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And their's the soil where curling to the skies
Smokes on Gerizim's mount Samaria’s-sacrifice,
While Israel's sons, by scorpion curses driven,
Outcasts of earth, and reprobate of Heaven,
Thro' the wide world in hopeless exile stray,
Remorse, and shame, sole comrades of their way,
In dumb despair their country's wrongs behold,
And dead to glory only burn for gold.

O Thou their Guide, their Father, and their Lord,
Loy'd for thy mercies; for thy pow'r ador'd!
If at thy name the waves forgot their force,
And refluent Jordan sought his trembling source,
If at thy name, like sheep, the mountains fled,
And haughty Sirion bow'd his marble head;
To Israel's woes a pitying ear incline;
And raise from earth the long neglected vine !
Her rified fruits behold the heathen bear,
And wild-wood boars her mangled clusters tear,
Was it for this, she stretch'd her peopled reign
From fạr Euphrates to the western main?
For this o’er many a hill her boughs she threw,
And her wide arms like goodly cedars grew ?
For this proud Edom slept beneath her shade,
And o'er th' Arabian deep her branches play'd ?

O feeble boast of transitory power!
Vain fruitless trust of Judah’s happier hour!
Not such their hope, when through the parted main
The cloudy wonder led the warrior train:
Not such their hope, when thro' the fields of night
The torch of Heav'n diffus'd its friendly light:
Not, when fierce conquest urg'd the onward war,
And hurl'd stern Canaan from his iron car:
Not, when five monarchs led to Gibeon's fight,
In rude array, the harness'd Amorite:
Yes---in that hour, by mortal accents stay'd
The ling’ring sun his fiery wheels delay'd;


The maon, obedient, trembled at the sound,
Curb’d her pale car, and check'd her mazy round!
Let Sinai tell---for she beheld his might,
And God's own darkness veild her conscious height;
(The cherub-borne upon the whirlwind rode,
And the red mountain like a furnace glow'd ;)
Let Sinai tell---but who shall dare recite'
His praise, his power, eterial, infinite !---
Awe-struck I cease; nor bid my strains aspire,
Or serve his altar with unhallow'd fire.
Such were the cares that watch'd o’er Israel's fate,
And such the glories of their infant state.
Triumphant race! and did your pow'r decay ?
Faild the bright promise of your early day?
No---by that sword which red with heathen gore,
A giant spoil, the stripling champion bore.
By him, the chief of farthest India known,
The mighty master of the ivory throne;
In Heav'ns own strengtłı, high tow'ring o'er her foes
Victorious Salem's lion-banner rose :
Before her footstool prostrate nations lay,
And vassal tyrants crouch'd beneath her sway.--
And he the warrior sage, whose restless mind,
Thro nature's mazes wander'd unconfin'd ;
Who ev'ry bird and beast, and insect knew,
And spake of ev'ry plant that quaffs the dew.
'Io loim were known---so Hagar's offspring tell-
The pow'rful sigil, and the starry spell;
The midnight call, hell's shadowy regiens dread,
And sounds that burst the slumbers of the dead,
Hence all his might; for who could these opposc?
And Tadmor thus, and Syrian Balbec rose.
Yet e'en the works of roiling genii fall,
And vain was Estakmah's enchanted wall.
In frantic converse with the mournful wind,
There oft the houseleșs Santon rests reclin'd?


Strange shapes he views, and drinks with wond'ring ells
The voices of the dead, and songs of other years.---
Such the faint echo of departed praise,
Still sound Arabia's legendary lays;
And thus their fabling bards delight to tell,
How lovely were thy tents, O Israel!

To be Continued.


We understand that The ENDEAVOUR SOCIETY, for promoting Unity and Charity, according to the Established Church of England, has now in the Press A MANUAL OF ORTHODOX DIVINITY, for the Use of the Young and Ignorant.

The Edition in 12mo. of Thirlwall's DIATESSARUM, which is now in the press, will certainly be ready for publication on or before the First of March,

OXFORD, January 21. The SAVILIAN PROFESSOR OF GEOMETRY intends to begin two Courses of LECTURES on the last Day of this Month, viz. at twelve o'clock, a Course in the Elements of Euclid, and at one, a Course in the Elements and Application of Plane and Spherical Trigonometry.

