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Wilson (Henry, of N. Y.) Business directory, Wilson (Rev. Thomas, bishop of Sodor and

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Mudrá-Rakshasa, or the signet of the minister,
ascribed to Visakhadatta.
Ratnávali, or the necklace.

Wilson (James Patriot, d. d.) A free conversation on the unpardonable sin: wherein the blasphemy against the holy spirit, the final apostasy, and the sin unto death, are shown to have been originally distinct. 171 pp. 160. Philadelphia, Towar, J. & D. M. Hogan, 1830.

The primitive government of christian churches. Also, liturgical considerations. [With] the sermon, preached on the death of the author, by Thomas H. Skinner, d. d. xxxix, 372 pp. 1 portrait, 1 chart. 120. Philadelphia, French & Perkins, 1833. Wilson (John, prof. univ. Edinburgh, 17851854). Lights and shadows of scottish life, a selection from the papers of the late Arthur Austin. [pseudon. 1st ed.] viii, 430 pp. 120. Edinburgh, WV. Blackwood, 1822. Wilson (John, printer, 1802-68). A treatise on english punctuation; with an appendix. 20th ed. xii, 334 pp. 120. New York, Woolworth, Ainsworth & co. 1871.

Wilson (Rev. John G.) The sabbath and its lord, and the divine man. 180 pp. 2 pl. 120. Philadelphia, author, 1860.

Wilson (Joseph H.) An elementary algebra, for schools and academies. 240 pp. 12o, Philadelphia, Eldredge & brother, 1872. Wilson (Nathaniel). Outline of the flora of Jamaica. 8°. [London, 1869].

[IN GREAT BRITAIN. Treasury. Geological survey. Geology of Jamaica. Memoirs, appendix 2, pp. 263– 291]. Wilson (Rev. Thomas, puritan, d. 1621). Theologicall rules to gvide vs in the vnderstanding and practise of holy scriptures. Also ænigmata sacra, holy riddles; or misticall cases and secrets of diuinitie, with their resolutions. By T. W. [anon.] 2 v. in 1. 4 p. 1. 125 pp; 6 p. 1. 204 pp. 18°. E. Griffin for F. Burton, 1615. Imperfect v. 2 wants all after p. 204].


Man, 1663-1755). Parochialia: or, instructions to the clergy, in the discharge of their parochial duty. 152 pp. 120. New-York, T. & J. Swords, 1812.

Sacra privata. The private meditations and prayers of Thomas Wilson, accommodated to general use. 2d Cambridge ed. 138 pp. 160. Cambridge, [Ms.] Hilliard & Metcalf, 1808.

Wilson (William). A manual of instruction for infants' schools; with an engraved sketch of the area of an infants' school room and play ground,-of the abacus, of a scheme of instruction, and the tables of numbers. By H. Wm. Edwards. 222 pp. 6 pp. 1 pl. 120. New York, G. & C. & H. Carvill, 1830. Wilson (William Dexter, d. d.) The christian church; its constitution, principles, functions, and powers, as represented in the holy scriptures: [etc.] xii, 236 pp. Windsor, P. Merrifield, 1843.


Lectures on the psychology of thought and action, comparative and human. 300 pp. 8°. Ithaca, N. Y. Andrus, McChain & Lyons, 1871. Winchester (Rev. B.) Synopsis of the holy scriptures, and concordance, in which the synonymous passages are arranged together. Chiefly designed to illustrate the church of Jesus Christ, of latter-day saints. To which is added, as an appendix, an epitome of ecclesiastical history, etc. 256 pp. 240. Philadelphia, author, 1842.


Winckelmann (Johann Joachim). The history of ancient art, translated from the german, by G. Henry Lodge, m. d. v.3. 80. 350 pp. 18 pl. Boston, J. R. Osgood & co. 1872. Winebrenner (Rev. John). The church hymn book: comprising a choice collection of hymns, original and selected, for the use of public worship, and various other occasions, 846 pp. 18°. Harrisburg, Pa. by authority of the general eldership of the church of God, 1859.

A prayer meeting and revival hymn book. 2 p. 1. 360 1. 360 pp. 6 1. 32°. Harrisburg, J. & M. W. M'Kinley, 1825. Grammar of the Winer (Georg Benedict). chaldee language, as contained in the bible and the targums. Translated from the german by H. B. Hackett. 152 pp. 8°. Andover, Allen, Morrill & Wardwell, 1845.


Wines (Enoch Cobb, d. d.) An essay on temptation. 144 pp. 16°. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, [1865]. Letters to school-children. xii, 9-135 pp. 160. Boston, Marsh, Capen & Lyon,


A treatise on regeneration. 119 pp. 16°. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, [1863].

