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the utmost Pleasure, Your Grace's early Curiosity, and Brilliant Genius, would make me inexcufable, if I should neglect the first Opportunity of congratulating my Country upon your Arrival, at the full Poffeffion of your Powers.

Our English History, my Lord, fhines with the Noble Characters of Your Anceftors, who have always distinguisht themselves in fupporting the Honour of the British Diadem, and maintaining the Liberties of the People.


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Nor is it lefs redounding to the Glory of Tour Grace's Predeceffors, that they have always been esteem'd for having a juft Regard to the establish'd Church, as well as for their prudent Oeconomy, and generous Difpofition.

Her Grace Mary Duchefs of Beaufort, fo much celebrated throughout Europe for promoting Natural Learning, and for poffef fing a moft uncommon and admirable Share of Knowledge, has made her Character everlasting. It

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It was, my Lord, to HER penetrating Judgment, and difcerning Curiofity, that we owe the first Paradife in England, YOUR delight ful Badminton, where, by the polite Genius of that Great Lady, the most curious Plants from all Quarters of the Earth were affembled, and willingly paid their O bedience to Her Dictates.



To the benign Influence of Her Grace's happy Genius, to promote the curious and useful Study of planting, all the Gardens in Britain of

of the best Difpofition are owing, få hot you

And as your Grace is now poffeffed of the delightful Seats, and harmonious Difpofitions of Your Ancestors, we may expect all the Improvements from You which may ferve as Examples to the whole World.

The Treatife which I now lay before Your LordShip, concerning the Improvement of Land by HOPS, will, I hope, meet with Your favourable Re


ception, efpecially fince my Botanical Labours have taken their Rife from a Principal fo illuftrious as the Great Duchess of Beaufort.

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