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my life.

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with all my strength; to worship him, merciful unto us, and forgive us our to give him thanks, to put my whole sins; and that it will please him to trust in him, to call upon him, to save and defend us in all dangers honour his holy Name and his Word, ghostly and bodily; and that he will and to serve him truly all the days of keep us from all sin and wickedness,

and from our ghostly enemy, and Question. What is thy duty towards from everlasting death. And this I thy Neighbour ?

trust he will do of his mercy and Answer. My duty towards my goodness, through our Lord Jesus Neighbour, is to love him as my- Christ. And therefore I say, Amen, self, and to do to all men, as I would so be it. they should do unto me: To love,

Question. honour, and succour my father and OW many Sacraments hath

Christ ordained in his Church? Queen, and all that are put in au- Answer. Two only, as generally ne. thority under her: To submit myself cessary to salvation, that is to say, to all my governours, teachers, spi. Baptism, and the Supper of the Lord. ritual pastors and masters : To order Question. What meanest thou by myself lowly and reverently to all my this word Sacrament ? betters: To hurt no body by word Anstver. I mean an outward and nor deed: To be true and just in all visible sign of an inward and spirimy dealing: To bear no malice nor tual grace given unto us, ordained by hatred in my heart: To keep my Christ himself, as a means whereby hands from picking and stealing, and we receive the same, and a pledge to my tongue from evil-speaking, lying, assure us thereof. and slandering: To keep my body in Question. How many parts are there temperance, soberness, and chastity: in a Sacrament? Not to covet nor desire other men's Answer. Two; the outward visible goods; but to learn and labour truly sign, and the inward spiritual grace. to get mine own living, and to do my Question. What is the outward viduty in that state of life, unto which sible sign or form in Baptism? it shall please God to call me.

Ansner. Water ; wherein the perCatechist. son is baptived In the Name of the

FaMy good Child, know this, that ther, and of the Son, and of the Holy thou art not able to do these things Ghost. of thyself, nor to walk in the Com- Question. What is the inward and mandments of God, and to serve spiritual grace ? him, without his special grace; which Answer. A death unto sin, and a thou must learn at all times to call new birth unto righteousness : for for by diligent prayer. Let me hear being by nature born in sin, and the therefore, if thou canst say the Lord's children of wrath, we are hereby Prayer.

made the children of grace, Answer.

Question. What is required of per

sons to be baptized ? Hallowed be thy Name. Thy Answer. Repentance, whereby they kingdom come. Thy will be done in forsake sin; and Faith, whereby they earth, As it is in heaven. Give us stedfastly believe the promises of God this day our daily bread. And for made to them in that Sacrament. give us our trespasses, As we forgive Question. Why then are Infants bapthem that trespass against us. And tized, when by reason of their tender lead us not into temptation ; But de- age they cannot perform them ? liver us from evil. Amen,

Answer. Because they promise Question. What desirest thou of them both by their Sureties, which God in this Prayer ?

promise, when they come to age, Ansner. I desire my Lord God our ihemselves are bound to perform. heavenly Father, who is the giver of Question. Why was the Sacrament all goodness, to send his grace unto of the Lord's Supper ordained ? me, and to all people; that we may

Answer. For the continual rememworship him, serve him, and obey brance of the sacrifice of the death him, as we ought to do. And I pray of Christ, and of the benefits which unto God, that he will send us all we receive thereby. things that be needful both for our Question. What is the outward part souls and bodies; and that he will be or sign of the Lord's Sapper ?


Answer. Bread and Wine, which refreshing of our souls by the Body the Lord hath commanded to be re- and Blood of Christ, as our bodies ceived.

are by the Bread and Wine. Question. What is the inward part, Question, What is required of them or thing signified ?

who come to the Lord's Supper ? Answer. The Body and Blood of Answer. To examine themselves, Christ, which are verily and indeed whether they repent them truly of taken and received by the faithful in their former sins, stedfastly purposing the Lord's Supper.

to lead a new life; have a lively faith Question. What are the benefits in God's mercy through Christ, with whereof we are partakers thereby ? a thankful remembrance of his death;

Answer. The strengthening and / and be in charity with all men.

