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Vergilio (Polidoro)-continued. beginnyng of the same. Compendiously gathered by Thomas Langley. b. l. 8 p. 1. unp. cliii [clvi], 11 1. 16°. London, Richarde Grafton, 1546.

The same. Les mémoires et histoire de l'origine, invention et autheurs de choses. Faicte en latin : & traduicte par Francoys de Belle-Forest. Auec vne table tres-ample. [1re éd. complète]. 56 p. 1. 863 pp. 120. Paris, Robert Le Mangnier, 1576. Note.-At the end are Commentaires sur l'oraison dominicale].

Ver Mehr (Rev. I. L.) Checkered life: an autobiography. 340 pp. 129. Boston, Walker, Wise & co. 1864.

Vermiglioli (Giovanni Battista). Opusculi, ora insieme raccolti con quattro decadi di lettere inedite di alcuni celebri letterati italiani defonti nel secolo xix. 4 v. 8°. Perugia, tipografia baduel, 1825-26. Vermont (State of). Journal of the proceedings of the constitutional convention of the people of Vermont, at Montpelier, 1870. Printed by authority. 75, iii pp. 89. Burlington, Free press print, 1870.


2 V.

Journal of the senate and house of representatives. Biennial session. 1870. 80. Montpelier, 1871.

Vermont legislative documents and official reports, made to the biennial session of the general assembly, 1870-71. 4 docs. in 1 v. 8°. Montpelier, 1870. Vermont (Walton's) register, farmer's almanac, and business directory, for 1872. 190 pp. 160. Claremont (N. H.) The Claremont manufacturing co. 1872.

Vermont (The) historical society. Collec

tions. Prepared and published by the printing and publishing committee. v. 2. 80. Montpelier, printed for the society, 1871.


Negotiations between Vermont and Frederick Haldimand, governor of Canada; with contemporaneous documents. 1779-1783.

Vermont as a sovereign and independent state. 17831791.

The early eastern boundary of New York, a twenty mile line from the Hudson.

Vernes (Théodore). Naples et les napolitains. 2e éd. 2 p. 1. 318 pp. 129. 12°. Paris, M. Lévy frères, 1860. Vernon (Edward, admiral r. n.) Original papers relating to the expedition to Carthagena. [anon.] 2 p. 1. 154 pp. 1. 154 pp. 8°. London, M. Cooper, 1744. Vernon (Ruth, pseudon.) See Ram (Stopford J.)


Vernon (William H.) A methodical treatise on the cultivation of the mulberry tree, on the raising of silk worms, and on winding the silk from the cocoons. 174 pp. 4 pl. 8°. Boston, Hilliard, Gray & co. 1828. Véron (Louis Désiré). Cinq cent mille francs de rente. Roman de moeurs. 2e éd. 2 v. 2 p. 1. 347 pp. 11; 2 p. 11; 2 p. 1. 389 pp. 1 1. 89. Paris, librairie nouvelle, 1855. Verral (Charles). The pleasures of possession; or, the enjoyment of the present moment contrasted with those of hope and memory. A poem. xv, A poem. xv, 112 pp. 16°. London, C. Rickman, 1810.

Verri (Pietro). Opere filosofiche. Ed. novissima, riveduta ed accresciuta. 2 v. xxviii, 251 pp; viii, 287 pp. 16°. Parigi, G. C. Molini, 1784.

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Vertot (René Aubert de Vertot d'Aubeuf, known as the abbé de). The character of Augustus, with a comparison between his two ministers, Agrippa and Macenas. 4°. [London, 1740].

[In TURNBULL (George). Three dissertations, 1740, pp. 3-19]. Verviers (France). Ville de Verviers. Catalogue méthodique de la bibliothèque publique


communale. Par J. Lejeune. xvi, 194 pp. 80. Verviers, A. Remacle, 1868. Verweij (Bernardus). De avond des levens. Herinneringen bij het uitzigt op de eeuwigheid. 1 portrait, viii, 192 pp. 80. Amsterdam, G. Portielje, 1825.

Evangeliesch avondmaals boekje, voor protestantsche christenen. 2e druk. 1 p. 1. viii, 240 pp. 18°. Gravenhage, weduwe J. Allart, 1825.

Gedenk te sterven. Overdenkingen tot nuttige herinnering en christelijke voorbereiding van den dood. 1 p. 1. viii, 214 pp. 1 1. 80. Amsterdam, G. Portielje, 1827. Veweij or Verwey (Johann). Nova via docendi graeca, in qua tribus declinationibus, & duabus con jugationibus omnis flexio: facili ratione omnis litterarum, syllabarum, quantitatum, accentuum, licentiæ poëticæ, necnon



Verweij (Johann)-continued. construendi & investigandi ratio traditur & explicatur. [Accedit] index vocum græcarum R. Ketelii. 44, 378 pp. 101 1. unp. 4 tab. 80. Amsteladami, apud G. & J. de Groot, 1765.

