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Bicknell (Alexander)--continued.

The life of Alfred the great, king of the Anglo-Saxons. xv, 404 pp. 1 portrait. 80. London, J. Bew, 1777. Bicknell (A. J.) Bicknell's village builder. Elevations and plans for cottages, villas, suburban residences, farm-houses, [etc.] also exterior and interior details for public and private buildings, with approved forms of contracts and specifications. Revised ed. 2 p. 1. 20 1. 57 pl. 4°. New York, A. J. Bicknell & co. 1872.

The same. Supplement to Bicknell's village builder, containing eighteen modern designs for country and suburban houses at moderate cost, with elevations, plans, sections, [etc.] 61. 20 pl. fol. New York, A. J. Bicknell & co. [1871]. Bielfeld (Jacob Friedrich von). The elements of universal erudition, containing an analytical abridgment of the sciences, polite arts, and belles letters, by baron Bielfeld. Translated from the last edition printed at Berlin, by W. Hooper, m. d. 3 v. 80. London, G. Scott for J. Robson, 1770. Bienewitz (Peter). Cosmographia Petri Apiani, per Gemmam Frisium, iam demum ab omnibus vindicata mendis, ac nonnullis quoque locis aucta, figurisque nouis illustrata: additis eiusdem argumenti libellis ipsius Gēmæ Frisii. 2 p. 1. 74 1. 1 pl. sm. fol. Parisiis, apud Viuantium Gaultherot, 1553. Biffi (Serafino). Sui riformatorj pei giovani. 4 p. 1. 189 pp. 11. fol. Milano, G. Bernardoni, 1870. Bigelow (Andrew). Travels in Malta and Sicily, with sketches of Gibraltar, in 1827. xxii, 528 pp. 6 pl. 8°. Boston, Carter, Hendee & Babcock, 1831. Bigelow (Henry Jacob, m. d.) Manual of orthopedic surgery, being a dissertation which obtained the Boylston prize for 1844, on the following question: "In what cases, and to what extent is the division of muscles, tendons, or other parts proper for the relief of deformity or lameness?" xiii, 211 pp. 6 pl. 8°. Boston, W. D. Ticknor & co.



Bigelow (Jacob, m. d.) Eolopoesis. American rejected addresses. [anon.] 240 pp. 129. New York, J. C. Derby, [1855].

A history of the cemetery of Mount Auburn. 263 pp. 4 pl. 2 charts. 120. Boston and Cambridge, J. Munroe & co. 1860.


Bigelow (John). France and hereditary monarchy. 2 p. 1. 80 pp. 8°. New York, C. Scribner & co. 1871.

The last bird and other

Bigelow (L. J.) Bench and bar: a complete digest of the wit, humor, asperities, and amenities of the law. New ed. greatly enlarged. 532 pp. 1 portrait. 8°. New York, Harper & brothers, 1871. Bigelow (Mrs. M. A.) poems, for children. York, author, 1855. Bigland (John). Essays on various subjects. 2d ed. 2 p. l. viii, 521 pp. 8°. London, Longman, 1811.

126 pp. 18°. New

A natural history of birds, fishes, reptiles, and insects. 179 pp. 12 col. pl. 120. Philadelphia, J. Grigg, 1828.


Biglia (Felice). Sui combustibili, e sul mig-
lior modo adoperarli nelle macchine a vapore.
152 pp. 4 pl. 4°. Torino, tipografia Cere-
sole e Panizza, 1861.
Bigney (T. O.) Rocky mountain directory.
See Wallihan (S. S.) and Bigney.
Bignon (Jean Paule, abbé). The adventures of
Abdalla, son of Hanif, sent by the sultan of
the Indies to make a discovery of the island
of Borico, where the fountain which restores
past youth is supposed to be found. Also an
account of the travels of Rouschen, a persian
lady, to the Topsy-turvy island, undiscover'd
to this day. Translated into french from
an arabick manuscript found at Batavia by
mr. de Sandisson, and now done into en-
glish by William Hatchett. [pseudon.] 3 p.1.
vi, xviii, 169 pp. 8°. London, T. Worrall,

