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Lt. Tinling, from 14 F. Lt. vice Mont-
gomerie, h. p. Rifle Brig. 3 Mar.
Peddie, from h. p. 21 F. Lt. vice
26 do.
Breary, 3 Vet. Bn."
24 Feb.

Hon. A. Harley, Ens. vice


Appointments, Promotions, &c.

Lt. Hopper, Capt.

Ens. Campbell, Lt.

Lt. Mudie, from h. p. 28 F. Lt.
Ens. Mends, from 87 F. do.
R. Deane, Ens.
Ens Coghlan, from 61 F.
Mends, dead
-Blake, from 64 F. vice


Lt. Bluett, Capt.
Ens. Bedingfield, Lt.

10 do.


Douglas, from 81 F. Lt.
Spencer, from 73 F. do.
W. Evans, Ens.
Gent. Cadet H. Hill, from R.
Coll. Ens. vice Raynes, 44 F.
Lt. Smith, Capt.

Ens. Robinson, Lt.

Lt. Kelly, Capt.
Forbes, do.


Lt. vice
10 Mar.
Fraser, 1
23 Feb.
10 do.










Fraser, from Cape Corps, Lt. do.
Raynes, from 12 F. do.


G. Bayly, Ens.

Bt. Lt. Col. Ximines, from 62 F. Lt.

25 Mar.

Lt. Brotheridge, Capt.






J. Du Vernett, do.
H.C. Powell, do.
Super. As. Surg. B. Campbell,

Van Cortlandt, from 8 Dr. Capt.
26 do.
25 do.


Vincent, from 89 F. Lt.

Ens. Hull, from 18 F. do.

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Ens. Macintire, Lt.
Eman, do.
Sykes, do.
Lt. Armstrong, from h. p. Newfound-
land Fencibles, Lt.

Clarke, from h. p.
diff. do.

26 do.
22 F.repaying
Elliott, from h. p. 20 F. do. do.
Knox, from h. p. 91 F. do. do.
Goodiff, from 7 F. do.
Rose, from h. p. 103 F. do.
Sidley, from 3 Vet. Bn. do. do.
Forbes, from h. p. 45 F. do. do.
Chadwich, from h. p. 7 W. I. R.




Bell, from h. p. 34 F. do.
Medge, from h. p. 48 F. do. do.
2d Lt. Geddes, from Staff Corps, do.

27 do.
28 do
Ens. Buller, from 63 F.
Armstrong, from h. p. 1 Gar. Bn.
25 do.
Stanford, from h. p. Cape Regt.
26 do.
27 do.
28 do.


25 do.


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10 Feb.



Smith, from 99 F. do.


B. Baxter, Ens. vice W. A. Ross, dead









A. B. L. P. Burrell, Ens. vice Buller,
23 do.
43 F.
T.Kenyon, Ens. by purch. vice Blake,
23 Feb.
38 F.
F. Murray, do. vice Morritt, 7 F.
24 do.
R. W. Huey, do. vice Blood, 7 F.
26 Mar.
A. C. Anderson, Ens. vice Penn,
12 June, 1823
3 Ceylon
2d Lt. Bennett, from
3 Mar. 1825
R. Ens.
J. Williamson, Ens. vice Skinner,
17 Feb.
Ens. Williamson, from 1 F. Ens. vice
10 do.
Spencer, 41 F.
Coane, Lt. vice R. Steuart, 91 F.
3 Mar.
Hon. R. Howard, from 27 F. Ens.
As. Surg. Martin, Surg. vice Owen,
10 Feb.
h. P
Lt. Clarke, Capt. by purch. vice
24 do.
Powell, ret.
Ens. Grubb, Lt.
24 Feb.

H. E. Hoare, Ens.
Lt. Algeo, Capt. vice Mackenzie, dead



93 F.

Surg. Micklam, from 77 F. Surg. vice
17 do.
Gill, dead
Capt. Cuppaidge, Maj. by pureh. vice
M'Caskill, prom.
Lt. Cotes, Cap.


do. 97

Ens. Bremer, Lt.
E. B. Philipps, Ens.


