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Review of: “Now What? You want to be an Online Freelancer”
By Eeva Lancaster
To begin, doing a review on a non-fiction book is a very different path from my normal road, but there is always fun
to be had in taking those. And this author, Mrs. Eeva Lancaster, is an incredibly talented guide on that pathway through the less traveled.
Now What? is like a traveler’s guidebook to the journey that many are now taking into online freelancing. Be it in whatever form you decide to try your hand, her information is very relevant. East to read, easy to follow, precise instructions to help you achieve your goals, or to at the very least help you take the first steps.
She explained quite clearly in her first chapters that you do not and should not to look at Freelancing as the easy way out. That it is work, hard work, and that (while mentally more satisfying) it is work that can consume your time in ways that even a regular nine-to-five job can’t rival.
But it is also rewarding.
Lancaster details out the who, the where and the why of exactly what to expect from working as a freelancer, as well as the pros and the cons. It will leave you feeling somber, yet empowered at the same time. She may burst the bubble of a few, but to many, this book will show you the balloon that will carry your dreams all the higher. Higher than you ever thought to go, if you’re really willing to work for it.
A wonderful book, easily worth of the praise it has gotten, and it is sure to receive far more. Bravo, Eeva.
(This e-book was given to me in exchange for an honest review.)

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Like nuggets of information gold: No BS. Straight shooting! Anyone able to match the clarity and concision of this guide in an approach to online freelancing would be well on their way to success. I read this with an open mind, thirsty for an understanding of what opportunities might exist in the field for me in semi-retirement. What I took from the book was a YES, but that there are no shortcuts. This step-by-step instruction manual identifies the pathway to establishing a potentially successful online freelancing business, detailing what you’re going to need in terms of attitude, approach and skill. It gave me the sense that the author has already pioneered the pathway and is shining a light to follow – that whilst there are no shortcuts, there are long, unnecessary and costly detours to be avoided. Every word is entirely believable and starkly logical. There’s a hell of a lot here that makes me want to know and learn more. 

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An Absolutely Invaluable Resource
In You Want to Be an Online Freelancer…Now What? Eeva Lancaster spills the beans on exactly what it means to be an online freelancer and what it takes to
establish your own viable business. As a successful freelancer herself, Eeva chronicles her journey from executive assistant to full-time online freelancer.
The book begins with the touching personal story of how Eeva realized too late that keeping up with the ‘rat race’ kept her away from the most important things in life. When that served as her wake-up call, she became determined to live a different life independent of corporate confines, and in this book she gives us the benefit of the lessons she’s learned along the way.
Some of the things Eeva outlines include the importance of creating a portfolio of your work, managing your time appropriately, and building up your professional credibility. She lists the essential tools you need to do the work and manage your business.
One of the most important concepts of the book is the fact that “Your skill is your product.” Eeva goes on to discuss some of the most common services that online clients need and she includes examples of job listings offered to freelancers.
Next comes a section where she recommends specific websites where one can register to be a freelancer and browse for jobs and referrals. One of the most vital elements is to create an attractive and effective profile, one that “sells yourself.”
Finally, she discusses the advantages and challenges of freelancing.
This book is full of down-to-earth, practical advice and it’s presented in a positive and encouraging way. I couldn’t have read this book at a better time. My husband was just laid off after fourteen years in local television. He’s talked for a long time about becoming a freelance photographer and now he has the opportunity, along with the great information in this book, to make this dream a reality. What a great book!

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