Bigot (Mlle. Stéphanie). Le chateau de Bois-
Le-Brun, ou une famille mixté. 3e éd. 272
pp. I pl. 8°. Lille, L. Lefort, 1861.
Bigot de Morogues (Baron Pierre Marie


Sebastien) Mémoire historique et physique sur les chutes des pierres tombées sur la surface de la terre à divers epoques. I p.l. iv, 360 pp. 8o. Orléans, Jacob aîné, 1812. Bijdragen tot de natuurkundige wetenschappen, verzameld door H. C. Van Hall, W. Vrolik, en G. J. Mulder. 7 v. 89. Amsterdam, J. Vander Hey & zoon, 1826-32. S. [No more published]. Bilderdijk (Willem). Poëzy. tweede deel. 2e druk. xvi, 232 pp. 16°. Rotterdam, J. Immerzeel, 1822. Bill (Ledyard). Minnesota; its character and climate. Likewise sketches of other resorts favorable to invalids; with copious notes on

Eerste en


Bill (Ledyard)-continued. health; also hints to tourists and emigrants. 205 pp. 1 pl. 120. New York, Wood & Holbrook, 1871.

Billard (Charles Michel). A treatise on the diseases of infants. With notes by dr. Olli. vier, of Angers. Translated from the third french edition, with an appendix by James Stewart, m. d. viii, 620 pp. 8°. New York, G. Adlard, 1839. Billet (Anne Louise Françoise Delorme). Mémoires historiques de Stéphanie-Louise de Bourbon-Conti, écrits par elle-même. [pseudon.] 2 v. in 1. 2 p. 1. 307 pp; 358 pp. 1 1. 8°. Paris, l'auteur, an vi [1798].


[Note. The work of an adventuress claiming to be "of the blood of the Bourbons," and written at her dictation by J. Corentin Royou]. Billingslea (Charles). The Addison reunion papers. viii, 270 pp. 12°. Baltimore, J. C. Dulany & co. 1871. Billingsley (A. S.) Christianity in the war. Containing an account of the sufferings, conversions, prayers, dying requests, last words, and deaths of soldiers and officers in the hospital, camp, prison, and on the battle-field. Also, an account of distinguished christian men and their labors in the war. 1 p. 1. xvi, 15–429 pp. 21 pl. 1 portrait. 120. Philadelphia, Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger, 1872. Billot (Albert). Droit international. l'arrestation provisoire en vue d'extradition. 32 pp. 80. Paris, A. Durand & Pedone Lauriel, 1868. Billroth (Theodor). General surgical pathology and therapeutics, in fifty lectures. A text-book for students and physicians. Translated from the fourth german edition, with the special permission of the author, by Charles E. Hackley, m. d. xviii, 676 pp. 8°. New York, D. Appleton & co. 1871. Bingham (J. Foote, d. d.) The christian marriage ceremony: its history, significance and curiosities ritual, practical and archæological notes; and the text of the english, roman, greek and jewish ceremonies. 322 pp. 12o. New York, A. D. F. Randolph & co.


Bingham (Nathaniel). Observations on the religious delusions of insane persons; [also] a copious practical description of all the principal varieties of mental disease, and of its appropriate medical and moral treatment. xix, 213 pp. 8°. London, J. Hatchard & son, 1841.


Binghamton (N. Y.) Boyd's Binghamton city and Susquehanna railroad directory. 1871. 8°. Binghamton (N. Y.) H. E. Pratt, 1871.

Bingley (Rev. William). The economy of a christian life. viii, 4, 188 pp. 1 pl. 12o. London, J. Sharpe, 1822. Biochimo. See Greco (Gioachino). Birch (Samuel). Historical notices of the [Egyptian] monuments. See Jones (Owen) and Goury (Jules). Views on the Nile. Birch (Thomas). The life of mrs. Catharine Cockburn. 8°. London, 1751.

