Werner's Readings and Recitations: Werner's readings (1891)

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E.S. Werner, 1892 - Readers

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Page 64 - Breath is made of air. We breathe with our lungs, • our lights, our liver and kidneys. If it wasn't for our breath we would die when we slept. Our breath keeps the life a-going through the nose when we are asleep. Boys that stay in a room all day should not breathe. They should wait till they get out of doors.
Page 67 - Roman thrust Him on with unrelenting hand, Till, staggering slowly 'mid the crowd, He fell upon the sand. A little bird that warbled near, that memorable day, Flitted around and strove to wrench...
Page 17 - And doubted not that some great spell It guarded , but could nowise tell What it might be. So, day by day, Still would he loiter on the way, And watch the image carefully, Well mocked of many a passer-by. And on a day he stood and gazed Upon the slender finger , raised Against a doubtful cloudy sky, Nigh noontide; and thought, "Certainly The master who made thee so fair By wondrous art, had not stopped there, But made thee speak, had...
Page 56 - Magnificat anima mea Dominum: Et exultavit spiritus meus in Deo salutari meo.
Page 19 - He raised the cloth and entered in In hope that happy life to win, And drawing nigher did behold That these were bodies dead and cold Attired in full royal guise, And wrought by art in such a wise That living they all seemed to be, Whose very eyes he well could see, That now beheld not foul or fair, Shining as though alive they were.
Page 43 - No cheer our dreams invaded, And yet, at dawn, their yellow coats On the green slopes paraded. We careless folk the deed forgot; Till one day, idly walking, We marked upon the self-same spot A crowd of veterans talking. They shook their trembling heads and gray With pride and noiseless laughter; When, well-a-day! they blew away, And ne'er were heard of after!
Page 20 - The armour of the guards, and then The well-attired serving-men, The minstrels clad in raiment meet ; And over against the royal seat Was hung a lamp, although no flame Was burning there, but there was set Within its open golden fret A huge carbuncle, red and bright ; Wherefrom there shone forth such a light That great hall was as clear by it, As though by wax it had been lit, As some great church at Easter-tide.
Page 126 - Rodney, ho ! you must save the day, For the Congress halts at a deed so great, And your vote alone may decide its fate." Answered Rodney then: "I will ride with speed; It is Liberty's stress; it is Freedom's need. When stands it ? " " To-night. Not a moment to spare. But ride like the wind from the Delaware.
Page 57 - Odours of thousand flowers of Paradise Filled all the cell, and through the heart there stirred A sense of music that could -not be heard. The Angel spoke — his voice was low and sweet As the sea's murmur on low-lying shore — Or -whisper of the wind in ripened wheat :
Page 126 - These fragile flowers Are gifts to our fair Queen From Spring's first hours. For on this blessed day She knelt at prayer ; When, lo! before her shone An Angel fair. "Hail, Mary!" thus he cried, With reverent fear : She, with sweet wondering eyes, Marvelled to hear. Be still, ye clouds of Heaven ! Be silent, Earth! And hear an Angel tell Of Jesus' birth, While she, whom Gabriel hails As full of grace, Listens with humble faith In her sweet face.

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