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Barlow (Thomas, d. d. bishop of Lincoln). | Barnes (Rev. Albert)-continued.

Genuine remains.

Containing divers dis

courses theological, philosophical, historical, &c. Publish'd from his lordship's original

claims of episcopacy. 251 pp. 16°.
delphia, Perkins & Purves, 1843.


An inquiry into the scriptural views of 120. Philadelphia, Per

slavery. 384 pp.
12 p. 1. 643 pp. 160. London, J.
Dunton, 1693.
kins & Purves, 1846.

Barnabas (Saint). The catholic epistle of st.
Barnabas. 120. [Oxford, 1840].

[In WAKE (William). The genuine epistles of the
apostolical fathers, pp. 222-248].

Barnabas (Pseudo-) Η φερομενη του άγιου βαρναβα αποστολου επιστολή καθολικη. Sancti Barnabæ apostoli (vt fertvr) epistola catholica. Hanc primum e tenebris eruit, notisque et obseruationibus illustrauit Hugo Menardus monachus Sancti Mauri in Gallia. Opvs posthvmvm. 7 p. 1. 246 pp. 1 1. 40. Parisiis, S. Piget, 1645.

[Note. It is not improbable that the author's name was Barnabas, and that the Alexandrian fathers

came to the precipitate conclusion that it was composed by the associate of Paul.-Smith's bib. dict.] Barnard (Charles). Gardening for money. How it was done, in flowers, strawberries, vegetables. 345 pp. 12°. Boston, Loring, [1869].


My ten-rod farm; or, how I became a florist.
The strawberry garden. How it was planted, what
it cost, what came of it, financially and sentiment-

John and Kate Wellson's successful experiment.
Farming by inches; or, "with brains, sir.'
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nellson's successful experiment.

The soprano: a musical story. By Jane Kingsford. [pseudon.] 179 pp. 120. Boston, Loring, [1869].

Barnard (Rev. John, of Marblehead, Mass b. 1681, d. 1770). Ashton's memorial. An history of the strange adventures, and signal deliverances, of mr. Philip Ashton, with a short account of mr, Nicholas Merritt. To which is added a sermon on Dan. 3, 17. 2 p. 1. 66 pp. 120. Boston, S. Gerrish, 1725.

A new version of the psalms of David ; fitted to the tunes used in the churches. With several bymns. 2 p. 1. 278 pp. 1 1. 16°. Boston, T. Leverett, 1752.

Two sermons: the christian's behaviour under severe and repeated bereavements, and the fatal consequence of a peoples persisting in sin. [Preached to the very reverend dr. Mather's church in the time of the measels, 1713, 14]. 1 p. 1. 68 pp. 16o. Boston,

[blocks in formation]

Life at three score and ten. [A sermon]. 148 pp. 16°. 16°. New York, American tract society, [1871].

Notes on the books of the new testament. See Bible. (English).

Practical sermons. 356 pp. 120. Philadelphia, H. Perkins, 1841.

The scriptural argument for episcopacy examined. [anon.] 172 pp. 18°. NewYork, Leavitt, Lord & co. 1835.

Sermons on revivals. With an introduction by rev. Joel Parker, d. d. 210 pp. 18°. New-York, J. S. Taylor & co. 1841. Barnum (Phineas Taylor). Struggles and triumphs: or, forty years' recollections of P. T. Barnum. Author's ed. (Biography complete to April, 1871.) 856 pp. 28 pl. 1 portrait. 8°. New York, American news co. 1871.

Barnum (Rev. Samuel W.) Romanism as it is an exposition of the roman catholic system, for the use of the american people; the whole drawn from official and authentic sources. 753 pp. 7 pl. 80. Hartford, (Conn.) Connecticut publishing co. 1871.

Baroni Cavalcabó (Clemente). L'impotenza del demonio di trasportare a talento per l'aria da un luogo all' altro i corpi umani dimostrata. Dove anche si dimostra l'impossibilità di volare con artifizio umano. xxiv, 142 pp. 8°. Rovereto, per il marchesani, 1753. Barrande (Joachim). Distribution des céphalopodes dans les contrées siluriennes. Extrait du syst. silur. du centre de la Bohême. v. 2. xviii, 480 pp. 89. Prague [et] Paris, l'auteur & éditeur, 1870.

