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Baffo (Giorgio).

Raccolta universale delle opere di Giorgio Baffo veneto. 4 v. 80. Cosmopoli, [ Venezia], 1789. Bagg (Joseph H.) Bagg on magnetism, or the doctrine of equilibrium: being an attempt to prove that not only the health of vegetables and animals, but all systems and principles in nature, depend upon an equilibrium of action between two extremes, and that the impulse or force by which they are produced, as well as destroyed, is owing to the magnetic fluids which operate both at the same time, on the same object or principle. x, 312 pp. 120. Detroit, Bagg & Harmon, 1845.

Bagshaw (William, m. a.) On man; his
motives, their rise, operations, opposition,
and results. 2 v. xxvii, 387 pp; viii, 384
pp. 169. London, Longman, 1833.
Baildon (John). A booke containing divers
sorts of hands. 1581. See Beauchesne
(John de) and Baildon.

Baile (J.) Wonders of electricity. Transla-
ted from the french. Edited, with numerous
additions, by dr. John W. Armstrong. Eng.
title, ix, 335 pp. 10 pl. 120. New York,
Scribner, Armstrong & co. 1872.
[Illustrated library of wonders].
Bailey (Rev. Benjamin). The duties of the
christian ministry; with a view of the primi-
tive and apostolical church, and the danger of
departure from its doctrine and discipline.
A sermon, preached at an ordination held in
the church of st. Peter, Colombo, by George
Trevor, lord bishop of Madras. With notes
and an appendix, containing copious ex-
tracts from various authors. 1 p. 1. iv, 390
pp. 120. London, W. E. Painter, [1840]?

An exposition of the parables of our Lord; showing their connection with his ministry, their prophetic character, and their gradual development of the gospel dispensation. xvi, 512 pp. 80. London, J. Taylor, 1828.

The house of bondage. A dissertation upon the nature of service or slavery under the levitical law, among the Hebrews in the earliest ages, and in the gentile world, until the coming of Christ. iv, 74 pp. 80. London, C. & J. Rivington, 1824. [MISCELLANEOUS pamphlets, v. 77]. Bailey (Joseph T.) & company. History of silver, ancient and modern. 53 pp. 1 pl. 18°. Philadelphia, Bailey & co. 1871.

1871. See

Bailey (J. T.) An historical sketch of the city
of Brooklyn, and the surrounding neighbor-
hood, including the village of Williamsburgh
and the towns of Flatbush, Flatlands, New
Utrecht, and Gravesend. [With] an account
of the battle of Long Island. 72 pp. 1 map.
120. Brooklyn, J. T. Bailey, 1840.
Baines (T.) Shifts and expedients of camp
life, travel, and exploration.
Lord (W. B.) and Baines.
Baird (Charles W.) Chronicle of a border
town. History of Rye, Westchester county,
New York, 1660-1870, including Harrison
and the White Plains till 1788. xvii, 570
pp. 2 maps. 1 fac-simile. 8°. New York,
A. D. F. Randolph & co. 1871.
Baird (Rev. Robert). Memoir of Anna Jane
Linnard. With an introduction by the hon.
Theodore Frelinghuysen, and a letter from the
rev. William Neill, d. d 223 pp. 1 portrait.
16°. Philadelphia, H. Perkins, 1835.

Sketches of protestantism in Italy, past and present. Including a notice of the origin, history, and present state of the Waldenses. 418 pp. 1 portrait. 120. Boston, B. Perkins & co. 1845.

Transplanted flowers, or memoirs of mrs. Rumpff, daughter of John Jacob Astor, and the duchess de Broglie, daughter of madame de Staël. With an appendix. 160 pp. incl. 2 pl. 12o. New York, J. S. Taylor, 1839. Baker (Benjamin Franklin). Baker's theoretical and practical harmony: including a complete classification of intervals, common chords, discords, diatonic and fundamental harmonies, suspensions, and passing notes; with a treatment of thorough base, the affinity of chords, modulation, and pedal point. 112 pp. 89. Boston, O. Ditson & co. 1870.

