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nion was given to it. Again, we have for question being left, since each in the same kingdom described as a he- its turn is named in the sacred narragoat," which came from the west, on tion, let us hasten to the description the face of the whole earth, and of that fourth and last great dominion, touched not the ground; and the goat described as legs of iron, and feet of had a notable horn between his eyes :" iron and clay; that dominion in whose

... and, after his conquest of the days shall be struck the blow that former kingdom, it is said that “when shall demolish the whole image, and he was strong, the great horn was which shall be succeeded by a domibroken; and for it came up four nota- nion wbich shall know no end. ble ones toward the four winds of hea- Daniel was specially anxious to unven.” (These four horns correspond derstand the history of this fourth with the four heads of the former kingdom, and we have more particubeast.) And, though the description lars of this than of either of the is so perfect as to render further others. explanation apparently unnecessary, The fourth and last earthly kingdom since history so clearly points the pa- having almost universal sway, was rerallel; it is added, that no excuse may presented as legs of iron, and feet of be left for doubting the applicability iron and clay, and is farther described of the next image, that “the rough as “a fourth beast, dreadful and tergoat is the King of Grecia ; and the rible, and strong exceedingly; and it great horn that is between his eyes is had great iron teeth: it devoured and the first king." Here we have a short brake in pieces, and stamped the resiand graphic account of Alexander's due with the feet of it: and it was conquests, his death when in the diverse from all the beasts that were height of his career, and the subse. before it; and it had ten horns.” quent subdivision of his empire among

Daniel “considered the horns, and his four generals; nor can we, on a behold, there came up among them farther examination of this remarka- another little horn, before whom there ble prophecy, hesitate respecting the were three of the first horns plucked strict applicability of the description up by the root; and behold, in this of the rise and progress of the Maho- horn were eyes like the eyes of man, medan delusion, under the figure of a and a mouth speaking great things.' little horn," coming forth from one The Prophet proceeds to the destrucof these four, and " which waxed ex- tion of this power. “I beheld till the ceedingly great toward the south, and thrones were cast down, and the Antoward the east, and toward the plea- cient of Days did sit, whose garment sant land;” of fierce countenance; un- was white as snow, and the hair of derstanding dark sayings; mighty, but his head like the pure wool: his throne not by his own power; destroying the fiery flame, his wheels burning wonderfully, prospering, and destroy fire. A fiery stream issued and came ing the holy people, magnifying him- forth from before him : thousand thouself even against the Prince of princes; sands ministered unto him, and ten and of whom it is said, “but he shall thousand times ten thousand stood bebe broken without hand.” Further fore him: the judgment was set, and particulars of this kingdom are given the books were opened. I beheld then, in another place, where it is said of because of the voice of the great words Alexander, that the dominion shall which the horn spake : I beheld till not be “ to his posterity, nor according the beast was slain, and his body to his dominion which he ruled: for destroyed and given to the burning his kingdom shall be plucked up even flame. As concerning the rest of for others besides those;"— which the beasts, they had their dominion others are the Mahomedans, whose taken away; yet their lives were proexploits have been referred to above, longed for a season and time.” And and are more fully described in Dan. behold,“one like the Son of Man came xi. 31, to the end.

with the clouds of heaven, and came These three powers having been to the Ancient of Days, and they thus clearly pointed out, and no room brought him near before him. And there was given him dominion, and rise up out of the sea, having seven glory, and a kingdom, that all people, heads and ten horns, and upon his nations, and languages should serve horns ten crowns, and upon his heads him: his dominion is an everlasting the name of blasphemy.... And the dominion, which shall not pass away, dragon gave him his power, and his and his kingdom that which shall not seat, and great authority. And I saw be destroyed."