J. B. Mann, Ens. vice Stirling, 2 F.
10 do.
Lt. Mitchell, from h. p. Quar. Mas.
17 do.
vice Kiens, h. p.
Hon. G. T. Keppel, from 20 F. Capt.
vice Hall, ret.
As. Surg. M'Pherson, from 42 F.
Surg. vice Linn, h. p.
Bt. Maj. Smith, Maj. vice Ximines,
25 Mar.
45 F.


Lt. Keith, Capt.
Ens. Caldecoft, Lt.
W. T. Short, Ens.


Lt. Hughes, Capt. by purch, vice
3 do.
Kerr, ret.
Cor. Lord Fitz-Roy, from 10 Dr. Lt.



3 Feb. 1825

30 Nov. 1824 H. Laye, Ens. Lt. R. Steuart, from 75 F. Capt. vice 3 Mar. 1825 Steuart, dead Ens. Connop, Lieut. vice Head, 2 F. 10 Feb. 1825. Russell, from 1 W. I. R. Ens. do.

J. R. Currie, Ens. vice Kingdom, 31 do. F. do.

S. A. G. Osborne, Ens.

Qua. Mast. Serj. Sleater, from 58 F.
Qua. Mast. vice Dodd, res. 24 do.
As. Surg. Freer, from 4 Dr. Gds. Surg.
vice Conolly, h. p.
48 F.
10 do.
24 do.
17 Mar.

H. J. Day, Ens. vice Smith,

C. C. Vivian, 2d Lieut. vice
Gren. Gds.
Lieut. Piers, Capt.
2d Lt. Moore, 1st Lt.

de la Condamine, 1st Lt. 18do
19 do.
Scott, 1st Lt.
Gent. Cadet P. Despard, from R. Mil.
17 do.
Coll. 2 Lt.
W. R. Lucas, from do.


18 do. 1 W. 1. R. T. W. Stroude, Ens. vice Russell, 93 10 Feb. F. do. Cape C.(Inf.) J. N. Rishton, Ens. vice Fraser, 44 F.

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R. W. W. Young, Ens.
Lt. MacDougall, Adj. vice Campbell,
3 Mar.
res. Adj. only
R. Fulton, Ens. by purch. vice Moor-
12 Feb.
som, 7 F.
Lt. Forbes, Capt. vice M'Neill, dead
17 Mar.
Ens. Brown, Lt.
As. Surg. Divir, from h. p. 79 F. As.
Surg. vice Preston 26 F.
H. M. Blades, Ens. by purch. vice
24 Feb.
Douglas, 41 F.
A. Broom, Ens. by purch. vice Syn-
3 Mar.
ner, 7 F.
Lt. Moore, Capt. vice Clifford, dead
18 Aug. 1824.

Ens. Harris, Lt.
R. Loveday, Ens.
D. Herbert, Ens. vice Mends, 38 F.
10 Feb. 1825
Ens. Harris, from 24 F. Lt. vice Vin-
cent, 48 F.
Lt. Murray, Capt. vice Campbell, dead
30 Nov. 1824.
Ens. Lovett, Lieut.
Cor. Ramsbottom, from 16 Dr. Lt. by
purch. vice Burne, prom.


Rifle Brig.
R. Staff C.

R.Af.Col.C. Major Purdon, Lt. Col. vice Chisholm, dead

R. Malta Fen. Reg.


Capt. Hollis, from 25 F. Capt. Maj.

3 Mar.

Count Rivarola, from h. p. Sicilian R. do. Col. Marq. de Piro, Capt. with local and 25 Feb. 1815. temporary M. Muscat,



do. do.


do. 28 do.

S. Mitrovich,

F. Bussiett,

do. 1 Mar. do. 24 Oct.

