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BLESSED house, that cheerfully receiveth
Thy visits, Jesus Christ, the soul's true

That, far beyond all other guests, believeth,

It must to Thee its warmest cheer extend; Where ev'ry heart to Thee is fondly turning, Where ev'ry eye for Thee with pleasure

speaks, Where all to know Thy will are truly yearn

And ev'ry one to do it promptly seeks.

2 0 blesséd house, where man and wife, united In Thy true love, have both one heart and

mind, Where both to Thy salvation are invited,

And in Thy doctrine both contentment find; Where both to Thee, in truth, forever cleav

ing, In joy, in grief, make Thee their only stay, And fondly hope in Thee to be believing,

Both in the good and in the evil day.

3 O blesséd house, where little children tender Are laid upon Thy heart, with hands of

prayer, Thou Friend of children, Who wilt freely

render To them more than a mother's loving care, Where round Thy feet they gather, to Thee


And hear Thy loving voice most willingly, And in their songs, Thy hearty praises ring

ing, Rejoice in Thee, O blesséd Lord, in Thee.

K. J. P. Spitta. C. W. Schaeffer, Tr.


LET us ever walk with Jesus,

Follow His example pure;
Flee the world that would deceive us

And to sin our soul allure.
Ever in His foot-steps treading,

Body here, yet soul above,

Full of faith and hope and love,
Let us do the Father's bidding:

Faithful Lord, abide with me;
Savior, lead, I follow Thee.

2 Let us suffer here with Jesus,

To His image e'er conform ; Heaven's glory soon will please us,

Sunshine follow on the storm. Having sown in tears, in gladness

We shall reap with patient cheer;

Let us hope, and, void of fear,
Bide the turning of our sadness.

Christ, I suffer here with Thee,
There, O share Thy joy with me.

3 Let us also die with Jesus;

His death from the second death,

From our soul's destruction, frees us,

Quickens us with life's glad breath. Let us mortify, while living,

Flesh and blood, and die to sin;
And the grave that shuts us in
Shall but prove the gate to heaven.

Jesus, here I die to Thee,
There to live eternally.

4 Let us also live with Jesus;

Since He's risen from the dead,
Must the conquered grave release us;

Jesus, Thou art now our Head.
We Thy body's cherished members,

Where Thou livest, live shall we;

Own us evermore to be,
Dearest Friend, Thy. lovéd brethren,

Jesus, here I live to Thee,
Yonder, too, eternally.

J. A. Rimbach, Tr.

S. von Birken.



OME, follow Me, the Savior spake,

All in My way abiding:
Deny yourselves, the world forsake,

Obey My call and guiding;
O bear the cross, whate'er betide,
Take My example for your guide.

2 “I am the Light, I light the way,

A virtuous life displaying ;
Who comes to Me and follows, aye,

I lead from his dark straying:
I am the Way, and well I show
How men should sojourn here below.

3 “My heart in lowliness abounds,

My soul with love is glowing, And from My mouth are words and sounds

Of meekness overflowing: My heart, My mind, My strength, My all To God I yield, on Him I call.

4 “I teach you to avoid and flee

What harms your soul's salvation,
Your heart to purify and free

From sin's abomination :
Your Rock and Fortress e'er am I,
And lead you to the life on high.

5 “But if too hot you find the fray,

I, at your side, stand ready; I fight Myself, I lead the way,

At all times firm and steady: A coward he who will not heed When the chief Captain takes the lead..

6 "Who seeks to find His soul's welfare

Without Me, he shall lose it;
But who to lose it may appear,

In God shall introduce it:
Who bears no cross, nor follows hard,
Deserves not Me, nor My reward."

7 Then let us follow our dear Lord,

Bearing the cross appointed,
And bravely cleaving to His worů

In suffering be undaunted:
Who has not stood the battle's strain
The crown of life shall not obtain.

J. Scheffler.
C. W. Schaeffer, Tr.


HOW good it is for brethren


Who know each other well, In unity together

On this fair earth to dwell! In unity together

On this fair earth to dwell!

2 As dew from lofty Hermon

Into the valley flows,
Il : So God upon the brethren

His choicest gifts bestows.: ||

3 And through them He reneweth

That city fair and free,
!!: Where souls, by sin polluted,

Shall pure and spotless be. : !|

4 And all the chosen people

Shall there His face behold,
11 : And be with Him forever,
One Shepherd and one fold.: 11

F. G. Wetzel.
H. Brueckner, Tr.

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