The true penitent portrayed in a practical exposition of the fifty-first psalm; to which is added the doctrine of repentance, as declared in Acts xvii, 30.

119 pp.


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Memoir of Mrs. Harriet L. Winslow, thirteen years a member of the american mission in Ceylon. 480 pp. 180. New York, American tract society, [1840]. Winslow (Octavius, d. d.) Christ ever with you. Illustrated by experiences drawn from the prayer-meeting, and field and hospital life. 144 pp. 180. New York, Board of publication of the reformed protestant dutch church, 1863.

Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publica- Winter (William). Edwin Booth in twelve

tion, [1864].

Winfield (W. S.) Hymns for christian worship; original, varied, and selected. 96 5 pp. 320. Cincinnati, Bosworth, Chase & Hall, 1871.

Wing (Rev. John). The saint's advantage : or the well-fare of the faithfvll, in the worst times. A sermon. 4 p. 1.79 pp. sm. 40. London, I. Dawson for 1. Bellamie, 1624. Wing (Vincent). Harmonicon coeleste: or, the cœlestiall harmony of the visible world: conteining an absolute and entire piece of astronomie. 1st ed. 12 p. 1. 309 pp. fol. London, R. Leybourn, for the company of stationers, 1651.

Winmann or Wynmann (Nicolas). Colymbetes, sive de arte natandi. 18°. [Lugd. Batavorum, 1644].

[In DISSERTATIONVM lvdicrarvm et amoenitatym scriptores varij, pp. 83-189].

Winnie and I. [anon.] 351 pp. 12°. New York, J. C. Derby, 1855.

Winnie and Walter; or, story-telling at thanksgiving. [anon.] 127 pp. 4 pl. 180. Boston, J. E. Tilton & co. 1861. Winnie and Walter's christmas stories. [anon.] 124 pp. 4 pl. 180. Boston, J. E. Tilton & co. 1861.

Winnie and Walter's evening talks with their father about old times. [anon.] 142 pp. 4 pl. 180. Boston, J. E. Tilton & co. 1861. Winslow (Hubbard, d. d.) The christian doctrine. 350 pp. 129. Boston, Crocker & Brewster, 1844.

Elements of intellectual philosophy. Designed for a text-book and for private reading. 414 pp. 120. Boston, Crocker S Brewster, 1850. Winslow (Miron, d. d.)

Hints on missions

to India: with notices of some proceedings of a deputation from the american board, and

128 pp.

dramatic characters. The portraits by W. J. Hennessy. The engraving by W. J. Linton. The biographical sketch by William Winter. Eng. title, 51 pp. 131. 12 pl. fol. Boston, J. R. Osgood & co. 1872, [1871]. My witness a book of verse. 16°. Boston, J. R. Osgood & co. 1871. Winter's (The) wreath for 1832. [anon.] 12 p. 1. 372 pp. 11 pl. 169. London, Whittaker, Treacher & co. [1831]. Winthrop (James). Prophetic part of the apocalypse in familiar language. See Bible. (English).



Winthrop (Theodore). Cecil Dreeme. pp. 120. Boston, Ticknor & Fields, 1861. Winzet (Ninian). Certane tractatis for reformatioun of doctryne and maneris in Scotland. [Edinburgi, 1562. Also, The buke of four scoir thre questions, tueching doctrine, ordour, and maneris. Antverpiae, 1563. And Vincentius lirinensis, for the antiquitie and catholik fayth. Neulie translatit in scottis be Niniane Winzet. Antverpiæ, 1663]. 4°. Reprinted, Edinburgh, Maitland club, 1835. [MAITLAND club publications, no. 33, pp. 1-119]. Wiscasset (Maine). Seaside oracle. Seaside oracle, Wiscasset monthly. Wisconsin state agricultural society. Transactions, with tabular abstracts of the reports of county agricultural societies. 1870. Prepared by J. W. Hoyt, secretary. 8°. Madison, Wis. state printers, 1871. Wise (Daniel, d. d.) Pleasant pathways; or, persuasives to early piety: explanations and illustrations of the beauty, safety, and pleasantness of a religious life. 285 pp. 2 pl. 16. New York, Carlton & Porter, [1860]. Wise (Henry). An analysis of one hundred voyages to and from India, China, etc. performed by ships in the East India company's service; with remarks on the advan

v. 9,


Wise (Henry)-continued.
tages of steam-power applied as an auxiliary
aid to shipping. To which is added a de-
scription of Melville's patent propellers. xxiv,
120 pp. 3 pl. 8°. London, author, 1839.
Wise (Henry Alexander). Seven decades of
the union. The humanities and materialism,
illustrated by a memoir of John Tyler, with
reminiscences of some of his great cotempo-
raries. The transition state of the nation-
its dangers and their remedy. 320 pp. 8°.
Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & co. 1872.
Wise. See Wyse.
Wisheart (Rev. William). Theologia; or,
discourses of God. Delivered in 120 ser-



v. 1. 512 pp. 8°. Paisley, [Eng.] J. Neilson for R. Reid, 1787. Wither (George). [Ivvenilia]. 16°. [London, R. Badger for R. Allot, 1633]. [Imperfect: wanting title-page].