G. Bonello, Lieut. with local and tem25 Feb. do. 25 Feb. 1822. do. do. do. 24 Oct. 1823. from 21 F. Ens.

25 Aug. 1820. C. Cutajar, Ens. with local and tem24 Feb. 1822. porary rank do. 25 do. P. Camilleri, do. do. 24 Oct. 1823. V. Bonavita, do. 25 Feb. 1817. V. Rizzo, Paym. Lieut. Gouder, Adj. G. Gamilleri, Surg.

do. 25 Feb. 1815. 1 Vet. Bn. Lieut. Bruce, from h. p. 60 F. Lieut. vice Longworth, ret. list

17 Feb. 1825. Breary, from 35 F. Lieut. vice 26 Mar. Sidley, 45 F.

porary rank, G. B. Virtu, do. V. Cavarra, do. P. Ellul, do. Serj. Maj. Galland,


Maj. M'Caskill, from 53 F. Lt. Col. of Inf. by purch. vice Lt. Gen. Cro17 Feb. 1825. ker, ret. Maj. Carter, from 7 F. Lt. Col. of Inf. by purch. vice Lt. Gen. Graham, 3 Mar. ret.

Ordnance Department. Royal Artillery.

Maj. Younghusband, Lt. Col. viee 5 Jan. 1825. Brome, dead Capt. and Bt. Lt. Col. Campbell, do. Maj. 13 Feb.



2d Capt. Douglas, Capt. 1st Lieut. Fuller, 2d Capt. 2d Lieut. Tylden, 1st Lieut. Gent. Cadet, Dupuis, 2d Lieut. 2d Captain Campbell, from h. p. 2d Capt.


1st Lieut. Meyne, from h. p. 1st

Cater, Adj. vice

do. Lieut. do. Dury, 28 do. do. do.

dead 2d Lieut. Gilbert, 1st Lieut. Gent. Cadet J. Low, 2d Lieut. 1st Lieut. Wilford, from h. p. 1st do. Lieut. Lt. Col. Rey, Col. vice Maj. Gen. Le2 Mar. moine, dead do. Maj. Crawford, Lt. Col. Capt. and Lt. Col. Sir J. May, K.C.B. & K.G.H. Maj.

2d Capt. Petley, Capt.

do. .do. do.


1st Lieut. Shippard, 2d Capt. 2d Lieut. Keates, 1st Lieut. Gent. Cadet J. Matson, 2d Lieut. do. 2d Capt. Jones, from h. p. 2d Capt. do. p. 1st do. 2d Capt. Chapman, from h. p. 2d 15 do. Capt. vice Duncan, h. p.

1st Lieut. Tylden, from h.


Ens. Heathcote, do. vice Keith, res. do.

Brown, do. vice Fletcher, res. do. J. D. Ritherdon, Ens. 23 Feb. do. do. R. C. Codrington, do. do. W. W. White, do.


G. Cox, Ens. vice Powel, res.


84 F.

Capt. Jackson, from 5 Dr. Gds. with Capt. Colomb, Caldicott, from 39 F. with Capt. Ord, h. p. 2 Dr. Gds.


Capt. Beretze, from 60 F. with Capt. Abbott,
Lieut. Davidson, from Gren. Gds. rec. diff. with
Lieut. Coulson, h. p. 24 Dr.

Lieut. Clark, from 6 F. with A. Sharpin, h. p.
24 Dr.

Royal Engineers.

Capt. Harris, from h. p. Cap. vice Cheyne, h. p. 8 Mar. 1825. The undermentioned Cadets of the Hon. E. I. Company's Service to have the temporary rank as 2d Lieuts. during the period of their being employed under the command of Lt. Col. Pasley, R. Eng. at Chatham, for instructions in the art of Sapping and Mining.

Hospital Staff.

Hosp. As. Doherty, As. Surg. vice 17 Feb. 1825 Wiley, dead Hosp. As. Crawford, As. Surg. vice Amiel, 77 F. 10 Mar. 1825. A. J. N. Connell, Hosp. As. do. M. Ryan,

Lieut. Edwards, from 19 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.
Berkeley, h. p. 71 F.
Lieut. Butler, from 20 F. with Lieut. D. Camp-
bell, 79 F.

