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The Case of HEZEKIAH considered as a Ground of Consolation, and a Motive to Union in Prayer, at the present alarming State of the King's Health, and of the British Empire ; in a Sermon preached at Woburn Chapel, on Sunday, February 24, 1804, by the Rev. G. A. THOMAS, LL.D. Minister of the said Chapel, &c. &c. Syo.

THOUGHTS on the Calvinistic and Arminian CONTROVERSY, by G. STANLEY FABER, B.D. 8vo.

OBSERVATIONS on the Correspondence between Nr. ADAM and Mr. BOWLES ; with the Correspondence subjoined. By John Bowles, Esq. 8vo,

A Serious ADDRESS to the Inhabitants of BRISTOL, on the Subject of the Multiplicity of Religious Distinctions which prevail in that City; with some cursory Strictures on the principal Sect. 12mo.

The Economy of the COVENANT between GOD and MAN, comprehending a complete Body of Divinity ; by the learned HERMAN WITSIUS, D.D, with his Life. Faithfully translated from the Latin; with fine Portrait of the Author. 814. 14s.


Eight DISCOURSES on Theological and Literary Subjects, by the late Professor ARTHUR, of Glasgow, with an account of some 'Particulars in his Life and Character ; by Professor WILLIAM RICHARDSON, Svo. boards,

'The GUIDE to IMMORTALITY; or, Memoirs of the Life and Character of Christ, by the Four Evangelists; digested according to the Order of Time and Place in the Words of thọ established Version ; illustrated with Notes, by RICHARD FELLOWES, A.M. 8vo. boards.

SERMONS and other Miscellaneous Pieces, by the late HENRY HUNTER, D.D.Alinister of the Scot's Church, London Wall; to which are prefixed a Biographical Sketch of his Life, and a critical Account of his Writings, 8vo.

A brief Statement of the Public BENEFITS which will probably result from the Establishment of an ASYLUM for OUT. CASTS; with a concise Account of the Institution proposed.

SERMONS selected and abridged chiefly from Minor Authors, from Trinity Sunday to the 25th Sunday inclusive ; adapted generally to the Epistle and Gospel, or first Lessons; or to the several Seasons of the Year : together with Eight occasional Sermons on important Subjects, and an carnest Exhortation to attend Public Worship, &c. &c. addressed by a Clergyman to his Parishioners. For the Use of Families. By the Rev. SAMUEL CLAPIAM, Vicar of Christ Church, Hants, &c. Vol. IId. 8vo.



The Rev. Henry Plimley, A.M. Vicar of St. Leonard, Shores ditch, and Chaplain to the Right Hon. Lord St. Helens, is instituted by the Lord Bishop of Salisbury to thë living of Windsor, on the Presentation of the Lord Chancellor.

The Lord Bishop of Chichester has been pleased to collate the Rev. J. W. King, Rector of Nuthurst, to the Vicarage of Fittleworth, both in the diocese of Chichester.

His Grace the Duke of Devonshire has presented the Rev. William Doncaster, A.M. Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxfording to the Vicarage of Normanton upon Trent, Nottinghamshire.

The Rev. Richard Williams, MiA. late of Christ's college, Cambridge, rector of Bulphan in Esses, and vicar of Puddington, Bedfordshire, is appointed one of the domestic Chaplains to the Right Hon. the Earl of Moira.

The Right Hon. Lord Carteret has presented the Rev. John Davis, Fellow of St. John's college, Cambridge; to the Rectory of Kilkhampton, in the county of Cornwall.

The Rev. Daniel Lancaster is instituted to the Rectory of Patney, Wilts, on the presentation of the Lord Bishop of Win chester:

The Lord Chancellor has been pleased to present the Rer W. Hooper, B.D. Fellow of University College, to the Rectory of Moremonkton, in the county of York.

The Rev. Edward Willis, M.A. has been inducted to the Reca tory of Morley, Derbyshire, on the presentation of Hugh Bateman; and E: S. Sitwell, Esqrs.

The Rev. Charles Sloman LL.B. has been instituted by the Right Rev. the Bishop of Peterborough, to the Rectory of Marston Trussell, in Northamptonshire, vacant by the death of the Rev. John Bullivant.

The Rev. John Lowthian, M.A. Chaplain to the Lord Bishop of Chester, and late Vicar of New Windsor, has been iastituted to the Vicarage of Thatcham in Berkshire, on the presentation of John Thomas Hope, Esq.

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Feb. 29. The Rev. Thomas Cox, A.M. of Worcester College,
and Rector of Munsley, in the diocese of Hereford, was admitted
Bachelor and Doctor of Divinity.
Vol. VI. Churchm. Mag. March, 1803,


The same day Mr. James Campion Hicks, of St. Mary Hall, was admitted Bachelor of Arts.