S. Documents anciens et nouveaux sur la faune primordiale et le système taconique en Amérique. 8°. Paris, 1861.

S. [Extrait du bulletin de la société géologique de France. 2e s. t. 17. pp. 203-321. pl. 4-5].

Trilobites. Extrait du supplément au vol. 1 du système silurien du centre de la. Bohême. vi, 282 pp. 80. Prague [et]

[blocks in formation]


Barré (Guillaume)-continued.

statement of interesting transactions, until the renewal of hostilities in 1803. viii, 535 pp. 1 portrait. 8°. London, J. Cundee for T. Hurst, 1804.

Barre (W. L.) Lives of illustrious men of
America, distinguished in the annals of the
republic as legislators, warriors, and philos-
ophers. 906 pp. 28 portraits. 8°. Cincin-
nati, W. A. Clarke, 1859.

Barrell (George, jun.) The pedestrian in
France and Switzerland. 312 pp. 129. New
York, G. P. Putnam & co. 1853.
Barrett (Rev. Benjamin F.) Episcopalianism.
In three parts. 180 pp. 16. Philadelphia,
J. B. Lippincott & co. 1871.

The golden reed; or, the true measure of a true church. 311 pp. 120. New York, D. Appleton & co. 1855.

Life of Emanuel Swedenborg, with some account of his writings. vii, 160 pp. 120. New York, S. Colman, 1841.

The new view of hell. Showing its nature, whereabouts, duration, and how to escape it. 215 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & co. 1872. Barrett (J. O.) Looking beyond: a souvenir of love to the bereft of every home. 101 pp. 120. Boston, W. White & co. 1871.

The spiritual pilgrim: a biography of
James M. Peebles. 303 pp. 1 portrait. 8°.
Boston, W. White & co. 1871.

Barrière (Théodore) and Sardou (Victorien).
A nervous set. Comedy in three acts. Trans-
lated from the french by S. M. Quincy, for
the Boston amateur dramatic club. 96 pp.
120. Boston, Rand, Avery & Frye, 1870.
Barros (Alonso de). Proverbi morali. Tra-
dotti in italiano dal Alessandro Adimari.
Col testo spagniolo a rincontro. 172 pp. 21.
18°. Firenze, Zanobi Pignoni, 1622.
Barros Arana (Diego). Compendio de histo-
ria de America. Partes i. (1) ii. America in-
dijena. Descubrimiento i conquista. iv, 410
pp. 80. Santiago, Ferrocarril, 1865.


Historia de la independencia de Chile durante los años 1811-12. 8°. Santiago, imprenta nacional, 1866.


[VALENZUELA (J. S.) Historia jeneral de Chile. v. 1, pp. 267-471]. Barrows (Rev. E. P. d.d.) Sacred geography and antiquities. 685 pp. 22 pl. 5 maps. 120. New York, American tract society, [1871]. Barruel (Auguste, abbé). The history of the clergy during the french revolution. xxiv,


Barruel (Auguste, abbé)-continued.
396 pp. 8°. Dublin, H. Fitzpatrick for P.
Wogan, 1794.

Barry (Charles A.) How to draw. Six letters
to a little girl on the elementary principles of
drawing. 57 pp. 160. Boston, J. R. Os-
good & co. 1871.

Barry (Herbert). Russia in 1870. xii, 418 pp.
120. London, Wyman & sons, 1871.
Barry (P.) Barry's fruit garden. Revised,
enlarged, and newly electrotyped. Illus-
trated. 491 pp. 120. New York, O. Judd
& co. [1872].

Barteau's new and improved sunday-school
secretary's record. 1 p. 1. 105 1. [blank].


8°. New York, Carlton & Lanahan, [1872]. Barth (Heinrich). Sammlung und bearbeitung central-afrikanischer vokabularien. Collection of vocabularies of central-african languages. Parts 1-3. cccxxxiv, 295 pp. 8°. Gotha, J. Perthes, 1862-66. Barthe (Abbé Eduard). Monument to the glory of Mary. Litany of the most Holy Virgin, accompanied with meditations. Translated from the french by an unworthy daughter of st. Joseph. 292 pp. 120. Philadelphia, P. F. Cunningham, 1871. Barthélemy (Jean Jacques).

