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Other consequential Affections, 1. On the part of Christ. He

values bis Saints. Evidences of that valuation.

1. His

Incarnation, 2. Exinanition. ' 2 Cor 8.9. 3. Obedience as

a Servant. 4. In bis Death, his valuation of them in com-

parison of otbers. Believers estimation of Chrift. 1. They

value bim above all things. 2. Above their own lives.

3. Above

bis fake


- Hom the Saints bold Communion with Christ, as to their Accep-

tation with God, Wbat is required on the part of Christ
bereunto, in his Intention; in the Declaration thereof. The


Sum of our Acceptation with God, wherein it consists. What
is required on the part of Believers to this Communion, and
hope they hold it with Chrift. Some Objections proposed to con-
sideration ; Why the Elect are not accepted immediately on
the Undertaking and Death of Chrift; In what sense they
are fo. Christ a Common or Publick Perfon. How be came to
be so. The way of our acoeptation with God on that account.
The Second Objection. The necessity of our Obedience stated.
Ephes.2.8,9,10. The Grounds, Causes and Ends of it ma-
nifested. Its proper place in the New Covenant. How the
Saints in particular bold Communion with Christ in this pur-
chased Grace. They approve of this Righteousness; the
grounds thereof. Reject their own : the grounds Whereof: The
Commutation of Sin and Righteousness between Cbrist and
Believers. Some Objections answered




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