T The Curate of every Parish shall diligently upon Sundays and Holy-daye, after the

second Lesson at Evening Prayer, openly in the Church instruct and examine so many Chillren of his Parish sent unto hin, as he shall think convenient, in some

part of this Catechism. T and all Fathers, Mothers, Masters, and Dames, shall cause their children, Servants,

and Apprentices, which have not learned their Catechism,) to come to the Church at the time appointer, and obediently to hear, and be ordered by the Curate, until such time as they have learned all that is here appointed for them to learn, So soon as Children are come to a competent age, and can say, in their Mother

Tongue, the Creel, the Lord's Prayer, and the Ten Commandments; and also can answer to the other questions of this short Catechism, they shall be brought to the Bishop. And every one shall have a Godfather, or a Godmother, as a Witness of their Confirmation. And when soever the Bishop shall give hemoroledge for Children to be brought unto him for their Confirmation, the Curate of every Parish shall either bring, or send

in sprit. ing, with his hand subscribed thereunto, the names of all such persons within his Purish, as he shall think fit to be presented to the Bishop to be confirmed. And, i the Bishop approve of them, he shall confirm them in manner following.




Upon the day appointed, all that are to be then confirmer, being plared, and standing in order, before the Bishop; he (or some other Minister appointed by him) shall read this Preface following.

, be ministered to the more edify- the grace of God they will evermore ing of such as shall receive it, the endeavour themselves faithfully to Church hath thought good to order, observe such things, as they, by their That none hereafter shall be Con- own confession, have assented into. firmed, but such as can say the Creed,

Then shall the Bishop say, the Lord's Prayer and the Tescormo Do, hence inhibe presence of

; and also answer to Gödand of this congregation, such other Questions, as in the short renew the solemn promise and vow Catechism are contained : which or that was made in your name at your der is very convenient to be observed; Baptism ; ratifying and confirming to the end, that children, being now the same in your own persons, and come to the years of discretion, and acknowledging yourselves bound to having learned what their Godfathers believe, and to do, all those things, and Godmothers promised for them in which your Godfathers and Godmo. Baptism, they may themselves, with thers then undertook for you? their own mouth and consent, openly And every one shall audilly as neer, before the Church, ratify and confirm

I do.


The Bishop

earth, As it is in heaven. Give us Orhelp is in the Name of the live ds your respassereads and fora

us , As we forgive Answer. Who hath made heaven them that trespass against us. And and earth.

lead us not into temptation ; But deBishop. Blessed be the Name of liver us from evil. Amen. the Lord;

And this Collect. Ansner. Henceforth, world without end.


LMIGHTY and everliving God, THE FORM OF

who makest us both to will and Bishop. Lord, hear our prayers. Answer. And let our cry come un

to do those things that be good and

acceptable unto thy divine Majesty ; to thee.

We make our humble supplications The Bishop. Let us pray. unto thee for these thy servants, upLMIGHTY and everliving God, on whom (after the example of thy

who hast vouchsafed to rege holy Apostles) we have now laid our nerate these thy servants by Water hands, to certify them (by this sign) and the holy Ghost, and hast given of thy favour and gracious goodness unto them forgiveness of all their towards them. Let thy fatherly hand, sins; Strengthen them, we beseech we beseech thee, ever be over them; thee, O Lord, with the Holy Ghost let thy Holy Spirit ever be with them the Comforter, and daily increase in and so lead them in the knowledge them thy manifold gifts of grace; the and obedience of thy Word, that in spirit of wisdom and understanding; the end they may obtain everlasting the spirit of counsel and ghostly life; thrvugh our Lord Jesus Christ, strength; the spirit of knowledge who with thee and the Holy Ghost and true godliness; and fill them,

liveth and reigneth, ever one God, O Lord, with the spirit of thy holy world without end. Amen. fear, now and for ever. Amen.