Carite and

Polydorus. To which is prefixed, a treatise on morals. With the life of the author. xiv, 213 pp. 1 portrait. 16°. London, Otridge Barthez (Paul Joseph). Nouveaux élémens & son, 1799. de la science de l'homme. 2e éd. 2 v. 4 p. 1. 304, 238 pp; 2 p. 1. 339, 244 pp. 8°. Paris, Goujon, 1806.

Bartholin (Albert). De scriptis Danorum, liber posthumus, auctior editus à fratre Thoma Bartholino. 6 p. 1. 150 pp. 16o. Hafnia, P. Haubold, 1566. Bartholomew (Elder Jacob B.) A chronological chart of the old and new testaments. 1 1. folded. 8°. [Eagleville (0.) 1871]. Bartholomew (John). The handy atlas, consisting of maps of modern geography of all countries, embracing all the latest discoveries and changes in boundaries, and maps of ancient and historical geography. 2 p. l. 38 col. maps. 42 pp. 8°. Chicago, Callaghan, Cockcroft & Warren, 1871. Bartholow (Roberts, m. d.) Spermatorrhœa: its causes, symptoms, results, and treatment. 3d ed. vipp. 3 1. 120 pp. 120. New York, W. Wood & co. 1871.


Bartlett (David W.) Cases of contested elections. Washington, 1870. See United States. Congress. Digest of election cases. Bartlett (Elisha, m. d.) The history, diagnosis, and treatment of typhoid and of typhus fever; with an essay on the diagnosis of bilious remittent and of yellow fever. xvi, 393 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, Lea & Blanchard, 1842. Bartlett (Rev. Thomas). Memoirs of the life, character, and writings, of Joseph Butler, late lord bishop of Durham. xxiv, 526 pp. 1 por

trait. 8°. London, J. W. Parker, 1839. Bartley (James Avis). Lays of ancient Virginia, and other poems. 204 pp. 120. Richmond, J.W. Randolph, 1855.

Bartol (Rev. Cyrus Augustus). Pictures of Europe, framed in ideas. 2d ed. 2 p. 1. 407 pp. 120. Boston, Crosby, Nichols & co. 1856. Radical problems. 2 p. 1. 407 pp. 120. Boston, Roberts brothers, 1872. Barton (Rev. John). Perils of popery, especially considered with reference to the United States of America. 2 p.1. 236 pp. 16°. Cincinnati, H. W. Derby & co. 1845. Barton (Richard). Farrago, containing essays, moral, philosophical, political, and historical: on Shakespeare, truth, boxing, kings, religion, commerce, governments, politeness, ennui, ingratitude, fortune, politics, &c. Abstracts and selections on various subjects. [anon.] 4 p. 1. 414 pp. 80. Tewksbury, Dyde & son, 1792.

Baruffaldi (Girolamo, juniore). Della tipografia ferrarese dall' anno mcccclxxi. al md. 96 pp. 8°. Ferrara, G. Rinaldi, 1777.

La vita di m. Lodovico Ariosto. 323 pp. 1 portrait. 4. Ferrara, pe' socj. bianchi e negri stamp. del seminario, 1807. Bascom (John). Esthetics; or, the science of beauty. vii, 268 pp. 120. New York and Chicago, Woolworth, Ainsworth & co. 1872.

Political economy: designed as a textbook for colleges. 366 pp. 120. Andover, W. F. Draper, 1859.

Science, philosophy, and religion. Lectures delivered before the Lowell institute, Boston. iv, 311 pp. 12°. New York, G. P. Putnam & sons, 1871. Bashfulness cured: ease and elegance of manner quickly gained. [anon.] 45 pp. 18°. New York, S. Conly, 1872. Basilius Valentinus (pseudon?) Les douze

clefs de philosophie de Basile Valentin. L'azoth, ou le moyen de faire l'or caché des

[blocks in formation]

[In SALMON (Guillaume). Bibliothèque des philosophes chimiques. 1741. v. 3, pp. 1-180. Note.-Andreas Solea is given in Jöcher as the real name of this alchemist; but all the best recent authorities give the name as above].

