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32. And I, if I be LIFTED up from the Earth, will draw all Men unto me.

33. (This he said, fignifying what DEATH he should DIE.)

Chap. xv. 13. Greater Love hath no Man than this, that a Man LAY DOWN his Life for his Friends.


The History of Christ's Passion and

Death; wherein the Prophecies relating thereto, were in the most minute Circumstances accomplished, as will appear by the References annexed.

Luke xxii. 39.

Matt. xxvi. 30. Mark xiv. 27.

John xviii. s. (M.] AND when they had xxi... MY God, my God, why

sung an Hymn, me? Why art thou so far from they went out into the Mount helping me, and from the Words of Olives: For [7.] when of my roaring Jesus had spoken these Words, time, but thou heareit not ; and in

2. O my God, I cry in the Day(L.) he came out, and went the Night-season, and am not liient. TF.] with his Disciples over 3. But thou art holy, O thou that the Brook Cedron, (L.) as

inhabitcft the Praises of Israel.

4. Our Fathers trusted in thee : he was wont, to the Mount they truited, and thou didnt deliver of Olives, and his Disciples them. also followed him. [.11.) delivered": they trusted in thee, and

s. They cried unto thee, and were Then faith Jesus unto them, were not contounded. [Mr.] All ye shall be or. 6. But I am a Worm, and ne JENDED because of me this Man; a REPROACH of Men, and

DISPISED of the People. Night : for it is WRITTEN,

7: All they chat see me, laugh me I will SMITE the Shepherd, to {coin : they shoot our the LIP, [M.] and the Sheep of the they shake the Head, saying, Flock Tall be scattered a- he would deliver him : let him pe

8. He trusted on the Lord, that broad. But after I am risen LIVER him, ftcing he DELIGHTagain, I will go before you ED in him.

9. But thou art he that took me into Galilee. (Mr.) But

out of the Womb; chou didit make Peter (M.] answered and me hope, when I was upan my Mofaid thor's Bjeaft.


said unto him, Though all 10. I was cast upon thee from Men shall be OFFENDED he- the Vomb; thou art my God fium

my Mother's Belly. cause of thee, [Mr.] yet will 11. Be not far from me, for not l. And Jefus faith un- Troub.e is near, for there is none

to help. to him, Verily I say unto

12. Many Bulls have compared thec, that this Day, even in me : strong Bulls of Bajban have this Night, before the Cock beset me round. crow TWICE, thou shalt 13. They Gared upon me with

their Muths, as a ravening and a DENY


roaring Lion. he, [M.] Peter, (Mr.] spake 14. I am rOORED oat like WAthe more vehemently, "If I TER, and all my Bones are out of should die with thee, I will it is melted in the midit of my

Joint : my HEART is like W AI; not deny thee; [M.] like. Bowels. wife also said all the Difci 15. My STRENGTH is dried up

like a Porsherd : and my TONGUE ples.

cleaveth to my Jaws; and thou hast brought me into the Dust of DEATH.

16. For Dogs have compassed

me, the ASSEMBLY of the WICKCHRIST'S Agony in the Eu have incloled me : they FIERC

ED my Hands and my FEET. Garden, and Prayers 17. I may tell all my Bones : whilft bis Disciples slept. they look and stare upon me.

18. They rart my GARMENTI

among them, and cast LOTS up[Mr.) AND (M.) then

ND [M.] then on my Vesture.
cometh JESUS O Lord, O my Strength, halie thee

19. But be not thou far from me, with them into a place cal- to help me. led Gethsemane, [.7.] where

20. Deliver my Soul from the was a Garden, into the which er of the Dog.

Sword : my Darling from the Powe be entred and his Disciples. 21. Save me from the Lion's And Judas also which be- Morth: for thou haft heard me

from the Hoins of the Unicorns. trayed him, knew the Place:

22. I will declare thy Name un. for Jesus oft-times reforred to my Brethren ; in ưne midit of thither with his Disciples. the Congregation will I praise thee. [L.] And when he was at him ; all ye the Seed of Faceb, gio

23 Ye that fear the Lord, praise the Place, he faid unto them, rify him; and fear him all ye the [M.] to the Disciples, Sit ye Seed of Israel. here, while I

and PRAY

24. For he hath nor despised, no

ABHORRED the AFFLICTION of yonder ; (L.) PRAY, that ye the AFFLICTED ; neither hath he enter notinto TEMPTATION. hid his Face from him, but when

he [M.] And be took with him

CRIED unto him, he HEARD.