[In COCKBURN (Mrs. Catharine) works, pp. ixlviii].

Birchmore (Rev. John W.) Prophecy interpreted by history; including present events; being a brief & popular explanation of Daniel and of st. John. 279 pp. 120. New York, E. P. Dutton & co. 1871.

Bird (Edward). Fate and destiny, inconsistent with christianity: or, the horrid decree of absolute and unconditional election and reprobation, fully detected. Shewing the grand error, of asserting, that Christ did not die for all men, but for an elect number only. 4 p. 1. xxiii, 180 pp. 11. 8°. London, C. Rivington, 1726.

Bird (Frederick M.) Songs of the spirit. See Odenheimer (William Henry, d. d.) and Bird.

Birks (Rev. Thomas Rawson). The bible and modern thought. 436 pp. 12°. Cincinnati, Poe & Hitchcock, 1864.

The treasures of wisdom: or thoughts on the connection between natural science and revealed truth; with an essay on the analogy between mathematical and moral certainty. vii, 225 pp. 16°. London, Seeley, Jackson Birmann (Pierre). Voyage pittoresque de & Halliday, 1855. Basle à Bienne par les vallons de MottiersGrandval. See Bridel (Philippe Syriach). Biscioni (Antommaria). Vita di Antonfrancesco Grazzini, detto il Lasca. 12o. Firenze, F. Moücke, 1741.

IN GRAZZINI (Antonfrancesco). Rime, pp. xix-lxii). Biscoe (E. L.) Katharine's experience. By the author of "The minister's wife," [etc. anon.] 372 pp. 3 pl. 16°. Boston, Warren & Blakeslee, [1869]. Bishop (Rev. Samuel). Poems on various subjects. The 3d ed. To which are prefixed, memoirs of the life of the author, [by Thomas Clare]. 2 v. xliv, 188 pp. 1 portrait; viii, 204 pp. 16°. London, Cadell & Davies, 1802.



Gvinée, pp. 114-127, 1 map.

La basse Éthiopie, pp. 128-148, 1 map.
Congo, pp. 149-155, 1 map.

Bisse (Thomas, d. d.) The beauty of holiness | Blaauw (W. J. and J.)—continued.
in the common-prayer: as set forth in four
sermons preach'd at the Roll's chapel. 4 p.
1. 173 pp. 8°. London, W. B. for H. Clements,

Bissell or Bisselius (Johann). Argonauticon
americanorum sive historiae periculorum Pe-
tri de Victoria. See Goveo de Victoria

Bitaubé (Paul Jérémie). Joseph. A poem. In nine books. Translated from the french, by Kenneth Fergusson. 2 v. 1 p. 1. 219 pp. 6 pl; 1 p. 1. 199 pp. 4 pl. Edinburgh,

Ross & Blackwood, 1801.


[blocks in formation]

v. 1. Introduction à la géographie, 16 p. 1. iii pp. 1 map.
Arctique, qui est la première partie de la géographie.
v. 1. Groenlande, pp. 1-20, 1 map.

Jean Mayen, pp. 21-23, 1 map.
Spitzbergen, pp. 24-26, 1 map.

Nouvelle Zemla, pp. 27-34, 1 1. 1 map. 2 pl.
Destroit de Nassou et du Waygatz, pp. 35-
46, 3 maps.

Islande, pp. 47–50, 1 map.

Europe, qui est la seconde partie de la géographie, xvii livres, 1 p. 1. vii pp. 1 map.

v. 1. Norvegue, 1 p. 1. 14 pp. 7 maps.

Danemarque, traduite du latin de J. I. Pon-
tan, 1 p. 1. 116 pp. 8 maps, 15 pl.
Slesvic, xlvi pp. 21 maps.

v. 2. Scandinavie, 1 p. 1 map.