one of his heads as it were wounded Daniel was troubled about this vi- to death ; and his deadly wound was sion, and sought an explanation of healed : and all the world wondered this fourth beast, of whom he adds after the beast. And they worshipped other characters, viz., that “his nails the dragon which gave power unto were of brass ;' that “the look" of the beast : and they worshipped the the little horn" was more stout than beast, saying, Who is like unto the his fellows;” and that it “made war beast? who is able to make war with with the saints, and prevailed against him ? And there was given unto him them," and one said, “ The fourth a mouth speaking great things and beast shall be the fourth kingdom blasphemies; and power was given upon earth, which shall be diverse unto him to continue forty and two from all kingdoms, and shall devour months. And he opened his mouth the whole earth, and shall tread it in blasphemy against God, to blasdown, and break it in pieces. And the pheme his name, and his tabernacle, ten horns out of this kingdom are ten and them that dwell in heaven. And kings that shall arise: and another it was given unto him to make war shall arise after them; and he shall be with the saints, and to overcome them; diverse from the first, and he shall and power was given him over all subdue three kings. And he shall kindreds, and tongues, and nations. speak great words against the Most And all that dwell upon the earth High, and shall wear out the saints shall worship him, whose names are of the Most High, and think to change not written in the book of life of the times and laws: and they shall be Lamb slain from the foundation of given into his hand, until a time and the world. ... And I beheld another times, and the dividing of time. But beast coming up out of the earth : and the judgment shall sit, and they shall he had two horns like a lamb, and he take away his dominion, to consume spake as a dragon. And he exerciseth and to destroy unto the end. And all the power of the first beast before the kingdom and dominion, and the (EVATLOV, in the presence or sight of) greatness of the kingdom, under the him, and causeth the earth and them whole heaven, shall be given to the which dwell therein to worship the people of the saints of the Most High, first beast whose deadly wound was whose kingdom is an everlasting king healed. And he doeth great wonders, dom, and all dominions shall serve and so that he maketh fire come down from obey him."

heaven on the earth in the sight of Parallel with this description of the men, and deceiveth them that dwell fourth empire, are the following pas- on the earth by those miracles which sages from the Revelations, whose he had power to do in the sight of intent is, indeed, so obvious, as to re- the beast, saying to them that dwell quire no comment:

on the earth, that they should make “ Behold, a great red dragon, ha- an image to the beast, which had the ving seven heads and ten horns, and wound by a sword, and did live. And seven crowns upon his head.” This he had power to give life unto great dragon is called the devil, and the image of the beast, that the image Satan; but after his subjugation by of the beast should both speak, and Michael, and his delegation of power cause that as many as would not worto another, we are expressly told what ship the image of the beast should be he represented; as we shall see far


And he causeth all, both ther on:

small and great, to receive a mark in The Apostle says, “I stood upon their right hand, or in their forethe sand of the sea, and saw a beast leads : and that no man might buy

or sell, save he that had the mark, or short space. And the beast that was, the name of the beast, or the number and is not, even he is the eighth, and of his name. Here is wisdom. Let is of the seven, and goeth into perhim that hath understanding count dition. And the ten horns which the number of the beast: for it is the thou sawest are ten kings, which have number of a man ; and his number is received no kingdom as yet; but reSix hundred threescore and six.” ceive power as kings one hour with

It is important that no mistake the beast. These have one mind, and should occur in the application of the shall give their power and strength foregoing symbols : for the denuncia- unto the beast. These shall make tions of wrath against all who have war with the Lamb, and the Lamb part or lot with this beast and his shall overcome them: for he is Lord image, are most tremendous.

of lords, and King of kings: and they As with Daniel so with our Apostle, that are with him are called, and an angel is commissioned to explain chosen, and faithful. And ... the the figures relating to this power, waters which thou sawest, where the whose dominion should be so terrible whore sitteth, are people, and muland whose judgment dreadful. An titudes, and nations, and tongues. And angel comes to John and shews him the ten horns which thou sawest upon more particularly the fulfilment of the beast, these shall hale the whore, this most interesting portion of pro- and shall make her desolate and naked, phecy. John describes the further and shall eat her flesh, and burn her explanatory vision thus, “I saw a with fire. For God hath put in their woman sit upon a scarlet coloured hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, beast, full of names of blasphemy, and give their kingdom unto the having seven heads and ten horns.' beast, until the words of God shall be There can be no hesitation in recog- fulfilled. And the woman which thou nizing the “Great red dragon” here. sawest is that great city, which reign" And the woman was arrayed in eth over the kings of the earth.” purple and scarlet colour, and decked The application is now evident. with gold and precious stones and We have been told by Daniel that pearls, having a golden cup in her only one power shall rise after the hand full of abominations and filthi- Greek empire has declined, ruling ness of her fornication: And upon over the whole earth; and that that her forehead was a name written, power shall continue till the kingdoms MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE are subdued under that final consumMother OF HARLOTS, AND ABOMI- mation of Christ's kingdom, which NATIONS OF THE EARTH. And I saw shall endure for ever. John describes the woman drunken with the blood of a dominion existing in his day, long the saints, and with the blood of the after all Grecian power had ceased; martyrs of Jesus ; and when I saw and details so many particulars as to her I wondered with great admiration.” leave the solution of his symbolical The angel then explains the vision narrative a matter of mere common thus : "'The beast that thou sawest