ALMIGHTY Lord, and ever

0 Then all of them in order kneeling before lasting God, vouchsafe, we be. the Bishop, he shall lay his hand upon seech thee, to direct, sanctify, and the head of every one severally, saying, govern, both our hearts and bodies,

(or this thy Servant] with thy works of thy commandments; that, heavenly grace, that he may continue through thy most mighty protection thine for ever; and daily increase in both here and ever, we may be pre. thy holy Spirit more and more, until served in body and soul; through he comie unto thy everlasting king. our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. dom. Amen.

Amen. ( Then shall the Bishop say,

Then the Bishop shall bless them, sayThe Lord be with you.

ing thuis, Answer. And with thy spirit. THE Blessing of God Almighty,

, And (all kneeling doton) the Bishop shati add,

Holy Ghost, be upon you, and re

main with you for ever. Amen. UR Father, which art in heaven,

And there shall none be admitted to the holy Communion, until such time as ha

be confirmed, or be ready and desirotus kingdom come. Thy will be done in

to be confirmed

Let us pray.



First the Banns of all that are to be married together must be published in the Church three several Sundays, during the time of Morning Service, or of Evening Service, (if there be no Morning Service,) immediately after the second Lesson; the Curule saying after the accustomed manner,

PUBLISH the Banns of Mar, remedy against sin, and to avoid for.

riage between M. of -and n. nication; that such persons as have of - If any of you know cause, or not the gift of continency might just impediment, why these two per- marry, and keep themselves undefil. sons should not be joined together ed members of Christ's body. in holy Matrimony, ye are to declare Thirdly, it was ordained for the it. This is the first second, or third] mutual society, help, and comfort, time of asking.

that the one ought to have of the And if the persons that are to be mar. sity. Into whích holy estate these

other, both in prosperity and adverried dwell in divers Parishes, the Bann's must be asked in both Parishes; and two persons present come now to be the Curate of the me Parish shan not joined. Therefore if any man can solemnize Matrimony betwixt them, shew any just cause, why they may without a Certificate of the Banns be- not lawfully be joined together, let ing thrice asked, from the Curate of the him now speak, or else hereafter for other Parish.

ever hold his peace. At the day and time appointed for 80-And also, speaking unto the persons that lemnization of Matrimony, the persons

shall be married, he shall say, to be married shall come into the body of the Church with their friends and

REQUIRE and charge you both, neighbours : and there standing toge- as ye will answer at the dreartful ther, the Man on the right hand, and day

of judgement when the secrets of the Woman on the left, the Priest shall all hearts shall be disclosed, that if say,

either of you know any impediment, EARLY beloved, we are gather. why ye may not be lawfully joinei God, and in the face of this con

confess it. For be ye well assurect, gregation, to join together this Man that so many as are coupled together and this Woman in holy Matrimony; otherwise than God's Word doth which is an honourable estate, instiallow are not joined together ling

ted of God in the time of man's God; neither is their Matrimony innocency, signifying unto us the lawful. mystical union that is betwixt Christ 1 At which day of Marriage, if any man and his Church; which holy estate do alledge and declare any impertimah Christ adorned and beautified with why they may not be coupled together in his presence, and tirst miracle that Matrimony,

wy God's Land, or the Lame

of this Realm; and will we bound, and he wrought, in Cana of Galilee; and is commended of Saint Paul to be

sufficient sureties with him, to the par. honourable among all men :

ties; or else put in a Caution to the and

full value of such charges as the persona therefore is not by any to be enter- to be married do thereby sustain) to prised, nor taken in hand, unadvis. prove his allegation: then the solemni. edly, lightly, or wantonly, to satisfy zation must be deferred, until such time men's carnal lusts and appetites,

as the truth be tried. like brute beasts that have no under If no imperiment be allatgal, then shall standing; but reverently, discieetly, the Curate say unto the Nan, advisedly, soberly, and in the fear of M. God; duly considering the causes for

VILT thou have this Wo W

man to thy wedded wife, which Matrimony was ordained. to live together after God's ordi.

