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2 Thou Fountain whence all wisdom flows,

Which God on pious hearts bestows,
Grant us Thy consolation;
That in our pure faith's unity
We faithful witnesses may be
Of grace that brings salvation.
Hear us, cheer us
By Thy teaching ; let our preaching
And our labor
Praise Thee, Lord, and bless our neighbor.

3 Left to ourselves we shall but stray;

O lead us on the narrow way,
With wisest counsel guide us;
And give us steadfastness, that we
May henceforth truly follow Thee,
Whatever woes betide us ;
Heal Thou gently
Hearts now broken; give some token
Thou art near us,
Whom we trust to light and cheer us.

4 Thy heavenly strength sustain our heart,

That we may act the valiant part,
With Thee as our reliance;
Be Thou our refuge and our shield,
That we may never quit the field,
Bidding all foes defiance;
Descend, defend
From all errors and earth's terrors:
Thy salvation
Be our constant consolation.

5 O Mighty Rock! O Source of Life!

Let Thy dear word, 'mid doubt and strife,
Be so within us burning,
That we be faithful unto death
In thy pure love and holy faith,
From Thee true wisdom learning.
Lord, Thy graces
On us shower; by Thy power
Christ confessing,
Let us win His grace and blessing.

6 O gentle Dew, from heaven now fall

With power upon the hearts of all,
Thy tender love instilling;
That heart to heart more closely bound,
Fruitful in kindly deeds be found,
The law of love fulfilling;
Then, Lord, discord
Shall not grieve Thee; we receive Thee;
Where Thou livest,
Peace, and love, and joy Thou givest.

7 Grant that our days, while life shall last,

In purest holiness be passed;
Our minds so rule and strengthen
That they may rise o'er things of earth,
The hopes and joys that here have birth;
And if our course Thou lengthen,
Keep Thou pure, Lord,
From offences, heart and senses;
Blesséd Spirit,
Bid us thus true life inherit.

M. Schirmer.
C. Winkworth, Tr.



ENTER, Lord, Thy temple,

Be Thou my spirit's guest, Who, at my birth, didst give me

A second birth more blest; Thou in the God-head, Lord,

Though here to dwell Thou deignest, Forever equal reignest,

Art equally adored.

2 O enter, let me know Thee,

And feel Thy power within,
The power that breaks our fetters,

And rescues us from sin.
O wash and cleanse Thou me,

That I may serve Thee truly,
To render honor duly

With perfect heart to Thee.

3 'Tis Thou, O Spirit, teachest

The soul to pray aright;
Thy songs have sweetest music,

Thy prayers have wondrous might;
Unheard they cannot fall,

They pierce the highest heaven,
Till He His help hath given

Who surely helpeth all.

4 Joy is Thy gift, О Spirit!

Thou wouldst not have us pine;
In darkest hours Thy comfort

Doth aye most brightly shine.
Ah, then how oft Thy voice

Hath shed its sweetness o'er me, And opened heaven before me,

And bid my heart rejoice. 5 All love is Thine, O Spirit!

Thou hatest enmity;
Thou lovest peace and friendship,

All strife wouldst have us flee;
Where wrath and discord reign

Thy Whisper inly pleadeth,
And to the heart that heedeth

Brings love and light again.

6 The whole wide world, O Spirit,

Doth on Thy presence rest:
Our wayward hearts Thou turnest

As it may seem Thee best.
Once more Thy power make known,

As Thou hast done so often;
Convert the wicked, soften

And break the heart of stone.

7 With holy zeal then fill us,

To keep the faith still pure; And bless our lands and houses

With wealth that may endure;
And make that foe to flee

Who in us with Thee striveth;
From out our heart he driveth

Whate'er delighteth Thee. 8 Order our path in all things

According to Thy mind, And when this life is over,

And all must be resigned,
O grant us then to die

With calm and fearless spirit,
And after death inherit
Eternal life on high.

P. Gerhardt.
C. Winkworth, Tr.

199 NOW do we pray God, the Holy Ghost,

For the true faith which we need the most, And that He defend us, when life is ending, And from exile home we shall be wending.

Lord, have mercy! 2 Shine in our hearts, O most precious Light,

That we Jesus Christ may know aright, Clinging to our Savior, whose blood has

bought us, Who again to our true home has brought us.

Lord, have mercy! 3 Thou sweetest Love, grace on us bestow;

Set our hearts with heavenly fire aglow, That with hearts united we love each other Of one mind, in peace with every brother.

Lord, have mercy! 4 Thou highest Comfort in every need!

Grant that neither shame nor death we heed; That e'en then our courage may never fail us, When at last our old foe shall assail us.

Lord, have mercy!

M. Luther. R. Massie, Tr.

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