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The Lord's Day



S o'er the realm of nature

Deep calmness now holds sway, So let my heart be quiet

11 : On this fair Sabbath day.: ||

2 The bells, like solemn voices,

Are heard both far and near; To God's own house they call us,

11: His holy Word to hear: 11

3 Who would not gladly follow

Their call so strong and clear? Who would not share the blessing

Il : So rich in love and cheer? : 11

4 And, like the star of Bethl'em,

The light of faith divine
Doth show the heart its pathway

11 : To yonder sacred shrine. : 11

5 From every earthly sorrow

And vain desire made free, The soul in blissful stillness 11 : Alone with God will be.:||

C. A. Gebauer. H. Brueckner, Tr.


HALLELUJAH! Fairest morning!

Fairer than our words can say! Down we lay the heavy burden

Of life's toil and care today; While this morn of joy and love

Brings fresh vigor from above. 2 In the gladness of God's worship

We will seek our joy today; It is then we learn the fulness

Of the grace for which we pray, When the word of life is given,

Like the Savior's voice from heaven. 3 Let the day with Thee be ended,

As with Thee it has begun;
And Thy blessing, Lord, be granted,

Till earth's days and weeks are done;
That at last Thy servants may
Keep eternal Sabbath-day.

J. Krause.

J. Borthwick, Tr. 73

OD Himself is present:

Let us now adore Him,
And with awe appear before Him.
God is in His temple-
All within keep silence;
Prostrate lie with deepest rev'rence.

Him alone

God we own,
Him, our God and Savior;
Praise His name forever.

2 God Himself is present:

Hear the harps resounding!
See the crowds the throne surrounding!
"Holy, holy, holy,"
Hear the hymn ascending,
Angels, saints, their voices blending!

Bow Thine ear

To us here:
Hear, O Christ, the praises
That Thy Church now raises.

3 O Thou Fount of blessing,

Purify my spirit;
Trusting only in Thy merit.
Like the holy angels
Who behold Thy glory,
May I ceaselessly adore Thee.

Let Thy will

Ever still
Rule Thy Church terrestrial
As the hosts celestial.

G. Tersteegen.
F. W. Foster, J. Miller, Tr.

74 THIS is the day of light:

Let there be light today;
O Day-spring, rise upon our night,

And chase its gloom away.

2 This is the day of rest:

Our failing strength renew!
On weary brain and troubled breast

Shed Thou Thy freshening dew.

3 This is the day of peace:

Thy peace our spirits fill;
Bid Thou all ill and discord cease,

The waves of strife be still.

4 This is the day of prayer:

Let earth to heaven draw near;
Lift up our hearts to seek Thee there;

Come down to meet us here.

5 This is the first of days:

Send forth Thy quickening breath, And wake dead souls to love and praise, O Vanquisher of death!

J. Ellerton.


PEN now Thy gates of beauty,

Zion, let me enter there,
Where my soul, in joyful duty,

Waits for Him who answers prayer.
O how blessed is this place
Filled with solace, light, and grace!

2 Gracious God, I come before Thee,

Come Thou also down to me;
When we find Thee and adore Thee,

There a heaven on earth must be.
To my heart, O enter Thou,
Let it be Thy temple now.

3 Here Thy praise is gladly chanted,

Here Thy seed is duly sown;
Let my soul, where it is planted,

Bring forth precious sheaves alone,
So that all I hear may be
Fruitful unto life in me.

4 Thou my faith increase and quicken,

Lei me keep Thy gift divine;
Howsoe'er temptations thicken,

May Thy Word still o'er me shine,
As my pole-star through my life,
As my comfort in my strife.

5 Speak, O God, and I will hear Thee,

Let Thy will be done indeed;
May I undisturbed draw near Thee

While Thou dost Thy people feed.
Here of life the fountain flows,
Here is balm for all our woes.

B. Schmolcke.
C. Winkworth, Tr.



LORY to the blesséd Jesus !

Who for us was born,
In the stable, cold and poor,

On glad Christmas morn.

2 Glory to the blesséd Jesus !

Who was crucified
On Good Friday for our sins:

Loving us He died.

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