March 1. Mr. John Woodfield Compton, A.M. of St. Mary Hall, was admitted Bachelor in Civil Law. --The Rev. John Turner, B.A. of Trinity College, was admitted Master of Arts.

-2. Mr. John Woodfield Compton, LL.B. of St. Mary Hall, was admitted Doctor in Civil Law.

--5. Messrs. Richard Gooch, and Richard Bcreas, of Christ Church, were admitted Bachelors of Arts.

-9. Messrs. James Hamer, and George Leigh Cooke, A. B. of Corpus Christi College, were admitted Masters of Arts. Alexander Powell, Esq. of Eseter College, was admitted Bachelor of Arts, Grand Compounder. -Messrs, Hollyn Peter, of Exeter college, and John Mitchell, of Christ Church, were also admitted Bachelors of Arts.

Mr. Charles Henry Hodgson, A.B. of Queen's college, wa elected a Junior Fellow of Hertford college, by the Reverend the Principal and Fellows of that Society.

CAMBRIDGE March 9. The Chancellor's two gold Medals, for the best Classical Scholars of the Year, are adjudged, the first to Mr. Kaye, of Christ's College, who was the Senior Wrangler of the Year; and the second to Mr. Monk, of Trinity College, who was the Seventh Wrangler. This is only the third Instand in the Annals of this University, of the senior Wrangler having ob tained the first Classical Medal.

17. The Rev. George Ilowes, M.A. Fellow of Katharine Hall, is clected into the Divinity Fellowship at Trinity-hall, vacated by the promotion of the Rev. John Vickers..

23. The Rev. Edward Daniel Clarke, Fellow of Jesus College, was admitted to the degree of Doctor in Civil Law, by Royal Mandate.

Messrs. Hụnt ånd Hoste, of Trinity College: Martyn and Jones, of St. John's College; Newcome and Shephçrd, of Queen's College; Gwilt, of Gonvile and Caius College; and Baines, of Christ's College ; were admitted to the degree of Master of Arts ; and Mr. Thomas Woodhouse, of Gonvile and Caius College, to the degree of Bachelor of Physic.

Messrs. Jack, Hunter, Gosling, and Birch of St. John's College, are elected Fellows of that Society.




N the 26th of January, at the exemplary and conscientious exacte,

vicarage house of Orston, in ness: the integrity of his heart was the county of Nottingham, the Rev. equal to the soundness of his underJonathan Fell, aged 56 years, and standing ; his talents were very remore than 31 years curate of that spectable, and he employed them parish. With a slender income, from the best motives to the best arising chiefly from that curacy, and ends--for the diffusion of every usea small farin he rented of the vi- ful truth, and the encouragement of car, he brought up creditably a fa

Levery momentous duty, for the mily of eight children, five sons and glory of God, and the happiness of three daughters, who have to la- mankind. The justness of thischament the loss of a most excellent racter no man will dispute, who father. He has left a widow whose knew him, and who had the happivirtues as a wife and a mother have ness of knowing him, as the writer rarely been equalled, never of this article had for upwards of celled. His remains were interred 35 years. The equanimity of his

in the north aysle of Orston church, temper and the excellence of his on the 30th of January, attended to disposition, was such, that few morthe grave by his widow and his whole tals have it in their power to boast family; his eldest son twenty-four the like.--" Multis Ille Bonis Fieyears of age, and his youngest bilis Occidit." He was buried at eleven. A great number of his l'e- Feltham, in Middlesex, of which lations followed in the procession. parish he had been vicar, and was The Rev. Edw. Robson, the vicar, followed to the grave by many of his performed the last duties to his neighbouring brethren, by whom faithful friend ;---10 easy task;--for his loss is severely felt and justly his feelings were powerfully ex- lamented. R. B. C. cited by the affecting scene which ---20. The Rev, Cha, Belgrave, surrounded him. “The righteous aged 63, of Ridlington, in the counshall be had in everlasting remem- ty of Rutland, of which place he brance."

had been rector above 30 years.--FEBRUARY 2. At Mrs. Bristow's, The Living is in the gift of Gerard in New-street, Spring Gardens, aged Noel Noel, Esq. 51, suddenly of an apoplectic stroke, -21, At Kirchbergh, after a the Rev. Bartholomew Lytley Sclar very shortillness, Frederick Edward, ter, M. A. of Ashford, in Middlesex, the reigning Prince of Hohenlohe, vicar of Whittingham, in Northum- and a celebrated General in the Imberland, and rector of Sherfield- perial service. It is very remarkaEnglish, in the county of Southamp- ble, that the Princess his consort, ton: In the year 1769, he was expired exactly at the same hour. elected from Hartlebury School, into His Highness had reached the 67th, a Scholarship of Worcester College, and the Princess hier 69th year. Oxford, where he proceeded to the -24. Aged 72, at Potton, in degree of