CAMBRIDGE, January 6. The late Rev. J. Hulse, having bequeathed to this University certain estates for the adyancement of Religious Learning; and having directed in his will, that out of the rents and profits, so soon as annuities and other incumbances would admit, an annual premium should be given “ for the best Dissertation in the English Language, on the Evidence in general, or on the Prophecies or Miracles in particular; or any other particular Argument, whether the same be direct or collateral Proofs of the Christian Religion in order to evince its truth and Excellence.” To be written by a Member of this University under the degree or standing of Master of Arts; the Vice-Chancellor, and the Masters of Trinity Vol: VI. Churchm. Mag. Jan.



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and St. John's colleges, being trustees, have given notice, that a premium of Forty Pounds will this year be given for the best Dissertation on the following subject: The External Evidences of the Truth of the Christian Religion.



SACRED LECTURES, from the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testament; interspersed with moral and religious Reflections. Expressly written for the purpose of implanting in the minds of youth early impressions of the duty they owe to their Creator, and shewing the dreadful consequences of Sin and Disobedience. By ELIZABETH SOMERVILLE, Author of several juvenile Works. Neatly printed in a Pocket Size, in two Volumes, and enriched with twelve beautiful Engravings.

A VIEW OF THE MORAL STATE OF SOCIETY at the Close of the Eighteenth Century: Much enlarged and continu. ed to the Commencement of the Year 1804 ; with a Preface, addressed particularly to the Higher Orders. By John Bowles, Esq. Svo.

ELEMENTS OF RELIGION; containing a simple Deduction of Christianity, from its Source to the present Circumstances. In a series of Letters to a young Lady. By Mrs. MarRIOT, 4 Vol. 12mo.

A SERMON preached on the late FAST DAY, Wednesday, October 19, 1803, at the Parish Church of Hatton, WarwickShire. By Samwel PARR, LL.D. 4to.


CANONICÆ ET REVERENDISSIMÆ EXPOSTULATIONES, apud S.S. D.D. N.N. PIUM. Divina Providentia PA. PAM VII., de Variis Acts ad Ecclesiam Gallicanam Spectantibus. By the French EMIGRANT Bisnors in England, Germany, &c. 8vo,


A SERMON preached on Tuesday, January 3, 1804, at the Presentation of Colours by the Countess of Harrington, as representative of Her MAJESTY, to the Queen's Royal Regiment of Volunteers. Published at the request of the Corps, and dedicated, by Permission, to her Majesty. By the Rev. JAMES Moore, LL.B. Honorary Chaplain to the Regiment, and one of the Evening Preachers at the Foundling Hospital.

DISCOURSES on THEOLOGICAL and LITERARÝ SUBJECTS. By the late Rev. ARCHIBALD ARTHUR, M.A. Professor of Moral Philosophy in the University of Glasgow: with an Account of some Particulars in his Life and Character. By William Richardson, M.A. Professor of Humanity in the University of Glasgow


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His Grace the Duke of Norfolk has presented the Rev. Benj. Fleming to the rectory of Kilvington, in the county of Nottingham and Diocese of York.

The Bishop of London has been pleased to appoint the Rev. George Adam Browne, M. A. Fellow of Trinity college, to be one of the preachers at Whitehall.

The Duke of Newcastle, with the consent of his Guardians has presented the Rev. John Craufurd to the Consolidated Vicarage of West Markham, in the county of Nottingham.

The Bishop of Durham has collated the Rev. Dr. Gray to the stall in the church of Durham, vacant by the death of the Rev. Dr. Ogle, the late Dean of Winchester.

The Earl of Bristol has appointed the Rev. Henry St. John Bullen, head master of Leicester School, one of his Lordships domestic chaplains.

The Rev. Charles Anson, M. A. is instituted to the rectory of Mautby in Norfolk, on the presentation of Thomas Anson, Esq. vacated by the death of the Rev. Thcophilus Buckridge.

The Rev. Latham Wainewright is presented to the rectory of Great Brickbill, Bucks.


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