He describes a power under was, and is not; and shall ascend out the figure of a seven-headed tenof the bottomless pit, and go into per- horned beast, having seven crowns : dition : and they that dwell on the he mentions the transference of his earth shall wonder, whose

power to a sea-born creature with were not written in the book of life seven heads and ten horns, the horns. from the foundation of the world, bearing the crown; and he describes when they behold the beast that was, another beast rising in the presence and is not, and yet is. And here is the of the latter and doing wonders before mind which hath wisdom. The seven him. Mention is likewise made of a heads are seven mountains, on which hariot riding on the monster. And the woman sitteth. And there are these figures are plainly declared to seven kings : five are fallen, and one

represent the seven heads, seven is, and the other is not yet come; and mountains on which the woman sits,when he cometh, he must continue a also, seven kings, or successive forms





of government, of which five were view of the origin, course and destiny past, one then existing, and one to be of this unholy dominion, and to clearly revealed; the woman herself repre- discover our own duty with respect senting Rome, the then mistress of the

to it. world; the ten horns of the second The terms Harlot and Adultery, beast, ten kingdoms, cotemporary and many similar expressions, are with each other and the said beast'; used in Scripture to describe Idolatry, the water representing the vast popu- as in the following passages :— Isaiah lation over which this last and most lvii. 3-10; Ezek. xvi. 15, et seq. ; mischievous dominion should be ex- Hosea; Deut. xvxi. 16; Exod. xxxiv. ercised.

15, &c., &c. When the Adulteress, No chain of connective evidence or Harlot, is mentioned in the Revecan be stronger : and it only remains lation, we may therefore understand to search out all the remaining pas- idolatrous practices as intended by sages of Scripture relating to this same the figures. power, to arrive at a comprehensive

[To be continued.)



A Gleaning from Elliott's Horæ Apocalyptica. " And I saw (another)* mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud : and a rainbow was upon his head, and his face was as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire: and he had in his hand a little book open : and he set his right foot upon the sea, and his left foot on the earth, and cried with a loud voice, as when a lion roareth." —Rev. X. 1-3. Oh, what a glorious vision to rejoice sun, and of his feet as pillars of fire. the heart of the Evangelist! what a It was evident that it was the Lord contras to all that had been figured Jesus, the Mighty One of Israel, – to his view, since first the seven trum- mighty whether to save or to destroy, pet angels prepared themselves to —the Angel of the Covenant:*— Him, sound ! Indeed, I may say, with what whose presence, mantled with a cloud a superiority of glory attaching to it, as his proper covering, (1 say proper, to that of any figuration of the future because of no created angel was the fortunes of the Church, from the com- glory such as to need its shrouding,) mencement of the Revelation until was under the older dispensation, now; and, as it proved, with nothing seen to visit this our earth, first by comparable to it afterwards, until the Israel in the wilderness, then by one vision that foreshewed the glories of and another of the prophets afterthe consummation.

wards; whose countenance moreover What a vision to rejoice the heart as the sun, and his feet like fine brass, of the Evangelist! And first, was as if they burned in a furnace, St. there not comfort to him in the very John had himself beheld at the

opencharacter and person of the angel in- ing of the Apocalyptic visions, when, tervening? For whom might he suppose overcome by the greatness of the him? The vision represented him as a glory, he fell at His feet as dead. Had mighty angel, that had a rainbow, or other evidence been wanting, it was rather the rainbow-the rainbow of the given afterwards, in His speaking of covenant-circling his head; whose the two witnesses for truth, as His witform moreover appeared mantled with nesses, (Rev. xi. 3,) so that the fact a cloud ;t yet not so mantled as to was indubious. And was it not joyous hide from the Evangelist, as he de- for him to see the Lord he loved, apscended, the sight of his fuce as the pearing on the dark, dark theatre, as

This word amlov is omitted in many just depicted, of this world, and shewcopies.

