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Adams (Nehemiah, d. d.)—continued.

a letter to a unitarian friend on the Lord's supper. viii, 5-175 pp. 16°. Boston, Peirce & Parker, 1832.

A voyage round the world. 152 pp. 3 pl. 16°. Boston, H. Hoyt, [1871]. Adams (Silas). The new era: a temperance poem. 19 pp. 120. Gardner, A. G. Bush

nell & co. 1870.


Addey (Markinfield). "Stonewall Jackson."
The life and military career of Thomas Jona-
than Jackson, lieutenant general in the con-
federate army. 240 pp. 1 portrait.
New York, C. T. Evans, 1863.
Additon (Mrs. J. H.) The operetta of Car-
lotta. In five acts. Music arranged by
James Wright.
16 pp.
Free Press, 1870.


Adams (Rev. Thomas). The deuill's banket. Address (The) of the episcopal clergy of Con

1. The banket

Described in foure sermons.
propounded; begunne. 2. The second ser-
uice. 3. The breaking vp of the feast. 4. The
shot or reckoning. The sinner's passing-
bell. Together with phisicke from heauen.
1. 341 pp.
4 p.
sm. 4°. London, R. Mab,

Adams (William, d. d. professor of divinity,
Nashotah, Wisconsin). A new treatise upon
regeneration in baptism. xv, 384 pp. 80.
Hartford (Conn.) M. H. Mallory & co. 1871.
Adams (William, m. d.) On the reparative
process in human tendons after subcutaneous
division for the cure of deformities; also a
series of experiments on rabbits, and a ré-
sumé of the english and foreign literature
of the subject. xi pp. 7 1. 175 pp. 8 pl. 8°.
London, J. Churchill, 1860.
Adams (William T.) Bivouac and battle;
or, the struggles of a soldier. 160. Boston,
Lee & Shepard, 1872.


Cringle and cross-tree; or, the swashes of a sailor. By Oliver Optic. [pseudon.] 294 pp. 13 pl. 16°. Boston, Lee & Shepard, 1872.

[The upward and onward series, v. 4].

Desk and debit; or, the catastrophes of a clerk. By Oliver Optic. [pseudon.] 334 pp. 14 pl. 16°. Boston, Lee & Shepard, 1871.

[The upward and onward series, v. 3].

Northern lands; or, young America in Russia and Prussia. A story of travel and adventure. 360 pp. 5 pl. 160. Boston,

Lee & Shepard, 1872.
[Young America abroad, second series, no. 2].

Up the Baltic; or, young America in
Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. A story of
travel and adventure. 368 pp. 4 pl. 16°.
Boston, Lee & Shepard, 1871.
Adcock (R. J.) Gravitation to the sphere
and the two ellipsoids of revolution: ratio of
the axes of a rotating fluid mass. 8 pp. 4°.
Cincinnati, Wilstach, Baldwin & co. 1872.

necticut, to bishop Seabury; with the bishop's answer, and, a sermon before the convention at Middletown, August 3d, 1785, by the rev. Jeremiah Leaming, [etc.] Also, bishop Seabury's first charge, to the clergy of his diocess, [etc.] 8, 18, 15, 5 pp. 8°. New-haven, T. & S. Green, 1785. [MISCELLANEOUS pamphlets, v. 197]. Address to a young lady on her entrance into the world. [anon.] 2 v. 1 p. 1. 202 pp; 1 p. 1. 216 pp. 8°. London, Hookham & Carpenter, 1796. Address (An) to his excellency sir Charles Hardy, captain general and governor in chief of the province of New-York [etc.] By the author of a weekly paper, entitled, The watch-tower. [anon.] xiii pp. fol. New York, 1755.

[With INDEPENDENT (The) reflector]. Address (An) to major-general Tryon, written in consequence of his late expedition into Connecticut. [By Juvenis. pseudon.] 15 pp. 8°. [n.p.] 1779. Address (An) to mothers, under the following heads: maternal authority, domestic attention, diligence and activity, œconomy, simplicity, objects of female pursuits, knowledge, virtue, and religion. [anon.] 2 p.1. Address (An) to the committee of correspond237 pp. 120. Oxford, Fletcher & son, 1784. ence in Barbadoes, occasioned by a late letter from them to their agent in London. By a North-American. [anon.] vi, 18 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, W. Bradford, 1766. [HAZARD pamphlets, v. 20]. Address (An) to the freeholders and inhabitants of Pennsylvania; in answer to The plain dealer. [anon.] 12 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, A. Armbruster, 1764.