Camillus, the roman conqueror. A dramatic cantata, for mixed voices. Libretto by rev. I. N. Carman. Music by B. F. Baker. 76 pp. 8. Boston, H. Tolman & co. 1865. Baker (C. S. m. d.) Questions on the gospel according to st. John; or, the bible its own interpreter. 79 pp. 129. Norristown (Pa.) M. R. Wills, 1871.

Baker (Harriet Newell Woods). Belle Clem

ent's influence. A book for girls. 249 pp. 3 pl. 160. Boston, H. A. Young & co.


Edith Withington; a book for girls. By H. N. W. B. [anon.] 249 pp. 3 pl. 16°. Boston, H. A. Young & co. [1871].


Baker (H. N. W.)-continued.

The happy home stories. For girls. By aunt Hattie. [pseudon.] 6 v. 180. Boston, H. A. Young & co. 1871.


v. 1. Little Flyaway. 104 pp. 4 pl.

2. The spoiled picture. 105 pp. 3 pl. 3. Fleda's childhood. 105 pp. 4 pl.

4. The singing girl. 106 pp. 4 pl.

5. Molly and the wine-glass. 105 pp. 4 pl. 6. The twins. 103 pp. 4 pl.

Howard and his teacher, the sister's influence, and other stories. By mrs. Madeline Leslie. [pseudon.] 244 pp. 4 pl. 16°. Boston, Shepard, Clark & Brown, 1859.

Lulu Reed's pupil; a book for girls. By H. N. W. B. [anon.] 253 pp. 3 pl. 16°. Boston, H. A. Young & co. [1871].

Play and study. By mrs. Madeline Leslie. [pseudon.] 260 pp. 4 pl. 16°. Boston, Shepard, Clark & Brown, 1858.

Sophie's letter book; a book for girls. 248 pp. 3 pl. 16°. Boston, H. A. Young, [1871].

[anon.] 243 pp. brothers, 1843.

The twin brothers. 18°. New York, Harper & Baker (Sir Samuel White). Cast up by the sea. xiii, 456 pp. 9 pl. 16°. London, Macmillan & co. 1869. Bakewell (Frederick C.) Natural evidence of a future life, derived from the properties and actions of animate and inanimate matter. xxiv, 372 pp. 8°. London, Longman, 1835.

Philosophical conversations: in which are familiarly explained the causes of many daily occurring natural phenomena. With notes and questions for review, by Ebenezer Bailey. xii, 286 pp. 9 pl. 120. Boston, Carter, Hendee & co. 1833.

The same. 252 pp. 8 pl. 12°. Boston, Carter, Hendee & co. 1834. Bakhtyar (The) nameh, or story of prince Bakhtyar and the ten viziers; a series of Persian tales. From a manuscript in the collection of sir William Ouseley. [anon.] vii, 119 pp. 8°. London, the oriental press, for J. Debrett, 1801.

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Balcarcel y Formento (Domingo) and Malo (Felix Venancio). Lagrymas de la paz, vertidas en las exequias del señor d. Fernando de Borbon, vi. monarcha, de los que con tan esclarecido nombre ilustraron la monarchia española: celebradas en el augusto, metropolitano templo de esta imperial corte de Mexico. 3 p. 1. 98 pp. 31 pl. sm. 4°. Mexico, Colegio de San Ildefonso, 1762. [Note.--Contains emblematical plates engraved on copper by Antonio Moreno of Mexico].

Balch (Thomas). Les Français en Amérique pendant la guerre de l'indépendance des États-Unis, 1777-1783. viii, 277 pp. 1 map. 3 pl. 8°. Paris, A. Sauton, 1872. Balch (Rev. Thomas Bloomer). Reminiscences of Georgetown, D. C. Second lecture delivered in the meth. protestant church, Georgetown, D. C. March 9, 1859. 8. Washington, H. Polkinhorn, 1859. Baldelli-Boni (Giovanni Batista).

26 pp.


