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Be filled with the Spirit;

Speaking to Yourselves in Psalms And Hymns, and Spiritual Songs, Singing and Making Melody

In Your Heart to the Lord.

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BLESSED Jesus, at Thy word

We are gathered all to hear Thee;
Let our hearts and souls be stirred

Now to seek and love and fear Thee;
By Thy teachings sweet and holy
Drawn from earth to love Thee solely.

2 All our knowledge, sense and sight Lie in deepest darkness shrouded, Till Thy Spirit breaks our night

With the beams of truth unclouded; Thou alone to God canst win us, Thou must work all good within us.

3 Glorious Lord, Thyself impart!

Light of light, from God proceeding,
Open Thou our ears and heart,
Help us by Thy Spirit's pleading;
Hear the cry Thy people raises,
Hear and bless our prayers and praises.


T. Claussnitzer.

C. Winkworth, Tr.

TO GOD be glory, peace on earth,
To all manking good will!

We bless, we praise, we worship Thee,
And glorify Thee still.

2 And thanks for Thy great glory give,
That fills our souls with light;

O Lord, our heavenly King, the God
And Father of all might!

3 And Thou, begotten Son of God,
Before time had begun;

O Jesus Christ, Thou Lamb of God,
The Father's only Son:

4 Have mercy, Thou that tak'st the sins
Of all the world away!

Have mercy, Savior of mankind,
And hear us when we pray!

5 O Thou, who sitt'st at God's right hand,
Upon the Father's throne,

Have mercy on us, Thou, O Christ,
Who art the Holy One!

6 Thou only, with the Holy Ghost, Whom earth and heaven adore, In glory of the Father art

Most high forevermore.

Tate and Brady's New Version.


YE LANDS, to the Lord make a jubilant


Glory be to God!

O serve Him with joy, in His presence now rejoice;

Sing praise unto God out of Zion!

2 Not we, but the Lord is our Maker, our God; Glory be to God!

His people we are, and the sheep led by His rod;

Sing praise unto God out of Zion!

3 O enter His gates with thanksgiving and praise;

Glory be to God!

To bless Him and thank Him, our voices we will raise;

Sing praise unto God out of Zion!

4 For good is the Lord, and His mercy is sure; Glory be to God!

To all generations His truth shall still endure; Sing praise unto God out of Zion!

V. Koren.

H. R. Spaeth, Tr.


SPEAK, O Lord, Thy servant heareth,
To Thy Word I now give heed;
Life and spirit Thy Wort beareth,
All Thy Word is truth indeed;
Death's dread pow'r in me is rife;
Jesus, may Thy Word of Life
Fill my soul with love's strong fervor
That I cling to Thee forever.

2 O what blessing to be near Thee,
And to hearken to Thy voice;
May I ever love and fear Thee,
That Thy Word may be my choice.

Oft were hardened sinners, Lord,
Struck with terror by Thy Word;
But to him for sin who grieveth
Comfort sweet and hope it giveth.

3 Lord, Thy words are waters living,
Where I quench my thirsty need;
Lord, Thy words are bread life-giving;
On Thy words my soul doth feed;
Lord, Thy words shall be my light
Through death's vale and dreary night;
Yea, they are my sword prevailing,
And my cup of joy unfailing.

4 Precious Jesus, I beseech Thee:
May Thy words take root in me;
May this gift from heaven enrich me
So that I bear fruit for Thee.
Take them never from my heart,
Till I see Thee as Thou art,
When in heavenly bliss and glory
I shall see Thee and adore Thee.

Anna Sophia of Hessen-Darmstadt.
G. T. Rygh, Tr.


LORD Jesus, tho' but two or three

In Thy dear Name assembled be,
Thou wilt among them show Thy face,
And bless them with Thy saving grace.

2 In Thy dear Name again we meet,
And worship humbly at Thy feet;
Thou wilt Thy gracious Word fulfill
And cheer us with Thy presence still.

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