Gent. Cadet W. Willis, 10 Feb. 1825.
W. B. Goodfellow do.
W. H. Atkinson do.
W. Scott

R. E. I. Vol. Lt. Smith, Capt. vice Medley, res.
23 do.
Ens. Hebard, Licut. vice Smith, do.

Lieut. Rumley, from 30 F. with Lieut., Baxter, h. p. 22 F.

Lieut. Hadwin, from 34 F. with Lieut. Harford, 82 F.

do. do.

Lieut. Dunbar, from 42 F. with Lieut. Fitz-Gerald, h. p. 72 F.

Lieut. Lord I. Fitz-Roy, from 63 F. with Lieut. Dexter, h. p. 3 F.

Lieut. Folliott, from 71 F. with Lieut. St George, h. p. 66 F.

Lieut. Williams, from 80 F. with Lieut. Leche, h. p. 89 F.

Lieut. Ramsbottom, from 91 F. with Lieut. Car lisle, h. p. 54 F.

Lieut. Reynolds, from 97 F. with Lieut. Valentine, h. p. 99.

Ensign Capel, from 5 F. with Ensign Barton, h. p. 26 F.

As. Surg. O'Reilly, from 7 F. with Staff As. Surg Pilkington.

As. Surg. Fraser from 12 F. with As. Surg. Douglass, h. p. 18 F.

As. Surg. M'Iver, 88 F. with As. Surg. Dozen, h. p. W. I. R.

Resignations and Retirements. Lieut.-Gen.Croker (retaining his rank in the army)


Lieut.-Col. Thomson, 27 F.
Major Powell, 10 F.

Hull, 62 F.
Kerr, 63 F.
Powell, 76 F.

Captain Ridout, 2d Life Gds.
Goff, 3d Drs.

Beaufoy, Coldst. Gds. Cumberland, 3d F. Gds. Hill, 9th F.

Medley, E. I. Vol.

Lieut. Keith, E. I. Vol.
Fletcher, do.

Cornet and Sub-Lieutenant Dutton, 2d Life Gds.
Ensign Powell, E. I. Vol.
Quarter-Master Dodd, 97 F.
Assistant-Surg. Perkins, Med. Staff.

Bloxham, h. p. 1st F. Gds.
Garrett, h. p. 89 F.
Appointments Cancelled.

Ensign Skinner, 70 F.

R. Afr. Col. Corps. Capt. Findley from 2 W. I: R. vice Dowson, h. p. 28 F. 2 W. I. R. Capt. Anderson, from h. p. 28 F. vice Findley. Superseded. Having leave of absence on false pretences. Lieut. Maclachlan, 8 F.

Appointments, Promotions, &c.


Officers Wounded in the Assault of Mer-
gui, in the Dominions of the King of
Ava, on the 6th October, 1824.
Lieut. Wm. Kennedy, 89 Regt. severely.
P. M'Rie, do. slightly.


Lieut. Gen. Sir Jas. Erskine, Bt. late of 2 Dr. Gds 2 Mar. 1825 London Dorrien, R. H. Gds. Brighton 15 do. do. Long, 15 Dr. London Major Gen. W. Alexander, late of 2 Gn. Bn. 1 Mar. Lemoine, R. Art. Geneva Carnegie, E. L. C. Serv. Edinburgh 30 May, 1824 Lieut. Col. Schummelketel, h. p. Corsican Ra. 23 Dec. Holland.

Major Forster, 38 F. Rangoon, Bengal 17 Sept. Hill, 41 F.

Steuart, 91 F. Jamaica

Briscoe, h. p. 63 F. St Germin en Laye 31 Dec. 1821 Williamson, h. p. R. Wag. Tr. Parsonstown 28 Feb. 1825.

Capt. Macleod, 41 F.

Brown, 41 F.

Black, 54 F. Madras
M'Niell, 79 F.

Clifford, 87 F. Bernampore
Dury, R. Art. Hadley, near Barnet


Lieut. Kirkman, 14 F. on passage from I. of France 20 Mar. 23 July 20 Aug. Michell, 38 F. of his wounds at Rangoon, 30 June

Crawford, 14 F.
Liston, 14 F.


