Walford's Antiquarian: A Magazine & Bibliographical Review, Volume 8

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George Redway - Great Britain

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Page 202 - HOW TO PURCHASE A PLOT OF LAND FOR FIVE SHILLINGS PER MONTH, with immediate Possession, either for Building or Gardening purposes. Apply at the Office of the BIRKBECK FREEHOLD LAND SOCIETY, Southampton Buildings, Chancery Lane.
Page 217 - Thus when a Barber and a Collier fight, The Barber beats the luckless Collier — white. The dusty Collier heaves his pond'rous sack, And, big with vengeance, beats the Barber — black. In comes the Brickdust man, with grime o'erspread, And beats the Collier and the Barber — red. Black, red and white in various clouds are toss'd, And in the dust they raise, the combatants are lost.
Page 49 - Far away on each hand stretch the rich pastures and the patches of dark earth, made ready for the seed of broad-leaved green crops, or touched already with the tint of the tender-bladed autumn-sown corn. There is a remnant still of...
Page 59 - I went with some friends to the Bear Garden, where was cock-fighting, dog-fighting, bear and bull-baiting, it being a famous day for all these butcherly sports, or rather barbarous cruelties.
Page 49 - It is one of those old, old towns which impress one as a continuation and outgrowth of nature, as much as the nests of the bower-birds or the winding galleries of the white ants : a town which carries the traces of its long growth and history like a millennial tree, and has sprung up and developed in the same spot between the river and the low hill from the time when the Roman legions turned their backs on it from the camp on the hill-side, and the long-haired sea-kings came up the river and looked...
Page 208 - True, representing some principal pieces of the reign of Henry VIII, which was set forth with many extraordinary circumstances of pomp and majesty, even to the matting of the stage; the Knights of the Order with their Georges and...
Page 23 - The Desert of the Exodus. Journeys on Foot in the Wilderness of the Forty Years' Wanderings, undertaken in connection with the Ordnance Survey of Sinai and the Palestine Exploration Fund. By EH PALMER, MA, Lord Almoner's Professor of Arabic and Fellow of St.
Page 48 - ... as such. A friend of mine has in his cabinet two ancient grinder-teeth, dug lately from that ground, — and waits for an opportunity to rebury them there. Sound effectual grinders, one of them very large ; which ate their breakfast on the fourteenth morning of June two hundred years ago, and except to be clenched once in grim battle, had never work to do more in this world...
Page 293 - There shall be in England seven halfpenny loaves sold for a penny: the three-hooped pot; shall have ten hoops and I will make it felony to drink small beer...
Page 59 - A tumbler showing cunning feats, Or players acting on the stage — There goes the bounty of our age : But unto any pious motion There's little coin and less devotion.

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