Hooker & Agnew, 1841. Jackson (Mich.) Jackson city directory, for 1869-70, also including the villages of Grass Lake, Parma, Brooklyn, Napoleon, Concord, Leoni, and Norvell. Compiled and published by James M. Thomas. 3 p. 1. 295 pp. 8°. Jackson (Mich.) J. M. Thomas, 1869.

The same. For 1871, with a complete portrait of Jackson. Statistical tables, etc. 224 pp. 8°. Battle Creek (Mich.) J. M. Thomas, 1871. Jacksonville (Florida). Jacksonville city directory, and business advertiser, for 1871. 12°. Jacksonville (Fla.) Florida union job office, 1871.

Jacob (Hildebrand). The works of Jacob. Containing poems on various subjects, and occasions; with the Fatal constancy, a trag


Jacob (Hildebrand)-continued.
edy; and several pieces in prose. The great-
est part never published before. 8 p. 1. 461
pp. 1 1. 8°. London, W. Lewis, 1735.
Jacob (P. L. bibliophile; pseudon.) See La-
croix (Paul).

Jacobite minstrelsy; with notes illustrative
of the text, and containing historical details
in relation to the house of Stuart, from 1640
to 1784. [anon.] 1 p. 1. viii, xiv,
1 p. 1. viii, xiv, 362 pp. 2
pl. 120. Glasgow, R. Griffin & co. 1829.
Jacobs (Heyman). Zondagse school, of uit-
legginge op de evangeliën van de zondagen,
met schoone gebeden vermeerderd na den
roomschen text. 548 pp. 21. 16°.
werpen, F. J. van Tetroode, [about 1750].
Jacobs (J. A.) Lessons for the deaf and
dumb. 192 pp. 16°. Lexington (Ky.) W.
M. Todd & W. D. Skillman, 1834.
Jacobs (Sarah S.) Nonantum and Natick.


336 pp. 1 pl. 120. Boston, Massachusetts sabbath school society, 1853. Jacobus (Melancthon W. d. d.) Genesis. Notes on the gospels. (English).

Jacobus januensis de Voragine.


Notes on
See Bible.

See Vo

Jacobus magnus parisiensis. See Legrand

Jacopone da Todi. Li cantici del b. Iaco-
pone da Todi, e sva vita, con li discorsi del
padre Gio. Battista Modio, et in questa nos.
tra impressione aggiontoui alcuni cantici di
esso beato, cavati da vn manoscritto antico,
non più stampati. 2 p. 1.300 pp. 8 1.
Napoli, L. Scoriggio, 1615.
Jacquier (François). See Le Seur (T.) and


Jacquin (Nicolas Joseph, baron). Dreyhundert auserlesene amerikanische gewächse nach linneischer ordnung. 300 col. pl. 6 v. in 3. 89. Nürnberg, Rospische buchhandlung, 1786-9.

[Note.-Composed chiefly of reduced copies of the
plates (264) of Jacquin's "Selectorum stirpium
americanarum historia," with explanations of the

Jäger (Friedrich Georg von). Über die fossi-
len säugethiere Würtembergs. Als nachtrag
zu dem 1839 unter gleichem titel erschiene-
nen werke. Besonders abgedruckt aus dem
22 bande der Nova acta naturae curiosorum.
170 pp. 11.5 pl. 4°. Breslau, 1850.
[PALEONTOLOGICAL pamphlets, v. 13].
Jahr (Georg Heinrich Gottlieb). New homo-
opathic pharmacopoeia and posology, or the


Jahr (Georg Heinrich Gottlieb)—continued. preparation of homoeopathic medicines and the administration of doses. Translated, with additions, by James Kitchen, m. d. xxii, 9– 306 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, J. Dobson, 1842. Jahrbuch der erfindungen und fortschritte auf den gebieten der physik und chemie, der technologie und mechanik, der astronomie und meteorologie. Herausgegeben von dr. H. Hirzel und H. Gretschel. 1865-1869.