Courtenay, Armagh Mil. Murphy, Kerry Mil. Lieut. Babington, 1 F. Canton

26 Sept. 1824
17 Aug.
27 Feb. 1825
19 do.

28 Dec. 1824
Suter, 1 F. Camp at Atehcnoor, Madras
13 Aug. 1823

Kennewie, h. p. 82 F.

Baugh, h. p. 103 F. Ludlow 25 Sept. 1824 Lieut. Apfel, h. p. 6 Line, Ger. Leg. Dutchy of 10 Apr. 1823 Brunswick Cornet Kirke, 11 Dr. Meerut, Bengal, 15 July 1824 Willan, h. p. 21 Dr. Axminster, Feb. 1825 Ensign Mends, 87 F. on passage home on board 12 Aug. 1824 the Atlas 13 Dec. Grant, h. p. 24 F. Africa Maxwell, h. p. 56 F. Fisherrow near Edin29 Mar


Walker, late 5 Vet. Bn. late of 1 Vet. Comp. Feb. 1825 Manchester 29 Dec. 1824 Chaplain Molony, h. p. 135 F. Adjutant Ens. Hogan, late 9 Vet. Bn. Dublin 24 Feb. 1825 Quart. Mast. Wigton, R. Art. Woolwich, 22 Mar. Medical Department. Surg, Cowen, 41 F. Rangoon, East Indies As. Surg. Osborne, 1 F. Camp at Tindevernum, 19 Aug. 1824 Madras Fynam, 54 F. Fort St George, Madras 22 Aug. 23 Dec.

Hosp. As. Dogherty, Honduras
Vet. Surg. Norton, 9 Dr. at Dublin, 19 Mar. 1825

[blocks in formation]

Williams, late 3 Vet. Bn. Mile-end 1 Mar. 1825 Dillon, h. p. 5 F. Eyrecourt, Galway 25 Jan.

a son.

14. At Woodslee House, the lady of G. Scott Elliott, Esq. of Larriston, of a son.

16. At Warkton, the lady of the Rev. David Wauchope, of a son.

17. Mrs Scott Moncrieff, 31, Howe Street, of a

29. At 46, Charlotte Square, Mrs John Tod, of a daughter. Mrs Pender, junior, 35, Buccleugh Place, of

a son.

May 1. At Cumbernauld House, the Hon. Mrs Fleming, of a daughter.

3. Mrs Dundas of Arniston, of a son.


20. At Bellevue Crescent, Mrs Crawfurd of Cartsburn, of a daughter.

21. At Barrowmuirhead, Mrs Fullarton, of a daughter.

22. At Forss, Caithness, the lady of Alexander Cruikshank, Esq. of Shielhouse, a son and heir.

At No. 1, Hill Street, Mrs Ramsay, of a son. 23. Mrs Peddie, 10, Nelson Street, of a daughter.


August 1824. At Patna, East Indies, W. C. Smith, Esq. Judge and Magistrate of Gharipore, to Anne Jessie, fourth daughter of the late Donald Mackenzie, Esq. of Hartfield, Ross-shire.

April 5, 1825. At Castles, in Glenorchy, Lewis M'Farlane, Esq., Auchinlaugh, to Miss Lucy Turner, youngest daughter of Duncan Turner, Esq., Castles.

-At Leith, Mrs George Bell, of a son.
At Gloucester Place, the lady of Captain
Parsons, of a daughter.

24. At 25, Anne Street, Stockbridge, Edinburgh, Mrs Alexander Ballantyne, of a son.

At Edinburgh, Mrs Turner of Turnerhall, of a daughter.

25. At George Place, Leith Walk, Mrs W. B. M'Kean, of a son.

7. At St James's Church, London, Charles Ross, Esq., to Lady Mary Cornwallis.

In Berkeley Square, London, George Ferguson, Esq. of Pitfour, captain in the Royal Navy, to the Hon. Elizabeth Jane Rowley, eldest daughter of Lord Longford.