Del Pe

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Notizie degli uomini illustri menzionati nell' opera. Sommario cronologico della vita del Petrarca. Baldi (Bernardino). Memorie concernenti la città di Urbino. 4 p. 1. 148 pp. 148 pl. fol. Roma, G. M. Salvioni, 1724. Baldi (Domenico). Dispvtatio de avro.


pp. 160. Florentiæ, typis F. Honofrij, 1657. Baldwin (Abraham C.) Themes for the pulpit: being a collection of nearly three thousand topics with texts, suitable for public discourses in the pulpit and lectureroom. Mostly compiled from the published works of ancient and modern divines. 324 pp. 120. New York, M. W. Dodd, 1841. Baldwin (John Dennison). Ancient America, in notes on american archæology. 299 pp. 12°. New York, Harper & bros. 1872. Baldwin (Thomas, d. d.) A sermon delivered in Boston, Dec. 29, 1799, occasioned by the death of George Washington. 28 pp. 8°. Boston, Manning & Loring, [1800]. [HAZARD pamphlets, v. 64]. Balfe (Michael William). The Bohemian girl. [Libretto, without music]. See Bunn (Alfred).

The Rose of Castile. [Libretto, without


Balfe (Michael William)--continued.
music.] 43 pp. 8°. [New York], W. C.
Bryant & co. 1871.

[PAREPA-ROSA grand English opera].

Satanella; or, the power of love. [Libretto, without music.] See Harris (A.) and Falconer (E.)

Ballantyne (Randall). Rainy afternoons,
or tales and sketches by the Howard family.
2 p. 1. 267 pp. 11 pl. 12°. Edinburgh, T.
Constable & co. 1853.
Ballard (Rev. Edward).
on the coast of Maine.
report for 1868. 19 pp.

Geographical names From the coast survey 4°. [Washington],

1871. Ballard (Edwin). See Amateurs' (The) annual, for 1872. Ballard (Mrs. Julia P.) Building stones. 240 pp. 4 pl. 16°. Boston, D. Lothrop & co. 1871.

A little life. 112 pp. 2 pl. 18°. Boston, I. P. Warren, [1871]. Ballexserd (Jacques). Dissertation sur l'éducation physique des enfants, depuis leur naissance jusqu'à l'âge de puberté. 202 pp. 61. 180. Paris, Vallatla-Chapelle, 1765. Ballou (Hosea, 2d. d. d., b. 1796, d. 1861). Ancient history of universalism, from the time of the apostles to the fifth general council, with an appendix, tracing the doctrine to the reformation. With notes, by rev. A. St. John Chambré, and T. J. Sawyer, d. d. [3d ed.] 313 pp. 12o. Boston, universalist publishing house, 1872. Ballou (Maturin M.) Treasury of thought Forming an encyclopedia of quotations from ancient and modern authors. xii, 579 pp. 80. Boston, J. R. Osgood & co. 1872. Ballou's monthly magazine. Jan. 1871, to June, 1872. v. 33-35. 8°. Boston, Thomes & Talbot, [1871-72].' Balsacius (Joannes Ludovicus). See Balzac (Jean Louis Guez de).

Baltard (Louis Pierre). Paris et ses monumens, avec des descriptions historiques par Amaury-Duval. 3 parts in 1 v. fol. Paris, auteur, 1803-5.


Part 1. Le Louvre. 3 p. 1. 53, 4 pp. 41 pl.
Saint Cloud. 20 pp. 11 pl.

Part 2. Château d'Écouen. 2 p. 1. 14 pp. 14 pl.
Part 3. Fontainebleau. 1 p. 1. 10 pp. 20 pl.
[No more published. Imperfect: pl. 6-9 of part 3

Baltimore, Md.) Commissioners on Jones'
falls. Report of the joint standing committee

on Jones' falls, to the first branch of the city

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Business directory. 1871. See Cleary (William P.) & co.

Baltimore corn and, flour exchange. Annual reports, for 1868, 1869, and 1871. 3 v. 8°. Baltimore, 1869–72.


Baltimore: past and present. With biograph-
ical sketches of its representative men.
lustrated by Bendann brothers.
1 p. l. 562
pp. 62 portraits. 80. Baltimore, Richardson
& Bennett, 187.
Balzac (Jean Louis Guez, seigneur de). Le
Barbon. 180. Norimbergæ, 1665.
[In EPULUM parasiticum, pp. 221-315].

Socrate chrestien; & autres œuvres du mesme autheur. Eng. title, 14 p. 1. 390, 178 pp. 20 1. 129. Paris, A. Covrbe, 1657.


