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Sin has been the great destroyer of man's peace and happiness, and the prolific source of all his

Its awful effects are visible both in the natural and moral world. All nature has fallen under the curse of that Being who is infinitely just and holy, pure and good. The atmosphere is impregnated with noxious vapours; the earth is encumbered with superfluous and hurtful weeds, having lost its original purity and fertility. Man, who was created in the image of his Maker --whose soul bore the impress of Deity, and whose body was 'endued with immortal vigour, free from every taint of putrifaction, is now subjected to guilt, pain, and death. Satan usurped the throne of God in the heart of man, and reigns there as a cruel despot. Disease, in all its multifarious and painful forms, predominate in the human system; while death, relentless death, has sprung into being, and with an insatiable mind revels amongst the sons of men.



This once fair and happy world, which was filled with light, life, and immortality, presents a charnel-house where death and hell reign supreme; and act in concert to destroy the works of God. Alas! who can count the millions of immortal souls which they have swept into the regions of eternity, since their introduction into this our world ; and the millions more that will fall victims to them. At scenes the most revolting to rectified humanity, they exult. The roaring of the cannon, sending forth misery and death; the blasted hopes of a fond mother; the lamentations of the widow, and tears of the helpless orphans; earthquakes, pestilence, and famine; the raging epidemic, sweeping cities, towns, villages, and hamlets; and men embruing their hands in each other's blood,-are in accordance with the designs of the wicked one. the anxious, inquiring mind exclaim, with deep veneration, How long, O Lord God Almighty, wilt Thou allow the monster of iniquity to triumph, and destroy precious and immortal

Well may

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