v. 1-5. 12°. Leipzig, Quandt & Händel,


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Histoire de Charles

Jahrbücher für wissenschaftliche botanik. Herausgegeben von dr. N. Pringsheim. 1-2. 8°. Berlin, A. Hirschwald, 1858-60, s. Jaligny (Guillaume de). Histoire de plvsievrs choses mémorables aduenuës du règne de Charles viii, roy de France, és années 1486, 1487, 1488, & 1489. fol. [Paris, 1684]. [In GODEFROY (T. and D.) viii, pp. 3-90]. Jamaica Plain (The) and West Roxbury directory for 1871. See Brookline (Mass.) Jamblichus chalcidensis. Jamblichi chalcidensis in Nicomachi geraseni arithmeticam introductionem [liber quartus] et de fato. Nunc primum editus, in latinum sermonem conversus, notis perpetuis illustratus a Samuele Tennulio. Accedit Joachimi Camerarii explicatio in duos libros Nicomachi. [Græce et latine]. Eng. title, 6 p. 1. 181 pp. 1 1. 239 pp. sm. 40. Arnhemiæ, apud J. F. Hagium, 1668.

[Note. The notes were printed at Deventer, by Wil-
lem Wier, 1667].

James i. of England. The essayes of a pren-
tise, in the divine art of poesie. Edinburgh,
1585. A counterblaste to tobacco. London,
1604. Carefully edited by Edward Arber.
120 pp.
16°. London, 1869.

[ARBER'S english reprints, v. 8, no. 19].


Twelf sonnets of inuocations to the goddis.
The Vranie [of Du Bartas] translated.

Ane metaphoricall invention of a tragedie called


Ane schort treatise conteining some revlis and caute-
lis to be obseruit and eschewet in scottis poesie.
The ci psalme, translated out of Tremellius.
Ane schort poeme of tyme.

James (Charles). Poems. 4th ed. 2 v. 5
p. 1. xlvii, 215 pp. 3 pl. 2 1. music, 1 portrait;
6 p. 1. 288 pp. 2 pl. 1 portrait. 80. London,
T. Egerton (etc.) 1817.
James (Rev. David). The patriarchal religion
of Britain; or a complete manual of ancient
british druidism.
100 pp.
8°. London,
Whittaker and co. 1836.
[MISCELLANEOUS pamphlets, v. 107].


James (Rev. John Angell). The church mem- | Janeway (Rev. James)-continued.

ber's guide. Edited by J. O. Choules. New edition. With an introductory essay, by Hubbard Winslow. xxxv, 9–240 pp. 16°. Boston, Gould, Kendall & Lincoln, 1838.

Pastoral addresses. With an introduction by rev. William Adams. 213 pp. 18°, New York, D. Appleton & co. 1861. James (Joseph). A compendious hebrew and english lexicon. xxx, 145 pp. 160. Philadelphia, Wm. Brown, 1826. Jameson (William). Spicilegia antiquitatum Ægypti atque ei vicinarum gentium. 22 p. 1. 472 pp. 160. Glasguæ, typis J. & G. Duncan, 1720. Jamieson (Alexander). A grammar of logic and intellectual philosophy, on didactic principles. 1st american ed. 304 pp. 120. NewHaven, A. H. Maltby & co. 1822.

The same. 2d ed. xx, 358 pp. 11. 120. London, for G. & W. B. Whittaker, 1824. Janes (Rev. Edwin L.) Wesley his own historian. See Wesley (John).

Janes (Rev. Thomas). The beauties of the
poets being a collection of moral and sacred
poetry, from the most eminent authors. viii,
304 pp. 3 pl. 16°. Lonaon, Scatcherd & Let-
terman, 1806.

Janet (Paul). La crise philosophique, mm.
Taine, Renan, Littré, Vacherot. 2 p. 1. 180
pp. 16°. Paris, G. Baillière, 1865.
Janeway (Jacob J. d. d.) An exposition of a
portion of the epistle to the Romans, in the
form of questions and answers.
180. New-York, R. Carter, 1838.

135 pp.

The internal evidence of the holy bible, or the bible proved from its own pages to be a divine revelation. 287 pp. 120. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, 1845.