Veteres scriptores de re militari. 78 1. unp. fol. Bononia, Plato de Benedictis, 1496. [Imperfect: Aelianus de instruendis aciebus, 19 1. and prefatory leaf of Modestus, wanting].


FRONTINUS (Sextus Julius). De re militari.
MODESTUS. Libellus de vocabulis rei militaris.
VEGETIUS (Flavius). De re militari.

Vettori (Vittore). Le rime piacevoli del dottor fisico Vittore Vettori da esso novellamente rifatte, corrette, e ridotte alla loro vera lezione con molte giunte. 284 pp. 1 portrait. 8°. Mantova, G. Ferrari, 1755. Veuillot (Louis). Les odeurs de Paris. 3e éd. xviii, 472 pp. 12°. Paris, Palmé, 1867. Veyssière de La Croze (Mathurin). See LaCroze.

Vick (James). Vick's illustrated catalogue and floral guide for 1872. 120 pp. 2 col. pl. 1 portrait. 89. Rochester, [1871]. Victim (The) of indulgence: by a teacher of youth, for the amusement and instruction of her pupils. [anon.] 146 pp. 16°. Boston, Hilliard, Gray & co. 1832.

Victims (The) of gaming; being extracts from the diary of an american physician. [anon.]. 172 pp. 160. Boston, Weeks, Jordan o co. 1832.

Victor (C. Julius). Ars rhetorica Hermago

rae, Ciceronis, Quintiliani, Aquilii, Marcomanni, Tatiani. 8°. [Turici, typis Orellii, 1833].

[In CICERO (M. T.) Opera quae supersunt omnia ex recensione I. C. Orellii, v. 5, part 1, pp. 195– 267].

Victor (Mrs. Metta Victoria Fuller). Mormon wives; a narrative of facts stranger than fiction. xii, 25-326 pp. 12o. New York, Derby & Jackson, 1856.

Parke Madison: or, fashion the father of intemperance, as shown in the life of the senator's son. vii, 291 pp. 120. Auburn and Buffalo, Miller, Orton & Mulligan, 1855. Victoria (Pedro Goveo de). See Goveo de

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Victoria (British colony of)---continued. bourne observatory, in the years 1866, 1867 and 1868, under the direction of Robert L. J. Ellery. Published by authority of the government. xxi, 182 pp. 8°. Melbourne, Mason, Frith & co. 1869. Victorinus afer (C. or Fabius Marius). Expositio in rhetorica Ciceronis [libris duobus]. 80. Turici, typis Orellii, 1833].

[In CICERO (Marcus Tullius). Opera quae supersunt omnia ex recensione I. C. Orellii, v. 5, part 1, pp. 1-182].

Victorinus petavionensis. A fragment on the creation of the world. [And] Commentary on the apocalypse of the blessed John. 8°. Edinburgh, T. § T. Clark, 1870. [ANTE-NICENE christian library, v. 18, pp. 388-433]. Vida (Marco Girolamo). Il sileno, dialogo, Nel quale si discorre della felicità de' mortali, & si conclude, che tra tutte le cose di questo mondo l'amante fruisca solo la uera, & perfetta beatitudine humana. Insieme con le sue rime, & conclusioni amorose. Et con l'interpretatione del sig. Ottonello de' Belli sopra il medesimo dialogo. 8 p. 1. 112 pp. 160. Vicenza, appresso G. Greco, [1589]. Scacchia ludus. Scacchias übersetzt von J. F. W. Koch. 80. Magdeburg, W. Heinrichshofen, 1814.

[In KOCH (J. F. W.) Codex der schachspielkunst, v. 2, pp. 363-405].

Poems on divine subjects, original and translated from the latin of M. Hieron. Vida. With large annotations more particularly concerning the being and attributes of God. By Tho. Morell. 2d ed. x, 288 pp. 1 portrait. 8°. London, E. Owen, 1736.

The poetics of Marcus Hieronymus Vida, bishop of Alba; with translations from the latin of dr. Lowth, mr. Gray and others. By John Hampson. 3 p. 1. xxiv, 256 pp. 8°. Sunderland, T. Reed, 1793.

The silk-worms. A poem. In two books. Translated from the latin. [By John Rooke]. 3 p. 1. 80 pp. 80. London, 1725.