Basket (A) of barley loaves. By the author of "The high mountain apart." [anon.] 152 pp. 16o. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, [1870]. Basnage (Benjamin). De l'éstat visible et invisible de l'église. Servant de résponse à la demande, où estoit votre église, et de la parfaite satisfaction de Iésus Christ contre la fable du purgatoire. 8 p. 1. 279 pp. 160. La Rochelle, Z. Le Cordier, 1614.

Bastian (F.) Les abeilles. Traité théorique et pratique d'apiculture rationnelle. 3 p. 1. iii, 328 pp. 16°. Paris, librairie agricole de la maison rustique, 1868. Bastiat (Frédéric). Sophisms of the protectionists. Part i. Sophisms of protectionfirst series. Part ii. Sophisms of protection— second series. Part iii. Spoliation and law. Part iv. Capital and interest. Translated from the Paris edition of 1863. [By Horace White]. 3d ed. 1 p. 1. xvi, 398 pp. 16°. New York, American free trade league, 1871. Baston (William). Metrum de praelio apud Bannockburn. 8 pp. 40. Edinburgi, apud R. Fribarnium, 1740.

[With MAJOR (John). Historia Majoris Britanniæ, 1740]. Batchelder (James L.) Societyism and its evils. The instrumentality of individuals and churches in the world's evangelization. By a Chicagoan. [anon.] 52 pp. 120. Chicago, Western news co. 1871. Bateman (Horatio). Biographies of two hundred and fifty distinguished national men. 1st ed. v. i. 5 p. l. xii, 250, 3 pp. 120. New York, J. T. Giles & co. 1871. Bateman (Newton). Eighth biennial report of the superintendent of public instruction. 1869-70. See Illinois (State of). Bates (Samuel P.) History of Pennsylvania volunteers, 1861-5. v. 4. 8°. Harrisburg, state printer, 1870.

Lectures on mental and moral culture. 319 pp. 120. New York, A. S. Barnes & Burr, 1860. Bates (Thomas). The history of improved short-horn cattle, from the notes of the late Thomas Bates. See Bell (Thomas).


Bath (The) and Bristol magazine; or, western miscellany. v. 2-3. 1833-34. 8°. Bath, E. Collings, 1833-34.

Bathurst (Rev. Henry, ll. b.) Memoirs of the late dr. Henry Bathurst, lord bishop of Norwich. 2v. xvi, 354 pp; 2 p. 1. 356 pp. 8°. London, A. J. Valpy, 1837.


Bauer (Georg Lorenz). The theology of the old testament; or, a biblical sketch of the religious opinions of the ancient Hebrews. From the earliest times to the commencement of the christian era. Extracted and translated from the Theologie des alten testaments vii, 166 pp. 8°. London, C. Fox, 1838.

Bathurst (Ralph, m. d.) Literary remains. Bauer (Jacob). Gründlicher unterricht in der 296 pp. 8°. [London, 1761].

[With WARTON (Thomas). The life and literary remains of Ralph Bathurst].

Batjin (Nicolas). Histoire de l'empereur Napoléon ier surnommé : le grand. 2 v. 660 pp. 3 pl; 640 pp. 8°. Londres, Dulau et cie. 1867.

Batkins (Jefferson S. pseudon.) Life of Jef-
ferson S. Batkins, member from Cranberry
Centre. Written by himself, assisted by the
author of the "Silver spoon." [pseudon.]
496 pp. 1 portrait. 8°. Boston, A. K. Loring,

Battle (The) of the sexes. See Wesley (Rev.


Bauclair. See Beauclair (P. L.)
Baudelot de Dairval (Charles César).
l'utilité des voyages, et de l'avantage que la
recherche des antiquitéz procure aux sçavans.
2v. 9 p.1. 361, xix pp. 11; 3 p. 1. 361-732 pp.
91. 16°. Paris, P. Auboüin & P. Emery,


obstbaumzucht. Ein hand- und hausbuch für landwirthe und landschullehrer. xx, 259 pp. 2 pl. 16°. Heidelberg, C. F. Winter, 1833. Bauhin (Caspar). De hermaphroditorum monstrosorumą: partuum natura ex theologorum, jureconsultorum, medicorum, philosophorum, & rabbinorum sententia, libri duo hactenus non editi. 32; 572 pp. 120. Oppenheimi, typis H. Galleri, are J. T. de Bry, 1614. [Eng. title and portrait of author on the 2d page. Title at the bottom reads Francofvrti, excudebat M. Becker impensis I. T. & I. I. de Bry, frat. 1600]. Baumann (Nicholas). Reynard the fox. A burlesque poem from the low-german original of the fifteenth century. [anon.] 202 pp. 120. Boston, De Vries, Ibarra & co. 1865.

