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A Text-Book on Prophecy

Christian Workers' Commentary on the Old and New Testaments. 8vo, cloth . .

The mature work of an experienced Bible teacher, whose “Synthetic Bible Studies" is well known in Bible Study circles. Bible Problems Explained. 12mo, cloth,

The same carnest, positive, evangelical spirit characterizes these studies that has made Doan Gray's other books accept. able to so large a body of Christian students. Salvation from Start to Finish. Cloth,

“The earnest, positive, evangelical tone of the whole series of expositions is decidedly refreshing in these days of uncertain faith and of doubtful disputations." -Advance. Great Epochs of Sacred History. And the Shad. ows They Cast. 12mo, cloth . .

"A series of popular Bible Studies on the first twelve chapo ters of Genesis. “This is a book well worth circulating."

--N. Y. Observer. Satan and the Saint. The Present Darkness and the Coming Light. 16mo, cloth,

"Will do much to clear away confusion creatod by some of the religious phenomena of the present day."

--Cbristian Intelligencer. The Antidote to Christian Science. Cloth,

“ The most reasonable, the fairest and the most practically useful of all the writings against Christian Science which we have seen."-Watchman. Synthetic Bible Studies. 8vo, cloth.

“We know of no similar work by which one can get so satisfactory and comprehensive a view of the Bible.".

-Cbristian Work. Primers of the Faith. Biblical Introduction and Christian Evidences. Cloth . . “A book that every Bible reader will be better for having."

United Presbyterian. Progress in the Life to come. Boards . A Picture of the Resurrection. An Exposition of the Fifteenth Chapter of First; Corinthians. 12mo, boards . . . .



Dear of the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago
Author of "The Christian Worker's Commentary,"
Synthetic Bible Studies,Great Epochs of Sacred
History,How to Master the English Bible,
The Antidote to Christian Science,"
Primers of the Faith,Prophecy

and the Lord's Return,etc.

keni munden


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The Book and How to Use It

THE war with Germany greatly quickened

popular interest in the prophetic books of

the Bible, and the Christian Herald, New York, asked the author for a series of articles on the subject. They numbered eight, and bore the general title of “The Mountain Peaks of Prophecy.

Before the conclusion of the series the attention awakened seemed to justify an increase of the number of articles to twelve, and later that number was doubled.

Questions from correspondents began to multiply which were replied to in some of the later articles, and as the whole assumed more and more the form of class instruction, the management of the paper urged the present publication in book form for wider and more permanent use.

One or two articles have been omitted here as being rather ephemeral in character and not essential to the rounding out of the subject; but those that appear do so, with few exceptions, in their original order, and with practically no change in the text. Repetitions and recapitulations incident to the serial form of composition have had to be retained, but it is thought these may be found not undesirable where the study of the book is pursued in classes as is contemplated in some instances, and for which the

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