[HAZARD pamphlets, v. 76]. Address (An) to the freemen of South-Carolina, on the fœderal constitution, as proposed by the convention which met in Philadelphia, May, 1787. [Signed Civis. anon.] 12 pp. 160. Charleston, Bowen & co. [1787]? [HAZARD pamphlets, v. 105].



Address (An) to the inhabitants of the district | Advertissemens novveaux, etc.-continued.

of Maine, upon their separation from the present government of Massachusetts. By one of their fellow citizens. [anon.] 54 pp. 40. Portland, T. B. Wait, 1791.

Adèle et Théodore; ou lettres sur l'éducation. See Genlis (S. F. D. de S. Aubin de). Adelung (Johann Christoph). Fortsetzung und ergänzungen zu Jöcher's allgemeinem gelehrten-lexico. A-J. 2 v. viii. 1248 pp; 1182 pp. 4°. Leipzig, J. F. Gleditsch, 1784–87.

Versuch eines vollständigen grammatisch-kritischen wörterbuches der hochdeutschen mundart, mit beständiger vergleichung der übrigen mundarten, besonders aber der oberdeutschen. Erster theil, von A-E. Dem noch beygefüget ist des herrn m. Fulda preisschrift über die beyden deutschen hauptdialecte. xvii, 1839 pp. 4°. Leipzig, B. C. Breitkopf & sohn, 1774. Adler (G. J.) Handbook of german literature, containing: Schiller's Maid of Orleans, Goethe's Iphigenia in Tauris, Tieck's Puss in boots, The Xenia by Goethe and Schiller; with critical introductions and explanatory notes; to which is added an appendix, or specimens of german prose. 550 pp. 120. New York, D. Appleton & co. 1854.

The poetry of the Arabs of Spain. Being the substance of a lecture read in the small chapel of the university of the city of New York, on the evening of March 28, 1867.

47 pp. beck, 1867. Adlerfeld (Gustav). Histoire militaire de Charles xii, roi de Suède, depuis l'an 1700 jusqu'à la bataille de Pultowa en 1709, écrite par ordre exprès de sa majesté. On y a joint une rélation exacte de la bataille de Pultowa, avec un journal de la retraite du roi à Bender. [Écrite en suédois et traduite en français par son fils, Carl Maximilian Adlerfeld]. 4 v. 120. Amsterdam, J. Wetstein & C. Smith, 1740.

8°. New York, Wynkoop & Hallen

Adriano; or, the first of June. See Hurdis (Rev. James).

Adventures (The) of a king's page. See White (Charles).

Advertissemens novveaux, des roiavmes de la Chine et dv Giapon, escris sur la fin de l'an 1586. Auec le retour des princes giapponnois aux Indes. Le tout extraict des lettres des pères de la compagnie de Jésvs, et traduit

d'italien en françois. [anon.] 111 pp. 16°. Lion, J. Veyrat, 1588.

[With MENDOZA (J. G. de). Histoire dv grand royaume de Chine, 1600].

Advys op de presentatie van Portugael. Het tweede deel. Met een remonstranci aen sijn konincklijcke majesteyt van Portugael by de inwoonders Portugesen van de Capitanie van Parnambocq overgelevert. [anon.] 1 p. 1. 37 pp. sm. 40. [n.p.] 1648. Aedo y Gallart (Diego de). Le voyage dv prince don Fernande infant d'Espagne, cardinal, depvis le douzième d'auril de l'an 1632, qu'il partit de Madrit pour Barcelone avec le roy Philippe iv. son frère, jusques au jour de son entrée en la ville de Bruxelles le quatrième du mois de novembre de l'an 1634. Tradvict de l'espagnol, par le sr. Jvle Chifflet [etc.] 9 p. 1. 204 pp. 1 tab. 2 pl. 1 tab. 2 pl. 8°. Anvers, I. Cnobbaert, 1635. Ægineta (Paulus). See Paulus ægineta. Aengemerckte voorvallen op de vredens articulen met Portugael. [anon.] 15 pp. sm. 4°. [n. p.] anno 1663. Aenspraeck aen den ghetrouwen Hollander, nopende de proceduren der Portugesen in Brasill. [anon.] 15 pp. sm. 4°. GravenHage, I. Burghoorn, 1645. Aenwysinge: datmen vande Oost en WestIndische compagnien, een compangie dient te maken. Mitsgaders twintich consideratien op de trafyque, zeevaert en commertie deser sm. 40. Gralanden. [anon.] b. l. 18 1. ven-haghe, I. Veeli, 1644. Arodius (Petrus). See Ayrault (Pierre). Æschines. Orations. See Demosthenes and Aschines.