Le Socrate chrestien. Apologie contre le doctevr de

Devx discovrs envoyez à Rome, à monseignevr le
cardinal Bentivoglio.

Trois discovrs envoyez à m. Descartes.
Dissertation ov diverses remarqves svr divers escrits,
à m. Conrart.

Dissertation, ov responses à qvelqves qvestions. Av
rev. pere Domandré de Saint Denis.

Bambagiuoli (Graziuolo). Roberto re di Giervsalemme sopra le virtù morali. [pseudon.] 80. [Turino, stamperia reale, 1750].

[In UBALDINI (F.) Il trattato delle virtù morali, etc. pp. 1-32, ed. 1750].

Bampfield (Robert William). An essay on
curvatures and diseases of the spine, includ-

ing all the forms of spinal distortion. Edited
by J. K. Mitchell, m. d.
223 pp.
Philadelphia, E. Barrington & G. D. Has-
well, 1845.

A practical treatise on tropical dysentery, more particularly as it occurs in the East Indies; [also], a practical treatise on scorbutic dysentery, with some facts and observations relative to scurvy. 2 p. 1. x, 352, 11 pp. 1 tab. 8°. London, Burgess & Hill, 1819.

Bancroft (Albert L.) Bancroft's tourists' guide. The geysers. San Francisco, and around the bay, (north.) 227 pp. 21. lxxx pp. 16. San Francisco, A. L. Bancroft & co. 1871.

[blocks in formation]


Bancroft (Albert L.)-continued.
and around the bay, (south.) 256, lviii pp.
16°. San Francisco, A. L. Bancroft & co.


Bandello (Matteo). Romeo e Giulietta. No-
vella. 80. [Pisa, fratelli Nistri & co. 1831].
[In PORTO (Luigi da). Giulietta e Romeo. 1831.
pp. 75-122, 1 pl.]
Bandini (Angiolo Maria). Cl. Italorvm et
Germanorvm epistolæ ad Petrvm Victorivm
senatorem florentinvm nvnc primvm ex ar-
chetypis in lvcem ervtæ recensvit Victorii
vitam adiecit et animadversionibvs illvstravit
Ang. Mar. Bandinius. v. 1. civ,
civ, 176 pp. 1
pl. 40. Florentiæ, 1758.
Bangor (Maine). Greenough, Jones & co.'s
directory of the inhabitants, institutions,
business firms, etc. in the city of Bangor, for
1871-2. [Also], a directory of Brewer. 3p. 1.
272, 60 pp. 1 1. 1 map.
Bangor, D.
Bugbee & co. 1871.
Bankers' (The) magazine, journal of the
money market, and commercial digest. [Lon-
don monthly]. April, 1844, to Dec. 1871.
v. 1-31. 8°. London, R. Groombridge and
Groombridge & sons, 1844–71.
[Wanting, v. 26 for 1866].
Bankers' (The) magazine and statistical regis-
ter. [New York monthly]. Edited by I.
Smith Homans. July, 1870, to June, 1871.
Third series, v. 5. [Complete series], v. 25.
8°. New York, I. S. Homans, jr. 1870-71.
Banner of the church. [Weekly]. Joseph
Cross, d.d. [and others], editors. Dec. 9,
1870, to Dec. 16, 1871. v. 1-2. fol. Atlanta
and Memphis, [W. S. Speirs], 1870–71.
Banning (Edmund P. m. d.) Common sense
on the mechanical pathology and treatment
of chronic diseases of the male and female
systems. 14th ed. With his lecture on the
philosophy of the human voice, [and] on
dress. 333 pp. 1 portrait. 120. New York,
Wilson & co. [1852].

Baptist (The) hymn book. [anon.] 590 pp.

160. Philadelphia, American baptist publica-
tion society, [1871].
Baptist (The) praise book: for congregational
singing. By Richard Fuller, E. M. Levy,
S. D. Phelps, H. C. Fish, T. Armitage, E.
T. Winkler, W. W. Everts, G. C. Lorimer,
and Basil Manly, jr. J. P. Holbrook, special
musical editor. xii, 9-640 pp. 8°. New
York, A. S. Barnes & co. 1871.
Baptist (The) quarterly. Edited by prof.