Suède, par André Burée, etc. 61 pp. 9 maps.
Russie, 1 p. 1. 35 pp. 7 maps, 1 pl.
Pologne, traduite du latin de Salomon Nev-
gebavere, etc. 1 p. 1. 74 pp. 10 maps.
Régions orientales av delà de l'Alemagne
près le Danube, 1 p. 1. pp. 1–60, 5 maps.
Grèce, 1 p. 1. pp. 61-112, 11. 6 maps.

v. 3. Alemague, 1 p. 1. 145 1. 1 1. 95 maps.
v. 4. Pays Bas. Belgique royale. 2 p. 1. 193 pp.

35 maps.

Belgique confédérée, 1 p. 1. vii, 106 pp. 1 1. 28 maps.
v. 5. Angleterre. [Par Guillaume Cambden et
Jean Spead]. 6 p. 1. 321 pp. 1 1. 58 maps.
v. 6. Escosse, [extraite du latin de R. Gordon,
Buchanan, etc.] 6 p. 1. 162 pp. 49 maps.
Irlande, 1 p. 1. 50 pp. 1 1. 6 maps.

v. 7. France, 3 p. 1. civ, 1-448 pp. 1 1. 36 maps.
8. France, 1 p. 1. pp. 449-786, 28 maps.
Suisse, 1 p. 1. 58 pp. 1 1. 6 maps.


v. 9. Italie [incl. Sardinia and Sicily], 2 p. 1. 206 pp. 1 1. 61 maps.

v. 10. Espagne, 2 p. 1. xxx, 1-56 pp. 26 maps. Portugal, pp. 57-70, 1 map.

Açores, pp. 71-75, 1 map.

Afrique, la troisième partie de la géographie, 1 p. 1.

pp. 1-10, 1 map.

v. 10. Barbarie, pp. 11-34, 1 map.

Marroc et Fez, pp. 35-55, 1 map.
Égypte, pp. 56-72, 1 map.

Nviidie, pp. 73–80.

Libye ou Zaara, pp. 81-84.

Abyssinie, pp. 85-100, 1 map.

Les pays des nègres, pp. 101-113, 1 map.

Malte, pp. 156–162, 1 map.
Canaries, pp. 163–168, 1 map.

Isles dv Cap Verd, pp. 169–171, 1 map.
Madagascar, pp. 172-180, 1 1. 1 map.

Asie, la quatrième partie de la géographie, 2 p. 1. 1-4
pp. 1 map.

v. 11. Empire du Turc, pp. 5-48, 1 map.

Natalie ov Asie Minevre, pp. 49-72, 1 map.
Isle de Cyprus, pp. 73-80, 1 map.
Terre Saincte, pp. 81-110, 1 map.
Arabie, pp. 111-126, 1 map.

Perse, pp. 127-162, 1 map.

Inde Orientale, pp. 163-214, 1 map.

Estats dv Grand Mogol, pp. 215-236, 1 map.
Isles Molvqves, pp. 237-241, 1 map.
Tartarie, pp. 242–256, 1 map.

Chine, 4 p. 1. pp. 1-160, 16 maps.
Japon, pp. 161–162, 1 map.

Table des degrez de longitvde et de latitvde,

pp. 163-180.

Histoire de la guerre de Tartarie, pp. 181


Catay. Par Jacques Gool. pp. 215-227, 1 1. Amérique, la cinquième partie de la géographie. 1 p. 1. xxviii pp. 1 map.

v. 12. Nouvelle France & terres adjacentes, pp. 116, 1 map.

Nouvelle Angleterre et Nouvelle Belgique, pp. 17-20, 1 map.

Virginie, pp. 21-24, 1 map.

Floride, pp. 25-28, 1 map.

Nouvelle Espagne et Nouvelle Galice, pp.

29-62, 1 map.