Æschylus. The tragedies of Eschylus. Translated into english prose, from the texts of Blomfield and Scholefield. With notes. 3d ed. 2 p. 1. 282 pp. 8°. Oxford, H. Slatter, 1840.

[blocks in formation]


Eschylus-continued. lauer. 1 p.

1. 126 pp. 8°. Lipsia, sumtibus F. C. G. Vogelii, 1824.

The Prometheus of Eschylus, with notes; for the use of colleges in the United States. By T. D. Woolsey. viii, 90 pp. 120. Boston, J. Munroe & co. 1837.

The seven before Thebes. Printed from the text of Schütz, under the care and direction of the senior class of Nassau Hall. 1 p. 1. 40 pp. 8°. Princeton press, [N. J.] 1826. | Afgheworpen particuliere onderrichtinge vanden admirante aen den edelen Willem Rodewitz, capiteyn luytenant vant colonelschap vande duytsche ruyterie. 4 pp. sm. 40. Nemmeghen, A. Cornelissz. [about 1607]. African methodist episcopal church. The african methodist episcopal church hymnbook. Selected from various authors. pp. 320. Brooklyn, (N. Y.) G. Hogarth, 1837. Minutes of the general and annual conferences, [etc.] comprising four districts, for 1839-40. 47 pp. 120. Brooklyn, G. Hogarth, 1840. African (The) repository. [Monthly]. Jan. to Dec. 1871. v.47. v. 47. 80. Washington, American colonization society, 1871.


African (The) traveller, or, prospective missions in Central Africa. By the author of 'Village pastor." [anon.] 150 pp. 180. Boston, Mass sabbath-school society, 1832. Agassiz (Louis John Rudolph). An introduction to the study of natural history, in a series of lectures delivered in the hall of the

college of physicians and surgeons, New York. 58 pp. 8°. New York, Greeley & McElrath, 1847.

Methods of study in natural history. viii, 319 pp. 120. Boston, Ticknor & Fields, 1863. Agathangelus adrianopolites. 'Aɩ кal' 'Oμŋρον αρχαιότητες· και 'Αι κερκυραϊκαι αρχαιολο γιαι εκ της λατινιδος [Α. Μ. Κυιρινου] επι την ελληνιδα φωνην αντιμετακληθεισαι ύπο Ε. Α. του Β ́. 6 p. 1. 467 pp. 4°. εν Μόσκα, εν τα της κοινότητος τυπογραφεια, 1804. Agg (John). The ocean harp: a poem; in two cantos: with some smaller pieces; and a monody on the death of John Syng Dorsey, m. d. By the author of "Lord Byron's farewell to England." [anon. Preface subscribed J. A.] 182 pp. 18°. Philadelphia, M. Thomas, 1819.

Agnes [a novel]. See Pike (Mary H.)

Agostini (Leonardo).


Le gemme antiche figvrate di L. Agostini. 2a impressione. 2 parts. Eng. title. 52 pp. 116 pl; 4 p. 1. 75 pp. 149 pl. 40. Roma, appresso G. B. Brvssotti, 1686.

Agoult (Marie de Flavigny, comtesse d'). Es-
quisses morales. Pensées, réflexions et ma-
ximes par Daniel Stern. [pseudon.] 3e éd.
revue et augmentée. 2 p. 1. viii, 332 pp. 16°.
Paris, J. Techener, 1859.
Agricoltura (L'). Giornale ed atti della socie-
tà agraria di Lombardia. See Milan.
Agrippa von Nettesheim (Heinrich Corne-
lius). Female pre-eminence: or the dignity
and excellency of that sex, above the male.
An ingenious discourse: written originally
in latine. Done into english, with addi-
tional advantages. By H[enry] C[ave].
11 p. 1. 83 pp. 16o. London, T. R. & M.