Lucius E. Smith, assisted by drs. Alvah
Hovey, E. G. Robinson, A. N. Arnold, and


Baptist (The) quarterly-continued.

J. M. Gregory. v. i. 1867. 512 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, American baptist publication society, 1867.

Baptist (The) teacher. A monthly journal for sunday-school workers. Editors, rev. A. E. Dickinson and rev. George A. Peltz. Jan. 1870, to Dec. 1871. v. 1-2. 4°. Philadelphia, American baptist publication society, [1870–71].

Bar (Jacques Charles). Recueil de tous les costumes des ordres religieux et militaires, avec un abrégé historique et chronologique. Enrichi de notes et de planches coloriées. 6 v. fol. Paris, l'auteur, 1778-89.


v. 1. Les costumes religieux et militaires des Mame-
luks, Arabes, Turcs, Orientaux, etc. [103 pl.]
v. 2. La suite des costumes des peuples de l'orient,
des templiers, des chanoines et chevaliers de
la Syrie, de la Palestine, d'Égypte, d'Éthiopie,
d'Afrique, et de l'Inde. [92 pl.]

v. 3. Les ordres de chevalerie d'Europe. [110 pl.]
v. 4-5. Les ordres monastiques masculins. [96 pl;
100 pl.]


v. 6. Les ordres monastiques féminins. [116 pl.] Barante (A. G. Prosper Brugière, baron de). A tableau of french literature during the eighteenth century. Translated from the 4th ed. xxxi, 216 pp. 16°. London, Smith, Elder & co. 1833. Barbarigo (Cardinale Gregorio). pastorale alli molto rr. arcipreti, parrochi, e curati della città, e sua diocese, per promuovere alla sacra comunione li figliuoli, e figliuole idonei, ed arrivati agli anni, della discrezione. 10 pp. 160. Padova, stamperia del seminario, 1770.

[With BELLARMINO (Cardinale Roberto). Dichiara-
zione più copiosa della dottrina christiana breve.

Barbaro (Daniello). Exqvisitæ in Porphi-
rivm commentationes. 110 1. sm. 4°. Ve-
netiis, apud Aldi filios, 1542.
Barbaro (Francesco). Prvdentissimi et gravi
docvmenti circa la elettion della moglie al
molto magnifico m. Lorenzo de Medici :
nuouamente dal latino tradotti per m. Al
berto Lollio. 62 1. numb. 4 1. unp. 16°. Vi.
negia, G. Giolito de Ferrari, 1548.
Barbaro (Hermolao, the younger). Epistole.

120. [Vinegia, G. Giolito de Ferrari, 1548].
[In DOLCE (L.) Epistole. 1548. 1. 139-152].
Barbee (William J. m. d.) The cotton ques-
tion. The production, export, manufacture,
A condensed
and consumption of cotton.
treatise on cotton in all its aspects: agri-
cultural, commercial, and political. 251 pp.
6 pl. 120. New York, metropolitan record
office, 1866.



Barberino (Francesco da, b. 1264). Del reg- | Barclay (John)-continued.
gimento e de' costumi delle donne. [Con
annotazioni di Guglielmo Manzi, editore].
4 p. l. xxxv, 407, 126 pp. 1 1. 1 portrait. 8°.
Roma, de Romanis, 1815.

indice locupletissimo. 11 p. 1. 708 pp. 18 1.
37 pl. 180. Noriberga, sumptibus IV. M.
Endteri, 1703.

Barberino (Maffeo). See Urban viii.
Barberio (Giuseppe). De miseria poetarum
græcorum. 18°. [Lipsia, apud J. F. Gle-
ditsch, 1707].

[In MENCKEN (J. B.) Analecta de calamitate littera-
torum. 1707.
1707. pp. 483-593].