25. My PRAISF. Thall be of dice Feter, and the two Sons of in the great Congregation : I will Zebedee, [Mr.] James and pay my Vows before them that fear

him. John, and [11.] beg n to be

26. The Meek Mall eat and be ORROWFUL, and Very hea

satisfied : they shall praise the Lora vy,



vy, and [Mr.] -to be sore that SEEK him; your Heart shall

LIVE for ever. AMAZED. And [M] then

27. All the Ends of the World faith he unto them, My shall remember, and turn unto Soul is exceeding SORROW- the Lord : and all the Kindeds FUL, even unto DEATH ; fore thee.

of the Nations Mall worlhip betarry ye here, and WATCH 28. For the KINGDOM is the with me. (L.] And he was Lord's : and he is the GOVERNOR withdrawn from them, [M.] among the NATIONS,

29. All they that be fat upon and he went a little farther, Earth, shall eat and worthip : all [L.] about a Stone's cast, they that go down to the Dust,

Thall bow before him, and none and KNEELED down, [ Mr.]

can keep alive his own Soul. and fell on the GROUND

30. A Secd (hall serve him, it [M.) on his Face, (Mr.] shall be accounted to the Lord for and PRAYED that if it were a Generation. poflible the Hour might pafs declare his RIGHTEOUSNESS unto

31. They shall come, and shall from him, [M] saying, () a l'cople that shall be BORN, that my Father, if it be posible, he hath done this. let this Cup Pass from me :

If.. liii 1. Who hath believed

our Report ? and to whom is the (Mr.] ABBA, FATHER, all Arm of the Lord revealed ? Things are POSSIBLE unto

2. For he shall grow up before thee, take away this Cup out of a dry Ground He hath no

him as a tender Plant, and as a Rout from me: nevertheless, not form nor Comeliness: and when what I will, but what thou we dhall see him, there is no Beauwilt. And he cometh un- ty that we Mould desire him.

3. He is delpised and rejected of to the Disciples, and findeth Men, a Man of Sorrows, and acthem ASLEEP, and faith un- quainted with Gruf: and we hid to Peter, [Mr.] Simon,

as it were our Faces from him; he

was DESPISED, and we esteemed fleepest thou? could not him not. thou WATCH

One Hour ? 4. Surely he hath BORN our [.U.] What, could ye not


ROWS: yet we did citeem him WATCH with me one Hour?

STRICKEN, SMITTEN of God, and Watch and PR AY, that ye AFFLICTED. enter not into TempTATION.

5. But he was wOUNDED for duir

TRANSGRESSIONS he was BRUIS(Afr.] The Spirit truly is

En for our INIQUITIES : the ready, but the Flesh is Chaftisement of our Peace was weak. And again, (M.] the upon him, and with his Stripes we

are healed. second time, [Mr.] he went

6. All we like Sheep have gone away and prayed, and (pake astray, we have turned everyone the same Words, [M]O my hach laid on him the INIQUITY of FATHER, if this Cup may us all. not PASS Away from me, 7. He was orPRESSEN, and he except I drink it, thy Will was AFFLICTED, yet he opened be DONE. [Mr.] And when not his Mouth: He is brought as a

LAMB to the SLAUGHTER, and as be returned, [M.] he came a SHEEP before her Shearers is

and DUMB, so he openeth nor his Mouri.


8. Hei


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and found them asleep again:

8. He was taken from PRISON, for their Eyes were heavy, shall dicciare his Generation? For

and frum JUDGMENT : and wbo [Mr.] neither wist they what he was cut OFF Out of the Land to answer : [M.] and left of the Living: for the Transthem, and went away again, gression of my People was he and prayed the third time, S. And he made his Grave with saying the same Words ; the WICKED, and with the Rich (L.) saying, FATHER, 1$ in his Deatn, because he had done

no Violence, neither was any Dethou be WILLING, remove ceit in his MOUTH this Cup from me ; never 10. Yet it pleased the LORD LO theless, not my. Will, but bruise him, he hath put him to thine be done. And there Soul an Offering for Sin, be

Griet; when thou shalt make his appeared an Angel unto him shall see his Seed, he shall prolong from Heaven, STRENGTH

his Days, and the Pleature of the NING him. And being in

Lord Thall prosper in his Hand.