D. 1670.

The same. Della nobiltà et eccellenza delle donne, nvovamente dalla lingva francese nella italiana tradotto [da Angelo Cocci. anon.] 301. 16°. Vinegia, G. Giolito de Ferrarij, 1544.

[Note. This declamation was originally in latin, and addressed to Margaret of Austria. The french version was probably made by Louis Vivant].



The same. Dell'eccellenza e preemi nenza del femmi nil sesso sopra il maschile. Trasportato dal latino nell' italiano. Da Giuseppe A. Graglia. 108 pp. 8°. Londra, A. Grant, 1776. Aguecheek (pseudon.) (Charles B.) Ahlfeld (Johann Friedrich). Predigten über die evangelischen perikopen. 7e aufl. viii, 690 pp. 8°. Halle, R. Mühlmann, 1863. Ahn (Friedrich). Manual of german conversation. Revised by W. Grauert. viii, 205 pp. 120. New York, E. Steiger, 1871. Ahn (Johann Franz). Ahn's german handwriting. Being a companion to every german grammar and reader. With notes by W. Grauert. 62 pp. 120. New York, E. Steiger, 1869. Aïdé (Hamilton). Mr. & mrs. Faulconbridge. 2 v. 4 p. 1. 279 pp; iv, 314 pp. 12°. London, Smith, Elder & co. 1864. Aids to devotion, in three parts. Including Watts' guide to prayer. [anon. Subscribed E. L.] 288 pp. 16o. Boston, Lincoln & Edmands, 1831.

Aiken (J. B.) Harmonia ecclesiæ; or, companion to the christian minstrel: being


Aiken (J. B.)-continued.

a very choice collection of psalm and hymn tunes, anthems, chants, etc. Designed for choirs, singing schools, and singing societies. 336 pp. obl 8°. Philadelphia, proprietor, [1853].

The juvenile minstrel. A new system of musical notation; with a choice collection of moral and sacred songs. 208 pp. obl. 120. Philadelphia, E. C. & J. Biddle, 1847. Aiken (P. F.) A comparative view of the constitutions of Great Britain and the United States. In six lectures. viii, 192 pp. 16°. London, Longman & co. 1842. Ailenroc (pseudon.) Musings of a middleaged woman. 172 pp 12°. Philadelphia, Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger, 1872. Ainslie (Hew). Scottish songs, ballads, and



poems. 216 pp. I portrait. 160. New York, Redfield, 1855. Ainsworth (Luther). A practical system of english grammar. 144 pp. 120. Providence, B. Cranston & co. J. E. Brown, 1837. Aïssé (Mademoiselle Charlotte). Lettres à madame Calandrini. [Avec les lettres du chevalier d'Aydie, etc.] 5e éd. revue annotée par m. J. Ravenel. Avec une notice par m. Sainte-Beuve. 2 p. 1. 324 pp. 2 pl. 16°. Paris, E. Dentu, 1853. Alabama educational almanac, 1872. 20 pp. 80. Montgomery, J. White, 1872. Alabaster (Henry). The wheel of the law. Buddhism illustrated from siamese sources by the modern Buddhist, a life of Buddha, and an account of the Phrabat. lix, 323 pp. 1 map. 8°. London, Trübner & co. 1871. Albany. Dudley observatory. Annals of the Dudley observatory. v. 2. 8°. Albany, the Argus co. 1871.


Meteorological observations made at the Dudley observatory, during a period of nine years, from 1862 to 1871. Including hourly automatic printed records of the barometer for a continuous period of five years. G. W. Hough, director. Thomas E. McClure, Henry L. Foreman, assistants.

Albany institute. Transactions. v. i. viii, 250 pp. 1 1. 74 pp. 5 pl. 8°. Albany, Webster & Skinners, 1830.

Albarelli (Teresa). See Vordoni (Teresa Albarelli).

Albemarle (George, duke of). See Monk (George, duke of Albemarle).

