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FATHER, Son, and Holy Spirit

I'm baptized in Thy dear name; In the seed Thou dost inherit, With the people Thou dost claim,

11: I am reckoned ; : || And for me the Savior came.

2 Thou receivest me, O Father,

As a child and heir of Thine; Jesus, Thou who diedst, yea, rather Ever livest, Thou art mine.


11 : Thou, O Spirit, : ||
Art my Guide, my Light divine.

3 I have pledged, and would not falter,

Truth, obedience, love to Thee;
I have vows upon Thine altar
Ever Thine alone to be,

11 : And forever, : ||
Sin and all its lusts to flee.

4 Gracious God, all Thou hast spoken

In this cov'nant shall take place; But if I, alas ! have broken These my vows, hide not Thy face;

11: And from falling, : || O restore me by Thy grace!

5 Lord, to Thee I now surrender

All I have, and all I am:
Make my heart more true and tender,
Glorify in me Thy name;

11 : Let obedience: ||
To Thy will be all my aim.

6 Help me in this high endeavor,

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!
Bind my heart to Thee forever,
Till I join the heavenly host:

11 : Living, dying, : ||
Let me make in Thee my boast.

J. J. Rambach.
C. W. Schaeffer. Tr.



FIRMLY in my hand I hold

A most precious staff of gold:
It was sent me from on high,
And'it points up to the sky
'Tis the staff of faith I cherish,
And although my body perish
When my earthly life will end,
On this staff I shall depend.

2 And an angel, wondrous fair,

God's own image made to bear,
Quietly dwells in my soul,
Making it both pure and whole.
'Tis love's angel come from heaven,
And to us as guide is given.
May this angel evermore
Join our hearts on yonder shore.

3 And in heaven, from afar,

I behold a radiant star:
How it seems to beckon me,
And its shining light I see.
Star of hope, so brightly shining,
Thou dost keep our hearts from pining;
Leadest us, as here we roam,
On to our celestial home.

H. Brueckner, Tr.


SAVIOR, who Thy flock art feeding

With the Shepherd's tender care, All the feeble gently leading,

While the lambs Thy bosom share: 2 Now these little ones receiving,

Fold them in Thy gracious arm; There we know, Thy Word believing,

Only there secure from harm. 3 Never from Thy pasture roving,

Let them be the lion's prey ; Let Thy tenderness, so loving,

Keep them through life's dangerous way. 4 Then within Thy fold eternal

Let them find a resting-place; Feed in pastures ever vernal, Drink the rivers of Thy grace.

W. A. Muehlenberg.

THERE'S a Friend for little children,

Above the bright blue sky,
A Friend who never changes,

Whose love will never die.
Unlike our friends by nature,

Who change with changing years,
This Friend is always worthy

The precious name He bears;
This Friend is always worthy

The precious name He bears.

2 There's a rest for little children,

Above the bright blue sky,
Who love the blesséd Savior,

And to the Father cry.
A rest from every trouble,

From sin and danger free;
11 : There every little pilgrim

Shall rest eternally.: ||

3 There's a home for little children,

Above the bright blue sky,
Where Jesus reigns in glory,

A home of peace and joy;
No home on earth is like it,

Nor can with it compare,
11: For every one is happy,

Nor can be happier there. : ||

4 There are crowns for little children,

Above the bright blue sky,
And all who look to Jesus

Shall wear them by and by;
Yea, crowns of brightest glory

Which He shall sure bestow
ll : On all who loved the Savior

And walked with Him below.: ||

5 There are songs for little children,

Above the bright blue sky,
And harps of sweetest music,

And hymns of victory:
And all above is pleasure,

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