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Its foot on earth, its height beyond the skies.
Diffus'd its virtue, boundless is its pow'r ;
'Tis public health and universal cure.
Of heav'nly manna, 'uis a second feast,
A nation's food, and all to ev'ry taste.

To its last height, mad Britain's guilt was reared,
And various deaths for various crimes she fear'd ;
With your kind work her drooping hopes revive,
You bid her read, repent, adore, and live.
You rest the bolt from heaven's avenging hand,
Stop ready death, and save a sinking land.

O save us still, still bless us with thy stay, O! want thy heaven, till we have learn’d the way, Refuse to leave thy destin'd charge too soon, And for the church's good, defer thy own : O ! live, and let thy works urge our belief, Live to explain thy doctrine by thy life, Till future infancy baptized by thee Grow ripe in years, and old in piety, 'Till christians yet unborn be taught to die.

Then full of age, and hoary holiness, Retire, great teacher, to thy promis'd bliss ; Untouch'd thy tomb, uninjur'd be thy dust, As thy own fame among the future just, 'Till in last sounds the dreaded trumpet speaks, 'Till judgment calls, and quicken'd nature wakes, "Till through the utmost earth and deepest sea, Our scatter'd atoms find their destin'd way, In haste to clothe their kindred souls again, Perfect our state, and build immortal man : Then fearless, thou, who well sustain'd the fight, To paths of joy, and tracts of endless light, Lead up all those, that heard thee, and believ'd : 'Midst thy own flock, great shepherd, be receiv'd ; And glad all heav'n with millions thou hast sav'd.




And the rest of the

Members of the two Honorable SOCIETIES.


TEMPLE. My much honored Friends, ONE reason of publishing this plain discourse is, because I cannot now preach to you, as formerly I have done, and haye no other way left of discharging my duty to you, but by making the press supply the place of the pulpit. Part of this you have already heard, and should have heard the rest, had I enjoyed the same liberty still ; which God restore to me again, when he sees fit; if not his will be done.

And the only reason of this dedication is, to make this public and thankful acknowledgement (before I am forced from you, if I must be so unhappy) of your great respects, and many singular favors to me ; which have been always so free and generous, that they never gave time, nor left any room for me to ask; especially that obliging welcome you gave me at my first coming, I mean your present of a house, which besides the conveniences and pleasure of a delightful habitation, has offered me that, which I value much more, the frequent opportunities of your conversation.

Though I am able to make you no better return than thanks, I hope that great master, whom I serve, will ; and that God would multiply all temporal and spiritual blessings on you, is, and always shall be, the sincere and hearty prayer of,


Your most obliged,

and humble servant,


man that

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