Abuses stript and whipt: or, satyricall essayes.
2 books. 23 p. 1. pp. 1–278.
Prince Henries obsequies: or mournfull elegies upon
his death. 1 p. 1. pp. 281-318.

A satyre, written to the king's most excellent majes-
tie, when [the author] was prisoner in the Mar-
shalsey, for his first book. 1 p. 1. pp. 321–348.
Epithalamia. Or nvptiall poems. Vpon the mari-
age of prince Frederick, the fifth, count palatine,
and the princesse Elizabeth, 1612. 2 p. 1. pp. 353-

The shepheard's hunting. Being certain eglogues. 1 p. 1. pp. 379-444.

Fidelia. pp. 447-484.

A metricall paraphrase upon the creede; and upon
the Lord's prayer. 31.

Wither's motto. Nec habeo, nec careo, nec curo.
Illustrated. 401.

Faire-virtve, the mistresse of Phil'arete. 84 1.
A miscelany of epigrams, sonnets, epitaphs, &
such other verses, as were found written, with the
poeme aforegoing. 12 1.

The same. Ivvenilia. Poems contained in the collections of his Juvenilia which appeared in 1626 and 1633. A collection of those poemes which were heretofore imprinted, and written by George Wither. London, printed for Robert Allott, 1626. [Reprinted]. 1 v. in 3 parts. v, 941 pp. 3 pl. sm. 4°. London, Spenser society, 1871. [SPENSER Society publications. Issues, nos. 9, 10, 11].

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Withington (Leonard, d. d.) Solomon's song: translated and explained.

See Bible.
See Bible. (En-

Women's work

glish). Wittenmyer (Mrs. Anne). for Jesus. 240 pp. 16°. author, [1871]. Wittich (Wilhelm). A visit to the western coast of Norway. 216 pp. 16°. London, C. Cox, 1848.

Woburn (Mass.) The Woburn directory; containing a general directory of the citi zens, a business directory, and the town register, for the year commencing June 1st, 1871. 167 pp. 80. Woburn, J. L. Parker, [187]].

Wodhull (Michael). Poems. A revised edition. viii, 215 pp. 1 portrait. 89. London, Nichols & son, 1804.

Wolf (Johann). Taschenbuch der deutschen vögelkunde. 1810. See Meyer (Bernhard) and Wolf.

Wolf (Johann Christian). Mvliervm græcarvm qvæ oratione prosa vsæ svnt fragmenta et elogia, graece et latine, cvm virorvm doctorvm notis et indicibvs. Accedit catalogvs foeminarvm sapientia artibvs scriptisve apvd Graecos, Romanos aliasqve gentes olim illvstrivm. 4 p. 1. 466 pp. 5 1. 40. Londini, apvd I. Novrse, 1739.

Wolf (Rudolf ). Taschenbuch für mathematik, physic, geodasie und astronomie. xx, 270 pp. 6 pl. 16°. Bern, R. F. Haller, 1860.

Wolf. See Wolfe and Wolff.


Wolfe (J. M.) Guide, gazetteer, and directory of the Iowa divisions of the Illinois central; Dubuque southwestern; Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Minnesota; Central railroad of Iowa; Sioux city & Pacific; and Elkhorn & Missouri valley railroads. With historical notes, descriptions, statistics, &c. of the towns and cities on the respective roads. v. 2. 160. Dubuque, J. M. Wolfe, 1871.

Wolfersberger (G. A.) Tales for all seasons. 2 p. 1. 240 pp. 129. Philadelphia, Crissy S Markley, 1863.

Wolff (Christian). Der anfangs-gründe aller mathematischen wissenschafften erster theil, welcher einen unterricht von der mathematischen lehr-art, die rechen-kunst, geometrie, trigonometrie, und bau-kunst in sich enthält. 4e aufl. 9 p. 1. 510 pp. 1 portrait, 59 tab. 120. Franckfurt & Leipzig, Renger,



Wolff (Christian)--continued.