11. He shall fee of the TRAVAIL an Agony, he PRAYED more of his Sout, and ihall be SATISEARNESTLY,and his SWEAT. FIED : By his Knowledge thall was as it were great DROPS

my righteous Servant JUSTIFY

miny: : for he shall bear their INIof Blood falling down to quities. the Ground. And when he 12. Therefore will I divide him rose up from Prayer, [.M.] Thall divide the spoil with the

a PORTION with the Great, and he then coineth he to the Di - Strong: because he hath poured ciples (Mr.} the third time, out his Soul unto Death: and he and [L.] found them flep fo's, and he bare the Sun of many,

was numbred with the Transgrefing for Sorrow. And said and made INTERCESSION for the unto them, [M] Sleep on Tranfgreffors. now, and take your Reft; cometh from Edom, with dyed (sar

Ifai. Ixiij. 1. Who is this that [L.) Why flep ye? [117.) ments from Boz'ah? This that is It is enough : (L.) Rise and glorious in his Apparel, travelling pray, lett se enter into Temp- ithat speak in Righteousnets, mightation. [.11.] Behold, the

ty, to SAVE. Hour is at hand, ( Mir.) is 2. , Wherefore art thou red in come: Behold, the son of thine Apparel, and thy Garmenia

like him the treadeth in the WineMan is berrayed into the

Hands of Sinners. [M.] 3. I have troden the Wine-press
Rise, let us be going ; be- alone, and of the People there was
hold, he is at hand that doth none with me;

5. And I looked, and there was BETRAY me.

none to help: and I wondered that there was, none to uphold:

Therefore minc own Arm brought ** SALVATION.

7. I will mention the loving CHRIST, by the Treache- Praifes of the Lord, according to all

Kindnesses of the Lord, and the ng of Judas, is discover that the Lord hath bestowed on us,

and the great Goodnels towards the


sd, and taken in the Houle of Israel, which he hath

bestowed on them, according to Garden.

the Multitude of his loving Kind

nesses [Mr.] ND immediately,

8. For he said. Surely they are

my People, Chidren that will not while he yet fpake, lye : So he was their Saviour. [L.] behold, he that was 9 In all their Afictions he was called Indas, one of the afflicted, and the Angel of hi Pre

sence saved them : In his LOVE Twelve, (7.) having receiv; and in his 'ITY he redeeined them; ed a BAND of Men, and and he bare them, and carried them Officers from the Chief all the Days of oid. Priests and Pharisees, com- of thy supplications the Command

Dam. ix. 23. At the Beginning eth thither, [ Mr.] and with ment came forth, and I am come him a great Multitude, [.7.] to Thew thee; for thou art greotiy with Lanterns, and Torches, the Macter, and consider the Vition.

ELOVED: Therefore underitand [Mr.] with SWORDS, and

24. SEVENTY WEEKS are deterStaves, (J.] and Weapons, mined upon thy People, and upon [Mr.] from the CHIEF

the holy City, to finish the Trans

grellion, and to make an End of PRIESTS, and the Scribes, Sins, and to make RecoNCILIAand the ELDERS. And he TION for INIQUITY, and to bring that BETRAYED him, had in everlastıng Righteousness, and

to seal up the Vision and Progiven them a Token, say- phecy, and to anoint the most ing, Whom soever I shall Kiss, Holy. that same is he; take him,

25. Know therefore and under

stand, that from the GOING FORTH and lead him away safely: of the Commandment to restore And he [L.] went before and to build Jerusalem, unto the them. [7.] Fejus therefore Messiah the PRINCE, Dhall be

seven Weeks; and threescore and KNOWING all THINGS that

two Weeks the street Nall be built should COME

upon HIM, again, and the Wall, even in trouwent forth, and said untó blous Times. them, Whom seek ye? They Weeks Thall Messiah be cut off,

26. And after threescore and two answered him, Jefils of Na- but not for Himself : And the zareth.. Fefus faith unto People of the Prince that shell come, them, I AM HE.

Nail DESTROY the City, and che

And Ju- SANCTUARY, and the End thereof das alfo which BETRAYED shall be with a Flood, and unto him, stood with them. As the Eni of the War DESOLAfoon then as he had said TiONs are determined.

Zech. xii. 10. And I will pour unto them, I am he, they upon the House o David, and upwent backward, and fell to on the Inhabitants of 3 rufal m, the Ground. Then asked the SPIRIT of GRACE, and of

SUPPLICATION, and they hall he them again, Whom feek

LOOK upon me whom they have And they said, Jefus Piencen, and they shall mourn of Nazareth. Fes25 an

for him, as one mourneth for his

ONLY SON, and Mall be in Birerfwered, I have told


ness for him, as one that is in Bite 1 am he. If therefore ye terness for his Firit-born.





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