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15; vi.



39. Joshua-his Death.

A few principal Questions for Children who have

read this book.

Questions on the Chapters,

Vorses of Scripture.








Gen. i.

a man who


My dear children, I know that you

have heard that God made the world. Could a man have made the world ? No; a man could not make such a world as this.

Men can make many things, such as boxes and baskets. Perhaps you know

make a box. Suppose you were to shut him room, which was quite empty, and you were to say to him, “ You shall not come out till you

have made a box,”—would the man ever come out ? No--never. A man could not make a box, except he had something to make it of. He must


in a

The teacher will generally find the proof of every statement, either in the chapters of the Bible referred to at the beginning of each chapter in this book, or in the notes affixed; but in the opening of this work the proofs are often withheld, because they have already been given in those parts of the “Peep of Day" in which the same subjects are treated.

can men.

have some wood, or some tin, or some pasteboard, or some other thing. But God had nothing to make the world of. He only spoke, and it was made. *

Making things of nothing, is called "creating." No one can create anything, but God. +

Do you know why God is called the Creator ? It is because he created all things. There is only one Creator. Angels cannot create things, nor

They could not create one drop of water, or one little fly.

You know that God was six days in creating the world. I will tell you what he did on each day.

I. On the first day, God said, “ Let there be light;" and there was light.

II. On the second day, God spoke again, and there was water very high; that water is called the clouds. There was also water very low. There was nothing but water to be seen. God filled every place with air; but you know the air cannot be seen.

III. On the third day, God spoke, and the dry land appeared from under the water; and the water ran

Things which are seen were not made of things that do appeaz.Heb. xi. 3. + Thou hast created all things. Rev. iv. 11.

and corn,

down into one deep place that God had prepared. * God called the dry land Earth, and he called the water Seas. We walk upon the dry land. We cannot walk



The sea is always rolling up and down; but it can never come out of the great place where God has put it. God spoke, and things grew out of the earth. Can


tell me what things grew out of the earth ? Grass, and trees, and flowers.

IV. On the fourth day God spoke, and the sun and moon and stars were made. God ordered the sun to come every morning, and to go away in the evening,t because God did not choose that it should be always light. It is best that it should be dark at night, when we are asleep. But God lets the moon shine in the night, and the stars also; so that if we go out in the night, we often have a little light. There are more stars than we can count.

V. On the fifth day, God began to make things that are alive. He spoke, and the water was filled with fishes, and birds flew out of the water, and perched upon

the trees.

VI. On the sixth day, God spoke, and the beasts came out of the earth: lions, sheep, cows, horses,

• Who shut the sea with doors, and brake up for it my decreed place ?—Job. xxxviii. 8, 10.

† The sun knoweth his going down.-Ps. civ. 19.

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