The same. Der anfangsgründe aller

mathematischen wissenschaften dritter theil welcher die optick, catoptrick und dioptrick, die perspective, die sphärische trigonometrie, astronomie, chronologie, geographie und gnomonick in sich enthält. 4e aufl. 2 p. 1. pp. 947-1542, 3 tab. 160. Halle im Magdeburgischen, Renger, 1730.

Wolff (Emil). Anleitung zur chemischen untersuchung landwirthschaftlich-wichtiger stoffe. 2e aufl. viii, 194 pp. 89. Stuttgart, G. Weise, 1867. s. Wolff (Jens). Sketches and observations taken on a tour through a part of the south of Europe. 6 p. 1. 251 pp. 40. London, W. Wilson, 1801.

Wolff (Rev. Joseph). Journal of Rev. Joseph Wolff, 1831. 70 pp. 8°. [London, J. Nisbet, 1831-33].

[With MORNING (The) watch. London, 1830-1833. v. 4-7].

Wollaston (Francis). A portraiture of the heavens, as they appear to the naked eye: constructed for the use of students in astron

omy. 21. 10 pl. fol. London, J. Cary,


Woman an enigma. See McIntosh (Maria J.)

Woman's (The) journal, [and Woman's advocate]. A weekly newspaper devoted to the interests of woman, [etc.] Mary A. Livermore, editor. Jan. 7 to Dec. 30, 1871. v. 2. fol. Boston, [H. B. Blackwell], 1871. Wonderful (The) lamp, or light for the dark

est path. [anon.] 239 pp. 2 pl. 180. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, [1860].

Wonderful (The) phials, and other stories. Translated from the french. By Anna. [anon.] 323 pp. 1 pl. 180. New York, M. W. Dodd, 1856.

Wonderful (The) stone, or the curse turned into blessing. [anon.] 284 pp. 4 pl. 18°. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, [1863].

Wonderful (The) travels of prince Fan-Fere

din. See Bougeant (Guillaume Hyacinthe). Wonder-maer (Dees) end' prophetsije wis, Door's geests gesicht gebooren is [etc. A political brochure on the proposed treaty between Spain and the Netherlands, 1608, commencing with 8 lines of verse. anon.] 81. sm. 40. [n.p.] 1608.



Wood (De Volson). A treatise on the resistance of materials, and an appendix on the preservation of timber. x, 246 pp. 8°. New York, J. Wiley & son, 1871. Wood (George B. m. d.) Introductory lectures and addresses, on medical subjects, delivered chiefly before the medical classes of the university of Pennsylvania. viii, 460 pp. 8. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & co. 1859. The same. 2d ed. viii, 476 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & co. 1872. Wood (Mrs. Henry, or Ellen Price). The castle's heir. A novel in real life. 260 pp. (incl. 10 pl.) 8°. Philadelphia, T. B. Peterson & brothers, [1863].

Dene Hollow. A novel. 1 p. 1. 19-262 80. Philadelphia, T. B. Peterson & brothers, [1871].


Verner's pride. A tale of domestic life. 373 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, T. B. Peterson & brothers, [1863].

Wood (James, d. d. 1799-1867). The gospel fountain, or the anxious youth made happy. 295 pp. 180. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, [1859].

Grace and glory, or the young convert instructed in the doctrines of grace. Being a sequel to "The gospel fountain." 317 pp. 180. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, [1859].

Memoir of John Matthews, d. d. 16°. [Philadelphia, 1864].

[In MATTHEWS (John, d. d.) The influence of the bible, etc. pp. 5–16].

Old and new theology. Also a review of Beman on the atonement, from the Biblical repository. 95 pp. 180. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, 1845.

Wood (John, editor). Mentor, or the american teacher's assistant. Essays from the most approved authors in the english language. Intended to [furnish]just models of composition. iii, 374 pp. 2 1. 16o. New York, J. Buell, for the author, 1795. Wood (Rev. John George). The common shells of the sea-shore. iv, 132 pp. 12 pl. 160. London, F. Warne & co. 1865. Wood (L. A.) John Bull's scientific (?) "man-machine," or american common. sense," vs. Huxley's paradoxical nonsense, by a West-yankee-elf." [anon.] 80 pp. 8°. Louisville, Ky. F. A. Crump & co. 1871. Wood (Lieut. Oliver E.) The West Point scrap book: a collection of stories, songs,

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Wood (Lieut. Oliver E.)-continued.
and legends of the u. s. military academy.
With original illustrations. 339 pp. 1 pl.
89. New York, D. Van Nostrand, 1871.
Wood (Mrs. R. H.) The sunday-school olio;
containing original dialogues and single
pieces for sunday-school exhibitions and sab-
bath evening concerts. 84 pp. 16o.
84 pp. 160. New
York, Carlton & Lanahan, [1871].
Wood's household magazine. Devoted to
knowledge, virtue and temperance. [Month-
ly]. Jan. to Dec. 1871. v. 8-9. 80. New-
burgh (N. Y.) S. S. Wood, [1871].
Woodbridge (William Channing). Modern
school geography, on the plan of comparison
and classification. 352 pp. 16°. Hartford,
Belknap & Hamersley, 1844.