† The clothing of a cloud, the ensign of • Mal. iii. 1.—The Messenger of the CoveDeity.-Psalm civ. 3 ; 2 Sam. xxii, 12, &c.


ing that He had neither forgotten nor serting His rights to this world as His forsaken His Church?

inheritance,- would also, with voice Further, the nature and object of the audible through the whole Roman intervention indicated, must have been world, even as the lion of the tribe of most cheering to him. For it was not Judah, rebuke and strike terror into a mere personal designation of the the enemies of His Church. By the angel, that the characteristics thus book that He held opened in His exhibited in vision, were to be viewed. hand, the instrumental means seemed In the general Scripture notices of figured, whereby all this was to be acthe intervention of Jehovah, we find complished, viz., the opening of the that those among His attributes are volume of His own book, the Bible. for the most part chosen for specifica- And as, in the deliverance of Israel tion or exhibition, which best suit the from out of Egypt, the pillar of fire nature of the action on which He is did not only give light to Israel, but about to enter, and which are in it to sent out its lightning-fires, as the be most displayed and glorified. And, Psalmist intimates, to trouble the host as elsewhere, so more especially in the of the Egyptians, so the notice of His Apocalypse. For example, in the feet now appearing as pillars of fire, vision of the 7th chapter, the action from beneath the cloud that mantled represented, being His usual divine, Him, might be meant to signify that but silent, and by the world in gene- He would make the destroying fire ral, unnoticed one, of electing, of His power to be felt among men, quickening, enlightening, sealing His to the confusion of His enemies, and own true disciples from amidst the the triumph of His own cause and multitude of vain professors; each people. Or rather the intended reepithet and descriptive trait there ference of this particular emblem noted, had a bearing on the work He might be to that description given by was then engaged in. Thus there Himself of the effects of His first prowas then no representation, as here, mulgation of the Gospel, “ I am come of any reflection on this earth of the to send fire on the earth :" and the inrainbow-light or sunbeams of His timation'be, that now, as then, through glory ; none of any such visible de- man's enmity to the truth, the effect scent and planting of His feet on land of its republication would be divisions, and sea; none of His speaking in contentions, and wars of opinionvoice audible to this earth, or to any fierce even as a kindled conflagration. but the angelic ministries employed Thus much, might have been inin His providential government. In ferred by the Evangelist from the cirso far as regarded the perceptions of cumstantials of the vision, concerning the inhabitants of this world, it was the nature, glory, and results of the figured as a work, noiseless, unim- intervention from heaven here prepressive, inglorious. What then of figured. And can we, to whom it has an intervention prefigured as this was, been allotted to live in this latter age, and with all these circumstantials of and thus to be enabled to trace, in the glory and power accompanying? It grand mutations and events of the was surely to be inferred from them, world intervening, the fulfilment of that it would be one, sudden and most so much of the Apocalyptic prophecy, extraordinary, in vindication of His - can we, after having been brought covenant of mercy to the Church, - in our investigation of its series of somewhat perhaps as when, in similar prefigurative visions, step by step in guise of the pillars of fire and of the the Roman world's history, down to cloud, He descended to deliver Israel the close of the fifteenth century, hesifrom out of Egypt; that it would be tate to recognize in the one before us, one in which He would specially dis- and which next followed, the figuring play before men His illuminating of that grand event with which the beams as the Sun of Righteousness; sixteenth opened,--the REFORMATION ? and while by word, and perhaps by Surely, if we look simply to the one act, and with an exercise of His

most prominently marked characmighty power accompanying it, as- • Psalm lxxvii. 11 to 20; Exodus xiv. 24.

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