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better presently; if you proceed to the house I will follow.”

“ Not without you, Emily, for I wish to read Ernest's letter to you all, he gives such a laughable account of an adventure with a Spanish donna; so come, can you go now?” To his infinite surprise, instead of replying, his sister laid her head on the table, which occupied the centre of the little building, and burst into tears. A light seemed to flash upon him in a moment, and taking Emily's hand as he stood by her side, he said, “ Can it be possible, Emily, that the mention of a name can have produced these tears ? Tell me I am mistaken, for your own sake! for


sake tell me so !” “ Leave me, Conrad," she articulated.

“ Never! until you confirm or annul my suspicions.” She remained silent some minutes, during which Conrad stood deep in thought : she then raised herself, and he resumed:-“ Far be it from me to steal into your confidence, Emily, but chance has informed me, love for Ernest is the root of all your disorder; and it is my duty as a brother and friend to tell

you, that the sooner you forget him the better.”

" Oh, Conrad, do not look so angry: I know


I have been wrong in resisting your kindness so long, but I was afraid of your censure, for I felt I deserved it: if you will sit down I will tell you all." Conrad silently seated himself by her side, and she continued in a low tone, while a deep blush covered her face: - "I became attached to Mr. Bonner during the few months which preceded your going abroad, and I believe it was mutual, but our meetings were secret; for I think you know that Mr. Yorke promised his dying sister, Louisa should be Ernest's wife. But from infancy they have disliked each other, and he gained my affections with facility. We agreed to correspond secretly during his absence, and I accordingly wrote to him ; but from some cause, of which I am ignorant, my letter has remained unnoticed. Oh, Conrad, you know not what I have endured from suspense, or you would pity me.”

Pity! I do indeed pity you, my poor sister, from my soul, though not only for the past but the future, unless you can uproot this unfortunate predilection. It will be the utter destruction of your health and happiness; for Mr. Yorke is not likely to relinquish his intentions. Besides, Bonner does not return your affection, or he would not have remained silent so long. Nay, suppress your tears, Emily, you should be thankful you are undeceived with respect to him.”

“I cannot just now, Conrad, but I will combat my feelings, if possible. I need not request you to confine the knowledge of a sister's weakness to your own breast ?”

“ No, Emily, on condition you better judgment to triumph over your feelings. If he should return here, which he speaks of doing in this letter, you must go somewhere on a visit; you must not permit yourself even to

induce your

see him.”

« Ah ! dearest brother, if I had such a counsellor as you always, I should do right; but I have no trust in myself.”

“ Virtue must and will guide you right, Emily, if you trust to it; but I think the best plan you can adopt will be to tell Mr. Camden the whole truth: he is sure to advise


in the best and kindest manner.”

- I do not think I could ever persuade myself to speak to him, Conrad, he is so good, and he would entertain such an ill opinion of me.”

“ You do not know half his goodness, Emily: he would never think the worse of



owning a fault, and requesting advice; depend upon it, such will be the best and only safe course for you to adopt.”

“ Well, dear, I will try to follow your advice, for I am sure you would not give me any but what you thought the most advantageous.”

“ Do so, dear girl," answered her brother, putting his arm round her and kissing her kindly; " but come to the house with me now, for I promised Agnes I would be at home at three o'clock.” Emily immediately removed all trace of her emotion, and returned with Conrad, who, after diffusing all possible satisfaction at the Grove by the perusal of Ernest's letter, hastened away to keep his appointment with Agnes.


Love rules the court, the camp, the grove,
And men below, and saints above;
For love is heaven, and heaven is love.


DURING the time Conrad had been absent, a scene had occurred at Mr. Camden's which it will be necessary to relate. Edward Yorke reached the Parsonage, and on entering the sitting room found himself alone with Agnes : he saluted her in his customary manner, and then enquired for her father.”

“ He is just gone out on parish duties, Edward, do you wish to see him ?

“ Not particularly ; I came more expressly to see you," — he drew a chair forward, and sat down beside her: “ I have desired this opportunity of speaking to you in private, Agnes, ever since I returned from Scotland. I have long loved you, and I flatter myself, from your uniform kindness, you are by no means indifferent

to my suit.”

She rose from the seat she had occupied

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