Yucatan et Gvatimala, pp. 63-81, 1 map.

Isles de l'Amérique, pp. 82-94, 1 map.

Isles Canibales, pp. 95-98, 1 map.

Isles de Bermvdez, pp. 99-101, 1 map.
Terre ferme, pp. 102-120, 1 map.
Granade, pp. 120–125.

Popajan, pp. 125-133.
Péru, pp. 134–189, 1 map.

Chile, pp. 190-198, 1 map.

Magallanique, pp. 199-210, 1 map.

Paraguay, avec les régions adjacentes, pp. 211-224, 1 map.

Brasil, pp. 225–259, 3 maps.

Pernambuco, pp. 260-262, 2 maps.

[blocks in formation]

Butterfield (J. A.)
Blackall (Offspring, d. d. bishop of Exeter).
Eight sermons. fol. [London, 1739].

[BOYLE lectures, v. 1, pp. 525-625].

Blackburn (William Maxwell, d. d.) Judas the Maccabee, and the asmonean princes. 280 pp. 1 map. 180. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, 1864.

The rebel prince, or lessons from the career of the young man Absalom. 264 pp. 12. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of pub lication, [1864].

The theban legion: a story of the


Blackburn (W. M. d. d.)—continued.

times of Diocletian. 239 pp. 4 pl. 16°. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, [1871].

Blackburne (Rev. Francis). The works, theological and miscellaneous, including some pieces, not before printed; with some account of the life and writings of the author, by himself, completed by his son Francis Blackburne. 7 v. &o. Cambridge, [Eng.] B. Flower for the editor, 1804.


v. 1. Some account of the author. cxxvi pp.

The use and advantage of the christian principle in the administration of human laws: a ser mon. p. 1.

A serious enquiry into the use and importance of external religion. p. 91.

A sermon preached to a large congregation in
the country, on Friday, Jan. 5, 1753, Old
Christmas-day. p. 173.

A story of two Jews and the catacombs. Said
to be translated from the french. p. 203.
A candid address to the Jews, occasioned by the
repeal of a late act of parliament in their fa-
vour. With a postscript to the christian reader.
p. 237.

A reply to dr. Tucker's strictures, on the preced-
ing postscript. p. 283.

A letter to a friend, containing some remarks on
dr. Sharpe's visitation charges. p. 327.
Notes, upon a paper intituled, "Some rules of
caution for the more successful examination
into the doctrine of the trinity."-By dr.
Sharpe. p. 349.

v. 2. A critical commentary on archbishop Secker's letter to Horatio Walpole, concerning bishops in America. p. 3.

A letter written by a country clergyman to archbishop Herring. p. 101.

An apology for the authors of a book, intitled, Free and candid disquisitions relating to the church of England, &c. p. 135.


No proof in the scriptures of an intermediate state of happiness or misery between death. and the resurrection. [Also], remarks on a letter in the gentleman's magazine for April, 1756, and on a paragraph in a sermon of archbishop Tillotson's. With a postscript, in answer to some remarks upon a late treatise relating to the intermediate state, &c. p. 179. Remarks on dr. Warburton's account of the sentiments of the early Jews concerning the soul. p. 261.

A review of some passages in the last edition of The divine legation of Moses demonstrated. [Also], a defence of the above-mentioned remarks against the objections of Caleb Fleming. And a second postscript occasioned by the said mr. Fleming's late advertisement, &c. p. 339. v.3. An historical view of the controversy concerning an intermediate state and the separate existence of the soul between death and the general resurrection, deduced from the beginning of the protestant reformation to the present times. With some thoughts, in a prefatory discourse, on the use and importance of theological controversy. 2d ed.

v. 4. Considerations on the present state of the controversy between the protestants and papists of Great Britain and Ireland, particularly on the question how far the latter are entitled to toleration; being the substance of two discourses delivered in 1765-6. p.1. Four discourses, 1767-73: p. 261.

