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Spiritual Magazine ;



"There are Three that bear record in heaven; the FATHER, the WORD, and the HOLY
GHOST; and these Three are One."

<< Earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints."

1 John v. 7.

Jude 3.

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ONCE more at the gathering up of our papers in the completion of a Tenth Volume, it becomes our pleasing duty to come before our readers with a new year's salutation, "Health from the fountain of health." May rich blessings from the covenant God of Israel descend profusely upon all the true Israel of God. May his smile. cheer them, and frequent communion with him in his Trinity of Persons animate them as they journey through this world's wilderness to their fair inheritance, the celestial Canaan, the mansions afore prepared, where they shall see Jesus, and be ever like him, rejoicing with him to all eternity.

Brethren, our heart's desire in the conducting of our Spiritual Magazine is neither the world's applause nor the world's lucre, (and truly little of either hath it brought to us): our desire is more ambitious-we seek no perishable reward-we ask for no pay in drachms of gold or ounces of silver-we would win souls-we would establish saints


we would direct the enquiring-we would encourage the faint-hearted-we would strengthen the weak-we would stimulate the strong and to attain this, dear brethren, let your fervent prayers often join with ours in beseeching at the mercy throne for THIS blessing, whose powerful influence shed upon them can alone make our pages conducive to so glorious an end. Oh brethren, how poor is earth's wealth-how dim the lustre of her richest gemswhat empty pageantry is all the pomp which surrounds. her proudest conqueror, compared to his glory, who when in the great day of account, before assembled nations, he shall be acknowledged as the instrument of turning one soul to God! shall hear the applauding accents of his Saviour, "Well done, good and faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord." Oh, Sirs, such an one may walk humbly while below; his cottage may be a mean one, and his bosom may often throb with anxiety how to obtain the bread that perisheth: he may be scorned by the great, and ridiculed by the wise-but think ye, brethren, would they not joy in that day to barter places with him? Alas, that they were wise! that they understood knowledge, that ere it be too late they would consider their latter end.

Ye know, brethren, such of you as read our pages, that we do not inculcate these things, or any thing of our own as meritorious to salvation: CHRIST IS ALL! But

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