-At London, John Wylie, Esq. of Lombard Street, son of Alexander Wylie, Esq., M.D. of Edinburgh, to Margaret, youngest daughter of the late Alexander Wylie, Esq. of the Old Jewry.

9. At Ewline, Oxon, Neville Reid, Esq., eldest son of Andrew Reid, Esq. of Lionsdown, Herts, to the Hon. Caroline Napier, youngest daughter of the late Right Hon. Lord Napier.

12. In St Paul's Chapel, York Place, William Hugh Hunter, Esq., fourth son of Captain Patrick Hunter, Queen Street, to Elizabeth, third daughter of Henry Veitch, Esq. of Eliock.

-At Polmaise, Robert Bruce, Esq. of Kennet, to Anne, eldest daughter of the late William Murray, Esq. of Polmaise.

18. At St James's Church, Piccadilly, W. Tighe, Esq. of Woodstock, in Ireland, to Lady Louisa Lennox, fifth daughter of the dowager Duchess of Richmond.

-At Dundee, Christopher Kerr, Esq. conjunct town-clerk of Dundee, to Jane, third daughter of the late William Hackney, Esq., merchant, Dundee.

19. At Dundee, John Henderson, Junior, Esq., advocate, to Jessy, eldest daughter of the late Rev. James M'Ewen, Dundee.

-At Keppoch, John Caddell, Esq., younger of Tranent, advocate, to Jane, third daughter of Alexander Dunlop, Esq. of Keppoch.

21. Sir John Gordon of Earlston, Bart., to Mary, only daughter of William Irving, Esq., Charlotte Square.

25. At Edinburgh, James Bennett, Esq., to Margaret, only daughter of the late Mr William MacKimmie, Elgin.

-At Ratho, Mr David Pearson, writer, Kirkaldy, to Agnes, youngest daughter of Mr John Anderson.

-At Glasgow, Alexander Haig, Esq., Lochrin, to Janet Anderson, eldest daughter of John Berry, Esq. of that city.

27. At Edinburgh, George More Nisbett, Esq. of Cairnhill, to Isabella Frances, eldest daughter of F. Carteret Scott, Esq., Charlotte Square.

At Radderty-House, Thomas Mackenzie, Esq. of Ord, to Miss Anne Watson Fowler, daughter of James Fowler, Esq. of Radderty.

29. At Clerk's Miln, Mr James Annan, writer, Edinburgh, to Mary, eldest daughter of Mr William Horn.

30. At Edinburgh, Thomas Knatchbull, Esq. of the Royal Artillery, son of the late Sir Edward Knatchbull, Bart. of Mersham Hatch, in the county of Kent, to Jane, second daughter of Sir John Connell, Judge of the High Court of Admiralty.


June 23, 1824. At Penang, Miss Priscilla MacGechan, daughter of the late Robert MacGechan, Esq., and grand-daughter of the deceased Captain Robert MacGechan of Dalquhat, in the county of Dumfries.

Oct. 7. Near Rangoon, in consequence of the wounds he received while storming a stockade, Captain William Allan, 6th regiment Madras native infantry, eldest son of Mr William Allan, Leopold Place, Edinburgh.

Nov. 23. At sea, Mr John Carnegie, midshipman of the Hon. East India Company's ship Berwickshire, third son of David Carnegie of Craigo, Esq.

Dec. 2. In the harbour of Bombay, Captain Wallace F. Dunlop, of the 7th native infantry, second son of John Dunlop, Esq. of Ballanakiel, and the fourth son he has lost since August, 1820, between the ages of 17 and 22.

11. At Moorshedabad, William Loch, Esq., resident at the court of the Rajah of Bengal.

Jan. 16, 1825. At St Toolles Estate, Jamaica, in his 19th year, William Bryce Glas, sixth son of the late John Glas, Esq., Stirling.

Feb. 6. On board the ship Medway, off St Helena, on his passage home, Major Adam Brugh, 44th regiment.

March 23. At Gatehouse, James Credie, Esq., provost of that burgh.