1. On the duty of a christian minister under the obligation of conforming to a national religion established by the civil powers. 2. On the questions, What is christianity; and, Where is it to be learned?

[blocks in formation]

A discourse on the study of the scriptures. Delivered in the year 1763. p. 405.

v. 5. The confessional: or, a full and free inquiry into the right, utility, edification, and success, of establishing systematical confessions of faith and doctrine in protestant churches. 3d ed. v. 6. Remarks on the rev. dr. Powell's sermon in defence of subscriptions, preached before the university of Cambridge on the commencement sunday, 1757. p. 1. Occasional remarks upon some late strictures on the confessional. p. 109.

The same. Part 2. Containing chiefly remarks on the first of three letters to the author of that work and an examination of dr. Maclaine's defence of archbishop Wake. p. 163. v. 7. Proposals for an application to parliament for relief in the matter of subscription to the liturgy and thirty-nine articles of the established church of England. p. 1.

Copy of the petition of the clergy, &c. relative
to subscription to the thirty-nine articles,
offered on the 6th of February, 1772, to the
house of commons.
p. 13.

A sketch of contradictions and inconsistencies in
the obligations laid upon clergymen, in order
to qualify themselves for ministering in the
church of England. p. 21.

Reflections on the fate of a petition for relief in the matter of subscription, offered to the house of commons, Feby. 6th, 1772. With observations on the rev. dean Tucker's Apology for the present church of England, as by law established. p. 33.

Bishop Taylor's judgment on articles and forms of confession in particular churches. p. 271. Bishop Taylor's judgment on subscription, &c. p. 323.

Index to the seven volumes. p. 351.

Table of texts of scripture referred to. p. 395. Blacklock (Thomas, d. d.) Paraclesis; or, consolations deduced from natural and revealed religion: in two dissertations. The first supposed to have been composed by Cicero: the last originally written by T. Blacklock. 4 p. 1. xxi, 357 pp. 8°. Edinburgh, J. Dickson, 1767.

[Note.-The Consolatio Ciceronis is a notorious forgery, ascribed usually to Carlo Sigonio]. Blackwall (Antony). An introduction to the classics: containing a short discourse on their excellencies; and directions how to study them to advantage. With an essay on the use of [rhetorical figures]. 6th ed. 4 p. 1. 272 pp. 2 1. London, J. & J. Rivington, 1746.


The sacred classics defended and illustrated or, an essay humbly offer'd towards proving the purity, propriety, and true eloquence of the writers of the new testament. 2d ed. 2 v. 432 pp. 81. 1 portrait; xxxi, 360 pp. 111. 8°. London, C. Rivington, 1827-31. Blackwell (Antoinette Brown). The island neighbors. A novel of american life. 140 pp. 2 pl. 8°. New York, Harper & brothers, 1871.


Blackwell (J. Evert).


Narrative of the dis- | Blanc (Charles). Histoire des peintres français au dix-neuvième siècle. v. 1. 4 p. 1. 445 pp. 8°. Paris, Cauville frères, 1845. [No more published]. Blanc (Ludwig Gottfried).

covery of the wine of Apocynum. 4 pp. 80. [New York, W. A. Willcox, 1871]. Blackwell (Robert). Original acrostics, on some of the southern states, confederate generals, and. various other persons and things. 75 pp. 4 pl. 120. Nashville, 1870. Blackwood's Edinburgh magazine. [Monthly]. Jan. to Dec. 1871. v. 109-110. 8. gc. Edinburgh, W. Blackwood & sons, 1871. Blaeu (Jean). See Blaauw or Blaeuw (Willem Janszoon and Jan). Blagrave (John). Astrolabium uranicum generale. A necessary and pleasaunt solace and recreation for nauigators in their long iorneying, containing the vse of an instrument or generall astrolabe: newly for them deuised by the author. 34 1. sm. 4°. [London], T. Purfoot for W. Watts, 1596. Blair (Rev. David). The elements of natural and experimental philosophy. Revised, corrected, newly arranged and greatly improved, and enlarged. By E. A. Smith. 288 pp. 160. New York, McElrath, Bangs & Herbert, 1834.