[ROOKE (John). Select translations, part 3, 1726].

Vidal de Figueroa (Dr. Joseph). Sermon a la dedicacion del templo de San Bernardo, el primera dia de su octava. 6 1. sm. 4°. [ Mexico, viuda de F. R. Lupercio, 1691]. [In RAMIREZ DE VARGAS (A.) Sagrado patron y panegyricos sermones, etc.]

Vidaver (Rev. H. d. d.) Abridged school and family bible in hebrew and english. 1871. See Bible. (Hebrew and english).


Vidocq (Eugène François). Les voleurs, physiologie de leurs moeurs et de leur langage. 2 v. in 1. lxviii, 299 pp. 1 portrait. 397 pp. 8°. Paris, l'auteur, 1837. [Note,-Quérard observes that Vidocq furnished only the notes in this book, the main body of it being written by an unknown author].

Vie politique, littéraire et privée de Charles James Fox. [anon.] See Fell (Ralph). Vieira Transtagano (Antonio). Diccionario inglez e portuguez. 2a ed. mais correcta e accrescentada. 2 v. in 1. 188 1; 238 1. 8°. Londres, S. Nourse, 1782.

Vies des justes dans la profession des armes. [anon.] See Carron (Guy Toussaint Julien).

View (A) of the proceedings of the assemblies of Jamaica, for some years past. With


Villefranche (J. M.) Cineas; or Rome under Nero. Translated from the french. 398 pp. 120. Philadelphia, P. F. Cunningham, 1871.

Villegas (Francisco de Quevedo). See Quevedo Villegas.

189 pp.

Essay on the

189 pp. 129.


Bath, R.

Villette (C. L. de, pseudon?)
happiness of the life to come.
Bath, R. Cruttwell, 1794.
The same.
Cruttwell, 1800.
Villiers (George, 2d duke of Buckingham).
The rehearsal. 1672. With illustrations
from previous plays, etc. Carefully edited
by Edward Arber. 2 p. 1. 136 pp. 160.
London, A. Murray & son, 1868.
[ARBER'S english reprints, v. 5, no. 10].

some considerations on the present state of Villot (Frédéric). Notice des tableaux ex

that island. [anon.] vi, 42 pp. 120. London, 1716.

Vieyra. See Vieira.

Viguier (Abbé · prieur de Bornal). Lettres à m. [A. G.] de Orbigny, à Avallon. [Écrites de 1686 à 1700]. 12°. [Paris, Aubry, 1856].

[In PARIS. Société des bibliophiles françois. Mélanges, Ire partie, pp. 189-279]. Vilaplana (Hermenegildo). Historico, y sagrado novenario de la milagrosa imagen de nuestra señor del Pueblito, de la santa provincia de religiosas observantes de San Pedro, y San Pablo de Michoacan. 16 p. 1. 192 pp. 180. México, imprenta de la Bibliotheca mexicana, 1765.

Village (The) curate. See Hurdis (James, d. d.)

Villanueva (Joaquin Lorenzo). Vida literaria de du J. L. Villanueva, o memoria de sus escritos y de sus opiniones eclesiasticas y politicas, y de algunos sucesos notabiles de su tiempo. Con un appendice de documentos relativos a la historia del concilio de Trento. Escrita por el mismo. 2 v. xvi, 482 pp; viii, 470 pp. 8°. Londres, Dulau y ca. 1825. Villa-Señor y Sanchez (Joseph Antonio de). Theatro americano, descripcion general de los reynos, y provincias de la NuevaEspaña, y sus jurisdicciones. 2a parte. 6 p. 1. 428 pp. 51. 1 pl. fol. [México], la viuda de J. B. de Hogal, 1748.

[Part 1 wanting]. Villaviciosa (Joseph de). La moschea, poe

tica inuentiua en octaua rima. [ra ed.] 16 p. 1. 174, 21. 180. Cuenca, D. de la Iglesia, 1615.

posés dans les galeries du Louvre. See Paris. (Musée du Louvre).

Vincent (J. H. d. d.) The berean question book, for 1871. 139 pp. 24°. New York, Carlton & Lanahan, 1870.

Little footprints in bible lands; or, simple lessons in sacred history and geography. With an introduction, by rev. T. M. Eddy, d. d. 139 pp. incl. 7 maps. 129. New York, Carlton & Porter, [1861].

The wonders of fire and water; or talks with children about God's power, love and wisdom, as seen in fire and water. 125 pp. 9 pl. 189. New York, Carlton & Lanahan, 1870.

