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remonies and vestments; p. 375, 376. Their

policy, and lies, and pious frauds; p. 376.

Their pretended vifions and miracles; p. 376,

Their excommunications of heretics; p.

377. Their making war with the faints, and

vailing against them; p. 377, 378. Besides thefe

direct, other more oblique prophecies ; p. 378, &c.

Babylon, Tyre, Egypt, the types of Rome; p. 378,

379. More frequent intimations of popery in the

New Teftament; p. 379. In our Saviour's cau-

tion in giving honor to his mother, and in rebuking

St. Peter; p. 379, 380. In his inftitution of the

laft fupper; p. 380. In his reproving so particu-

larly the vices of the fcribes and pharifees; p. 380,

381. In his prohibitions of implicit faith and

obedience, of the worship of angels, of all pre-

tences to works of merit and fupererogation, of

lording it over God's heritage, of the fervice of

God in an unknown tongue, &c; p. 381, 382,

In St. Paul's admonishing the Romans to beware

of apoftacy; p. 382, 383. In St. Peter's and

St. Jude's defcription of falfe teachers; p. 383,

In St. Paul's predicton of the corruption of the

laft days; p. 383, 384. II. Not only foretold

that there fhould be fuch a power, but the place

and the perfons likewife are pointed out; p. 384,

&c. In Daniel's description of the little horn which

only one person in the world can fully anfwer;

P. 384, 385, 386. In Daniel's character of the

blafphemous king, which agrees better with the head

of the Roman, than with the head of the Greek

church; p. 386, 387, 388. In St. Paul's portrait

of the man of fin; p. 388, 389. In St. John's

vifion of the ten-horned beaft, and of the woman

riding upon the beaft; p. 389, 390. Several ar-

guments to fhow that not pagan, but papal Rome


was intended; p. 391, 392, 393. III. Befides the place and the perfons, the time allo is fignified of this tyrannical power, when, and how long; P. 393, &c. To arife in the latter days of the Roman empire; p. 393, 394, 395. To prevail 1260 years; p. 395, 396. The beginning of these 1260 years not to be dated too early; p. 397, 398. To be fixed in the eighth century, and probably in the year 727; p. 398, 399. IV. The fall and deftruction of this antichriftian power; P. 399, &c. The second woe of the Othman empire muft end, before the third woe can be poured out upon the kingdom of the beaft; p. 401, 402. The divine judgments upon the kingdom of the beast difplayed under variety of figures and reprefentations; p. 403, 404. Antichrift and his feat both to be deftroyed by fire; p. 404, 405. About the time of the fall of the Othman empire and of the Chriftian Antichrift, the converfion and reftoration of the Jews; p. 405-408. The proper order of thefe events, p. 408. After the deftruction of Antichrift the glorious millennium commences or the kingdom of Chrift upon earth for a thousand years; p. 408, 409, 410. Beft to forbear all curious inquiries into this fubject; p. 411. After the thousand years and the general judgment, the world to be deftroyed, and the new heaven and the new earth to fucceed; p. 412, 413. Conclufion; the corruptions of popery being fo particularly foretold, we have the leis reafon to be furprised and offended at them; p. 413. The gofpel will finally prevail over all enemies and oppofers; p. 414.



p. 415-445.

From these inftances of the truth of prophecy may be inferred the truth of revelation p. 415, 416. A fummary view of the prophecies now fulfilling in the world; p. 416-419. A large qnotation from Dr. Clark tending to confirm and illuftrate the fame fubject; p. 419-436. No room for any poffible forgery of the prophecies; p. 436, 437. The harmony, variety, and beauty of the prophetic writings; P. 437, 438. Tho' fome parts are obscure for good reafons, yet others are fufficiently clear, and the perfect completion will produce a perfect understanding of all the prophecies; p. 438. Human learning requifite to explain the prophecies, and particularly a competent knowledge of hiftory; p. 439, 440. The patrons of infidelity are only pretenders to learning and knowledge; p. 440. Modern infidelity worfe even than that of the Jews; p. 440, 441. So many inftances of prophecies and their completions, the ftrongest atteftations of a divine revelation; p. 441, 442. Miracles and other proofs of the truth of the Chriftian religion; p. 442, 443. Prophecies accomplished the greatest of all miracles; p. 443, 444. Conclufion; P. 445.


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