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2 Purge me, O my Savior,

By Thy precious blood;
Teach me true behavior,

O my highest God;
Ev'ry day and hour

Suffer me to see,
Lord, the cleansing power

Of Thy death for me. 3 Lord, my sole desire

Is to serve Thee well,
And I would aspire

E’er with Thee to dwell.
Joyous praise be given

To Thy name, O Lord,
Who art both in heaven

And on earth adored.

G. Knak. H. Brueckner, Tr.


LAMB of God, I look to Thee;

Thou shalt my example be;
Thou art gentle, meek and mild,
Thou wast once a little child.

2 Fain I would be as Thou art,

Give me Thy obedient heart;
Thou art pitiful and kind:

Let me have Thy loving mind. 3 Loving Jesus, gentle Lamb,

In Thy gracious hands I am ;
Make me, Savior, what Thou art,
Live Thyself within my heart.

4 I shall then show forth Thy praise,

Serve Thee all my happy days:
Then the world shall always see
Christ, the holy Child, in me.

C. Wesley.


VER is a peril near me,

Ever have I grace to cheer me,
Ever in my woes I sigh,
Ever see I Jesus nigh.

2 Ever do my sins upbraid me,

Ever Jesus comes to aid me,
Ever woes around me throng,
Ever am I full of song.

3 Now I seated am in gladness,

Now I fall and lie in sadness,
Often weary and distressed,
Ever find in Jesus rest.

4 Thus in grief linked to my gladness,

Sweet and bitter, joy and sadness,
Fill the cup that I must drain
In this life of joy and pain.

5 But, O Jesus, 'mid life's sadness,

Grant that faith's true joy and gladness,
Over sin and grief that quail,
Ever, ever may prevail.

T. Kingo.
C. Doving, Tr.

313 HUMBLE praises, holy Jesus,

Infant voices raise to Thee; In Thy mercy, O receive us!

Suffer us Thy lambs to be. Hallelujah, sweetly singing,

Joyful tribute now we bring; Hallelujah, Hallelujah,

Hallelujah to our King! Hallelujah, sweetly singing,

Hallelujah to our King !

2 Gracious Savior, be Thou with us;

Let Thy mercy richly flow: Give Thy Spirit, Blesséd Jesus !

Light and life on us bestow! Hallelujah, sweetly singing, etc.


314 TO THEE all praise ascendeth,

Almighty, ever blesséd God; The anthem never endeth

Around Thy throne, () holy Lord! E'en here in tribulation,

When we are sorely tried, Thou art our consolation,

The Refuge where we hide. Day unto day Thy glory,

Thy goodness doth confess, And we take up the story

Of all Thy faithfulness.

2 Our hearts o'erflow with gladness,

For we have learned Thy power and grace; We may not sink in sadness,

We stand, in Christ, before Thy face.
Thy name be ever praiséd,

Thou doest wonders great;
Our voice may well be raised,

Thy mercies to relate.
Oh! be it all our pleasure

Whilst pilgrim-days endure, To find in Thee our treasure,

To rest in Thee secure. 3 Thy name, O Lord, abideth,

Thou shalt be honored on the earth;
Thy hand our all provideth,

Thou carest for us ere our birth.
O Lord! what shall we render

For all the debt we owe,
For all Thy care so tender,

Thy love too vast to know?
The theme of Thy salvation

Shall be our one employ;
We bless Thee for creation,
And for eternal joy!

J. Rist.

Tr. Anon.

315 WOULD you know my greatest prize? Would you

know what makes me wise?
Would you know, and would you own
What I glory in alone?-

Jesus Christ, the Crucified !
Jesus Christ, the Crucified!

2 Who, of faith the Substance true,

Fills the mouth with praises too?
Who, for sin the perfect Cure,
Maketh my salvation surt?

II : Jesus Christ, the Crucified!: 1

3 Who in trial makes me strong ?

Who delivers me from wrong?
Who is He that makes me free,
Even God's own child to be?-

II : Jesus Christ, the Crucified ! : ||

4 Who lends comfort here below ?

Who protects me from the foe?
Who is He that heals my heart,
Soothing well the wounds that smart?

II : Jesus Christ, the Crucified ! : ||

5 Who from death removes the sting?

Who doth shield me 'neath His wing ?
Who, when life's short dream is o'er,
Bids me to His kingdom soar?-

11 : Jesus Christ, the Crucified!: ||

6 Knowing Him to be my Goal,

I shall strive with all my soul
So to live and so to die
That mine eyes may see on high
11 : Jesus Christ, the Crucified ! : ||

J. C. Schwedler.
H. Brueckner, Tr.

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