Blair (Hugh, d. d.) An abridgment of lectures on rhetorick. Revised and corrected. 12°. Boston, J. T. Buckingham

264 pp. for Thomas & Andrews, 1805.

The same. 264 pp. 16°. Wilmington, M. R. Lockerman, 1807.

Sermons. 3d American ed. v.3. 16o. Philadelphia, R. Campbell, 1795. Blair (Samuel, d. d. 1741-1818). An oration pronounced at Nassau-hall, January 14, 1761; on occasion of the death of king George ii. 8 pp. sm. 40. Woodbridge, (N. J.) J. Parker, 1761.

The same.

[HAZARD pamplets, v. 39]. Blaisdale (Rev. Silas). First lessons in intellectual philosophy; or, a familiar explanation of the nature and operations of the human mind. Ist American ed. 358 pp. 120. Boston, Lincoln & Edmands, 1829. Blake (Andrew, m. d.) Aphorisms illustrating natural and difficult cases of accouchement; uterine hemorrhage, and puerperal peritonitis. 100 pp. 120. London, Longman [& co.] 1817.

Blake (George). A masonic eulogy on the life of George Washington, pronounced before St. John's lodge, 4th Feb. [1800]. 2d ed. 23 pp. 8°. Boston, J. Russell, 1800. [HAZARD pamplets, v. 64].


Vocabolario dan

tesco, o dizionario critico e ragionato delia divina commedia di Dante Alighieri. Ora per la prima volta recato in italiano da G. Carbone. xv, 464 pp. 120. Firenze, Barbèra, Bianchi & comp. 1859.

Blancas (Jeronimo de). Regvm Aragoniæ series. 16°. Coloniae Agrippinae, ex officina birckmannica, 1602.

[In MYLIUS (Arnold). De rebys hispanicis. pp. 138-154]. Blanchard (Rev. J.) and Rice (N. L. d. d.) A debate on slavery, held on the first, second, third and sixth days of October, 1845, in the city of Cincinnati, between rev. J. Blanchard, pastor of the sixth presbyterian church, and N. L. Rice, d. d. pastor of the central presbyterian church. 482 pp. 120. Cincinnati, W. H. Moore & co. 1846. Blanchard (Leone, pseudon?) Tried in the fire. 244 pp. 1 pl. 16°. Boston, D. Lothrop & co. 1871. Blanchard (Pierre).

Tableaux de la nature et des bienfaits de la providence, par Fénélon, Bossuet, Buffon, J. J. Rousseau, Barthélemy, etc. 3e éd. viii, 362 pp. 16o. Paris, P. Blanchard, 1824.

Blanche (August). The bandit. Translated from the swedish, and edited by Selma Borg and Marie A. Brown. 229 pp. 1 por trait. 80. New York, G. P. Putnam & sons, 1872.

Blanchié y Palma (Francisco Javier). Margaritas. I p. 1. xvi, 259 pp. 1 1. 8°. Habana, Torres, 1846.

[v. 1. No more published]. Blancus (Hieronymus). See Blancas (Jeronimo de).

Blandford (G. Fielding, m. d.) Insanity and its treatment. With a summary of the laws in force in the United States on the confinement of the insane. By Isaac Ray, m. d. viii, 17-471 pp. 80. Philadelphia, Henry C. Lea, 1871. Blanford (W. T.) Observations on the geology and zoology of Abyssinia, made during the progress of the british expedition to that country, in 1867-68. xii, 487 pp. 1 map, 13 pl. 8°. London, Macmillan & co. 1870. Blasius (Johann Heinrich). Die wirbelthiere Europa's. See Keyserling (Alexander, graf) and Blasius.

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