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meekness and temperance.” Without these, the most correct belief will be “ but as sounding brass and a tinkling cymbal.” Our blessed Lord has solemnly declared, “ Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven, but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven." And as we make a high profession of the inward work of the Spirit of Truth, in redeeming the soul from every sinful lust and inordinate affection; separating it from an undue attachment to the things of time and sense, and fixing its hopes on those enduring treasures which are laid up in heaven for the righteous,—so if we fail to show forth these, its certain and happy effects, in our daily walk among men—we shall not only baulk our holy profession, but bring upon ourselves greater condemnation, than those whose eyes have not been anointed to see so fully into the nature of the religion of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. May we then, dear Friends, under a solemn sense of our great responsibility as His professed followers, be incited to a jealous watchfulness over ourselves, and a holy fear lest we fall short of the mark for the prize of our high calling, which is no less than Christian perfection; that, daily seeking to the Lord for strength and wisdom, we may be enabled to overcome the wicked one, and doing the will of God from the heart, we may, through His adorable mercy, experience preservation from the evils which abound in the world, and be prepared to stand with acceptance before the Son of Man. Signed by direction and on behalf of the Yearly Meeting aforesaid.


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Published by direction of the Yearly Meeting, held in

Philadelphia, in the Fourth month, 1843.

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At a Yearly Meeting held in Philadelphia, by adjournments from the 17th of the Fourth month to the 22nd of the same, inclusive, 1843.

A history of the rise and spread of a religious concern among Friends in this country, on account of holding their fellow men in bondage, and showing its progress in meetings and among the members, until slavery was abolished within the Society, by the persevering efforts of indefatigable labourers, having been prepared by the Meeting for Sufferings, it was read and approved ; and that meeting directed to have such an edition printed as they may deem expedient; and circulate the work among our members and others. Extracted from the Minutes,


Clerk to the Meeting this year. INTRODUCTION.

It was intended to include in the following pages, an account of the labours of Friends, in all the Yearly Meetings where slavery once existed, to induce the members to set their slaves free; and letters were accordingly addressed with a view of procuring the information necessary for drawing up such a sketch. From two of the Yearly Meetings, however, the information could not be obtained; as the documents in relation to the subject were so circumstanced, as not to be readily accessible. It is believed, however, that the means used in the limits of those meetings to convince the understandings of the members of the iniquity of slave holding, and to induce them to give the negro the enjoyment of his natural right to liberty, were essentially the same as those detailed in the subsequent narrative.

It is obvious, that in so brief a space as this essay affords, a very imperfect view of the arduous and unwearied labours of the Society in the cause of freedom could be given; but perhaps enough is said to show the benefit of patient, persevering labour, under the influence of gospel love, in checking, and finally eradicating an evil, which long-established custom had sanctioned, and which was interwoven with all the social relations, and with the strongest feelings of self interest. Should it happily be the means of inciting others to pursue the same course in reference to slavery, the object of its publication will be obtained.

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