Alberger (John). Monks, popes, and their political intrigues. 5 p. 1. 5–376 pp. 12o. Baltimore, 1871.


Albèri (Eugenio). De Galilei Galileii circa Jovis satellites lucubrationibus quæ in pittianâ palatinâ bibliothecâ adservantur [etc.] 13 pp. 8°. Florentiæ, 1843.

Relazioni degli ambasciatori veneti al senato raccolte, annotate, ed edite da Euge6 v. nio Albèri. 3 series. 80. Firenze, tipografia all'insegna di Clio, 1839-44.


Serie la. Europa transalpina. 2 v. 1839–40. 2a. Relazioni d'Italia. 2 v. 1839-41. 3a. Stati ottomani. 2 v. 1840-44.

Alberti (Domenico Stanislao). Septenario de alabanzas en honra de la admirable, y noble virgen sta. Rosalia, natural, tutelar, y patrona de Palermo. Impresso en toscano, y traducido en castellano. 81. 180. Mexico, herederos de la viuda de F. R. Lupercio, 1728. Descrittione di tvutta Alberti (Leandro). Italia, nella quale si contiene il sito di essa, l'origine, & le signorie delle città, & de' castelli; co' nomi antichi, & moderni; i costumi de popoli, & de conditioni de paesi. Et di più gli huomini famosi, che l'hanno illustrata. Aggiuntaui la descrittione di tutte l'isole, all' Italia appartenenti. Nuouamente ristampata 2 v. in 1. 34 p. 1. 495 1; 100, 5 1. 7 maps. sm. 4°. Vinegia, A. Salicato, 1588. Albertus magnus. Les admirables secrets d'Albert le grand. Contenant plusieurs traités sur la conception des femmes, des vertus des herbes, des pierres précieuses, & des animaux. Augmenté d'un abrégé curieux de la phisionomie, & d'un préservatif contre la peste [etc.] Tiréz et traduits sur des anciens manuscrits de l'auteur. 4 books in Lyons, héri

1 v. 12 p. 1. 312 pp. 5 pl. 160. tiers de Beringos fratres, 1753.

Alberti magni compendium, oder kurtzer begriff vom ursprung und materia der metallen, worauff ein spagyrus seine gründliche principia festsetzen könne. 160. Hamburg, J. Naumann & G. Wolff, 1675. [In ALCHYMISTISCH sieben-gestirn. 1675. pp. 209218].

Tractatvs de virtvtibvs herbarvm lapidvm et animalium. 18°. [Franckfurt, 1663]? [In LONGINUS (Cæsar). Trinum magicum, pp. 241345]. Albertus stadensis. Chronicon a condito orbe vsque ad a. c. 1256. fol. [Argentorati, J. R. Dulssecker, 1702].

In KULPIS (Johann Georg von). Scriptores rervm germanicarvm. Argentorati, 1702. pp. 123–336]. Albinus or Weiss (Bernhard Siegfried). Oratio inauguralis de anatome comparata publice


Albinus or Weiss (B. S.)-continued. habita, d. 2. Octobris 1719. Cum publicum anatomen & chirurgiam prælegendi munus in academia leidensi auspicaretur. 2 p. 1. 46 pp. 4°. Lugduni Batavorum, apud H. Mulhovium, 1719.

[With NEANDER (Johann). Tabacologia. 1626].

Oratio qua in veram viam, quæ ad fabricae humani corporis cognitionem ducat, inquiritur, publice habita, quum ordinariam anatomes et chirurgiae professionem in academia lugduno-batava auspicaretur, a. d. 19 Novembris 1721. 2 p. 1. 67 pp. 40. Lugduni Batavorum, apud H. Mulhovium, 1721. [With NEANDER (Johann). Tabacologia. 1626]. Albizzi (Bartolommeo degli). Liber conformitatum vite s. Fracisci ad uita iesu xpi. [Ex recensione Fran. Zenonis]. Eng. tit. 3 p. 1. 256 1. 40. Mediolani, per G. Ponticu, 1510.

Albright (J. W.) Combination self-delineating patterns, contracting and expanding on parallel index-lines. Adapted to any fashion. or style required. 4 pp. 3 pl. fol. Philadelphia, Collins, 1871.