Barbette (Paul, m. d.) Thesaurus chirurgiæ.
Composed according to the doctrine of the
circulation of the blood, and other new in-
ventions of the moderns. With a treatise of
the plague. Translated out of low-dutch
into english. 3d. ed. To which is added
the surgeon's chest [by Guil. Fabrice. Also],
is adjoyned a treatise of diseases that for the
most part attend camps and fleets. Written
in high-dutch by Raymundus Mindererus.
3 v. in 1. Eng. title, 7 p. 1. 394 pp. 7 1. 4 pl;
152 pp. 51. 16°. London, M. Pitt, 1676.
Barbier (Marie Anne). Les tragédies et
autres poésies. Nouv. éd. 342 pp.
Leide, B. J. Van der Aa, 1723.
Barbieri (Giovanni Maria).


Dell' origine della poesia rimata. Opera, pubblicata ora per la prima volta e con annotazioni illustrata dal cav. ab. Girolamo Tiraboschi. 188 pp. 4°. Modena, presso la società tipografica, 1790.

Barbour (John, archdeacon of Aberdeen, 1375). The Bruce; or, the book of the most excellent and noble prince, Robert de Broyss, king of Scots: [etc.] With a preface, notes, and glossarial index, by the rev. Walter W. Skeat, [etc.] Part i. 8°. London, 1870.

Extra series, no. 11].
Industrie filolo-

[EARLY English text society.
Barcellini (Innocenzio).
giche per dar risalto alle virtù del santis-
simo pontefice Celestino v., e liberare da al-
cune taccie Dante Alighieri creduto censore
della celebre rinunzia fatta dal medesimo
santo. 11 p. 1. 342 pp. 160. Milano, G.
P. Malatesta, 1701.

Barchou de Penhoën (Baron Auguste Théo-
dore Hilaire). Histoire de la philosophie
allemande depuis Leibnitz jusqu'à Hegel.
2 v. 2 p. l. 412 pp; 2 p.1 308 pp. 11. 8°.
Paris, Charpentier, 1836.
Barclay (John). Joannis Barclaii Argenis,
figuris æneis adillustrata, suffixo clave, hoc
est, nominum propriorum explicatione, atque

Barclay (John M.) Digest of the rules of the
house of representatives U. S., the joint
rules of the two houses, and of so much of
Jefferson's manual as under the rules gov-
erns the house; of precedents of order and
usages of the house together with such
portions of the constitution of the United
States, laws of Congress, and resolutions of
the house as relate to the proceedings of the
house and the rights and duties of its mem-
249 pp.
So. Washington, govern-

ment printing office, 1871.

[With UNITED STATES. Constitution. Washington,

Barclay (Sir Richard). A discovrse of the
felicitie of man. Or his summum bonum.
Written by sir Richard Barckley, knight,
and now newly corrected and augmented.
[2d. ed.] Eng. title, 7 p. 1. 717 pp.
sm. 40.
London, W. Ponsonby, 1603.
Barde (Alexandre). Histoire des comités de
vigilance aux Attakapas.
428 pp.
Saint-Jean-Baptiste (Louisiane), 1861.
Bardwell (Rev. Horatio). Memoir of rev.
Gordon Hall, one of the first missionaries of
the amer. board of comm for for. missions,
at Bombay. 260 pp. 1 pl. 120. Andover,
Flagg, Gould & Newman, 1834.
Barker (Fordyce, m. d.) On sea-sickness. 36
pp. 160. New York, D. Appleton & co. 1870.
Barker (George Frederick, m. d.) The corre-
lation of vital and physical forces. 36 pp.
12°. New Haven (Conn.) C. C. Chatfield &
co. 1871.

[HALF hours with modern scientists, pp. 37-72, or
no. 2, University series].
Barker (Joseph, of Wortley). Life of William
Penn, the celebrated quaker and founder of
Pennsylvania. 1 p. 1. 9-320 pp. 1 portrait.
16o. London, J. Chapman, 1847.
Barker (Joseph, esq.) The authentic report of
the theological discussion between the rev.
William Cooke and Joseph Barker, 1845.
See Cooke (William) and Barker.
Barker (R. P.) Texas; the "lone star state."
Its lands, its soil, its productions, its climate
and health, its inhabitants, railroads, harbors,
seaports and rivers.
23 pp.
York, C. D. Wynkoop, 1871.
Barlow (John R.) John's trip, or a visit to
Niagara. A serio-comic poem, in four cantos.
96 pp. 8°. Niagara Falls, W. Pool, 1871.


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