The same. Le roman du renard, traduit pour la première fois d'après un texte flamand du xiie siècle édité par J. F. Willems; augmenté d'une analyse de ce qu'ont écrit, au sujet des romans français du Renard, Legrand-d'Aussy, Robert, Raynouard, Saint Marc Girardin, Prosper Marchand, etc. Par Octave Delepierre. 2 p. 1. iii, 335 pp. 80. Paris, Challamel, [1837]. Baumbach (Adolph). Baumbach's new collection of sacred music. 219 pp. obl. 4°. Chicago, Lyon & Healy, [1871].

Baudens (Jean Baptiste Louis). La guerre de Crimée, les campements, les abris, les ambulances, les hôpitaux, etc. 2e éd. 3 p.1. 412 pp. 160. Paris, M. Lévy frères, 1858. Baudier (Dominique). Oratio fvnebris dicta honori & memoriæ maximi virorum Iosephi Ivsti Scaligeri. 23 pp. 4°. Lvgdvni Bata-Baumhauer (Maria Matthias von). IIɛpi τns

vorvm, apud L. Elzevirium & A. Cloncquium, 1609.

[With HEINSIUS (D.) In obitum v. illustr. I. Scali

Baudius. See Baudier.
Baudrand (Michel Antoine). Geographia or-
dine litterarum disposita. 2 v. in 1. 12 p. 1.
688 pp; 696 pp. 11. fol. Parisiis, apud S.
Michalet, 1681-2.

Bauer (Eduin). Allgemeine predigtsammlung
aus den werken der vorzüglichsten kanzel-
redner; zum vorlesen in landkirchen wie
auch zur häuslichen erbauung. 3 v. 8°.
Leipzig, F. U. Brockhaus, 1841–44.


v. 1. Evangelien predigten auf alle sonn- und festtago des jahres. 1841.

v. 2. Epistelpredigten auf alle sonn- und festtage des jahres. 1843.

v. 3. Predigten über freie texte auf alle sonn- und festtage des jahres. 1844.

ευλογου ἐξαγωγης. Veterum philosophorum præcipue stoicorum doctrina de morte voluntaria. 4 p. 1. 392 pp. 8°. Trajecti ad Rhenum, tppis mandavit N. van der Monde, 1842.

Disquisitio historico-juridica et critica de morte voluntaria. 2. p. 1. 262 pp. 11. 8°. Trajecti ad Rhenum, typis mandavit N.van der Monde, 1843.

[With his Περι της ευλόγου ἐξαγωγης. Trajecti ad Rhenum, 1842].

Bausset (Cardina! Louis François de). Histoire de Bossuet, évêque de Meaux, composée sur les manuscrits originaux. 2e éd. revue et corrigée. 4 v. 89. Versailles, J. A. Lebel, 1819.

Bavaria. (K. statistisches bureau). Die volks

zählung im königreiche Bayern vom 3. Dezember 1867. 1. theil. Aufnahme der be



völkerung nach den verabredungen des zollvereins mit hinweisung auf die resultate der früheren zählungen seit 1834 und der bewegung der bevölkerung von 1834 bis 1867, nebst einer kartographischen darstellung der dichtigkeit der bevölkerung. Summarischer ueberblick der religionsangehörigkeit der bevölkerung. Mit einer einleitung von dr. Georg Mayr. xxxii, 37 pp. 1 map. fol. München, k. statistisches bureau, 1868.

[XX. heft der beiträge zur statistik des königreichs Bayern].