Albrizzi (Isabella Teotochi). Ritratti. 4a ed. Arrichita di due ritratti di due lettere sulla Mirra di Alfieri e della vita di Vittoria Colonna. 4 p. 1. 193 pp. 24 portraits. 8°. Pisa, N. Capurro, 1826.

Album for postage and other stamps, american and foreign. [anon.] 208 pp. incl. 11 maps. 40. New York, D. Appleton & co.


Albuquerque (The) republican review. [Weekly]. v. 1-2. See Republican (Albuquerque) review.

Alcaforada. See Alcoforado. Alchymistisch sieben-gestirn, das ist, sieben schöne und ausserlesene tractätlein, vom stein der weisen, darinn der richtige weg zu solchem allerhöchsten geheimnüss zu kommen hell und klar gezeiget wird. Allen liebhabern der hoch-edlen wissenschafft zu gefallen und nützlichem unterricht, aus dem latein ins hoch-deutsche treulich übergesetzet. [anon.] p. 1. 232 pp. 16°. Hamburg, J. Naumann & G. Wolff, 1675.



ALBERTUS magnus. Compendium, oder kurtzer begriff vom ursprung und materia der metallen, pp. 209-218.

ARISTOTELES. Ein tractat Aristotelis des alchimisten an Alexandrum magnum vom stein der weisen, pp. 69-98.

DAUSTEN (John). Rosarivm, in welchem das aller

Alchymistisch, etc.-continued.


geheimeste geheimnüss vom stein der weissen ver-
schlossen, pp. 99–208.

HERMES trismegistus. Gülden tractätlein, von der
composition des steins der weisen, pp. 1-24.
LULLY (Raymond). Apertorium, von der wahren
composition des steines der weisen, pp. 25-56.

Elvcidarivm, geschrieben über sein testament und codicill, wie die recht zu verstehen, pp. 57-68.

PONTAN (Johann). Ein sendbrief, darinn vom stein der weisen gehandelt wird, pp. 219-231. Alciati (Andrea). Alciato de la manera de desafio, tradvzido de latin en romance castellano, por Iuan Martin Cordero valenciano. 1131. numb. 115-118 pp. 189. Anvers, M. Nucio, [1555].

Alcionio (Pietro). Petri Alcyonii medices legatvs de exsilio ad Nicolavm Schonbergvm pontificem campanvm. 661. 8°. Venetiis, in ædibus Aldi & A. Asvlani soceri, 1522.

The same. 180. [Lipsia, apud J. F. Gleditsch, 1707].

[In MENCKEN (J. B.) Analecta de calamitate litteratorum, 1707, pp. 1-250].

Alcock (Charles W.) The book of rules of the game of football, as adopted and played by the english football associations. 35 pp. 1 pl. 120. New York, Peck & Snyder, [1871]. Alcoforado (Francisco). An historical account of the discovery of the island of Madeira, abridged from the portugueze original. [Edited by Francisco Manoel de Kello]. To which is added an account of the present state of the island [1748, and extracts from a voyage to Surat, in 1689, by John Ovington]. 1 p. 1. x, 88 pp. 8°. London, J. Payne and J. Bouquet, 1750.

[Note. First published in french, Paris, 1671; then in english, London, 1675].

Alcott (Louisa May). Aunt Jo's scrap-bag. My boys, etc. 3 p. 1. 215 pp. 2 pl. 160. Boston Roberts brothers, 1872.

Little men life at Plumfield with Jo's boys. 2 p. 1. 376 pp. 4 pl. 16o. Boston, Roberts brothers, 1871.

Three proverb stories. (Kitty's classday. Aunt Kipp. Psyche's art). 148 pp. 4 pl. 16°. Boston, A. K. Loring, [1868]. Alcott (William Alexander, m. d.) The beloved physician: or, the life and travels of Luke the evangelist. Revised by the editor, D. P. Kidder. 179 pp. 180. New York, G. Lane & C. B. Tippett, 1845.

The first foreign mission; or journey of Paul and Barnabas to Asia Minor. 148 pp. 160. Boston, Mass. sabbath-school society, [1840]?

The happy family made happier: or the resurrection of Lazarus. 60 pp. 1 map.

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