First, It was ordained for the pro-nance in the holy estate of Matricreation of children, to be brought mony? Wilt thou love her, comfort up in the fear and nurture of the her, honour, and keep her in sick. Lord, and to the praise of his ho ness and in health; and, forsaking acondly, It was ordained for a

all other, keep thee only unto ber, so long as ye both shall live?


W they werelded husband, conto O ETERNAL God, Creator and

| The Man shall ansroet,

Then the Man leaving the Ring upon I will,

the fourth finger of the Woman's left

kand, they shall both kneel dowon; and Then shall the Priest say unto the the Minister shall say,

N. ILT thou have this Man

pray. together after God's ordinance in the

all mankind, holy estate of Matrimony ? Wilt thou of all spiritual grace, the Author of obey him, and serve him, love, ho everlasting life; Send thy blessing nour, and keep him in sickness and upon these thy servants, this man in health; and, forsaking all other, and this woman, whom we bless in keep thee only unto him, so long as thy Name; that, as Isaac and Reye both shall live?

becca lived faithfully together, so

these persons may surely perform and The Woman shall ansroer,

keep the vow and covenant betwixt I will.

them made, (whereof this Ring given T Then shall the Minister say,

and received is a token and pledge,) Who giveth this Woman to be mar- and may ever remain in perfect love ried to this Man ?

and peace together, and live accord.

ing to thy laws; through Jesus Christ Then shall they give their troth to each our Lord. Amen. other in this manner,

Then shall the Priest join their right The Mindster, receiving the woman at her

hands together, and say, father's or jriend's hands, shall catise

Those whom God hath joined tothe Man with his right hand to take the Woman in her right hand, and to say gether let no man put asunder. after him as followeth.

Then shall the Minister speak unto the

people. M. take thee N. to my wedded I wife, to have and to hold from FORAN

NORASMUCH as M. and N. have this day forward, for better for worse, consented together in holy wed. for richer for poorer, in sickness and lock, and have witnessed the same in health, to love and to cherish, till before God and this company, and death us do part, according to God's thereto have given and pledged their holy ordinance; and thereto I plight troth either to other, and have de. thee my troth.

clared the same by giving and re1 Then shall they loose their hands; and ceiving of a Ring, and by joining of the Woman, with her righi hand taking Man and Wife together, In the

hands; I pronounce that they be the Man by his right hand, shall like toise say after the Minister,

Name of the Father,

and of the Son, N. take thee M. to my wedded and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

husband, to have and to hold from And the Minister shall add this this day forward, for better for worse,

Blessing. for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love,'cherish, and to GOD the Father, God the Son,

U God the Holy Ghost, bless, preobey, till death us do part, according serve, and keep you ; the Lord merto God's holy ordinance; and there- cifully with his favour look upon to I give thee my troth.

you; and so fill you with all spiritual 9 Then shall they again loose their hands, benediction and grace, that ye may

and the Man shall give tento the Wo- so live together in this life, that in man a Ring, laying the same upon the the world to come ye may have life book with the accustomed duty to the everlasting. Amen. Priest and Clerk. And the Priest, taking the Ring, shull deliver it unto the T Then the Minister or Clerks, going to Man, to put it upon the fourth finger of

the Lord's Table, shall say or sing this the Woman's left hand. And the Man

Psalm following. holding the Ring there, and taught by Beati omnes. Psalm cxxviii. the Priest, shall say


my body I thee worship, and For thou shalt eat the labour of with all my worldly goods 1 thee thine hands : 0 well is thee, and endow : In the Name of the Father, happy shalt thou be. and of the Son, and of the Holy Thy wife shall be as the fruitful Ghost. Amen.

vine : upon the walls of thine house ;

GITH:his Ring 1 thee wed, with Blessed and walk in his way to

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