Woodbury (Rev. Augustus). A narrative of
the campaign of the first Rhode Island regi-
ment, in the spring and summer of 1861. 4
p. 1. 260 pp. 1 pl. 1 portrait. 120. Providence,
S. S. Rider, 1862.
Woodbury (Isaac B) Harp of the south.

A new and complete collection of church
music, in five parts, [etc.] To which are
prefixed the elements of vocal music made
easy. 320 pp. obl. 8°. New York, Mason
& Law, [1853].

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Wooden (The) world dissected. See Ward (Edward).

Woodhull (Victoria C.) The origin, tendencies and principles of government: or, a review of the rise and fall of nations from early historic time to the present; with special considerations regarding the future of the United States as the representative government of the world and the form of administration which will secure this consummation. Also, papers on human equality, as represented by labor and its representative, money; and the meaning and significance of life from a scientific standpoint, with its prophecies for the great future. 2 p. 1. 247 pp. 1 portrait. 80. New York, Woodhull, Claflin & co. 1871. Woodhull and Claflin's weekly. Nov. 19, 1870, to May 13, 1871. v. 2. fol. New York, 1870-71.

Woodruff (Rev. Hezekiah).

Familiar dis

courses on the way of salvation. 226 pp. 1 portrait. 89. Ithaca, [N. Y.] Mack, Andrus & Woodruff, 1841. Woods (H.) The history of the presbyterian controversy, with early sketches of presbyterianism. 204 pp. 120. Louisville, N. H. White, 1843.


Woods (Leonard, d. d.) An examination of
the doctrine of perfection, as held by rev.
Asa Mahan, and others. 140 pp. 180. New
York, W. R. Peters, 1841.

Letters to Nathaniel W. Taylor, d. d. [On sin]. 114 pp. 8°. Andover, M. Newman, 1830.

Woods (Mrs. Margaret). Extracts from the
journal of the late Margaret Woods, from the
year 1771 to 1821. 2d ed. xii, 495 pp. 129.
London, J. & A. Arch, 1830.
Woodville; or, the anchoret reclaimed. A

descriptive tale. [anon. By Charles W.
Todd]? 1 p. l. ii, 278 pp. 12°. Knoxville,
T. author, 1832.

Woodville (Jennie, pseudon?) Left to her-
self. 311 pp. 120. Philadelphia, J. B. Lip-
pincott & co. 1872.
Woodward (Hezekiah). The cause, vse,

cure of feare. Or, strong consolations (the
consolations of God) cordiall at all times,
but most comfortable in these uncomfortable
times. 8 p. 1. 71 pp. sm. 4°. London, T.
Underhill, 1643.

Woodward (Josiah, d. d.) Eight sermons,
preached in 1710. fol. [London, 1739].
[BOYLE lectures, v. 2, pp. 491-564].

Fair warnings to a careless world, or
the serious practice of religion recommended
by the admonitions of dying men. [Also],
serious advice to a sick person, by arch-
bishop Tillotson. As also, A prospect of
death: a pindarique essay. 4th ed. 6 p. l.
166 pp. 1 1. 6 pl. 160. London, T. Long-
man, 1736.
Woodward (Samuel Bayard, m.d.) Hints for
the young, in relation to the health of body
and mind. [anon.] 2d ed. 95 pp. 320. Bos-
ton, W. D. Ticknor, 1838.
Wooler (Thomas J. editor). See Black (The)

Woolman (John). The journal of John Wool-
man. With an introduction by John G.
Whittier. viii, 315 pp. 160. Boston, J. R.
Osgood & co. 1871.
Woolnor (Henry). The trve originall of the
sovle. Proving both by divine and naturall
reason, that the production of mans soule is
neither by creation nor propagation, but a
certain meane way between both. By H. W.
b. d. [Edited by E. Palmer. 1st ed.] 6 p. 1.
335 pp. 21. 180. London, T. Paine & M.
Symmons, 1641.

Woolsey (Rev. Elijah). The supernumerary :
or, lights and shadows of itinerancy. Com-

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