B. A, and was from thence Bedfordshire, the Rev. Mr. Woodelected Fellow of Oriel College, house, rector of Moor Monckton, where in 1776, he was admitted to in Yorkshire, and perpetual curate the degree of M. A. In his friend- of Dunton, Bedfordshire. ship he was warm and active, in his ---27. At Elberfeld, in Germany, spirit, firm and independent; his Lady Sykes, wife of Sir Francis piety was sincere; his faith was William Sykes, of Besaldon Parka Orthodox, and his honesty most in- Bart, neice to her Grace the Duchflexible: To the prosperity and ess ot' Chandos, grand-daughter to honour of the Church of England, the late, and niece to the present he was attached, not from mecha- Lord Henniker.. Through her nism of habit, or the prejudices of amiable disposition, and motherly education, but from the more sure care of an infant son, afflicted with and steady guidance of principle; the scarlet fever, her Ladyship fell and therefore, he inculcated her a victim, to the great grief of her doctrines with unabated fervqur, family, relatives, and friends. Lady and copformed to her discipline with Sykes was in her twenty-tifth year,

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and was far advanced in pregnancy Bruton Street, but did not find that at the time of her decease.

gentleman at home. They then went At Oxford, the Rev. A. Litchfield to the place of rendezvous near the Rector of Noke, and of Wadhurst, White Horse public house at the Sussex, and formerly fellow of Wad- end of the lane leading to Holland ham College, Oxford.

House on the Uxbridge road. Hav28. At his house in Rutland ing crossed the hedge they took Place, Swansea, in the 85th year of their station, but even then, Capt, his age, the Rev. Robert Wills

, A,M. B. endeavoured to avoid the fatal Rector of Penmaen and Ilston, in issue, by again urging Lord Camelthe Deanery of Gowar, and former- ford to retract his harsh expressions, ly Fellow of Exeter college, Oxford. but his Lordship only said " Best,

March 1. At Kinharachy, in this is no child's play” and immeScotland, in the 51st year of his age, diately they took their position, and the Rev. John Cruickshank, Press fired at the same time. Lord Cabyter of the Scotch episcopalchurch, melford fell, and directly advised

-75. At Bath, the Rev. John Capt. B. and the seconds to make Howlett, Vicar of Great Dunmow, off, which they did. Some persons Essex. "The Bishop of London is hearing the firing hastened to the patron of the vicarage.

spot, and found his Lordship on -9. At his house in Harley the ground bleeding very much, Street, in the 84th year of his age, They were about to take him to the the Right Reverend George Lewis public house, when Mr. Ottey, clerk Jones, Lord Bishop of Kildare, and at the Navy Office, who lives near Dean of Christ Church, in Ireland., the place, came to the spot and His Lordship was formerly of King's caused his Lordship to be removed College, Cambridge, where he pro- to his house and put to bed. Mr, çeeded B. Ą. 1746; M. A. 1750; Ottey instantly sent for some surD, D. 1772:

geons, who having probed the At the Rectory-house, Fretherne, wound found that the ball had enGloucestershire, the Rev. J. Haw- tered the upper part of the right kins, B. A. many years curate of breast and was lodged in the verthat parish,

tebræ of the back. When quesThe Rev. Charles Chauncy, Rec- tioned as to the names of the gentor of Ayott St. Peter's, Herts, and tlemen who had accompanied him, formerly of Pembroke Hall. Cam- his Lordship declined giving any sabridge; B. A. 1757; M. A. 1786. tisfaction, but persisted in asserting -10. In consequence of a duel the himself to be the aggressor, His Rt. Hon. Thos. Pitt, Lord Camelford. Lordship languished in great agony

The cause of quarrel between his till Saturday night at Mr. Ottey's Lordship and his antagonist Capt. and then expired. It should be Best arose about a Mrs. Simmons mentioned for the honour of his who has lived a long time with the character,

that though from romanformer, and who represented to ţic notions of honour he thought it him that Capt. B. had used him proper to conipel Capt. Best to very ill, and spoke to her in disre- enter the field, he previously defpectful terms of Lord Camelford. términed not to fire at him, knowHis Lordship in consequence went ing, though he was too proud to on Tuesday in search of Capt. confess it, that himself was in the Best, and meeting him in the af- fault. His Lordship and the Capternoon at the Prince of Wales's tain were reckoned the best shots Coffee-house, Conduit Street, ad- in the kingdom. While he lay at dressed him in the public room in Mr. Ottey's, Lord Camelford made terms of strong reproach and abuse, his will, in which he leaves the bulk charging him with ungentlemanly of his fortune to his sister Lady conduct. Captain Best positively Grenville, and directs that his denied the charges, and endeavour friend Capt. Barrie's debts shall ed but in vain to convince his Lord- be immediately paid, and 2001. a ship of his mistake. A challenge year to be allowed him for his life, was given, and both parties met next He has also bequeathed several morning at Mr. Doratt's, Surgeon in considerable sums to charitable


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