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Plates 18, 19, 20 represent spiders and various other animals not belonging to the class of insects. Plates 21 and 22 illustrate the structure of insects.

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Dovercourt by S. Taylor. 2d ed. p. 257-456. Lond. 1732.”
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nomena in several species of Planariæ. Pl. 1. col. 80.
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I Z.

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The insects are represented in their three states of larva, chrysalis, and imago; with the plant on which the larva usually feeds.


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Lond. 1808.

Natural history of British insects.

Lond. 1802-13.
Natural history of British shells.
Lond. 1799-1803.

Pl. 120. col. 5 v. 8°.

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