April 1. At Genoa, Lieut.-Colonel Wauchope, of Niddrie Marischall.

- At Minto Street, Newington, Mansfield, daughter of the late Robert Forrester, Esq., treasurer of the Bank of Scotland.

[blocks in formation]

10. At 51, George Square, Elizabeth Bennet, the infant daughter of Mr Clark.

-James Dickson, Esq. of Antonhill, in the 85th year of his age.

11. At Stewarton Manse, the Rev. James Doug. las, minister of that parish.

-At Rosefield, near Dumfries, Mrs Janet Isabella Lundie, relict of Dr Andrew Wardrop, surgeon in Edinburgh.

9. At Ayr, the Rev. John Nicoll, minister of the Relief Congregation there.

- At Bothwell, Mrs Marion Nasmith, relict of John Forbes Aikman, Esq. of Ross and Bromelton.

At 39, Hanover Street, the infant daugter of Mr Smart.

-At Edinburgh, Mr Douglas of Herriot. 12. At Ilderton Rectory, near Wooler, Northumberland, aged 57, Mrs Johnston, wife of the Rev. John Johnston, rector of Ilderton.

13. At Wardie, the infant son of Captain J. D. Boswall, Royal Navy.

-At Makerstoun House, Sir Henry Hay Makdougall of Makerstoun, Bart.

15. At the Royal Circus, Edinburgh, Mrs Stew art, wife of Stair Stewart, Esq. of Physgill and Glasserton.

-At India Street, Edinburgh, William M'Harg, Esq. of Kiers.

16. At 36, Castle Street, Miss Katharine Barkly. -Mr Alexander Johnston, ironmonger, Edinburgh.

At London, Lieut.-Colonel John Fraser, of the 50th regiment.

17. At his house, 29, Gayfield Square, Horatius Cannan, Esq., writer to the signet."

-At Edinburgh, James, second son of Mr Alexander Douglas, W.S.

-At Abercromby Place, Major-General Thomas William Kerr.

18. At Edinburgh, Samuel, third son of the Rev. C. H. Terrot.

-At Glasgow, Mrs Margaret Livingstone, wife of John Livingstone, Esq., merchant, Glasgow, and daughter of the late Robert Bell, Esq., advocate.

-At Balcurvie, Miss Beatson of Balbairdie. 19. At her house in George Street, the Hon. Mary Abercromby, second daughter of General Sir Ralph Abercromby of Tullibody, K. B. and of Mary Anne Baroness Abercromby.

21. At No. 3, North James's Street, Edinburgh, Mrs Helen Dick, relict of the late Mr George Murray.

-At Edinburgh, Anna, daughter of the Rev. C. H. Terrot.

23. Miss Margaret Scott, 45, Prince's Street, in the 90th year of her age.

At Muirton, Christian Baillie, third daugh

ter of Hugh Robert Duff, Esq. of Muirton.

At London, William P. Williamson, Esq. wine merchant, Leith.

24. At his house, Warriston Crescent, Robert Durie, Esq. of Craigluscar.

At the Manse of Monivard, Mrs Jacobina Macduff, wife of the Rev. Colin Baxter.

25. At Kirkcaldy, Margery, eldest daughter of Mr George Beveridge, wood-merchant there.

29. At No. 5, North Charlotte Street, Macrae, daughter of Mr William Tennant, jun.

30. At Edinburgh, Miss Ann Thornton, late of Fountainbridge.

Helen Elizabeth, second daughter of Sir William Arbuthnot, Bart.

At his house, No. 46, Charlotte Square, the infant daughter of John Tod, Esq. W.S.

May 1. At Mungall Cottage, Lucien, youngest son of the late Joseph Stainton, Esq. of Biggarshiels.

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-At George Street, Neil Macvicar, youngest son of William Burn, Esq. architect.

Lately, At the house of the Countess of Guildford, Putney Hill, Surrey, Henry Fusseli, Esq. R. A. aged 87.

At Waterford, the infant and only son of G. Wyse, Esq. M.D. from fright at hearing a discharge of guns from the Eolus, a ship just sailing from the river for Quebec.