Letters explaining the abrahamic covenant, with a view to establish, on this broad and ancient basis, the divine right of infant baptism; and the question relative to the mode of administering this christian ordinance. 2 p.1.302 pp. 16o. Philadelphia, author, 1812.

Janeway (Rev. James, 1636-74). The life of the rev. John Janeway. Abridged for the board. [anon.] 18°. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, 1840.

[In ORME (Rev. William). The life of the rev. John Owen, pp. 225-256].

A seasonable and earnest address to the citizens of London, soon after the dreadful fire in 1666. By rev. James Janeway. [With] dr.


Smollett's account of the said conflagration.
Together with a particular relation of the great
fire of Boston, in New-England; March 20,
1760. 55 pp.
16o. Boston, B. Mecom,

Janiçon (François Michel). Lettres sérieuses
et badines, sur un livre intitulé, État pré-
sent de la république des Provincies-Unies.
Et sur d'autres ouvrages. 1re partie. v. 1. lvi,
292 pp. 16o. La Haye, J. van Duren, 1729.
Lettres sérieuses et badines sur les
ouvrages des savans, et sur d'autres matières.
v. 2-4. Part 1.
16°. La Haye, J.
van Duren, 1729–30.
Janney (Samuel M.) The last of the Lenapé,
and other poems.
phia, H. Perkins, 1839.

5 v.

180 pp.

12°. Philadel

A teacher's gift. Consisting of original essays in prose and verse, and translations from the french. 1 p. 1. iv, 9-170 pp.1 pl. 18°. Philadelphia, T. E. Chapman, 1840. Janson (Baldwin). A practical grammar of the dutch language, with exercises to each rule. 3d ed. 1 p. 1. 304 pp. 120. London, T. Boosey, 1803. Jarratt (Rev. Devereux). Sermons on various and important subjects, in practical divinity, adapted to the meanest capacities, and suited to the family and closet. v. 3. 321 pp. 1 1. 16°. Philadelphia, W. W. Woodward, 1794. Jarrett (Rev. Thomas). The holy gospels and the acts of the apostles. London, 1857. See Bible. (English).

Jaudon (Daniel). A system of polite learning, being an epitome of the arts and sciences, for the use of schools. 5th american ed. improved. Frontispiece, 214 pp. 180. Philadelphia, B. Warner, 1816.

[Title-page imperfect].

Jauffret (Louis François). Fables nouvelles.
2 v. 1 p. 1. xxviii, 211 pp. 3 pl; 2 p. l. 210 pp.
3 pl. 16°. Paris, Maradan, 1815.
Jay (Rev. William). Memoirs of the life and
character of the late rev. Cornelius Winter.
1st amer. ed. xii, 371 pp. 12o. New York,
S. Whiting & co. 1811.
Jay (W. M. L.) My winter in Cuba. 296 pp.

12°. New York, E. P. Dution & co. 1871.
Jeaffreson (John Cordy). Annals of Oxford.
2 v. vi, 356 pp; vi, 328 pp. 8°. London,
Hurst & Blackett, 1871.
Jeake (Samuel, senior).

Aoyiσтiknλoyía, or arithmetick surveighed and reviewed: in four books. Wherein the nature of numbers ab


Jeake (Samuel)-continued.

solutely abstract, generally and specially contract, with their simple and comparative elements, are plainly declared, and fully handled. 9 p. 1. 664 pp. 10 1. 101. fol. London, J. R. & R. D. for W. Kettilby, 1696. Jeanie's scrap-book. [anon.] 216 pp. 2 pl. 18°. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, [1861]. Jeffers (William N.) 292 pp. 9 pl. 8°. trand, 1871.

Nautical surveying. 8°. New York, D. Van Nos

Jeffreys (John Gwyn, f. r. s.) British conchology, or an account of the mollusca which now inhabit the British isles and the surrounding seas. v. 5. Marine shells, and naked mollusca to the end of the gastropoda, the pteropoda, and cephalopoda; with a supplement and other matter, concluding the work. 1 p. 1. 258 pp. 1 1. 103 col. pl. 120. London, J. Van Voorst, 1869. Jeffries (B. Joy, m. d.) Animal and vegetable parasites of the human skin and hair. pp.


