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and buried.” And these two foresaid things I cannot comprehend more shortly nor aptly than by these words : Christ our Lord is very God and very Man.


We believe that Jesus Christ, the only Son of the eternal Father, as it had been decreed, before the beginning of all things, when the fulness of time came, took our flesh and perfect human nature of that blessed and pure Virgin, that he might reveal to men that hidden and secret will of his Father which was concealed from all former ages and generations; and that in this human body he might finish the mystery of our redemption, and might nail to his cross our sins, and the obligation which lay against us. (Col. ii. 14.)


Scholar. God is the natural Father of Christ alone, and Christ alone is naturally the Son of God, being begotten of the substance of the Father, and being of one substance with the Father. But us hath God, freely through Christ, made and adopted his children. Therefore we rightly acknowledge Christ the only Son of God, sith this honour is by his own and most just right due unto him: yet the name of children by right


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Of Christ and the Mysteries of our Redemption. Chap. 3.

It is also to be believed, that, when the fulness of the time was come, the Son, who is the Word of the Father, assumed the human nature in the womb of the blessed Virgin Mary, of the substance of her flesh, so that the two natures, the divine and human, were inseparably conjoined, entirely and perfectly in unity of person : of which is one Christ


God and very man:.....


of the Incarnation and early Life of Christ.


By the Incarnation of Christ is to be understood the mysterious fact, that “ the Word was made flesh;"—that the hypostatical union of the divine and human natures actually took place, according to the tenor of ancient prophecy, in the Conception and Nativity of the Saviour of the World. That the assumption of corporeal form and substance was possible to the eternal Son of God, in any mode which might be most consistent with His will, by whom all matter was at first created, and with whom nothing is impossible, cannot be denied; and that such assumption was necessary to effect the purposes of Divine Mercy in the Redemption of the human Race, is evident from Reason and from Scripture. Of the particular manner in which it pleased the Second Person of the glorious Trinity to fulfil the Word of Prophecy, to take upon himself our nature, and to become the true EMMANUEL or GOD WITH US, we are informed in the sacred records of the New Testament; and further than these records will instruct us,


we are not called upon to pursue our enquiries into the great mystery of Godliness.

§ 2. It was announced by a Messenger from Heaven to Mary, a Virgin dwelling at Nazareth in Galilee, and espoused to Joseph, a member of a different branch of the same royal family, of David, --but in humble station ; that she was distinguished highly among women by the favour of her God; that, by the power of the Holy Spirit, she should be rendered prolific; and that she should become the Mother of Him who should be called “ the Son of God." seph, the reputed husband of the Virgin, was informed by an Angel of this miraculous Conception, and received her under his protection till the day of parturition should arrive. As the Son of God, with tlie concurrence of the other Persons of the Trinity, assumed the human nature, by the power and operation of the Holy Spirit; so, that “ Holy Thing" which was supernaturally conceived in the Virgin Mary, was formed exclusively of the Substance of the Mother, was borne by her according to the common course of nature, and in due time was endowed with a reasonable soul, and animated with the breath of life,-being made “ in all things” “ like unto his brethren." The incarnate Son being emphatically " the Seed of the Woman" by immaculate conception, that nature which was derived from her alone was sancti. fied, and altogether exempted from the imputation and pollution of Original Sin, attaching to every de. scendant of Adam by natural propagation, through the immediate agency and intervention of the Spirit, who is the very fountain of holiness and purity; and who supernaturally, by a creative act, now bestowed upon the Virgin, the gift of fruitfulness.


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