Lately, At Rangoun, in the Burman Empire, deeply lamented, John Spottiswoode Trotter, Esq. (son of the late Rev. Robert Trotter of Morpeth,) Captain in the 16th N. I. and Commander of the whole force of Madras Pioneers in the expedition under Sir A. Campbell. After a service of 20 years in various countries of the East, and in many campaigns, in which he bore a distinguished part, this gallant officer at last fell a victim to fever, brought on by fatigue and over-exertion in the late conflict with the Burmese.

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Appointments, Promotions, 246, 635, 756.
April Nonsense. A Fragment, 415.
Aristippus, Wieland's, review of, 673.
Autobiography of Mansie Wauch, tailor,


Calendar, the Shepherd's, Class V. the
Lasses, 180.

Campbell and Hogg, comparison between,

Campbell's Theodric, review of, 102.-
Remarks on an Article on, in the Edin-
burgh Review, 480.
Cantabrigiensia, Minuta, 77.
Church of England, remarks on the, un-
der the Government of the Convocation,
20.-Consequences of its abolition, 23.
-Proposal to revive it, and to institute
Diocesan Synods, 167.-Remarks on the
Revenues of the, 168.-On Tithes, 170.
-Plan for correcting the Tithe System,

Church, the Roman Catholic of Ireland,
remarks on the, 255.

Churchyards, Chapters on, 28, 345, 437.
Cockaigne, State Counsels by the States-
men of, 34.

Continent, Letter from the, 329.
Convict Ship, the, 99.
Corn Markets, 242, 632, 753.
Corpulency, review of Wadd's Cursory Re-
marks on, 69.

Courtesy not Love, by Calderon de la Bar-
ca, remarks on, 641.
Criticism of Poetry, remarks connected
with the, 74.

farther portions of, 667.

Bairnly School of Criticism, No. I. Lead-
ing article (on Theodric) in the Edin-
burgh Review, 486.

Bankrupts, English and Scotch, 245, 634,


Bath, an Hour at, 16.
Bear-beating and Mr Martin's bill, re-
marks on, 600.

Beck and Dunlop on Medical Jurispru-
dence, remarks on, 351.

Births, 251, 637, 759.

Blanche of Bourbon, Narrative of the
Death of, 328.

Bridal-day Song, the Poet's, 98.
Broster, Mr, on his System for removing
Impediments of Speech, &c., 46.
Brougham, Mr, remarks on his pamphlet
on the Education of the People, 534.
Brydges, Sir Egerton, review of his Let-

ters on Byron, 137.-Of his Recollec-
tions of Foreign Travel, &c. 505.
Burke, Right Hon. Edmund, review
Prior's life of, 1.

Byron, Lord, remarks on the Character of,
131.-Review of Sir Egerton Brydges's
Letters on the Character and Genius of,
137.-On Count Gamba's Narrative of
his Last Journey to Greece, 154.On
the Genius and Writings of, 149.

Criticism, Dibdin's, No. I., 76.
Criticism, the Bairnly School of, No. I.,


Death of the first-born, the, 96.
Deaths, 252, 638, 760.
Devil, hymn to the, 367.
Dibdin's criticism, No. I. 76.
Diving Bell, remarks on the, 336.
Economist, the Political, Essay III. Part
III., 207.

Edinburgh Review, Notes on Articles in,
concerning Ireland, the West Indies, &c.

Education of the People, remarks on Mr
Brougham's pamphlet on, 534.
England, Church of, remarks on the, 20,


English and Irish land-letting, remarks
on, 684.

Exports from Britain to South America,
during three years, ending 5th January,
1825, 741.

Fair place and pleasant, a, 609.
First-born, the death of the, 96.
Five Days' ramble to Cuma, Ischia, and
Capri, &c. 405.
Fragment, a, 600.

Franklin, Dr Benjamin, on the writings
of, 49.

Free Frade, remarks on, 551.
Gamba, Count, remarks on his narrative of
Lord Byron's last journey to Greece, 144.
5 F

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