Wonders of the air; or simple illustrations of the wisdom and power of God as seen in the air. 123 pp. 7 pl. 180. New York, Carlton & Lanahan, 1870. Vincent (Rev. Nathaniel, d. 1697). The spirit of prayer. With an introductory essay, by Enoch Pond. 189 pp. 32°. Boston, Peirce & Parker, 1832. Vincentius Ferrerius (S.) See Ferrer (S. Vicente).

Vincentius lerinensis. Vincentivs lirinensis of the natioun of gallis, for the antiquitie and veritie of the catholik fayth, aganis ye prophane nouationis of al haereseis, a richt goldin buke writtin in latin about .xi.c.zeris passit, and neulie translatit in scottis be Niniane Winzet. Antverpiae, 1563. [Reprint]. 4°. [Edinburgh, 1835]. [MAITLAND club publications, no. 33, pp. 121–184]. Vinet (Alexandre Rodolphe). Vital christianity essays and discourses on the religions of man and the religion of God.


Vinet (Alexandre Rodolphe)---continued.
Translated, with an introduction, by Robert
Turnbull. 355 pp.
12o. Boston, Gould,
Kendall & Lincoln, 1845.
Vingut (Francisco Javier). The spanish
teacher: a practical method of learning the
spanish language on Ollendorff's system.
New edition, corrected and enlarged by Luis
F. Mantilla. 507 pp. 1 1.
11. 12°. New York,
G. R. Lockwood, 1871.

The same. Key to the spanish teacher.
New ed. revised by Luis F. Mantilla. 128 pp.
120. New York, G. R. Lockwood, 1871.
Vingut (Gertrude Fairfield de). Naomi Tor-
rente: the history of a woman.
275 pp. 1
portrait. 80. New York, J. Bradburn, 1864.
Vinta (Francesco). Carminvm libri ii. Ec-
loga i. 16°. Florentiæ, apvd Ivntas,1562.
[In CARMINA qvinqve hetrvscorvm poetarym, pp.

Virgilius Maro (Publius). The georgics of
Virgil; translated by William Sotheby. 5
p. l. 120 pp. 1 pl. 120. Middletown (Conn.)
I. Riley, New York, 1808.

Virgil's pastorals, translated into en glish prose; as also his georgicks, with

notes and reflections. To which is added an appendix. By James Hamilton. xvi, 123, 60 pp. 16o. Edinburgh, W. Cheyne,


Eclogas y georgica primera de Virgilio trasladadas por Luis de Leon. 16°. Valencia, J. T. Lucas, 1761.

[In LEON (L. P. de). Obras proprias, ed. 1761, pp. 75-127, 190-221].

Virgilius (Polydorus). See Vergilio (Polidoro).

2d ed. with
261 pp. 2 pl.

Virginia (The) house - wife.
amendments and additions.
120. Washington, Way & Gideon, 1825.
Virginia (The) literary museum and journal
of belles lettres, arts, sciences, &c. Edited
at the university of Virginia. v. 1. From
June 17, 1829, to June 9, 1830. 89. Char-
lottesville, F. Carr, 1830.

[Note.-No more published].
Virués y Spínola (José Joaquin de) and Cha-
luz de Vernevil (F. T. Alphonso). An
original and condensed grammar of harmo-
ny, counterpoint, and musical composition;
or, the generation of euphony reduced to
natural truth; preceded by the elements of
music. xxi, 502 pp. 7 tab. 8°. London,
Longman, Brown, Green and Longman, 1850.


Visit (A) to Nahant, being a sequel to the
Wonders of the deep. By a lady. [anon.]
196 pp. 180. New-York, General protestant
episcopal sunday school union, 1839.
Visitor's guide to Richmond and vicinity;
embracing a sketch of the city, social statis-
tics and notices of all places in and about
the city of interest to the tourist. [anon.]
50 pp. 4 pl. 1 map.
Richmond, B. J.
Bates, 1871.

[Note.-Probably by M. P. Handy, and W. H. Pleas-
Visits to aunt Clement; or, conversations on
the connections between the old and new tes-
taments. [anon.] 172 pp. 180. New York,
General prot. episcopal sunday school union,

Vita di Beatrice Cenci tratta dal manoscritto
antico, [anon.] con annotazioni sul processo
e condanna. [Dal giureconsulto Farinacci].
127 pp. sm. 40. Roma, Gianandrea e Chiassi,

Viviani (Viviano). Trattato del cvstodire la
sanità. 205 pp. 41. 180. Venezia, G. Piuti,
Vocabularius gemma gemmaru diligēter re-
uisus et castigatus per Wilhelmu Schaffner.
[anon.] b. l. 151 1. 4°. Lor, IV. Schaff-
ner, 1514.

