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Scho. First, Christ, as he had descended to the earth, as into banishment for our sake; so when he went up into heaven, his Father's inheritance, he entered in our name, making us a way and entry thither, and opening us the gate of heaven, which was before shut against us for sin : for sith Christ, our head, hath carried with him our flesh into heaven, he, so mighty and loving a head, will not leave us for ever in eartb, that are members of his body. Moreover he being present in the sight of God, and commending us unto him, and making intercession for us, is the patron of our cause, who being our Advocate, our matter shall not quail.


Of the Holy Trinity and the Catholic Faith.

of the two Natures of Christ after his Resurrection. Chap. 4.

It is to be believed also that our Lord Jesus Christ, even after his resurrection subsisted in a twofold nature: the divine, indeed, is immense, uncircumscribed, and infinite, which is every where and fills all things : but the human is finite and limited by the form and boundaries of the human body, with which, after he had purged our sins, he ascended into heaven, and

there so sitteth at the right-hand of the Father as that he is not every where ; for it is necessary that he should remain in heaven until the time of the restitution of all things, when he shall come to judge the quick and the dead that he may render to every one according to his works.

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1. "General Definition of Religion

1 2. What natural Religion is. — What revealed Reli

gion is
3. It is only by Revelation that Man comes to the salu-
tary Knowledge of the Deity ...

ib. 4. The Will of God is contained in the Holy Scrip

tures, which constitute a perfect and sufficient
Rule of Faith and Practice

2 Which are the Canonical Books of the Bible.... ib. The Books of the Old Testament

ib. The Books of the New Testament.

3 8. The Books of the Apocrypha

ib. 9. The Truth and Divinity of the Canonical Books confirmed by sufficient Evidence

ib, 10. Whatever is necessary to Salvation is clearly revealed in Holy Scripture

4 11. It is necessary for all Men to read the Scriptures... ib. 12. Scripture is every where conformable with itself.... ib.

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Ertracts from Scripture, Book of Common Praper,

Articles, Homílies, and Works of the Reformers.

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PAGE 1. We obtain a Knowledge of the Divine Nature and Attributes from the Holy Scripture

26 2. The Attributes of God

,ib. 3. The Unity of God

ib. 4. His Spirituality

27 5. His Eternity.

ib. 6. His Immensity

ib.. 7. His Life......

28 8. His Omniscience.

ib 9. His Omnipotence

ib. 10. His Happiness

29 11. His Holiness.

ib. 12. His Goodness 13. His Justice

30 14. His Truth.

ib. 15. His Glory

ib. 16. Figurative Expressions relating to the Deity


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Extracts froin Scripture, Book of Common Prayer,

Articles, Homilies, and works of the Reformers.




.. Three Persons in one Godhead
2. The Trinity consists of the Father, the Son, and the

Holy Ghost ...
3. The Godhead is all one ......
4. The three Persons are distinguished
5. The Meaning of the Titles
6. The peculiar Offices and Operations
7. The Doctrine of the Trinity the foundation Stone of

Christianity ......
Extracts from $cripture, Book of Commou Prayer,
Articles, Homilies, and Works of the Reformers,

ib.: ib. 45 jb. ib.


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