160. Boston, A. Moore, 1872. The eye in health and disease: being a series of articles on the anatomy and physiology of the human eye, and its surgical and medical treatment. 8°. Boston,

119 pp.

A. Moore, 1871. Jeffries (David). A treatise on diamonds and pearls; in which their importance is considered; and plain rules are exhibited for ascertaining the value of both; also the true method of manufacturing diamonds. 4th ed. with large improvements. 1 p. 1. xvi, 116 pp. 30 pl. 16°. London, E. Lumley, [about 1860]. Jelinek (Carl). Die temperatur-verhältnisse der jahre 1848-1863 an den stationen des österreichischen beobachtungsnetzes, durch fünftägige mittel dargestellt. Auf kosten der kaiserlichen academie der wissenschaften herausgegeben. 1 p. 1. 146 pp. 2 pl. 40. Wien, druck der k. k.hof- und staatsdruckerei, 1869. Jelliffe (W. M.) Good selections, in proze and poetry. 166 pp. 120. New York, J. W. Schermerhorn & co. 1872.

Jencke (Johann Friedrich). Freie gaben für


Jenkin (Robert, d. d.)-continued.
ed. corrected.
2 v.
lxx, 560 pp. 80.
ton, [etc.] 1734.
Jenkins (Alexander).

4 p. 1. lii, 422 pp ; 1 p. l. London, J. J. & P. Knap

The history and description of the city of Exeter, and its environs, ancient and modern, civil and ecclesiastical. 5 p. 1. 451 pp. 2 1. 12 pl. 8°. Exeter, [Eng.] P. Hedgeland, 1806. Jenkins (Amaziah). Systematic lectures on english grammar. 256 pp. 160. Rochester Jenkins (Capt. Charles). England's triumph: (N. Y.) W. Alling & co. 1836. or, spanish cowardice expos'd. Being a compleat history of the many signal victories gain'd by the royal navy and merchants ships of Great Britain, for the term of four hundred years past, over the insulting and haughty Spaniards. 300 pp. 2 pl. I table. 12°. London, 1739.

Jenkins (Edward). The coolie, his rights and wrongs. Notes of a journey to British Guiana, with a review of the system and of the recent commission of inquiry. By the author of "" Ginx's baby." [anon.] xii, 446 pp. 80. London, Strahan & co. 1871.

Ginx's baby. His birth and other misfortunes. A satire. [anon.] 3d american from the 5th London ed. xii, 224 pp. New York, G. Routledge & sons, 1871.


Lord Bantam. A satire. By the author of " Ginx's baby." [anon.] viii, 243 pp. 16o. Jenkins (Thornton A.) The rule of the road New York, G. Routledge & sons, 1872. at sea and in inland waters; or, steering and sailing rules. See United States. Navy Jenks (A. S.) The heart and voice; or, songs department. Bureau of navigation. of praise for the sanctuary. Hymn and tune book, designed for congregational singing in the methodist episcopal church, and for congregations generally. 448 pp. 80. PhilaJenks (Rev. George H.) The Lord's day of the delphia, Perkinpine & Higgins, [1865]. early church; what it was, and how observed,-proved by christian writers of the first three centuries. 67 pp. 16o. San Francisco, Libby & Swett, 1871.

geist und gemüth. Zur erweiterung des un-Jenner (Rev. David). The prerogative or terstützungsfonds für arme erwachsene taubstumme. Zweiter jahrgang, 1853. 398 pp. 11. 1 pl. 1 map. 8°. Dresden, herausgeber,


Jenkin (Robert, d. d.) The reasonableness and certainty of the christian religion. 6th

primogeniture: shewing, that the right of succession to an hereditary crown, depends not upon grace, religion, &c. but onely upon birth-right and primogeniture; and that the chief cause of all, or most, rebellions in christendom, is a fanatical belief, that, temp

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