[Note.-A latin-german dictionary, in rude gothic
type, 47 lines on a page, with title at end. First
leaf wanting].
Vogel (Dr. Hermann).

Handbook of the practice and art of photography. Revised and corrected by the author, and especially adapted for the United States. Translated from the german by Edward Moelling. 332 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, Benerman & Wilson, 1871.

Voiage du monde de Descartes. See Daniel

Voices (The) of the year; or, the poet's kal-
endar. Containing the choicest pastorals in
our language. [anon.] 544 pp. 3 pl. 8°.
London, C. Griffin & co. 1865.
Voigt (Johann Carl Wilhelm). Versuch einer
geschichte der steinkohlen, der braunkohlen
und des torfes, nebst anleitung, diese fossilien
kennen und unterscheiden zu lernen. 2 v.
xxiii, 308 pp; 3 p.1.197 pp. 2 1. 2 pl. 80.
Weimar, Hoffmann, 1802-05.

Voisin (C. Auguste). Documents pour servir à
l'histoire des bibliothèques en Belgique et de
leurs principales curiosités littéraires. 2 p. 1.
v, xvii, 350 pp.1 pl. 80. Gand, C. Annoot-
Braeckman, 1840.



Voisin (Félix, m.d.) Des causes morales et | Vordoni (Teresa Albarelli). Sermoni. 32 pp.
physiques des maladies mentales et de quel- 16°. Milano, G. Silvestri, 1826.

[blocks in formation]

The first two books of the history of
Charles the twelfth. With a double trans-

lation, for the use of students, on the hamil-
tonian system, and notes. 1 p. 1. xxvii, 218
pp. 89. London, Hunt & Clarke, 1827.


Micromegas: a comic romance:
severe satire upon the philosophy, ignorance,
and self-conceit of mankind. With a detail
of the crusades: and a new plan for the his-
tory of the human mind. Translated from
the french. 1 p. 1. 252 pp. 16°. London, D.
Wilson & T. Durham, 1753.
Voor-looper van d'hr Witte Cornelissz. de
With, admirael van de west-indische com-
pagnie, nopende den brasijlschen handel.
[anon.] 101. sm. 4°. [n. p.] Gedruckt
voor den verdruckten, anno 1650.
Voragine (Giacomo da Varaggio, or Jacopo
da). Legeda sctorque longbardica noïat.
hystoria. [Legenda aurea.] Incipit prolo-
gus in legendas sanctorum quas collegit in
vnvm frater Jacobus ianuensis de ordine pre-
dicatorum. [In fine]: Finit lombardica hys-
toria p. mandata Anthonii Koburger Nuren-
berge impressa anno salutis mcccclxxxij. kl.
octob. b.l. 1 1. unp. 183 1. pag. fol. Nu-
remberge, Anth. Koburger, 1482.
[Note.-In two columns each of 54 lines. Gothic
type, without signatures, or catchwords].

Vose (John, a.m.) A compendium of astron-
Stereotype ed. viii, 184 pp. 8 pl.
120. Boston, Carter, Hendee & co. 1834.


[blocks in formation]


Voyage (A) to Peru. 1745-49. See Courte
de la Blanchardière ( Abbé —).
Voyage (A) to the world of Cartesius.
Daniel (Gabriel).
Voyages and adventures of Jack Halliard, in
the arctic ocean. [anon.] 130 pp. sq. 16°.
Boston, Allen & Ticknor, 1833.
Voyages de Pythagore en Egypte. See Ma-
réchal (Pierre Sylvain).

Vitruvius Pollio (Marcus). Gvlielmi Philan-
dri castilionii in decem libros M. Vitruuii Pol-
lionis de architectura annotationes. See Phi-
landrier (Guillaume).

Vrye politijke stellingen, en consideratien van
staat, gedaen na der ware christenens even
gelijke vryheits gronden; strekkende tot een
rechtschape, en ware verbeteringh van staat,
en kerk.
Door een lief-habber van alle der
welbevoeghde borgeren. Het eerste deel.
[anon.] 4 p. 1. 44 pp. 2
. 21. sm. 4°. Amster-
dam, voor den autheur, 1665.
W. (A. M.) Patty Williams's voyage.


story almost wholly true. By A. M. W.
[anon.] 104 pp. 160. Boston, Walker, Wise
& co. 1861.

W. (E. A.) Ethel Linton; or, the Feversham
temper. [anon.] 317 pp. 160. Cincin-
nati, Hitchcock & Walden, 1871.

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