Verzeichniss der gemeinden des königreichs Bayern nach dem stande der bevölkerung im Dezember 1867, mit ausscheidung nach familien, geschlecht und religionsverhältnissen. vi, 265 pp. 11. 8°. München, J. Gotteswinter & Mössel, 1869.


[XXI. heft der beiträge zur statistik des königreichs Bayern].

Baxter (James). Technics for piano-forte. 64 pp. obl. 8°. Friendship (N. Y.) J. C. Crandall, 1870.

Technics for voice. 64 pp. obl. 8°. Friendship (N. Y.) Baxter university of music, [1871].

Baxter (Rev. Joseph). The duty of a people to pray to and bless God for their rulers. A sermon preached before the governour, council and representatives of Massachusetts-Bay, May 31, 1727. Being the day for the election of his majesty's council. 2 p. 1. 36 pp. 16°. Boston, B. Green, 1727.


Baxter (Lydia). Gems by the wayside; or, religious and domestic poems. 283 pp. portrait. 120. New York, Sheldon, Lamport & Blakeman, 1855.

Baxter (Rev. Richard). A call to the unconverted. 180. [New York, 1818].

[In ALLEINE (Rev. Joseph). The solemn warnings of the dead, pp. 183-288].

Paraphrase on the new testament. See Bible. (English).

and Alleine (Mrs. Theodosia). Life and death of the rev. Joseph Alleine, written by the rev. Richard Baxter, his widow, mrs. Theodosia Alleine, and other persons. [Also], his christian letters, full of spiritual instructions. With a preface by Alexander Duff, d. d. From the last Edinburgh ed. 275 pp. 129. New York, R. Carter, 1840. Baxter (R. Dudley). National debts. Partly read before the British association, at Liver

pool. 2d ed. iv, 139 pp. 1 tab. 80. London, R. J. Bush, 1871.


Bayer (Carl Robert). See Byr. Bayle (Antoine Laurent Jessé). An elementary treatise on anatomy. Translated from the 4th edition of the french. By A. Sidney Doane, m. d. viii, 10-470 pp. 180. New York, Harper & brothers, 1837.

and Hollard (Henri). A manual of general anatomy, containing a concise description of the elementary tissues of the human body. From the french. By S. D. Gross, m. d. X, 272 2 pp. 80. Philadelphia, J. Grigg, 1828. Bayle (Pierre). Projet et fragmens d'un dictionnaire critique. [anon.] 20 p. 1. 400 pp. 41. 8°. Rotterdam, R. Leers, 1692. Bayle (Abbé, of Aix). The pearl of Antioch. A picture of the east at the end of the fourth century. 129. 355 pp. 1 pl. Baltimore, Kelly, Piet & co. 1871.

Bayley (Rev. John). Marriage as it is and as it should be. 175 pp. 120. New York, M. W. Dodd, 1857.

Bayne (Peter). Essays in biography and crit

icism. Second series. 392 pp. 120. Boston, Gould & Lincoln, 1858. Bazancourt (César, baron de). Cinq mois au camp devant Sébastopol. 2e éd. 2 p.1. xxvii, 250 pp. 16°. Paris, Amyot, 1855. Bazin (Antoine Pierre Louis). Théatre chinois ou choix de pièces de théatre composées sous les empereurs mongols, traduites pour la première fois sur le texte original. 2 p. 1. lxiii, 409 pp. 1 1. 80. 8°. Paris, l'imprimerie royale, 1838. Bazin de Raucou (Anaïs). Notes historiques sur la vie de Molière. 2e éd. revue et augmentée. ix, 179 pp. 16°. Paris, Techener, 1851.

The science record for Beach (Alfred E.) 1872. A compendium of scientific progress and discovery during the past year. 400 pp. 4 pl. 120. New York, Munn & co. 1872. Beach (Elizabeth T. Porter). Pelayo: an epic of the olden time. 424 pp.7 pl. 120. New York, D. Appleton & co. 1864. Beach (Rev. John). An appeal to the unprejudiced, in a supplement to the vindication of the worship of God according to the church of England. 106 pp. 16o. Boston, 1737. [HAZARD pamphlets, v. 15].

A sermon, shewing that eternal life is God's free gift, bestowed upon all men who obey the gospel, and that free grace and free will concur in the affair of man's salvation.

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